5 Killer Tips to Get More Backlinks

5 Killer Tips to Get More Backlinks

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Think Outside The Fish Bowl

One way link building is bread and butter of any successful SEO traffic strategy, no question about it.

Effective one way link building strategies = increase targeted website traffic.

We all know that the one who gets the most high quality, “juicy”, “do follow” links will win the high Google ranking prize.

The challenge is, of course, to find those powerful backlinks.

The two most popular one way link building strategies used these days are blog commenting and forums. It certainly makes sense, and I personally use those 2 link building strategies as well.

The trouble is everyone else doing it, and since it did not take long for Google PhDs to figure this out, Google is looking for a much more diverse link building pattern to award its highest ranking to and increase your targeted website traffic.

I found some excellent (read KILLER) one way link building strategies that I am going to share with you today – with the help of Steven Clayton of theimblueprint.com.

One Way Link Building Strategies To Increase Your Targeted Website Traffic:

1. Squidoo Lists

Squidoo.com is a great place to get one way links back to your site. Type the following into a Google search:


You will be presented with a huge list of Squidoo lenses where you can add your site, with custom anchor text. Many of these have very high PageRank as well!

This one way link building strategy might not increase your targeted website traffic per se, but it will certainly help you to move up Google search engine ranking.

For extra credit, append +”keyword phrase” onto the end of this query, and you can target your links for relevance.

For example, if you were trying to rank a fitness site you could type:


2. Social Media Profiles

Many social media websites will provide high-quality, “do follow” links to the websites that are listed in your profile (or multiple profiles – you can set them up for each niche you are in).

As of the time of this writing, some of these social media websites include:




and www.zoominfo.com.

3. Article Marketing Links

Of course, we all know that the purpose of article marketing is to be republished and to increase your targeted website traffic.

However, I write most of my article as a part of my one way link building strategies.

Each article I publish includes 2 links back to my website/blog; each article gets published to at least 3-4 different article directories. That’s 6-8 quality backlinks per article!

Obviously, the more articles you write, the more one way links you build.

By the way, don’t be concerned about duplicated content when submitting your article to more that one directory – you will be just fine, I promise:).

However, submit it to Ezinearticles first – they tend to be a bit more picky when it comes down to unique content.

4. Relevant Lists and Resource Directories

There are many websites out there that function as resources for people interested in a particular subject.

For example, a site may publish a list on weight loss resources. If you are in a weight loss industry, it’s a great place for you to be added to. Not only will you get a highly relevant one way link, but might also potential bring more targeted traffic to your website.

  • Side note: there’s been much discussion about how much weight Google puts on the relevancy of your backlinks. Is your one way link building strategy based upon how relevant to your topic the linking websites are or can you get a link from a tractor repair site to your weight loss website and still increase your search engine ranking? To be quite honest with you, there is evidence supporting both points, but you definitely cannot go wrong if you choose to build your links based on relevancy.

Back to the post though.

So how do you find these resource sites for your link building?

I’ve found the following Google search queries to work very well:

“Keyword phrase” + “add url”

“Keyword phrase” + “add site”

“Keyword phrase” +  “add website”

For example, if you’re looking to build backlinks to a weight loss related site, you can search for:

“weight loss” + “add url”

Google will return a huge list of sites that will allow you to add your web site, thus creating a relevant link for your niche. This makes is a great one way link building strategy indeed!

  • A word of caution: some of these sites may ask for a reciprocal link, they will want you to link back to them as well. Don’t get into this trap. Reciprocal links do not provide too much value these days and better be avoided altogether.

And now last but not lease one way link building strategy:

5. Easy .EDU Links

I am sure you are aware of the great value one way links from .EDU sites can provide for you – Google loves them!

If you always thought that they were unobtainable, this again.

All you need is a willing college student!

Many schools give their students web space they can use however they want to. Of course, that space is hosted on a .EDU domain.

What if you could talk a college student into letting you publish a couple of article on their site?

Don’t know any college students? Think again. There cannot be that many degrees of separation between you and a college student. Cousins, neighbors, parent’s friends’ children… Worse comes to worse, there is always Craig’s List and bartering:).

It’s as simple as that.

I hope you will add these one way link building strategies to your overall SEO plan (you do have one, don’t you? If you don’t, get on my list RIGHT NOW, so that we can start working on one for you!) and thus increase your search engine ranking and your targeted website traffic.

Happy link building!

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  1. HI Ana – I too enjoyed the search query suggestions.

    Do you still feel that article marketing is effective the way you have suggested despite the recent ‘shake up’ with the Panda Update, etc.?

    I am trying to focus on getting a few more worth while and diverse links lately … back linking is not really one of my favorite tasks… and I am sure I am not alone but if I set a schedule and a little time each day I am sure it will pay off and become more routine.

    Thanks again Ana. Lovely to be here… it’s been a while. no wonder I was going through ‘Ana’ withdrawals!


    • Ana Hoffman

      So good to see you back, Jane!

      I am with you – I really don’t like link building either…

      Article marketing: because of the Panda update, you can’t really generate much traffic from the articles since most of them were de-ranked (although I’ve been seeing some climbing back up lately).

      However, the links building purposes, it still works with one major change: you can’t submit the same articles to several directories. Google deems it to be duplicate content and will index only one of them.

  2. Chintan Gandhi

    for those tips. I have heard about the .edu strategy but I had a hard finding anything that made sense. I have a daughter in college!

  3. Hm – interstingconcept -I wonder what the international equivalent would be for EDU l inks. I am in Europe :).
    It’s always a pleasure to check your ideas

    Frieke Karlovits