All You Need Is Love (And an Audience-Driven Business)

All You Need Is Love (And an Audience-Driven Business)

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How to build a thriving audience-driven businessWhat can I do for your traffic generation?


I decide whether your post goes viral or collects dust in your archives.

I set the tone for the way your site is talked about… or not talked about at all.

I can make or break your business.

I am the true voice behind the throne (of your business).

Who am I?

Your audience.

Creating a Movement vs Driving Traffic

Have you seen my latest website traffic guide yet?

You definitely should.

It’s one of the most comprehensive and visual tutorials on the mechanics of driving traffic.

However, the mechanics of traffic are nothing without… love.

If you can’t turn traffic into an audience that falls in love with your site (create a movement, in other words), you are a clanging cymbal.

Creating a movement…

  • has a snowball effect – people tell their friends, who tell their friends, who tell their friends;
  • will result in more and more business over time with no extra traffic building strategies;
  • opens the possibility of making repeat sales off the same person.

Driving traffic…

  • has very little leverage and scalability on its own;
  • heavily depends on third-party sites, like Google, social media, etc.
  • reminds me of a leaky bucket: you keep filling it, yet it never gets filled.

The point I am trying to drive here is this:

Creating a movement is the single most powerful traffic generation strategy for YOUR business.

Create a Movement: Apple

how apple created movementThe most successful and lucrative online ventures have always been the ones that were driven by their engaged audience.

Just look at Apple.

Are Apple products really that much better than anything else on the market?

I dare to say “no” (even though I am an avid Mac user).

It’s their incredibly fanatical audience that made them into a number one consumer electronics company – Steve Jobs really knew how to create a movement.

Create a Movement: Seth Godin

how seth godin created movementSeth Godin is an author and a thought leader.

He runs some of the most popular blogs around.

His books shoot to the best-seller list in a matter of days.

He gets 7-figure advances from publishing companies to write these books.

How does he do it?

You guessed it: he’s built a relationship with a loyal and engaged audience who hangs on his every word.

Create a Movement: TED

how ted created movementTED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.

How did they get so successful so quickly?

They built an audience.

They created a movement.

The Audience Business Blueprint Infographic

If you are a visual person, you are going to love this.

Danny Iny ( has just published an awesome inforgraphic that captures the essence of an audience-driven business.

how to build audience image

Here’s what the “Audience Business Blueprint Infographic” includes:

  • The four CRITICAL steps that you need to take to build your Audience Business, and the *order* in which you have to take them (click here to download)
  • A detailed breakdown of what each of the four critical steps entails (click here to download)
  • Links to my favorite resources that will help you to implement the four steps in your audience business (click here to download)

Is Audience REALLY that Important?

Why are we REALLY talking about this today?

Two reasons.

Does This Sounds Familiar?

My business needs to change

It definitely resonated with me, as it did with most of the attendees of Danny’s Audience Business webinar last week.

We tend to get so close to our businesses that we can’t see the forest behind the trees.

We know there’s a problem, we can almost put our finger on it, but can never really touch it.

Know the feeling?

That was actually one of the reasons I became such a huge fan of Danny Iny to begin with.

A few months back, when I felt like Traffic Generation Café was growing, yet going nowhere, I called Danny.

After an hour-long conversation, my head was clear, my thoughts were organized, and my pink glasses were off.

It was then that I started seeing the bottlenecks and the missing links in my business.

It was then that I noticed all the trees in front of me, but most importantly, I could clearly see the path through those trees.

If you are nodding your head right now knowing exactly what I am talking about, then you definitely need to make the effort to attend Danny’s last encore “Audience Business” webinar.

Discover The Missing Link

Danny helped me discover the missing link in my business.

And here’s your best chance to get him to help you as well.

This is your absolutely last chance to get your hands on his FULL blueprint of an audience-driven business.

The very blueprint that took him from this to this:

Why listen to Danny Iny

Danny doesn’t do replays, so BE THERE:

WHAT: Danny Iny’s Audience Business Blueprint Webinar

WHEN: 3pm Eastern on Tuesday, January 29th

Update: the webinar is over, my good news – TGC Magazine subscribers can still watch it below!

HOW MUCH: Free (and no, it’s not a sales pitch for his training either)

What Danny will cover:

  • The step-by-step blueprint that he used to grow Firepole Marketing from *nothing* to a multiple-six-figure business (that you can use, too!);
  • The most important traffic strategy that *real* experts use (but aren’t teaching);
  • Why being authentic and doing what you’re passionate about is the BEST way to make the MOST money (and the *only* safe strategy in 2013);
  • The counter-intuitive (but totally legit) way to get better results by doing much *less* work (this is the exact OPPOSITE of what most *gurus* are teaching!);
  • The two most important metrics for any online business (hint: *neither* of them is traffic);
  • How you can *realistically* replace a full-time income THIS YEAR

And lots more – all you have to do is show up.

If You Want to Take It a Step Further

There’s a reason Traffic Generation Café is so popular.

And no, it’s not my ridiculously good looks or bright ideas.

It’s because most website owners sincerely believe that their businesses aren’t thriving because they simply don’t get enough traffic.

BIG mistake!

There are many steps you HAVE TO take before you ever start driving traffic.

Yet most people I know skip those steps or don’t even know they exist.

I used to be in that category as well, so I am not just being hard on you.

Now I know better.

And not only that, I am also doing something about it.

I am going through Danny Iny’s Audience Business Masterclass – his most recent flagship training that’s taking marketing industry by storm.

It’s been only a week, and my business is already way ahead.

Turned out I was marketing to the wrong crowd!

No, really…

I never really stopped to think for a second who my BEST audience was.

And now I do.

And not only that; I also know where to find it.

All after one lesson in the Audience Business Masterclass.

I sincerely hope you consider doing your business the same favor.

There’s a price tag attached to this program, but I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how affordable it is.

The price will go up at the end of January, so if you think this is right for you, I wouldn’t wait too long.

Check the Audience Business Masterclass for yourself.

Special Bonus for my TGC Magazine Community

This section is reserved for the paid members of TGC Magazine.

Your special bonus today: exclusive access to an unreleased recording of Danny’s “Audience Business” webinar.

Never heard of TGC Magazine before? Join in!

[s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)]

Once again, thank you and welcome!

I wasn’t joking when I said that this recording was “hush-hush” – Danny wanted to keep it this way, but he agreed to let me use it as a bonus content for you.

Please keep the video to yourselves; I want to make sure I keep my word and keep the lid on it.

Also, a word about his Audience Business Masterclass: it’s totally worth it and highly recommended, even if you’ve been in the business for a while.

It’s never too late to start building your business the right way!

THANK YOU for being a part of my inner circle.


Marketing Takeaway


1. For TGC Magazine subscribers: watch Danny’s webinar embedded above.

2. Consider joining me at Danny’s Audience Business Masterclass.

3. Join my TGC Magazine inner circle – see what you get when you do.


Off to learn more about my audience,

traffic generation cafe audience business

PS    Disclaimer:

What is Danny Iny audience business 1. I am one of the contributors to Danny’s Engagement from Scratch book (that’s how I got to know him).

2. I’ve paid for his consulting services in the past (and happy to have spent every single cent “borrowing his brain“).

3. I love promoting his ebooks/courses/training/consulting because I know the tremendous value his students get out of it.

4. I am an affiliate for his recent Audience Business Masterclass and will get paid should you choose to take the class.

5. Danny was kind enough to provide me with free access to the course, so that I could evaluate the training for myself and make sure I could whole-heartedly recommend it to you.

Two thumbs up to the Audience Business Masterclass – get your access before the price goes up at the end of the month.

Now I am done.

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  1. Matt

    Hey Ana !
    Although you are a slow writer but you are excellent.
    And thanks for telling what actually Apple, Seth Godin and TED done for their success. Excellent examples.
    Thanks again.

  2. Nice way of writing, you are right audience is the main concern of a website or blog. All efforts you put in your blog is just to attract audience. I agree with you that it is the main thing, which leads you towards a handsome income from your blog.

  3. Audience building, hmm like the examples you’ve mentioned above, it is clear that a devoted group of audience will follow you no matter what, regardless of the flaws you go through along the way (iOS Maps anyone?)!! Another informative post Ana, thanks!

  4. I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t knocked on your door in quite a long time, Ana — but that doesn’t mean I can’t embrace your brilliance, your wonderful messages, and your engaging writing style all over again! :)

    The line that jumped off the page at me:
    “If you can’t turn traffic into an audience that falls in love with your site (create a movement, in other words), you are a clanging cymbal.”

    In my way of thinking …

    Anyone on earth can learn to drive traffic. Heaven knows there’s lots of ways to go about it! All it takes is paying attention to those who know how to do it, taking some darn good notes, and implementing what you’ve learned. Easy peasy. Right, Ana?

    However (you can feel the caveat coming on, can’t you?) LOL! …

    Traffic is just that. It’s traffic. You can spend the rest of your days and all your energy, effort, and sleepless nights to get more “visitors” but so what?! The numbers may look impressive on paper (or posted across the interwebz) but without “your right people” behind those numbers … you’ve got nothing but math going on. (By the way, I hated math in school) 😉

    My idea of “creating a movement” is serving a hungry crowd (your tribe, your clan, your community, your network, your subscribers, or whatever name you prefer to call your audience) precisely what they want (to devour) in ways that appeal to their hunger. Your biggest assignment? To win them over!

    Very cool post, Ana — thank you! :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      So good to see you back, Melanie; I forgive you. 😉

      100 buyers from 1,000 visitors or 100 buyers from 10,000 visitors?

      I don’t like math either, but this one is easy even for you and me.

  5. hey Ana, thanks for sharing. its all about building your community. too many people are focused on sales rather than audience. I did that myself, and my blogs suffered because of it.

    Now, I am getting more focused, and targeting a tighter audience. I am also working more towards building a brand for my business, and getting more involved with my readers on the front end rather than being so focused on the back end results.

    These insights can help us all engage more and do better to focus on not only getting new readers but keeping them coming back for more, which is even more important.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Building a community is certainly not easy and won’t bring the quick buck so many marketers are after, but as a long-term business strategy, it can’t be beaten, James.

      Good to see you here!

  6. Another site that’s come up on the radar is Quirky where you can submit an invention type idea and they fund it. So far just from what was showed on Jay Leno some innovative things have been created by regular folks on there. So in this I also see that in order to have a great movement it has to have something inside it that empowers others in some way 💡

  7. Thank you Anna. Great points about creating a movement! I have loved TED stuff for ages. Every one of their presentations is really engaging and informative and I guess that’s exactly the aim.


  8. Hi Ana,

    I, too, love the look of your blog and your writing style. It’s truly captivating!

    Danny is truly a master and you both are absolutely right about creating a movement. Of course, that’s the million dollar trick. :-)

    Thanks for sharing. I truly enjoy reading your posts.


    • Ana Hoffman

      Definitely easier said than done, Barry, but difficult doesn’t mean impossible.

      Thanks for coming by and the tweets!

  9. Hello Ana,
    This is one great read. The key word to a great traffic site is audience but not just any audience but a loyal audience. Thanks for this great post

  10. I really liked the way where you shown the examples of TED. They started creating events for their audience and that’s why they are consistent with the performance level.

  11. Ana, let me just say that your posts are simply magical. The illustrations, your writing style, I just love stopping by to see what you’ve written. Well done once again.

  12. Good read Ana,
    What really enjoy a lot on your blog is your writing style…..So so sweet. I too believe that audience is everything in any business that must grow, but i mean the right audience.

    Let me check out Danny’s webinar.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Robert

    There is a lot of love in this blog. Thank you Ana for demonstrating what you teach right here and other post. There are so many gems here. I will need more a cup of coffee. I feel like asking if you use a template for your blogging or you come up with a unique approach each time. Thank you Ana for sharing your insights, and I just saw how your teaching in action, two girls and a puppy photo that generated 1,000,000 Facebook likes as you can see it here

    Take a look at the “message” that created massive viral traffic within 7 hours.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thank you, Robert, and yes, it was interesting to see what people wouldn’t do for some adorable children and a puppy.

      • I feel you at the moment, Ana… I’ve just pulled an all-nighter and have been up for almost 40 hours now in order to hammer out a big 3000-word post for my new blog. Caffeine tablets abound.

        Am new to this so I’m hoping that when Google indexes it they see it as quality or authority content!


        • Ana Hoffman

          Ahhh, the joys of blogging… :)

          Google will interpret your content as “authority” IF your readers do, Cole – it needs to be shared, linked to, etc.

          So I say forget about Google and focus on writing for your readers.