weekly marketing news april 5 2014

Weekly Marketing Skinny • April 5, 2014

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In the marketing spotlight this week:

♨ Matt Cutts Video: How does Google separate popularity from authority?
♨ Matt Cutts Video: How does Google evaluate algorithmic changes?
♨ Econsultancy Nofollows All Contributor & Guest Posts;
♨ Google On IE8 Drops SSL & Passes Full Referrer;
♨ New Title Tag Guidelines & Preview Tool;
♨ YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn drive most engaged traffic;
♨ Understanding Google+ Profile & Page View Counts;
♨ Best time to post on Google+;
♨ Facebook tests a new ‘Save’ feature for your favorite posts;
♨ A Breakup Letter to Facebook from Eat24;
♨ Twitter Emojis For All!
♨ Turkish court rules to unblock YouTube after lifting Twitter ban;
♨ Google Moves Universal Analytics Out Of Beta;
♨ Do images help to increase website traffic?
♨ Microsoft officially reveals Cortana;
♨ WhatsApp hits record 64 billion messages in one day;
♨ …and more.

weekly marketing news march 29 2014

Weekly Marketing Skinny • March 29, 2014

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In the marketing spotlight this week:

♨   Google’s Matt Cutts: Almost All Penalties Are For Quality Violations;
♨ How can I tell if my site is affected by a particular algorithm?
♨ Dear Google: THANK YOU for penalizing Traffic Generation Café;
♨ Moz: Google Plus +1′s Do NOT Affect Search Rankings;
♨ Preview & select images with new Google+ link posts;
♨ Instagram Surpasses Twitter in Mobile Users in the US;
♨ Twitter Gets More Social;
♨ People Freaked Out when Twitter Briefly Replaced ‘Retweet’ With ‘Share’;
♨ Twitter Experimenting With View Counts for Your Tweets;
♨ Twitter Fights Back, Files Suit to Lift Ban in Turkey;
♨ Infographic: Guide to Facebook NEW News Feed image sizes;
♨ Multiple Pinterest Accounts Hacked, Flooded With Butt Pics;
♨ Microsoft finally brings Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to the iPad;
♨ Chrome Adds Google Now Notifications;
♨ Customize Your Google Navigation Bar;
♨ Facebook is buying Oculus for $2B;
♨ …and more.

how to create free images for blogs

How To Create a Blog Post Image That Gets Noticed And Drives Traffic

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Are your blog posts falling flat because of your dull and generic post images?

Blog images are often an afterthought, yet they can make the difference between a shareable post and an unread masterpiece.

Throwing any ole image on a blog post that you labored on for hours is like riding to the prom in a hoopty.

Your content needs to travel in style across the social web.

guest blogging penalties google matt cutts

Guest Blogging Penalties and the Decay of Links as a Ranking Signal: An Open Letter to Matt Cutts (Part 1)

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Although the most recent MyBlogGuest.com penalty is the main topic that inspired me to finally speak my mind, this post isn’t just about guest blogging and how Google and Friends Google Inc. unfairly penalized MyBlogGuest.

There are other issues I am going to address as well (that will be in Part 2 of this post), but let’s start by discussing the MyBlogGuest debacle, shall we?

weekly marketing news march 22 2014

Weekly Marketing Skinny • March 22, 2014

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In the marketing spotlight this week:

♨ Google’s Matt Cutts: We’ve Penalized A Guest Blogging Network
♨ Google’s Matt Cutts: We Can Take Action On Sites Benefiting From Guest Post Networks
♨ Google Slaps Marketing Company Portent for Unnatural Links
♨ T-Mobile & WebDesign.org Talk Link Buy Renewals Over Twitter???!!!
♨ New Google Title Tag Length Guidelines: 55 Characters
♨ Travel Back To See Your #FirstTweet
♨ Is Twitter Eliminating @ Replies and # Hashtags?
♨ When to use a period before a @username on Twitter
♨ Google+: New look link posts are back
♨ Google plans to kill Google Voice
♨ …and more.

your weekly marketing news march 15 2014

Weekly Marketing Skinny • March 15, 2014

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In the marketing spotlight this week:

♨   7 Old Matt Cutts Videos That Can Still Increase Your Traffic Today
♨   Matt Cutts: Do ‘Good Guys’ Finish Last in SEO?
♨   Yandex Dropped Link Factors From Their Search Ranking Algorithm
♨   Google’s Matt Cutts: New Softer Panda Update Coming Soon
♨   Google+ link posts receive massive thumbnails like Facebook
♨   Facebook Launches Its 15-Second, Auto-Playing Video Ads
♨   Facebook: A Streamlined Look for Pages
♨   Twitter’s Promoted Accounts are coming to the timeline near you
♨   WordPress 3.9 Beta 1
♨   New Google Search Results Design Test You Didn’t Like Is Officially Live
♨   Katie Couric is now the global anchor for Yahoo News
♨   Snowden: ‘Would I do this again? The answer is yes’
♨   and more…

7 matt cutts videos to increase traffic

7 Old Matt Cutts Videos That Can Still Increase Your Traffic Today

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Whenever Head of Google Webspam Matt Cutts comes out with a video explaining something about SEO, it’s worth watching, at least at some point.

Of the 510 videos he’s created, many of them really do offer great (some of the best) SEO advice, but it’s, unfortunately, getting buried by time.

For future success and furthering your SEO knowledge, it’s important to bring back some of Cutts’ advice from years ago that still rings true today.