7 Ways To Index Your Blog By Search Engines Within 24 Hours

7 Ways To Index Your Blog By Search Engines Within 24 Hours

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I recently wrote a post on how to get your brand new blog easily indexed by search engines.

Since the publication date I’ve learned a few more ways of doing it, like through a post by AdesBlog on Problogger.net; so with all this newly acquired knowledge, I decided to write a more extensive post on the subject of blog indexing.

So you started a new blog – now what?

Now you need an audience.

In order to attract an audience, you need search engines to increase blog traffic.

In order for the search engines to increase you traffic, they need to know your blog exists.

In order for the SE to know that your blog exists, it needs to be indexed.

How do you go about it?

#1. Add your blog to YOUR OWN IGoogle, Yahoo!, and MSN RSS feed account – this will trigger the search engines to follow the RSS link back to it.

#2. Blog communities.

There are several blog communities that have good search engine rankings and if you add yours to their list, Google will have no choice but to index it.

Here are the best ones to list with:


Noteworthy: make sure you have your ducks in a row with your description, keywords, and tags. Also, list your blog in the correct category.

#3. Site Evaluation & Stats Sites.

Personally, I am not a big fan of those sites (it’s hard to rely or even trust their numbers), but they can serve a good purpose in helping you index your blog.

Once again, many of them have good Google search engine ranking and, when you check your site stats with them, they will automatically create and store a page with your site information on it, kind of like this.

Here is a list of sites worth to take a look at:

CubeStat, StatBrain, BuiltWith, WhoIs, QuarkBase, URLfan, AboutTheDomain.

#4. RSS Directories

List your blog with OctoFinder and FeedAdage RSS directories. Once they accept your feed, they will track your new posts and index them on their sites. You might even get some traffic through them, although I would not count on it.

#5. Social Media Sites

This is another very effective strategy of indexing your blog quickly, particularly if you use the same user name as your blog name/domain name.

#6. Article Directories

Publishing an article on sites like Squidoo, HubPages, EzineArticles (this list can be endless) will also help your blog to be indexed quickly. Obviously, make sure you use links back to your site with appropriate keyword-rich anchor text in either author resource box or throughout the article body, depending on what is allowed by the specific article directory.

#7. Misc Sites

ChangeDetection provides page change monitoring and notification services to internet users worldwide. After you provide them with your URL, they will ask you if you would like to add your page to a public directory. Obviously, say yes. Your site will then appear in their news section, which will be crawled by search engines sending them to and indexing your blog.

Technorati is a great blog directory and will definitely help you get your blog indexed. Unfortunately, it won’t happen overnight. It can take sometimes up to a couple of months for them to add your blog to their directory. So it’s not an immediate indexing strategy, but very well worth doing for long-term advantage.

Well, that’s all I can think of and trust me, it’s more than enough.

Following these tips will not only get your blog indexed within the next 24 hours, but might also bring you some traffic, which is the next big step for your brand new blog.

NOTE: you can also use most of these strategies to get ANY other site like a lead capture page listed by search engines.

By the way, the easiest way to monitor your “indexing” progress is by visiting IndexedByGoogle.com.

Happy indexing!

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  1. Jaclyn Castro

    Awesome to meet you Ana! Thank you so much for your Traffic Generation Cafe ebook. It’s chock-full of great info for creating more traffic online and I love and appreciate that you wrote it with such simple language in your explanation of things.

    I am looking forward to learning more from you!!

    -Jaclyn Castro

  2. What a wonderful, doable list, Ana. How I wish I had this when I started out! Just imagine if you have a brand new site and you know these are the steps you need to follow! I am sure you will be indexed in no time. I didn’t know about ChangeDetection. That’s another useful one to have in the indexing arsenal…

  3. Indexing, and more indexing..its about all I did this evening. Thank you for such awesome tips and information! I will be spending as much time I can to soak in all of your information. Its very overwhelming-but so beneficial.

  4. I have mixed feelings about Dmoz listings, Wayne – anything from they don’t matter to they takes bribes: rumors abound.

    However, it’s sort of like Pagerank dilemma: everyone pretends they don’t care about it, yet everyone wants it. :)

    I am not sure what it takes to be registered there – I haven’t been successful thus far either, might need to be persistent though with as many entries as they get per day.

    Not sure it’s the best way to get indexed though since there’s such a miniscule chance of actually getting accepted for a brand new blog.