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Are You an Online Business Owner?

So am I.

Have you ever wished online marketing was an open book?

So have I.

Ever wonder if it’s possible to make money online without spending a small fortune?

So did I.

Do You Have A Passion For Success?

So do I!

Online business industry is a scary place. A place where many a mighty business owner has fallen.

Traffic Generation Cafe brings you the most profit-pulling free traffic generation tips, tricks, and resources, so that your website and business will go where no website has gone before.

Here you will learn the website | blog traffic generation strategies that are sure to put cash IN your pocket as opposed to draining it.

This might all seem foreign to you.

Stick with me and it will soon become second nature.

Sounds interesting?

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"Ana has a unique insight into running an internet business."
- Yaro Starak,

Who Is Ana?

My name is Ana Hoffman.

Where to start talking about my wonderful self…

Here is a quick recap (it’s amazing how a quick few sentences can sum up our lives, isn’t it?).

I am a wife to a wonderful husband, a mother to a beautiful and, no doubt, genius little girl, and a successful internet entrepreneur.

ana hoffman travel

I also devoted my life to Jesus Christ many years ago, and He remains my true priority, focus, and hope.

I was born and raised in Communist Russia.  I loved growing up there, but I loved the freedom in after-Communist Russia even more.

Now that we can joke about it, here is one for you:

“This is Armenian Radio; our listeners asked us: “What is the difference between the Constitutions of the USA and USSR?” Both guarantee freedom of speech.” We’re answering: “Yes, but the Constitution of the USA also guarantees freedom after the speech.”

In 1996, I moved to the States to climb the “Corporate Ladder”.

Somewhere in there I met my husband – we were married within 3 months and lived happily ever after.

Once I realized that I did not want to trade the quality of life that I always dreamed of for the money, I decided to try modeling.

ana hoffman modeling

It was fun while it lasted.

Meanwhile, my husband joined the Air Force and off we went for the next 10 years of our lives.

Along with many days and months spent apart, we also had the best time of our lives living in Europe for a few years.

If you ever need travel advice, I am your gal.

ana hoffman travel

Our daughter was born in 2007, my husband was medically discharged from the military a couple of months after that happy (and painful for me) occasion and the tough times hit.

We were unemployed for an entire year, which as you can imagine was not an easy situation to deal with.

Our circumstances did serve as a spring board for my online career though.

I am not going into details here: I will simply say that for a while I was one of 97% of marketers who spent time and money trying to “make it” to no avail.

The change came when I started educating myself about the industry and the proper way to market my business.

The road was rough and bumpy, but it took me in the right direction.

I will tell you one thing: I’ve been on both sides of the fence.  The view on this side is much better and the grass is definitely greener.


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  1. Mark Huber

    Help! Slideshare has suspended my account

    Hey Ana
    I am not alone with my frustration of Slideshare…
    No response or reasons given after repeated request attempts.
    How can I successfully set up another account? It has been one of my top lead generators…
    Does Slideshare track IP addresses? I will change my name, use an alias, change computers – whatever it takes. Any help greatly appreciated.


    Mark Huber

    PS: Love you site and enjoy following you. Always enjoy your insights & strategies – many of which I have implemented with excellent results! Keep up the good work!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Sorry to hear you are going through this, Mark; their lack of response is very frustrating.

      When my account was suspended, I was able to create another one without a problem. I believe I did it through “Connect with Facebook” option. In the end, Slideshare did reinstate my account and I simply deleted the new one, but if that doesn’t work for you, try the FB route.

  2. Greg

    Hi Anna. I have been a subscriber for some time now and love your weekly marketing skinny, but I have one small complaint. Actually, it’s not so much a complaint that pointing out something suspect in unintentional, but frustrating.

    I understand that you use your free traffic report as a list building tool. Just common sense really, but when someone like me who is already a subscriber trys to download it (please enter your email here) all we get is “You are already a subscriber.” No download access. In other words the link does not really provide what it says does it.

    I encountered this problem myself and simply made sure the link was on the “You are already a subscriber” page, but I also put something along the line of, “Since you are already a subscriber, here is the download, but would you also like … while you are interested?” Basically I used it as an on-sell opportunity and stopped it being a turnoff.

    In the mean time, I wouldn’t mind getting a copy if I could?


    PS I use the same tactic with my error pages (I would love to think they never get seen, but if they do then I might as make it an opportunity:)

    • Ana Hoffman

      Very good point, Greg; I’ll take a look at my “already subscribed” page.

      The report is on its way via email; let me know if you don’t get it.

  3. Uwe Marx

    Hallo Ana,
    your link for reading more of the post “202 bite-size tips to insanely increase your blog traffic” is bad.


    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for the heads-up, Uwe; however, I couldn’t find the link. Could you be more specific where you saw it?

  4. Hi Ana,
    I am so glad to be here, I am here via silviu’s page netmarketing success,
    its really a great joy to go thru the page of this wonderful blog. I am bookmarking this page for my further reference and study. Thanks for sharing a bit of your personal things too in this page with
    lovely pics of you and yours!
    Keep inform
    Will surely come back again,
    Best Regards

  5. Hi Ana,

    Love your blog because I always learn so much. I’ve

    been following you and am on your “traffic hack” list.

    I realized something just recently. My email address

    has changed. I’ve been missing your

    traffic hacks since my email has changed. I will go

    and sign up again with the correct email address.

    I just wanted to share with you a couple of posts that

    I wrote, where I mentioned you and your blog. The

    latest post is

    The other one is :

    I mentioned you because you share such great

    content and help a lot of people, including me.

    I wanted others to know about you and your blog.

    Thank you for all of your hard work to keep us


    Geri Richmond

    • Ana Hoffman

      I’ve been a bit behind on my emails, Geri – life took over for a couple of months, but hope you signed up with the new address; I’ll start sending out my valuable Marketing Skinnies, etc. this week.

      And thanks so much for the mention; I am truly honored!

  6. Hi Ana,

    I can’t tell you what joy it brought to my heart to read your Christian testimony.

    I, too, was in the US Air Force – a weather forecaster, in the UK.

    I learn so much from you and wonder how you find the time to raise a beautiful little girl (who loves chocolate) and still have time to teach us so much about the Internet.

    You must have an incredible game plan!


    • Ana Hoffman

      Very honored you stopped by to learn more about me, Bruce; hope to see more of you around Traffic Generation Café and may you have a very blessed new year to come!

  7. “I also devoted my life to Jesus Christ many years ago, and He remains my true priority, focus, and hope.”

    Way cool! I’m a Christian too! I think you’re the first Christian Internet marketer I’ve ever met – it’s awesome to know you.

  8. Roland Varduhn

    Hi Ana, great blog you’re running here!

    Jack Humphrey recommended your site.
    Do you have a resource, guide, checklist or recommendation on “How to build a blog or Authority Site right from the beginning”? – before I start with traffic generation.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for coming by, Roland, and sorry for the late reply.

      If you are asking about setting up a site correctly with the best design ready to receive and grow readership, no, I don’t.

      My Traffic Guide (the one I give out in the sidebar) will teach you everything about traffic even for a brand-new site though.

      Welcome to Traffic Generation Café!

  9. Lipe Kurpiel

    Beautiful story Anna! Really nice! And what a surprise… you are from Russia. It’s cold there! :) I have a Russian friend who told me a lot of interesting things about the influence of the weather on his live.
    I am from Brazil and I think I went through something similar about being unemployed and trying to figure out how to make money on the internet. It’s not easy at the beginning but for sure it is one of the more rewarding things I’ve ever did. I think for you it goes the same way.
    Well, I’ve been busy with my link building but now I think I can visit your blog more frequently.
    Take care Anna.

  10. Hi Ana,

    First and foremost, nice work on the Traffic Generation Cafe blog. We love what you’re doing, and your posts were engrossing. We’ve been reviewing literally hundreds of marketing blogs, and we hand-picked yours as one that we thought would be a perfect fit with what we’re doing.

    You can rest easy that we’re not here to ask you to review our latest innovation in gluten-free energy bars or wipe-warming technology. We actually don’t even make those things.

    What we do make is Haiku Deck, a new free app that makes it incredibly easy to illustrate a blog post with style. Images are one of the best ways to engage readers, and with Haiku Deck you can create killer slideshows like this one (my story in Haiku Deck form), in no time flat.

    Would you be game for giving the app a try on your blog and letting us know what you think? We would be honored to have you as part of our creative community, and we’d truly value your feedback.

    I can get you started with everything you need and set you up with a premium theme — just let me know if we can count you in. You can reply directly to me or sign up for our blog club here (it’ll take less time than choosing a karaoke song, promise).

    Thanks so much,

    Erin Michael Vondrak
    Community Manager, Haiku Deck
    Join our creative community! Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+

    P.S. If in fact you are already using Haiku Deck, Hai-5! I’d love to see what you’ve created with it and hear any feedback you have about the app.


    • Ana Hoffman

      Pew… I am pretty sure I am stocked up on my gluten-free bars for a while… lol

      It looks interesting, Erin, and it looks like you are testing the web version as well, right? I am in love with my laptop and doing anything on iPad would be like learning a whole new device. Would love to give Haiku Deck a shot.

      • Hey Ana,
        Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, somehow your reply flew right past my inbox into a spam filter and I only just noticed it. Oops! You’re right, we are testing out the web version right now – if you’d like an invite to the web app, just let me know by emailing me directly and I’ll shoot you the invite link. It’s currently in private beta, otherwise I’d post the link publicly. You can also sign up for the waiting list by going to and clicking the link in the top right corner of the page that says Try Haiku Deck; I process those wait list responses weekly and at the most you’d be waiting for a week before you heard back. Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!

        • Ana Hoffman

          Those pesky spam filters…

          Thanks for clarification, Erin. I did request to join your beta testing; hopefully, will have the access soon.

  11. Ana, I enjoy your blog and thought I would check out your about page because I am in the process of updating my about page.

    I had no idea you were from Russia. I am curious, did you learn English in school or did you learn it once you were in the States?

    I am a Christian missionary living in Germany. I’ve been here for 3 years and I am still working on the German language.

    Thanks for all your hard work on your inspiring site!

    • Ana Hoffman

      I learned English in college, David; a lot of it came together for me once I moved to the States.

      Where in Germany are you? We lived in Kaiserslautern; really loved the area. Tried to learn German, but most Germans just wanted to practice their English with us.

      Always a pleasure to meet a Christian brother and a missionary at that. Just wanted to let you know I became a Christian because someone in the U.S. put their own lives on hold to come to witness to people in Russia. I am forever grateful.

  12. Hi Ana, I totally enjoy your posts in Google+ and I’d love to write a guest article on Content SEO for your blog, Traffic Generation Cafe. I have one ready. My new site is ready, self coded in Dreamweaver. Google accepts it. Chat later on G+ where I did leave a Hangouts pm in text. Bye!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for following me to Traffic Generation Café, Geoff.

      Thanks for the offer of a guest post too, but I don’t currently accept posts; I’ll let you know if it ever changes.

  13. FYI, just wanted to point out that in your footer, the new site is on the Genesis framework, but on your Rolodex page, it says it’s on Thesis. Both great frameworks, have used them both.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Just another thing I need to change since moving to the new hosting/theme/design… Thanks for the reminder, Gust; added it to the list.

  14. alex hajicek

    Hi Ana! Loves yah.


    Why is it that every optin box like optin skins almost forces you to have two entry forms (NAME & EMAIL). Isn’t it hurt conversions with conceivably no benefit.

    I’ve been trying to find a solution that is just a simple put your email here. Doesn’t look like trash, is mobile responsive, and will let me target categories for inline posts for targeting.

    Is that too much to ask!

    Does have options for single entry (not asking for names), is mobile responsive, and can target where it shows up? Or anyone else for that matter?


    • Ana Hoffman

      I don’t know if there’s a perfect plugin, Alex; that’s why so many people build their own. LOL

      I think Optin Skins is just about the only plugin I know of that forces you to have both fields; that’s the primary reason I didn’t like it when testing it.

      I suggest to try Hybrid Connect; it might be the answer you are looking for.

      I just switch my design to responsive and haven’t tested WPSubscribers with it yet. I do remember it has an option to remove a field. :)

      • Alex Hajicek

        Thanks Ana!

        I’m checking it out right now. I’m also going to check out WP-sharely! I even googled your affiliate link just @#)*!)@#*@ because I can.

        I’m in the midst of building a site and while I can’t get EVERYTHING perfect from the get go I really don’t see the point of getting a lot of traffic if the website is going to be a leaky bucket.

        Deciding how I want it to flow, finding out my unique selling proposition, ect.


        Still I’ve been reading a lot of your stuff and finding it VERY insightful and I’ve noticed you seem to practice everything you preach…how you do it all I HAVE NO #)*$@#) clue.

        PEACE OUT

        PS. Is there a plugin I can buy that would give me your accent? I might just triple my traffic numbers

        ^^^ Stupid joke.

        • Alex Hajicek

          BTW: I didn’t know if you were aware of this but you have two broken links on your facebook page.

          Its at the very top of your page. SEO traffic & Social Media Traffic links go to a 404 Page.


          • Ana Hoffman

            Ahhh, yet another thing I need to fix after moving to a new hosting service… Thanks for letting me know; totally forgot about them!

        • Ana Hoffman

          Thanks for going the extra step for me, Alex. :)

          No kidding, setting up a site, working out all the details, USP, content angle, etc is a never-ending task. Look at me, Traffic Generation Café is 3 years old and I am still doing it! lol

          I like your jokes… you can come back and flatter me anytime!

  15. Matt

    Hey Ana!

    I happened to come across your site…(Awesome site by the way) and I was wondering if you sell solo ads in regards to your mailing list.

    Based on the content and subject matter of your product, the product I have to advertise would be a great match for your subscriber list.

    If you are interested please see contact details below and I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

    All the best,

    Matt Jameson

  16. Ana,

    I tried to reply your email but it bounced.

    Thank you very much for your input. Yes I would love for you to send us a SEO recommendation. We have a tagline and is at the bottom of the page. MBJ Ranch Online – The Internet Mall for City Slickers to Cowboys! I will ask our designer to make it more visible.

    ZOOM, ebay, amazon are names that were not popular before they started. It’s matter of marketing and time.

    I don’t know what do about the issue of “specialization” I am profitable because I am able to purchase quality items with discount prices. And that’s the reason that we have so many items. We have a company that made us a slogan so it can explain our company a little better. MBJ Ranch Online – The Internet Mall for City Slickers to Cowboys

    Thank you very much for your time and I always appreciate your suggestion.

    It’s a tough world for small companies however we will get there,

    Marcos Borges

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for the reminder, Marcos – I need to change my email settings after the recent move to new hosting.

      ZOOM, ebay, amazon are memorable and roll off your tongue; MBJ Ranch Online not so much.

      I see a lot of products for women on your site; plus they are the ones who shot the most, let’s face it. So why is your tagline all about men? It will turn away women before you know it.

      Please contact Gerald Weber from; let him know I sent you. He’s excellent at SEO and can also make user-friendly suggestions for your site.

  17. Hi Ana,

    Am a frequent visitor or your site and a commentor and your site has helped me a lot. I like you sense of humour – and seems you haev travelled the world – but you are missing the Kenyan adventure – got the best places to visit in the world

    Good to know about your life – very interesting

    • Ana Hoffman

      And I always enjoy seeing you at Traffic Generation Café, Peter!

      It’s true, the only time I stepped on the African continent was Morocco. My daughter has to grow up a bit before we start traveling across the world again.

  18. Hi Ana,

    We have a online store and a warehouse. We sell on ebay (good traffic), amazon (good traffic), and my own site. We started 5 years ago and we have being growing but we am having a hard time to increase sales on our website . I am trying to do my homework: We are top rated seller 100% feedback. We send a magnet with a discount offer with a letter with all our boxes. My site designer is one the best in the market but is not doing a good job on SEO. We have a Facebook, twitter and pinterest accounts. I have a par time person that help with videos and posting. I used google adwors and facebook ads. I still have a very little sale in our page. Can I hire you to help me to bring traffic to our site? If you cant, do you recommend a company. I just lost trying to brainstorm. Thank you very much,

    Marcos Borges

    • Ana Hoffman

      I don’t really do any consulting at the moment, Marcos, but here are a couple of things I saw on your site that didn’t make me want to buy from you:

      - You don’t have a brand. MBJ RANCH ONLINE sounds obscure, doesn’t tell me who you are or what you are about.

      - You don’t have a tagline to tell me what your site is about. I need something that catches my eye right away to make me want to stay.

      - You don’t have specialization. How can you possibly sell everything under the sun? Makes me question your credibility.

      Just some personal observations.

      If you want help with SEO, I can recommend the person I work with; feel free to respond to my notification of comment reply in your inbox.

  19. Hi there pretty lady ~ Love your site and your sense of humor…Will be visiting often and look forward to your emails…. Namaste ~ Bruce Deery

    P.S. And Thanx for telling the truth about DAVE and Dave at EN….you might enjoy my post entitled “MLM SOCIOPATHS”…

  20. I found your website when I googled what is a trackback. Your article on trackbacks vs pingbacks was wonderful. I looked through your site, and I have to say I’m hooked. You have some terrific information.

    Your story really touched me. My husband and I both lost our jobs at a truck plant and were unemployed for a year as well. School, jobs and illness finally pushed me in the direction of blogging. I’m happy to say that I am doing what I love and have done well with the blog and as a freelance writer.

    Long story short, it’s great to hear from someone else that created something incredible during the toughest time of their life. You are inspiring. :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      I truly appreciate the compliment of your visit and your comment, Wendy; all the best to your family and hope to see more of you around Traffic Generation Café.

  21. Mariane Ceballo

    Your story is inspiring! I “tripped” across your site while searching for YouTube optimization and I am so glad I landed on your site. GREAT information here – and I respect your faith in Christ. Will be back often!


  22. Wow! Am I ever impressed? Spend a lot time researching, learning and implementing strategies and tools to help me build a larger online audience.

    It is sooooo refreshing to find a genuine ‘shoot from the hip’ (*compliment*) marketer. Love your friendly, in your face style.

    No mumbo-jumbo, no double-speak, just fun engaging information. I
    I’ve subscribed to your newsletter. From now on I know my job will be easier.

    The knowledge you bring as well as those you recommend is simply superb!

    Muchas gracias por exponer la verdad en cuanto a online marketing se refiere.

    Guess you’ll have to go to Google translate for the last bit, :-)

    Un millon de gracias Ana.

    • Ana Hoffman

      You are so very welcome, John, and I truly appreciate the compliment; it’ll be enough to fuel me for the next week. lol

  23. It is fantastic to find people like yourself who have stuck through the hard times and made it through to the other side. Goals play a big part in giving you the determination to stick at it when your results are yet to come in don’t they?
    Could I ask what was your biggest challenge when starting out?

    And what is the main piece of information that turned your internet fortune around?

    Onward And Upward To Success
    Gary Boardman

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thank you, Gary.

      My biggest challenge when I first started was not really know how to get to my goals. Since I, like all of us at some point, had to learn the business from scratch, having no clear direction in the beginning slowed me down quite a bit. On the bright side, when something is not working, all we need to do is to be willing to learn how to make it work, i.e. it’s entirely under our control.

  24. Malcolm Price

    Hello Ana,

    I would like to know on my eBay about me page I was looking at your video on how to put an opt-in form on my about me page would I have to have a eBay shop to be allowed to set up an opt-in form
    Or would I be able to put the form on my basic eBay.


    Malcolm Price

    • Ana Hoffman

      It’s been a while since I looked into Ebay traffic generation, Malcolm, and I am not planning on revisiting that one at the moment. You might have to figure it out on your own.

  25. Jossy

    Hi Ana,
    I was curious to know where you or your parents come from because your name sounds German. With that being said, I was fascinated by your outstanding writing skills. Your first language isn’t English and you’ve better control of the language than most native English speakers. You must be genius, aren’t you? :)

    Keep up the good work!
    Want to read more from you!

  26. I’ve heard about your site for a while 2 months back and wondering your way of engaging with readers and one thing I must say about the layout of the site is that you always love to keep your blog with crystal clear layout that I really Like it.

    First time I checked your about page and it makes me impressed, my wishes to your kid and I wish you to grow with more readers in this traffic generation planet.

  27. Love your blog Ana, you really are an inspiration. When I read what you write I feel like you are on the pulling end of the life rope that is success online. Thank you for that.

  28. Ana,
    My name is Clay and I would like to write a non-promotional article for your site that I believe falls in line with your content and readership interests.

    I would like to write about the most effective, and cheap, SEO strategies that small business owners and leadership can utilize to increase business exposure. It would be a “how-to
    type article that provides advice.

    I would want a link back in the biography to Local Splash, the SEO company I work for, but it wouldn’t be on keywords and would only go to a inc. profile that doesn’t sell anything. Mainly just for writer exposure.

    Let me know if you’re interested at all, or if I can send some writing samples to you!

    Thanks for the time, I appreciate it.


  29. Hi Ana,

    I was wanting to chat or message you about possibly reviewing my book, but can’t seem to find your email or personal message area anywhere. I have followed your posts for quite some time now and would absolutely love if you could give us some insight on what you thought our book.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Lexie Lane

    • Ana Hoffman

      I’d love to, Lexie, but with my very limited time, I simply won’t be able to read a book any time soon; sorry.

      Also, the word “books” is misspelled in your header on your site.

  30. Ana, I am learning alot through your site. However, I don’t see anything for us fiction writers. Myself, I write quality fiction (I think, at least), but I don’t write informational ebooks about writing just yet. And I don’t have any other informational expertise I can think of. What do you advise for promoting us fiction writers?

    • Ana Hoffman

      Now that I’ve been in this business for a while, Kate, I can say with a certain degree of certainty that traffic generation strategies/possibilities are pretty much the same for most niches. It comes down to HOW you apply them to YOUR specific niche is what will make the ultimate difference.

      As you can imagine, I can’t write for every niche specifically. And even if I could, I wouldn’t, because I believe that no one can teach us what’s best for our businesses. It’s up to each of us to figure it out on our own.

  31. How refreshing! It’s so good to meet one of the “good guys,” or in this case, “good girls.” Honesty, integrity, quality information; count me in on learning everything I can from someone like you. Thanks!

  32. Edwin

    New to your blog, took notice of whom have given you a testimonial about your blog one being Yaro …hummmm wow if he tips his hat off to you that makes a statement, he is someone in the blogging world that is well known and successful at making money from his blog.

    Do you do any consulting on traffic generation, need some one to talk to in the near future. ;>)

  33. Carlo Pandian

    Hi Ana,

    Just a quick note to see if you would be interested in a guest blogger for Traffic Generation Cafe.

    My name is Carlo, I am a keen observer of the start-up world and I have previously written for business blogs such as New Startups, Small Business Do It Better and Under30CEO. Business, technology and marketing are my main areas of expertise having worked before for a tech start-up (job ads aggregator and being graduated in Management at the University of London. It would be great to contribute to Traffic Generation Cafe and the following are some blog post ideas particularly aimed at starting a discussion in your community on best business practices:

    - How can small businesses measure the success (or failure) of their social media influence
    - What would be a good way to promote a small hotel
    - Cheap and effective ways for small businesses without resident marketing skills to create a marketing plan
    - How can an entrepreneur most effectively market a company through their personal efforts
    - What are some cool new innovations we could see on smart phones by 2015
    - What are the most creative examples of mobile-retail commerce
    - What are some mind-blowing facts about cloud computing
    - How Technology is making Payments easier
    - What are proven ways to improve your average basket size in an e-commerce shop
    - Is behavioural targeting by online stores invasion of privacy?

    Please let me know if you would be happy to consider a guest post from me at no charge and I will send it over for review. I also share all of my guest posts on my social profiles (970 followers on Twitter) in order to drive more readers to your site.

    Look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to send over any questions you may have.

    Kind regards

    Carlo Pandian
    Freelance writer
    Twitter: carlopandian

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for the offer, Carlo.

      Even though they sound like interesting topics, they are not at all on target with what I write about at Traffic Generation Café.

  34. Ana,

    Each post is better than the one before it. I’m enjoying your insights into free traffic, and I’m already beginning to implement. Thanks so much for the advice at the bottom of your report to focus on one at a time.

    I’m sure a lot of us are curious, at least I am:

    “I am not going into details here: I will simply say that for a while I was one of 97% of marketers who spent time and money trying to “make it” to no avail. The change came when I started educating myself about the industry and the proper way to market my business.”

    What would you say made that turning point happen for you? Do you write about this elsewhere? If it’s too nosy no problem, I just hoped to hear more about when exactly you ‘turned the corner’ and knew that you were figuring it out.

    I think I’m nearing that right now myself and would appreciate some perspective.

    Thanks for your story above and your testimonial! Christ in You (Colossians 1:25-27)


    • Ana Hoffman

      Digging deeper in that statement:

      There’s no “system” to build a successful business. There’s no “one size fits all”. No one can truly teach us how to build OUR businesses.

      When I first started, I had no idea what standing out from the crowd truly meant. I thought I just needed to shout louder than everyone else to be heard.

      It’s only when I realized that it wasn’t in the knowledge per se, but rather applying that knowledge to MY business was what made the difference. Taking what you know and giving it a fresh spin. Making it truly yours.

      Not sure if that makes sense, Kurt. This is really something that you need to find in your gut. It can’t be taught.

      Thanks for the verse; always a great pleasure to meet a brother in Christ!

      PS Stopped by your blog; love your writing!

      • I think I get it Ana. By sharing too much of your story, maybe someone will think it has to happen for THEM exactly the same as it happened for YOU. So you don’t go into details that may not help the individual reader.

        I’m going to take your advice and absorb what you and the few other quality voices in this space are saying… then make it mine. I’ve decided to focus on one thing at a time in the traffic gettin’ game due to your advice. Right now, Twitter… later Slideshare… very soon you might be lookin’ at my first twenty bestsellers on Kindle ;-) Thanks again for the encouragement.



  35. Nikola

    Hi Ana,

    I love your work and your style, and here’s an idea for you – create tutorials, webinars etc. about achieving the ATMOSPHERE of the site that you’ve managed to achieve! I’m using internet a lot and I can tell you that only a handful of sites have this same, laid back atmosphere that makes the reading experience so pleasurable. Good job!
    Now, I’ve found those free vector pics – the subject is coffee – and no, this is not my site or anything like that, it’s just something I’ve found and thought that you might like.

    Keep up the good vibe! :)
    Regards, Nikola, Croatia

    • Ana Hoffman

      Great idea, Nikola, and thanks for the amazing resource of coffee images!

      I appreciate the compliment…

  36. First of all lemme tell you, i am impressed by your articles, the way it is written, the simplicity the magic, everything.

    I would definitely contact you to talk more and learn.
    Thanks Ana.

  37. Dina Hajhassan

    Hi Ana, how’s it going?
    I was just wondering after checking out your website, (by the way, awesome website) if you accept any type of advertising on your site. I have a product that seems to be a suitable fit for your readers-

    Thank you!

  38. kurt

    Hello, LOVE THE SITE!
    I am a college student with a class assignment of starting an online business using affiliate links. 6 in the class and this is for the class grade. We are putting together a webpage and blog. None of us have experience in the web much less the blogosphere so challenges await.
    The desire is to make money of course but the main emphasis is on the strategy and process. All proceeds go to charity but the knowlege we keep.I sifted through many pages before finding yours and already have more useful info than all of the other sites combined. Any helpful hints on the startup aspect? Thank you! And WE will be back. K

  39. Hi Ana,

    I’m Alive! I have 6 product websites that I have created and sell. Just spend the last 4 days tidying up on-page SEO stuff with immediate improvements, when I hunted down your website *manly grunt*

    I really liked your “give a me a like to decode the download’ I have never seen that done before anywhere – what a juicy trick – I wanna know how to do it on my sites (all WordPress/Thesis/Marketers Delight based). I already have the auto like buttons etc to get Twitter/FB stuff, and all my sites offer free high-value downloads).

    Spill the beans young lady (please!)

  40. Hi Ana,

    I’ve been following your blog for a long time and we chatted on the email a year ago.

    I was kinda stuck and i thought who might be able to help me and one day just popped into my head: Ana.

    I want to launch an eBook for a fashion & lifestyle blog of mine, i have the entire text written, pictures, researches and everything, but i don’t know how to design it to look cool. I don’t know where to look for people who can do that and i hope you might have an answer for this one.

    I don’t need anything too complicated, but i would love a pretty simple but fancy design, if this has any sense :)) please contact me back :)


    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for reading, Mihai.

      I don’t like to make my covers complicated either.

      I have 3 options for you:

      - Design it yourself in WordPress or PowerPoint (very simple to do);
      - outsource it on Fiverr;
      - do a google search for free ebook templates.

  41. Hey Ana

    What a fascinating story!! I have been following you for a little time now but only stumbled across your story this afternoon because I wanted to email you about something that has been troubling me.

    I sensed from the very start that you know your subject, but more importantly, you speak from the heart and that is why I have always listened with both ears unplugged. It was in this vein that I have been studying Danny Iny’s ABM after buying through your link. However, your recent post (and recommendation of) Ryan Deiss seems to be a major contradiction of Danny’s credo. Ok, Danny does mention inviting “well known others” to post on one’s own blog, but it is a minor part (and somewhat downplayed) part of his strategy. It’s difficult to resist the conclusion that Ryan considers the major thrust of Danny’s strategy to be a misleading waste of time. Now please don’t think that I am complaining because I’m not, but I would like you to shine a little beam of clarity on this for me. I can accept a difference of emphasis, but they cannot both be right.

    Many thanks (and still a fan!)

    John PS I have recently completed a novel (with the unfailing help of my script editor, Miriam Shaviv) that was originally inspired by my time spent in Odessa:))

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for coming by this page and learning more about me, John.

      I completely understand where you come from with your question (and thanks so much for getting Danny’s ABM through my link!).

      Here’s the thing: for Traffic Generation Café, I’d use what Danny teaches in ABM.

      I want to build a couple of other sites in other niches, where I won’t be able to spend much time (most of my day is spent working on Traffic Generation Café, as you can imagine), but I still want to develop quality authority presence in that niche; not just slap a few aff products hoping to make a quick buck.

      That’s where Ryan Deiss’s course (Authority ROI) comes in.

      Two entirely different approaches, but also two entirely different business models.

      Did I answer your question?

      And yes, I was wondering why your site was about visiting Ukraine; now it makes sense!

  42. Dear Ana, Cheers on the blog!
    I came across it not so long ago and absolutely loved it :)
    Is there any way to contact you through email? I recently started a project for bloggers and would love to run a few ideas by you!



  43. Hi Anna

    Just saw your blog and wanted to suggest a new free traffic analysis tool that you might like to review/ share with your followers.

    It’s called and it show’s you traffic data on any site as well as a breakdown of the sources (referrals, search, social, mail, direct, etc)

    Pretty cool and easy way to find out where your competitors are getting their traffic from.

    Let me know what you think!

    • Ana Hoffman

      This probably wasn’t the best place to let me know about your site, Daniel, but since you asked: it looks like the stats are not all too accurate. As I analyzed TGC, most of the stats were completely opposite of what I know from Google Analytics or even sites like Alexa.

      Just mere fact that apparently FriendFeed is my number 2 social media source….

  44. Hi Ana, Love your posts! I don’t know if you read or not, but if you’re interested, I wrote a Christian fiction book you might like if you’re into reading for enjoyment. Check out the “books” tab on my wordpress site, or you can drop me a line. I know you’re probably too busy for such things, so I’ll understand if you’re not interested. Thanks for all you do!!

  45. Hi, Ana! Just found your blog and am already following you on Twitter as well as looking forward to receiving your next post by e-mail :-) Simply loved your spirit and your content! BTW, I was born in communist Bulgaria, so I know exactly what you’ve been through… Talk soon!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Much appreciated, Ben, and welcome!

      I figured you must be from Eastern Europe because of your last name…

  46. Allan

    Hi Ana, I’ve been a reader of your blog for some time time now and I’d just like to say that your website is looking great. You always have something of interest to say. And this is the first time I too have read your about me page. Very interesting life you have had so far.

    I am in MLM and thought I’d never get involved in it, but this one is actually the real deal. You have my details if you are interested contact me, you wont be sorry.
    Hey delete this post or at least edit it.

  47. Ana,

    I stumbled across your site by pure chance and have found your story and your knowledge a real blessing!

    I am a single father of 5 trying to make a better life for myself and family. Although I have been marketing “Offline” for over 20yrs, my journey with Internet Marketing has only just begun, so I find myself starting ALL OVER!

    It’s refreshing to meet and connect with other ethical marketers like yourself and it inspires me to start out as I mean to go on, by being open and honest about my journey despite my 20 years of experience in the offline world.

    Im not about to “Big it up” when it comes to marketing and blag my way to success. My experience in the offline world means very little when it comes to marketing online and so my goal is to connect with like minded people, build relationships and share my journey!

    I am excited about the road ahead and hope I can share the knowledge I gain to help other people along the way as I build my new business!

    Glad to have met you through your fantastic blog!

    My Best Wishes,

    Andy Benson

    • Ana Hoffman

      Much appreciate, Andy, and so glad you found my blog.

      Look forward to seeing you around and hearing about your progress.

  48. Thanks for putting your about page in one of your blog posts. I hardly ever check out people’s about pages though I realized that mine get quite some traffic.

    The part that caught me is where you state that you dedicated your life to Jesus Christ. That’s the best decision ever.

    Otherwise, great job as always.

  49. Hi Ana (again!),

    Wow, what an amazing story!

    Out of all the times I’ve been to your blog, this is my first visit to your About page.

    I think there’s an important lesson in your story, one that is very common but get often gets lost in all the “white noise” on the internet.

    There’s really no such thing as an instant success in business, particularly online. Whenever you see uber successful blogs, there’s usually a story of great trial and tribulation behind it that the fans tend to forget about rather quickly.

    That being said, anybody who’s willing to put in the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears can be successful.

    They just have to put in ALL of the work that’s involved.

    Clearly you’ve done that and you’ve become one of the go-to experts in your niche, and you have a great story to tell because of it all.

    Thank you for sharing your story here. It’s stories such as these that remind me that it can (and will) happen for me, too.

    I just have to be willing to put in the time, pay my dues, learn my lessons, and take my journey. When I do I will have the opportunity to tell my story, too.

    Thanks, Ana!

    God Bless,


  50. I have read your report on keyword research it is that good you sahould be selling it.
    Fantastic information and when I purchase market samuri I will be certain to purchase via your affiliate link.
    Thank you


  51. Hey Ana,

    I came across your site and think I remember stumbling across it a while back as well. It was great reading your story and good to hear that God has blessed you with the wisdom to succeed.

    Many blessings :)

  52. Hey Ana! Hope you noticed we were both mentioned in a “Top 10 bloggers for 2013″ list. Just thinking it’d be awesome to work together on something blog related in the New Year. Happy New Years!

  53. Wow Ana, I’ve been reading TGC from quite sometime, but It’s my first time I’m reading your About page. I love everything about your blog, the design, content and EVERYTHING.

    Keep rocking, looking forward to read more.

  54. Hi Ana,
    Your blog seriously beautiful, I’m amazed I haven’t found it before. Darn Santa Claus keeps messing up my clicks though ;)
    Can’t wait to read more,

  55. Ana,
    this is the best knowledge source about internet. I appreciate your giving without hesitation.

    By the way, I am from Bulgaria. And, of course, I speak Russian.

    Спасибо большое. Желаю удачи!

  56. Terry E.

    Great article about yourself. Much enjoyed it. Here is a question that you have probably seen one million + times but I am new to your site, today is my first day, so I will ask it anyway. I also have been without a job for 4 months now and I am in the process of losing my things and have become a regular at the local pawn shop. So my question is this, Since you have been where I am in the past and you now know what you did not know at the time of NO MONEY, what would be the easiest and fastest way to start making money NOW? I mean forgot the long term for a minute and please give me your best advice for NOW and later down the road. Thank you so much and God bless you.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I don’t really know of any quick ways to make money online, Terry, but I know plenty of other blogs write about that.

  57. Yan

    Hi Ana, what a great website! I found your site by googling “how to use reddit to promote your blog”. You have so much good information on your site. Thank you for sharing! Good luck with your online business. I’ll be coming here often. :)

  58. Just read your story after reading your blog and I was very interested. I too am a mummy( with a wonderful husband) travelled a lot as a model , started my own business ( eight years ago in finance) and am interested in similar things do I will definitely read all your other blogs too!

  59. Hey Ana, I came across your site a while back but this is the first time I have read your “About” page. What a wonderful success story. I commend you for including your spiritual beliefs. It’s not something many people would do these days but it’s good to see there are other devote Christians in this industry. I love your site. Keep up the good work.

  60. Sarena Costa

    I just read your about page for the first time and am amazed that you were able to figure out how to make money online enough that you could support your family while your husband was out of work. I am also impressed by your open and honest upfront admission about your relationship to Christ.

    I am definitely taking advantage of your free updates. I want to know how to do what you did!

    • Ana Hoffman

      I think my journey was more of a trial and error, Sarena, and think that’s the real path to success.

      What works for one person might not work for another. Those who are prepared to find their own way will eventually succeed.

      That’s what happened to me. I am too stubborn to give up. ;)

      Look forward to seeing you around and have a blessed weekend!

  61. Thanks for sharing something about you Ana, I really glad that you added comment section in the page that every man sharing his/her views towards trafficgenerationcafe, but well the website is going great and every thing is perfect as well. Thanks alot :D

  62. Don Archer

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to give me a newbie with a website with a newbie smell some free tips.

    I did them and they worked I’ve gotten a lot of subscribers in a few days from it.

    Don Archer

  63. Scott


    I obviously got Google slapped 2 weeks ago. I finally got up to about 100 visitors a day and was pretty excited as I saw traffic finally starting to increase. I know that is not many visitors, but I finally started seeing the increase.

    Then 2 weeks ago, my traffic went from about 100 to around 3-5 or so a day. Ouch! I made a few changes and sent a reconsideration request to Google and they said that it was not from them…or it could have been from an algorithm change…duh. :)

    I just don’t know where to go from this point. I thought I was writing relevant posts but maybe not.

    My question is…do offer a service to audit or offer suggestions to how I could get my traffic up? I thought you did, but was not sure. I know I trust you but don’t know if I can afford you. Would you please let me know what you charge and what services would be provided.

    Thanks so much Ana! Hope you are having a grand day!


  64. Harry Fassett - Snackhealthy

    Hey Ana, how was your move!? Hope you found a new place! Anyway, moving is always tough, and in the situation you described, it’s 100 times tougher! Anyway, hope you and your family are doing well? HF

  65. Good Morning!

    My name is Clyde Parsley and I work with Customer Dynamics. I came across your site while searching for relevant guest posting opportunities. It looks like your site could be a good fit.

    I can provide you with unique content. Assuming this will work for you please let me know what the next step is.


    Clyde Parsley

    • Ana Hoffman

      Welcome to TGC, Clyde.

      Unfortunately, I don’t currently accent guest posts from new authors, but I appreciate you asking!

  66. Hi Anna,
    I just started blogging a few months back and am really glad that i discovered your site during my formative years.I share useful tips,resources and links on my blog for marketers and would surely share some of your tools(with your permission of course).
    Thanks a lot for the handy resources and tips.

    Regards from India,
    Ningsang Jamir

  67. I just found your site. My heart skipped a beat as I read about your faith. Looking forward to all of your great traffic generation tips. I’m one of those website owners who wishes she knew then what she knows now . . . and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet!

    Blessings to you!


    • Ana Hoffman

      Sounds like we are in the same boat, Laura – always learning, yet never feeling like we even scratched the surface.

      Wish I could say it gets better. lol

      Have a blessed week!

  68. Daniel Tyler

    Congrats on everything!
    It seems we share some of the same loved interests including the Lord Jesus!
    It makes me very happy that you are not only doing something you love, but are also spreading that word at the same time….You are very blessed!

  69. Hi again Ana)
    Now I know about you a little bit more. It is always interesting to get to know who is behind a webpage, who this real person is.

    I like the joke about Communist Russia:)

    Your photos are amazing! They are one more proff that a talented person is successful in everything!
    Good luck to you, Ana!

  70. Hi Ana, Alex told me about your website and I stopped by to have a look. I was also raised in a Communist country(Romania) and moved and got married in an English speaking country(Northern Ireland). I have a two year old girlie and I’m having a go at blogging since the February. All the best, I’ll stop by again to check for tips.

  71. Hi Ana!

    My challenge this month is to learn about SEO, create a strategy for my blog and implement it. I was led to you by a post on Entrepreneurs Journey.

    I read your free SEO report last night and was relieved that you have created an easy to follow guide for beginners!!

    I am looking forward to reading your posts and developing my plan and hopefully reporting back with huge successes!!

    Thanks so much for all of the resources!


    • Ana Hoffman

      SEO is made sound difficult by many folks who’d rather charge to do it for us, Danielle.

      Glad you came by and always feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

  72. I am just begining this ride and I am taking inspiration from your blog.

    PS. Please let me know your top 3 places to visit in Europe. I know it must be difficult! I am based in London

  73. hey Anna – you know as well as most of us batting on the internet for a good innings that the ball bounces in unexpected ways more often than not and sometimes hits us right in the face! You wrote in your recent email about feeling de-motivated, like even the things we hold dear isn’t enough…. enough to know that that feeling too shall pass. I may well have to add “Can do, tomorrow” to my positive affirmation page “I can” … since I am feeling up I will settle for a bit of marketing (thanks for the latest tips “keep your money”) see the graphic with a smiley

  74. Hi Ana, this was quite a nice and inspiring post and I really enjoyed to get to know you a bit better. By the way, the picture on the bottom right looks like Austria? I’m Austrian that’s why I’m asking.

  75. Hi Ana! I can’t believe it took me this long to read your About page! I did not know you were a model! :) Beautiful! I also had no idea you were a Christian and your husband was Air Force (I am as well). Looks like we have more in common than I realized. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for your inspiration!

  76. Hi Ana,

    Lovely About page! Truly enjoy your blog.
    I am from Denmark and like you write in my second language. I started my blog in July of 2010 to help couples communicate more effectively and create more satisfying relationships. I love the idea of reaching couples all over the world. What is your take on couple relationship blogs?

    Just read your newest post about how you created your blog – you are such an inspiration – thank you Ana!

  77. Ana,

    I have been reading your site for more than a month now, and after a year of trying to get a site off the ground, I think I finally have it figured out. My challenge now it to monetize. I love that you are a fellow believer in God through Christ Jesus. I am too!!

    I really do wish you much, continued success in building your business. I’ll be watching and following – and implementing! ;)


  78. Hi Ana,

    Very inspiring story thanks for sharing it,I know how its difficult to start and maintain the business and wish u all the best for your future :)

    Note:Your daughter is so cute convey my regards to her :)

  79. Hey Ana,
    I just read your wonderful story…I want to believe that it does happen to build a successful online company without spending a fortune…I am happy to see that you are not like many people in this business to promise big numbers and huge income. I started 2 months ago and the truth is that I have no idea where I am going, if I am doing good or bad…I work a lot but I don’t really know if somebody can succeed without paying for everything (likes, followers, links…).
    Anyway, I really thank you for your story, it is optimistic. I hope to learn many things here in your blog.

    • Thank you so much, Lenia.

      Yes, it’s possible to build a business with a minimum investment, especially to begin with.

      That’s why I got out of all “traditional” online businesses like MLM, etc. because I couldn’t promise anyone they’ll make money with clear conscience.

      It’ll come down to how much you want it; the rest, like knowledge and money and knowing what you are doing comes with time. lol

  80. Thank you for sharing this information Ana! You are an inspiration to me as I embark on creating an online business.

    And yes, Jesus Christ is the most important person in my life!

    God bless,

  81. Hey Ana,

    This is an amazing story of yours and it is always encouraging to meet successful entrepreneurs who were also struggling in the beginning as that shows that if you put the hard work into place, then you can get rewarded as well.

    This is one of the blogs I’m going to read from the first post to the end (just a little experiment I’m going to do for 2012)

    Stay great! ;-)


    • I think most entrepreneurs have quite a few stories of failure to tell, Sergio – they just prefer not to.

      Personally, I get more encouraged when I read bios that include the good with the bad and not make me feel like I’d never be able to do that!

  82. Dear Anna – getting the type, quantity and quality of information I am looking for on one site is already good. Big bonus is that it its not coming in geek language or from someone scamming some business of me. Thank you for your honest and fresh presentation and good luck with your efforts.
    Regards, Johann

  83. Holly Jahangiri

    Hi, Ana. Thanks for the helpful tips you left us in your videos!

    I have a question about that, though – I tend to automatically unfollow people who auto-DM me when I follow them. Do you not find that to be a problem? I’m a bit hesitant to try that one technique, though the commenting one comes rather too naturally to me (I say that because I tend to write whole blog posts in other bloggers’ comment areas and treat the comments like forum threads).

    • Ana Hoffman

      My philosophy about Twitter is this, Holly: the best way to be heard there is to establish just enough contact with your followers to entice them to come to your blog.

      That’s when the real relationship building begins.

      With that in mind, I am more about numbers on Twitter – that’s why I have 6 different accounts.

      I also have one “quality” account where I don’t follow/unfollow anyone.

      So to me, if someone unfollows me because of a DM, it’s not much of a concern.

      • Holly Jahangiri

        Ahhh, that makes sense. I need to build up another couple of Twitter accounts, then. Because it does matter to me on my main one! I get it, though – thanks!

  84. Hey Ana so nice to meet you! Like you, I was born in the USSR and lived in post-Soviet (and quite decrepit) Eastern European land leaving for the US at the age of 15. btw what happened to your twitter account? – wanted to follow you and seeing “Account Suspended” …

    • Ana Hoffman

      Also pleasure to meet a former “comrade”, Tanya. LOL

      Yes, my Twitter account was suspended. Have no idea why, contacted Twitter, but of course it’s Thanksgiving time…

      • oh man that’s terrible I’d be a nervous wreck if this were to happen to my twitter accounts.. let me know when you get reinstated as I’d love to follow your tweets :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      I would be nothing without Him, Jonathan.

      You’ve got to explore that one on your own. Of course, as you can see, we can witness whatever the business – if we choose to.

  85. Hi Ana, first I subscribed your RSS and after that I read your “About” page. Thanks for sharing your very touching story. God bless you and your family. Rev Mika, Finland.

  86. So glad to have found you Ana – I like your refreshing angle on traffic generating – and it’s great to see a GIRL doing well in techville!!
    Looking forward to getting your updates now that I just opted in for your SEO report

  87. Hi Ana,

    I laughed out loud on reading your Armenian Radio gag – one which I’ll take to dinner time and time again.

    I must say your blog has a refreshingly honest tone so congratulations on it and may it bring you even more success!

  88. Ana Hoffman

    I can definitely relate to info overload.

    When it comes down to traffic generation, there’s really nothing new under the sun.

    There are two major ways to go about it: 1. focus on SEO and 2. networking (guest blogging, commenting, social media, etc).

    One bite at a time, right?

  89. Hi Ana, I found your blog through a guest post you wrote for TechSnare that I found really useful on getting 10 high quality links in a short amount of time. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. DIY SEO doesn’t seem as daunting now! Thanks —J.D.

  90. Ana, fixed the redirect problem that happened on my site. I don’t remember adding WP List Pro but that is why comments were redirected to my web host. I still have a PR4 so can I now be added to your Comment Luv premium list of blogs?

  91. I won a contest Ana had in the summer of 2011. She awarded me a license to the Thesis blog template. The template is SEO friendly and is helping me build better websites for my business. Ana also did an analysis of my site and I have implemented the changes. I have already seen some increased traffic as a result of making the updates to my websites.

    I also highly recommend CommentLuv premium. Before I began using this powerful plugin, I had 40 plugins which slowed my site down.

  92. Hi Ana,

    Are you a part of Blog Engage? I thought I saw you on there, but may have been wrong. If you are, please friend me (slbphoenix). Chat a gain soon, cause I love your blog. Sally

  93. Stumble upon your blog read this “I was born and raised in Communist Russia…” Subscribed :)

    Now I’ll have to spend the rest of the Saturday reading your awesome posts.

    Spasibo Oksana.

  94. Mary

    Interesting, 3 months married and 3 months marketing zero to hero. 3 must be your lucky number. I’m going to my email right now to see what tips you have. Thanks!

  95. Hi Anna,

    Just came across your site through your article on DIY Themes
    “What Chef Gordon Ramsay Can Teach You About Building a Highly-Trafficked Blog” and just wanted to commend you on a great timeless piece that can be adapted to any business. I just started blogging and need all the trinkets I can get.
    As a fellow brother in Christ I would just like to say:
    Keep on keeping on for the glory of God.

    May God continue to bless the works of your hands.

  96. Thanks Ana for sharing your story. Glad that we’re both following in the same footsteps. I often refer to Jesus as ‘The General Of The Universe’ – ever directing and ever guiding. It’s just so great to be loved and to be able to share his love with others. I do that through my blog – as well – a powerful medium to reach the very ends of the earth – by being salt, light and a city set on the hill. Be blessed!

  97. The good thing about life is that you dont always know where it will take you … both in your private life and your working life. Congratiolation with you great job. Your website is a great inspiration for me :)

    All the best to you – now and in the years to come


  98. Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwuka

    Little headline about you, great insight!

    Guess life’s much more fun for you now and you look back to that year of unemployment and laugh it off, right?

  99. Hi Ana. I’m also originally from Russia, well actually Belarus :). I think you’re doing an amazing job with your blog. Thank you for your tips. I’m a new blogger, so I’ll be using them to build my traffic. It’s still all very new and confusing to me, but hopefully with time and a lot of effort my blog will become popular.

  100. Hey Ana, great story! No doubt all your worldly travels and life experiences also helped propel you to success! Just came across your blog, quite the place for information on traffic generation, as the name implies. Looking forward to your future posts and learning more. Thanks!

  101. Wade Balsdon

    Hi Ana,

    would never have guessed that you are Russian. Thanks for sharing your story with us. You are a very open person and that makes it easy to read your posts. Keep em comming :-)

  102. I think this is one of the best “about” pages I have ever read. I really struggled with writing mine, and this hasn’t made me anymore satisfied with the result ;-)

    • Thanks, Jonathan – I think you might be too harsh on yourself. I thought the same of my page before I started getting feedback like yours!


  103. You are so brave Ana and very smart. I admire your love with your family and how you really stick together despite of being unemployed with kids for a year. Online business has a big change to really earn if you handle it well and I thank you for he traffic generation tips. It is not helpful to me but also to a lot of people who visits your site.

    • So kind of you, Kirsty – I am privileged that you came by my blog and took your time to learn more about me.

      I do hope to see more of you around my blog.

  104. Ana,

    This is a wonderful story, albeit short. We all can learn a lot from this simple yet rich story of yours.

    Here looking to a better success with my blog undertaking while I follow your blog. Thanks!

  105. Hi Ana
    Just came across your blog today and thought that I would say hi. As a newbie in this blogger world I must say that you have done a very nice work with this blog. As a Dane I know it can be hard to write in another language than your native born language, but you seem to be doing very well. I will get back to read more of your blog posts very soon.

  106. Jeff Moskovitz

    Hi Ana,

    I’m a relative newbie at blogging and the whole website optimization thing. OK, I’ll confess – on these topics I may be considered severely learning-disabled, but I have read and listened to a tsunami of information from the millions of so-called “SEO experts.” (Loosely translated, that means about 90% of Twitter users). But, I spent some time on your site, and I just took a quick read through report, 7 Steps, and I have to tell you, this is great stuff. Although my SEO IQ may be below room temperature, I’ve heard enough of it to recognize when something resonates with me. I bookmarked your site because there’s so much here and I will have to print out your report to review it in detail (and hopefully figure out how to use it).

    So, for what it’s worth, I just wanted to let you know that. If there’s ever a way I can help YOU, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Thanks for the information and keep up the fabulous work.

    • You are very welcome, Tami – thanks for taking your time to check me out.

      I loved it when you said “seemingly”; sounds like I’ve got a lot to prove. :) Look forward to the challenge!

      Have a blessed week.


  107. Hi, Ana.

    You followed me on Twitter, I follwed you back. I checked you out, and I started reading your articles. I was attracted to your honest and open way of communicating. I have been searching for sites that provide a no-nonsense approach to sharing information that is helpful to those of us starting out in the web-based business arena. But I really got my biggest surprise when I clicked on the “About Ana” link on your nav bar.

    Mostly I must say it is very refreshing to find someone like you who is not afraid to confess their faith in Christ, the source of all things. God bless you!

    I have been fumbling about for a while, using the trial-and-error approach to creating a web presence with my blogs and web sites. With your help, I know I will find focus and get on the path to success.

    Thank you so much for being who you are and for being so willing to help others. You exhibit a fine example of how the web can be mutually beneficial.

    Your new friend,

    • Hello Alan,

      Thank you for taking time to learn more about me. Yes I am proud and will always be on my faith. As to the information I share in my posts, I love doing what I’m doing, it’s my passion so I will know that I will never get tired helping others through the ideas I share with all of you. I’m also looking forward to knowing you and reading your blog as well.

      More blessings to you,


  108. Nice to meet you here Ana, I have been receving your daily posts and always find find a good tip. I also started my small online business and even though the start was tough I am so happy about all what I have learned so far,an the wonderful people I have met while following my freedom ideas and really look forward to the future development :)

  109. Ana, I just discovered this “about” page on you and I’m impressed! Your tips in the past have seemed so genuine and I appreciate you & your knowledge and experience…

    Keep up the good work and I know the good Lord will bless you abundantly…

  110. Hey Ana, What a great About page and I luv your story esp. your bold declaration of your faith! Your story is so inspiring. I started my business at age 17, I’m 23 now, my business is about wearing your faith. I’m so glad I found you and your gr8 blog. Can’t wait to know more about you!

    Blessings, Chelsea

  111. What a wonderful bio Ana. Love hearing about your journey and great that you have such a wonderful faith….me too :-)
    So glad I found your blog and I am learning heaps from you. Still got a long way to go but I am enjoying the journey.
    Blessings to you and your family
    Patricia Perth Australia

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