Aweber Review – Why I use Aweber Autoresponder

Aweber Review – Why I use Aweber Autoresponder

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Aweber Email Marketing Autoresponder

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On March 8, 2011
Last modified:June 24, 2014


Looking into Aweber for your email marketing? Read my (biased, but honest) Aweber review first: why Aweber is de facto autoresponder for top marketers.

So you know you need a email list.

Where do you start?

With a good long-term email autoresponder.

What do I mean by “long-term”?

Autoresponder, my list builder, is probably the most important component, the glue that keeps my business together.

It’d better be gorilla glue.

Aweber Autoresponder – Why I Use It

5 Reasons I Chose Aweber

  1. My company used it and I was told to use it.
  2. Many “gurus” and “experts” I was receiving emails from used Aweber.
  3. It got great reviews on forums and blogs.
  4. It was affordable.
  5. From all my research, it seemed to be the de facto standard email autoresponder, which only happens when the customers are truly happy with the product.

5 Reasons I Stayed with Aweber

1.  Easy to Set Up

I knew nothing about list building when I first started.

The task of creating and somehow maintaining a list was daunting enough, and now I needed to learn about autoresponders?

However, that was the first reason I liked Aweber – it was quite easy to figure it out.

I got step by step instructions on how to set up a list and schedule emails – took me about an hour all in all, from what I remember.

2.  Unlimited

Aweber let me set up unlimited lists – at no additional charge (not always the case with other autoresponders).

Since I didn’t know what I was doing initially, I ended up needing this feature as I was tweaking everything and finding better ways to organize my “clientele”.

Oh, yes, they don’t limit you on the number emails you can send out either – huge plus for an introverted talker like me (yes, I am an introvert by nature – go figure how I ever got into blogging and even became good at it.)

get aweber trial

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3. Reliable

This is a huge one!

Don’t you hate it when your emails end up in spam? Goes without saying…

This autoresponder boast something like 98% deliverability rate.

Now that I’ve used their services for a couple of years, I can attest to that.

Aweber has a few ways to ensure that your email ends up where it should – in your subscribers’ inbox:

  • They authenticate all email campaigns using SPF and DomainKeys – I have no idea what it means, but it works.
  • They put your emails through content filters similar to the ones email providers use to determine the likelihood of that particular email to be caught in spam. So you have a chance to edit your email BEFORE it gets out.
  • TIP: did you know that sending an email in text format vs HTML format reduces your chances to be caught in spam DRAMATICALLY. With Aweber, you have a choice to write your email both ways – I strongly suggest you use it. After all, what is copy and paste for? :)

4.   Analyzable

To many “techies” this is a boring day to day stuff –

  • being able to track your email,
  • do split testing to see which headline works best or what time of day you need to send out an email to get the best open rate,
  • see how many subscribers opened your emails or even clicked on the links,
  •  AND being able to resend the same email to only those subscribers who haven’t opened it to begin with.

Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

5.   Embeddable

Aweber makes it so incredibly easy to:

  • design your forms (with a ton of cool templates and customizations)
  • have a form for every occasion (I’ve used Valentine’s day popup opt-in form once – it was a huge success! Forgot to do it this year…)
  • embed it into your blog/website anywhere you wish to, including giving you an option of a popup form (who needs PopUp Domination!)
  • by embed, I mean add a simple string of code to your sidebar, for instance, and it’s so easy that if you want to change the form, you do it in your Aweber dashboard and it automatically updates everywhere you added it to.

Aweber Features I Should Be Using

Of course there’s more. A lot more.

And yes, I do use some of these features and should be using the rest – maybe writing about them will find prompt me to sit down and make my great autoresponder even better.

However, at this point let me take a moment to tell you to just GO GET IT! I could be reviewing this forever, but the bottom line is this: you need one, this is the best one – get it now.
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For those of you who would like to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt, here are more cool Aweber features:

  • huge library of email templates (which I choose not to use; I like to keep things simple)
  • Facebook and Twitter integration – you can choose to publish the link to your email broadcast to any of your chosen networks.
  • advanced scheduling – naturally
  • split testing – very important, very simple to do
  • automatically email your blog posts to your subscribers the minute a new one is published (since I promise my email subscribers only live broadcast, I don’t use this feature, but I noticed many A-list bloggers do).
  • great customer support – the reason they have such loyal customer base
  • LOVE their blog – incredible info on how to improve your email marketing in all respects
  • intergrateable with all kinds of shopping carts and check-outs

Aweber Pricing

Subscribers $/mo
0 – 500 $19
501 – 2,500 $29
2,501 – 5,000 $49
5,001 – 10,000 $69
10,001 – 25,000 $149

Aweber Wish List

There are not too many things I wish Aweber had that they don’t.

Coming to think of it, there’s only one: social media button sharing right in the email.

You know, you sent out an email, it’s opened and possibly even read, but your subscribers don’t have / don’t take time to click on the link and check out whatever important stuff you want them to see.

However, had they had a little button that says “tweet me” right there in the email, they might actually do it – takes all but a couple of seconds on their part.

So, no social media buttons.

I did come up with a solution of my own though:

It’s rather simple, really – you write a tweet the way you’d like to, include your shortened link and your @Mention and click “Generate Link!”

And voila – you now have a link you can add to your Aweber email and all your subscribers have to do is click on it to retweet.

Let me show you how simple it is: just click on this link to see it at work (and don’t forget to actually RT this article, please :) )

Update: I now have a great way to add social media sharing buttons – it’s all explained in my post about creating a customized email newsletter template.

get aweber trial

Click Here to Try Aweber for $1

Other Email Autoresponders

Of course, this is America, the country of a thousand and one choices, and it’s no different when it comes down to autoresponders.

Since I am in love with Aweber “till death do us part”, I’ll tell you what I know about others.

  • MailChimp – don’t see it used a lot, but I do know that you can get it free for the first 2000 subscribers. Sounds great, but do you really want only 2000 subscribers? (I know it sounds like a great number if you haven’t started your list yet, but come on… let’s shoot for the stars!). After that, it gets much more expensive than Aweber. Plus, have you seen emails from MailChimp? I wouldn’t choose this autoresponder for that reason alone.

Note from Ana: In the spirit of being aware of the downsides of any product, one of my commentators below, George Fourie from, wrote the following comment about MailChimp:

For those that have checked out Mailchimp and you’re either an affiliate or network marketer, stay away!

They closed my account stating that they do not support network and affiliate marketers.

It’s been painful to get my list back.

I imported them all into Aweber, but they had to re confirm their subscription (Only downside) and lost about 70% of my list.

The remainder I imported into Icontact and being used to Aweber, I am ready to sacrifice those that I lost and close my account with Icontact.

Aweber simply rocks.

  • IContact – this is the only one I tried besides Aweber (as an experiment, really) and although I don’t remember EXACTLY why, I decided to stick with Aweber, I think it was because I found it harder to set up and nothing that set it apart from others.
  • GetResponse – again, don’t see this one used a lot, but I do know who uses it. Lisa from So go asked her how she likes it if you really want to know.
  • Marketer’s Choice (aka – this one is actually a great choice. However, it’s not a simple email autoresponder; it comes with a bunch of bells and whistles you probably don’t need just yet. Things like shopping cart, merchant account, affiliate platform, etc. For now, I suggest we stick with simple list building through an email autoresponder, shall we?

I am sure there are more, but I don’t know about them since they are not widely used by most bloggers I know and read.

And thus: autoresponder

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation Ana. Once again your blog is helping to focus on what is needed to do to increase traffic & sales. Yes, I need to focus more on the information that we send out to our subscribers and I will take a look at Aweber! I’d be interested to hear, however, how often do you think is appropriate to send newsletters to your list?

    • Ana Hoffman

      You are very welcome, Michael.

      As far as your question is concerned, it depends on your list really. You can “condition” them to email once per day, week, month – whatever you think works best for your business.

  2. Sanjeev

    Great Review Anna, No doubt Aweber is the best premium plugin and the ability to import emails addresses from my feedburner to aweber really great.

  3. Hi Ana, I wasn’t able to get commentluv to work on this post, it said “parsing JSON request failed – no idea what that means, but that was the error I received.

    As for aweber – Great product! I think that anyone reading this blog should be more than happy to choose aweber. It seems to be the oldest and has you pointed out – the best.

    I tried a couple others too, but I always went back to aweber. They rock.

    I have not tried the tweeting trick you pointed out. That sounds like a fantastic idea!

    As always, I get some good pointers from you! thank you so much once again!

    • Ana Hoffman

      In my experience, that JSON error shows up when something is (temporarily) wrong with your blog feed, David.

      And you are so very welcome!

      • Thanks for the info on the JSON error, it would not surprise me that it is coming from my blog. something does not seem to be quite right with my feeds, but I do not know what is wrong.

        Thanks again Ana, you have a great deal of good info here!

  4. Hi Anna,
    I am currently using Aweber and Mailchimp on of my blogs. And I completely agree with you on Aweber.

    Aweber is simply amazing and really easy to setup and is reliable.


  5. Vonita Brown

    Anna, I really appreciate your Aweber review. I wish I could say my experience has been the same. I find it hard to navigate and even harder to understand. I dread the thought of having to login to my account to do anything. I would really like to see more video’s and tutorials, especially on list building., and why can’t I just email my contacts the old way using aweber? You’re talking to somone who has been totally clueless to autoreponders. I’m wondering is there any hope for me (lol)

    • I do understand what you mean, Vonita – exploring and figuring out something new is never something I look forward to.

      However, once you do figure it out, it becomes an indispensable part of your business!

      Doesn’t Aweber provide tutorials? I’ll consider making one…

  6. Thanks a lot.This is obvously becoming one of my favourite sites.Aweber is really a great marketing tool especially given the fact that e-mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to market online.As you point out above,one thing i like about this tool is that the company offers expert support for creating and managing text and e-mail marketing campaigns as well as newsletters.They also tend to have the best capability of converting leads into customers.
    Another thing that has not yet been fully realised by some online marketers is the use of video e-mail marketing which can also quadripple click-through rates to any links
    Great marketing tool indeed.Highly recommended.

  7. Wayne

    Hi Ana,

    I built a website for a local restaurant about 12 months ago, we used just a static sign up form that would allow us to download the names and emails.

    After a few months we had around 20 sign ups, so I decided to change it to awebber and add the light box feature, within 3 months had over 280 subscribers and also used it to build up the facebook page. Awebber is by far the best email/list building tool I have used and it’s also very affordable too.

    Highly Recommend Using Them.

    Regards Wayne

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for the thumbs up, Wayne, and I completely agree.

      Aweber allows me to collect subscribers info in so many different places and ways, I love it.

      I have them to thank for my existing list!

  8. Ana Hoffman

    Yes, I saw that posted on their blog, Phillip.

    Nice targeted site you have, by the way. I love your use of CL Premium banner instead of a badge, although made me wonder if that mean you are actually using the plugin on your blog….

  9. Hi Ana,

    Great review of Aweber! And you are absolutely right…it ROCKS!

    I have tried iContact and GetResponse before (and a couple of others not mentioned above) but Aweber wins over all of them hands down. I love it pretty much for the same reasons you do. It’s a great service!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Aweber!

    Have a fantastic week!


  10. Debbie

    I am using Mail Chimp at the moment and having no problems with it. My combined lists are still under 2000 at the moment so I am very much enjoying the freebie.

    As far as I can see it does all the things you state that aweber can do, including in- mail tweet and facebook buttons.

    I would say that some of the templates are very clunky and so I guess a lot of people use the preformatted ones, which I hate. It took a bit of work to get my templates the way I wanted them but I’m happy now.

    I will look into aweber when my list gets above 2000 ( aiming for next 6 months) but I have enjoyed my year of free stuff while my business is small.

    • When your list goes above 2000, and you decide to move to another AR service, you will get an unpleasant surprise. Mailing lists are not directly transferable from one AR service to another. You basically have to start over, and get all of your subscribers to re-subscribe. That process will guarantee the loss of at least half of your list, and probably much more than half. If you are thinking about moving, the time is NOW, because the larger your list gets, the more painful the move will be.

      That said, I currently use MailChimp ($10/month at this point), and I have had no problems with it. I investigated some of the claims that MailChimp had shut people down for affiliate links, and they tend to sound a lot like adolescents complaining about being (*UNFAIRLY!! UNFAIRLY!!*) grounded by their parents for violating curfew rules.

      MailChimp does not shut you down for affiliate links (I have used affiliate links, and I corresponded with MailChimp support prior to using them to explain what I wanted to do). MailChimp WILL shut you down for using blacklisted links, which tends to happen a lot in a few shady niches (make money fast, lose weight fast, seduce women/men, multi-loser-marketing of any stripe, porn, etc.). Most of my affiliate links are to Amazon, a few are to direct affiliate accounts of musical accessory businesses. None of which are likely to ever appear on a blacklist.

      • Ana Hoffman

        Thanks for the feedback, Howard.

        Even though I never used MailChimp personally, I am quite happy with Aweber (better safe than sorry? 😉 ).

  11. Ana, I came to AWeber from an old-school, java-based list manager developed by Corey Rudl. There! I carbon-dated myself.

    That first software was like a Model-T, and just as difficult to crank up. By the time I got over to AWeber, the ease of setting up lists made me a subscriber for life.

    As for your wishlist, AWeber takes a dim view of tell-a-friend forms, so they’re not likely to add such a button. In fact, anyone considering such may want to check out this Tell A Friend Forms post on AWeber’s blog (2007!) and consult with them about the use of any technology beforehand.

    (Ana, I notice your emails don’t have this click to tweet. Did you reconsider or do you just not use it on the one I’m on?)



    • Ana Hoffman

      I’ve tried a couple of autoresponders before Aweber and it was definitely the best choice for me.

      Thanks for the link to Aweber post.

      What click to tweet are you talking about? Am I missing a feature?

        • Ana Hoffman

          It takes a few extra minutes to do that and most of the times I just don’t have that luxury, Mitch. I am sure you can relate.

  12. Hi Ana

    Despite being a new user, I have quickly become an AWeber devotee (having used Constant Contact in a previous life).

    Even though my list is tiny, and I don’t expect it to become massive due to the nature of my website, I feel the Autoresponder facility is a MASSIVE feature and needs to be taken advantage of by everyone.

    I have been busy writing my Autoresponder emails and drip-feeding them through to my members every 5 days or so and the feedback has been amazing.

    I’m really using it to develop relationships with my existing and potential customers in my field (physical WordPress training courses for beginners) by providing useful hints and tips. I’m sure I will introduce ‘offers’ for them to buy additional services from me (and affiliate products) in the not too distant future, but for now I’m concentrating on getting them to love me! :)

    Ian D

    • Ana Hoffman

      Yes, Dave – I loved it immediately too because it is so easy to use.

      It seems like you are doing the right thing and you are getting the results.

      All the best!

  13. Hey Ana,
    Great post as always. You know I tried a few different autoresponders back in the day. I even started with SmartBotPro. You ever heard of that? This was back when ClickBank was in it’s birth stages.

    I went back to Aweber when the development of WordPress plugins arrived. Why? because Aweber will integrate with about every plugin on the market. Have a great weekend!

  14. First time visit here, and am impressed about interactivity with webvisitors!

    I also use both Aweber (personal) and mailchimp (to send out newsletters). The big advantage of mailchimp is that you can import email addresses, without the people have to confirm the optin. I don’t like the autoresponder features of mailchimp.

    Aweber is recommended by every internet marketeer. Their wordpress plugin doesn’t work always, and sometimes I doubt their statistics…..but I am sticking with them. I also started with single optin, but am thinking now to go back to double optin, just to be sure that my emails will not lend in the spambox.

    • Very welcome to you then!

      It’s nice that you can import a list of confirmed contacts. I’ll still stick to Aweber, though!

  15. I have been using Aweber since about 2005 and have always gravitated towards it for its ease of use and flexibility.

    As far as Ar systems goes not many can touch the crispness of awebers interface. I actually got my account suspended for doing something I didn’t realize was a no no.

    For a time I also used getresponse and bought co-registration leads. I imported them to my aweber account, it was a double opt in. But the peeps at aweber said I wasn’t a loud to use co-reg leads with aweber so they banned my account.

    I didn’t think that was fair on their part because I really didn’t know and nobody complained. In fact I shot my own foot, because I asked them if I could import leads and they said yes. I missed the fine print that said no co-reg leads.

    Actually I got suspended after they called me and asked me where I got those leads. I even said I didn’t know I was doing something wrong. But the person I spoke with was unforgiven. I been using aweber for 2 years at that point.

    Anyhow the point of all that is I waited 6 months and got aweber again. In spite of the fact that I was annoyed with them, I still favored their service over the autoresponder companies out there.

    When they suspended me I lost 8000 subscribers who were active. I just wanted to organize myself better and only use 1 autoresponder.

    Just goes to show you, always read the fine print

    • Yes, Larry. There are very strict regulations with all the different autoresponder programs and it’s there in the fine print. The terminology differs though and that can be quite confusing. The best policy with list building is to build your own opt-in list and not to buy leads. That way, they expect your mail and will not report you.

  16. Ana,
    This is a great post about Aweber! I’ve chosen Aweber also! My favorite thing about them is the help desk! I’m finally getting to the point that I can use the service without needing to ask for help!

    • Yes, their support is pretty good. The system is also pretty flexible and user-friendly, once you get used to it.

  17. I hear a lot of great things about Aweber which I’ve not yet had the pleasure in using. I’ve been quite happ with Vertical Response though it is somewhat limited, Aweber is just another thing on my list to get to eventually, thanks for the insight Ana.

  18. Hi Ana, I’m currently using Aweber and I have recently noticed that most of the big “gurus” have been using iContact – My understanding is that you can import your existing list directly to iContact without a double opt-in all over again. All this on a “honor” system but if the spam complaints go about “the” threshold – your iContact account could get shutdown.

    The reason I am looking around is the capability of doing text messaging as well by mobile phone. Aweber and iContact don’t seem to do that.

    • I personally use Aweber and am not up to speed with what’s happening with iContact. I think you should be able to do that. I am unsure as to which company offers text messaging.

  19. I tried to set up MailChimp yesterday but so many buttons, link etc. I have 2 master degrees but couldn’t get it nice and neat.. maybe it says something about my university.. *checking the refund policy*. The options for a nice Opt-in widget are better with Aweber (that rhymes too!) compared to MailChimp and the setup just didn’t make sense.

    I’m gonna work on my RSS subscribers and Twitter followers first until I start with Aweber. Can’t justify the monthly spending..


  20. Hey Anna,
    How are ya?!

    Just saw this post and wanted to chime in with a couple insights. Aweber is an awesome A/R used by many, but it has some huge drawbacks. It’s great if you only rely on confirmed optin.
    I’ve used/tried Mailchimp,Icontact, Aweber, and Getresponse. I’d definitely say Aweber has the most users. but Icontact and Getresponse have a lot also.
    Here is a quick summary for you for Icontact/GR.

    Icontact – Pluses/Minuses
    – The API is AWESOME.
    – Single optin allowed, both through webforms and API.
    – Can manually enter users if you’d like (great if you do seminars, offline stuff, etc)
    – their webforms for capturing emails suck
    – They also cap you on “how many” Broadcasts you can send per month, before you have to pay more. You can send unlimited autoresponder emails, but have caps on max numbers.
    – Also a very bad no-no….NO automation rules. You can manually move them, but who wants to do that?

    Getresponse Pluses/Minuses – This is what I settled on
    – Allows API single optins. You simply request for the campaign to be set to unconformed optin for that. (aweber doesn’t do that)
    – great looking webforms
    – automation
    – this A/R has many of the tools of Aweber, but is much more “user friendly”.
    – deliverability is GREAT
    – no cap on broadcasts/autoresponders
    – allows for manually adding/copying/moving lists around without reconfirming (aweber doesn’t do that)

    What is so important about API’s? Well, if you ever go to sell a product/service…EVERYTHING. If you sell a product, it is so much easier to use a system which automatically adds the people to an email list, without them having to re-enter their name/email to be able to proceed. You usually see this with a “Step 2 of completing Your Order” page and it has an optin form.
    I learned this the hard way. 1SC is nice with their integrated email package, but their deliverability stinks and their affiliate program is horrible. Nobody likes not being able to split out their affiliate campaigns and promotions easily.

    So, basically…whooo! Aweber is good. Great deliverability. VERY easy to use interface. I’d use them if I they’d be more flexible with the optin stuff.
    Yeah, I could probably pay a coder to write an app that allows their API to be single optin, etc, but why? I’d still want to have the ability to add people manually and have them automatically sign into my list. For example, I’m going to start doing some seminars locally. I want to be able to come home and add the 25 people to my email list…easily.
    Anyway, product selling is important to have the API. You want the people to be able to get updates/new releases on your product. If they don’t click the confirm email with Aweber…then they aren’t “in” the group, so to speak.

    Anyway, just some other insights…
    I’ll have to pop back more often. 😉


    • Wow, Brandon – I don’t see you for ages and then you pop up and write a guest post in my comments! :)

      Great insights; definitely good to know in case I need different features.

      BTW, Aweber does have an option of single optin – I’ve had it since the beginning of this blog! Turned it back on recently though, because I realized that my list was stale – too many unopens for month, etc.

      It’s back on now and I have a leaner, meaner list. :)

      Let’s go see what Infopreneur is up to these days…

  21. I was going to start using Mailchimp on my blog when I felt like I had something to offer for signing up to my list, but now seeing that going from MC to Aweber is a pain in the butt and will likely lose people, I’m not so sure now. Glad I found this post.

    • You could use both though, I know bloggers who do. Personally I find Mailchimp compared with AWeber pretty hard to use when it comes to setup your confirmation emails. Used it last year and said I won’t come back again.

      AWeber it’s so easy to navigate through, even easier than GetResponse.

      *** Ana, do you use Analytics features?

  22. Nice review of Aweber Ana,
    I have been thinking of building a list soon, previously I had been thinking of using Mailchimp cos it was free till 2000 subscribers but now after reading your review, I will be using Aweber.

    Thanks for sharing


    • Definitely, Shiva.

      And if you read some comments below, you’ll see people had huge problems with MailChimp shutting down their lists; so I wouldn’t go anywhere near that service.

  23. James M

    I’ve been exploring my options when it comes to publishing a newsletter. I went with MailChimp mainly because I didn’t want to spend money on something I wasn’t 100% positive I would get enough subscribers to make it worthwhile. I would rather build up to 2,000 subscribers for free and then switch over to Aweber.

    I don’t think I saw this mentioned, but with MailChimp, you can have individual newsletters sent out, or you can build up a series of posts that are released in order to new subscribers (ie a 7 day course would be released in seven consecutive days, regardless of when you signed up). Does Aweber have a similar feature?

    Can you manage multiple lists within Aweber?

    • George Fourie


      Only problem you’ll have with Aweber is your readers will have to double opt in again. I had to do this which shaved off 70% of my list… ouch!

      People simply don’t confirm their new subscription.

      It’s worth the money spent 10 fold and depending on your niche, it can literally make or break your business.

      With multiple lists, Aweber has the most powerful feature for segmenting.

      You can auto subscribe / unsubscribe people from lists. So let’s say someone purchases a product from you, they subscribe to a new list (your buyers list) and they auto unsubscribe from the previous one.

      • @George – thanks for getting back to, James – I can tell you feel strongly about MailChimp! :)

        @James – as George mentioned, you can have ALL the features MailChimp offers and more with Aweber.

  24. Hi Ana,

    I was in a dillema between aweber and mailchimp, but the ability to import emails addresses from my feedburner to aweber was impressing me.

    So I have tried mailchimp. it was quite nice, but I will use aweber since it can import my email databases from feedburner


    • Good choice, Kimi.

      Aweber does allow an import of 2000 leads per day, but if you have some inconsistent entries, it is manually reviewed by Aweber staff before importing.


      PS Affiliate sale is appreciated!

  25. The reason I didn’t use Aweber is because of the expense. I’ve only got a small list and it’s only growing at a small rate which means that if I was to use Aweber I would be losing money.

    I therefore went for MailChimp. It’s a great autoresponder, easy to use and also has a fair few templates that you can use. I’ve always had a 100% success rate and I’ve noticed that my subscribers have actually chosen to go with them which tells me they liked what they were getting.

    Once I go over the 2000 mark I could always switch to Aweber but I doubt I will do that because I’m happy with the service I’m getting from MailChimp.

    • Sure, different blogs, different needs, Sire.

      I started with Aweber back when I had zero subscribers, but I am always thinking ahead and don’t mind the expense of proper (for me) foundation for my business.

      Glad you found what works for you and some of my readers might go that way as well.

      Pleasure to have you on my blog, as always!

  26. George Fourie

    Excellent Review Ana!

    For those that have checked out Mailchimp and you’re either an affiliate or network marketer, stay away!

    They closed my account stating that they do not support network and affiliate marketers.

    It’s been painful to get my list back.

    I imported them all into Aweber, but they had to re confirm their subscription (Only downside) and lost about 70% of my list.

    The remainder I imported into Icontact and being used to Aweber, I am ready to sacrifice those that I lost and close my account with Icontact.

    Aweber simply rocks.

    • First of all, glad I finally got you on my blog, George – about time. :)

      I had no idea MailChimp has such rules since I’ve never used them, but I will add this info to the post to make sure my readers are aware of it.

      I would take Aweber over IContact any day… And I did, actually.

      Thanks, George!

      • George Fourie

        Hey Ana, yes it is about time, I’ve been missing out! :)

        As mentioned to Sheila, great service if you are in any industry not related to affiliate marketing and network marketing.

        Great to be hear!

  27. I am with Mailchimp right now and I am happy but I know I couldn’t there for longer. I have certain other things to set up before I can go for AWeber.

    Your review helped me a lot Ana.

    Out of topic: I love your new design. Did you hire a designer? Your main nav menu is not fully viewable for me, a bit cut off at the top. The display of posts as separate boxes in the homepage is perfect. I like many other things – will tell you later, not for now anyway.


    • At least you know you are growing out of MailChimp, Jane. :)

      Thanks for your compliments on my new design. Yes, there are may kinks to yet work out, but we are getting there.

      I would love any feedback on any design issues at any time.

      When you are ready to work on yours, let me know.


  28. AWeber is the only autoresponder I have used, and I like the fact that it is easy yo set up and and e-mails can be pre-programmed to go out on pretty much any schedule you want.

  29. not into list building currently, but yeah all top notch internet marketers and bloggers are into aweber.. I’ve heard great reviews about them and they sure look to be good.

    Thanks for this valuable peice of information..

  30. Thanks for the review Ana,

    I am a big aWeber fan too. There really is a lot that aWeber can do that I have not even tried out yet. The site really is easy to navigate and the new optin templates are very nice. They give excellent service and their tutorials make it easy for anyone to become an aWeber Fan.

    I have just set up Mail Chimp for a client. There inner face is really simple too. It is a perfect fit for him. He will not have a large list and will be emailing only once a week. One thing that some people miss with Mail Chimp is that they really are for individual companies. You can not do any affiliate marketing through them.

    I have used iContact. The delivery is good and the price is cheaper, but I found their inner face a little hard to navigate. I was already with aWeber and happy so I did not take extra time to learn. They do have great videos for learning their program.

    • Thanks for the feedback , Sheila.

      Good point about MailChimp being a good option for small businesses.

      IContact? I agree. Not nearly as intuitive as Aweber is.

      Love the title of your ComLuv post – got to check it out. :)

    • George Fourie

      Hey Sheila,

      Yes that sums it up. I loved Mailchimp, just not suited for my target market unfortunately.

      If I had the choice I would choose them over Icontact any day.

      So for small businesses it would be great, but for marketing with bells and whistles Aweber for sure.

  31. Mavis Nong

    Fantastic review, Ana. I LOVE Aweber too – really easy to use and their support is excellent.

    Another one is Trafficwave. I’ve only heard of MailChip quite recently.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks, Mavis – Aweber rocks.

      Never heard of Trafficwave. My tendency is to stay with better known names with a great track record when it comes down to things like autoresponder, hosting, etc.