Blog Traffic Challenge: Did You See My Glove Laying Around Here?

Blog Traffic Challenge: Did You See My Glove Laying Around Here?

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Hey, you!...Yes, YOU!

A couple of weeks ago I threw a white glove in your face challenging you to come up with a great post based on my 202 Bite Sized Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic post.

If you haven’t read the original post, take a look at it first:

Before I go ahead and tell you about some of my favorite entries, I need to say this:


Why do I have to beg bloggers to write an original post for THEIR OWN blogs? Why do I have to convince you that getting a link from a post on TGC is some of the best link building you can do and all you need to do is… yes, write for YOUR blog!

Needless to say, I was disappointed with how many of you actually walked the walk.

OK… take a deep breath…

I did absolutely love some of your posts though – I saw your heart and soul went into this and these posts once again proved why your blogs are growing by leaps and bounds and will certainly continue to grow.

So here are some of my favorites. If your blog didn’t make it this time, I would love for you not to give up and give it another go.

Listing in the order I got them:

1.   101 Surefire Ways To Attract Targeted and Endless Prospects

By Mavis Nong from

What I loved about it:

It’s not easy to come up with 101 tips on any topic, especially on how to attract the right prospects to your business.

Why “especially”? Because there are not very many people who talk or write about it to the extent Mavis does, yet this is one thing that is a must for ANY online business.

Thanks, Mavis!

2.   Internet Marketing: Hey Yo, You Talkin’ To Me?

By Lisa Drubec from

What I loved about it:

Lisa based her post on Tip #151. Make a post about what in your niche is being done wrong and how to correct it.

I learned a new word, learned that I am not a guru and neither do I want to be one, and decided not to get on Lisa’s bad side… Just kidding on the last one. :)

This was definitely an incredible post identifying the problems in internet marketing niche and providing solutions.

I so much liked her solution that I am thinking of actually doing it. Seriously…

3.   77 Best Practices for Landing Pages That Rise Above Status Quo

By Sheila Atwood from

What I loved about it:

For some reason, I really have hard time convincing bloggers that traffic conversion is at least as important, if not MORE important, than traffic generation.

Wouldn’t you rather have 100 visitors, of which 10 became customers, vs 1000 visitors, of which only 10 became customers? Of course, some of this has to do with the quality of your traffic, but if your blog doesn’t make people want to take action, then what’s the point of having a blog, right?

Well, Sheila’s post goes to the heart of this and gives you an abundance of quick tips you can put into action within minutes – and GREATLY improve how compelling your site is to your visitors.

I HIGHLY recommend you check out this post, and not only that, but actually implement at least some of those tips.

4.   101 Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Website or Blog

By Phill Turner from

What I loved about it:

No, these are not nearly the same tips I offered in my original post.

In fact, I saw quite a few I haven’t thought of – including some inexpensive paid methods that have great potential.

Once again, this is not the kind of post you check out and say “wow, great tips!“. These tips are only as good as you implementing them.

5.   Twitter trend – Nicholas Cardot

By Brankica Underwood from

What I loved about it:

I think I am going to go ahead and say “everything”.

Brankica based her post on Tip #193. Do a Twitter search on a particular subject, compile them in photoshop and do a review of the trend.

And she couldn’t have picked a better person to talk about – the all-around cool and sociable Nicholas Cardot.

Just take a look at how masterfully Brankica turned some fairly ordinary information, like a bunch of tweets, into an eye-candy.


PS: I so loved what she said about Nicholas that I actually challenge him to a duel – you guessed it: I love me a good challenge (I stole this phrase from Lisa the FriendlyBlogger :)

The challenge: Twitter and how to get the most out of it. Stay tuned!

6.   8 Blogging Tips From Expert Bloggers: Why I Love Comment Spam

By Cheryl Ragsdale from

What I loved about it:

I would classify this post under Tip #174. Be a comedian – “They’ll be standing in line for that old honky-tonk monkey shine!”, although it’s more than that.

First of all, a little background: I’ve never heard of Cheryl until I saw her trackback to my blog. Since I always visit every blog that links to me, I went ahead and paid her a visit as well.

Long story short: she made a fan out of me! Goes to show that no matter what stage of blogging you are in, let your content be incredible and speak for itself and the readers will flock to your like bees to honey.

Back to her post.

Essentially, it’s one of those “speedlinking” posts, where a blogger links to a bunch of other blogs that they read and found interesting that week.

A little honesty: I am not a big fan of those kinds of posts – unless I am mentioned there, that is. :) Truth is I don’t have time to visit 10-20 links – at best, I leave a polite comment and bookmark it to never come back to it.

Cheryl did something different though. She gave me a good laugh first and then hit me with those links. Because I already liked her and her post so much, I actually did check out some of her suggestions, which turned out to be quite good.

Anyway, if I ever do a link mashup type post, this is the way I’d do it.

Great work, Cheryl!

Marketing Takeaway:

Yes, this could’ve been you, getting a write-up and a DoFollow link from this post. But I suppose I gave you enough grief on that already. :)

Now you have a chance to redeem yourself and go implement at least some of those incredible tips these great bloggers wrote about.

And, as always, I’d love to hear what you thought about this!

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  1. Trying to find the challenge for these blog. I really like the content of idea and thanks you post it to commentLuv its easier for me to submit my comment.

  2. OK, I’m still trying to find the post about the challenge! I read about it over on Sheila Atwood’s site. I love challenges! Point me in the right direction and I’ll be glad to give it a whirl :)

    • The link to the original challenge post is in this post, Martha, towards the beginning.

      I will be doing more challenges though – make sure you come often and don’t miss the next one.

      BTW, welcome to my blog!

  3. How could I not include your post, Mavis – it was great and plus I do kinda like you and feel personally vested in your success…. No idea why, but I like the feeling! :)

  4. Incredible comment, as usual, Ryan.

    You should put together a collection of your best comments and give it away as an example of how commenting should be done.

    Of course, you know of the famous 100 Greatest Headlines ever written by Jay Abraham – something like that. :) And I am not even kidding…

    I LOVE humor on blogs; too many bloggers tend to get very dry and almost unreadable because of it.

    Thanks, Ryan!

  5. You are so incredibly fun, Ingrid – I would’ve loved to see you in this post.

    But you know what? I’ll bug you about a guest post. What do you say?

    • I am not in charge of WP or their trackbacks, Terje. I don’t know why I never got yours, but probably would’ve been a good idea to follow up in an email, like I suggested in the post.

      At least you get a backlink from the comments! :)

      • :-) That’s true, thanks for the backlink :-)
        Somehow, that part about send an e-mail to you didn’t get into my head. I was in good faith that the trackbacks or WP was doing the job, apparently not.

        Wish you all the best, and I will do my best to read the next competition post better 😉


  6. Hey, Ana. I keep seeing you all over the place in the comment section, so I thought I’d come check out your blog. I feel your frustration about trying to get people to write great content for their own site. It has to start there before you can capitalize on any traffic you can generate, doesn’t it?

    Mavis’s post was great, and any post where Nicholas Cardot is involved is worth the read. I haven’t read the other posts, but I will be checking them out after I see what all this gauntlet business is about.

    I’m sure those who received your link love today appreciate it. Thank you for being willing to share it with others.

    • Hi, Brad – I finally got to responding to one of your thousand and one comments :); as you can tell I am a bit behind.

      Welcome to my blog and as you already know, I checked out and loved yours.

      Would love to give you some link love in the next challenge, what do ya think?

      • No worries, Ana. You’ll get to them when you can. With all of the great resources here, I’m sure I’ll be flooding you with more. :)

        Thank you for the kind words about my blog. It means a lot coming from someone like yourself.

        I’m in for the next challenge. What blogger doesn’t like a little link love?

  7. Ana, great contributions from a fine group of fans! Since I’m feeling like Brando, and “I coulda been a contenda”, I’d like to know when are you opening the ring for another write-up opportunity and a new chance at the DoFollow title? :-)

    • Arturo – don’t fret; I’ll get another one going pretty soon! Sounds like you’ll make a fearless contenda – look forward to it!

  8. Robert Dempsey

    Ah the beloved link post, spreading so much love to and for others. Always happy days!

    I must admit that I did not take you up on the challenge but I am glad others did as I’ve read all these posts and they are fantastic. And I have to agree on the point of following tons of links to other places – if they don’t have good titles, then no time for love Dr. Jones.

    • Glad you read the posts, Robert – between me and you, I am sure not too many people did. :)

      This is definitely a great way to do some networking and link building; I think I’ll do this again soon.

      Hope you’ll be up for it!

  9. Ana,
    “I love me a good challenge.” I like having my feet held to the fire. I like having my necessity level raised to the point that I have to produce.

    I have done several challenges before but I have changed my challenge direction into challenges that are much more targeted. This challenge fit the bill.

    Your challenge really made me think. There was the idea of writing a post that would make the grade. And writing a post that fit the criteria. The pressure was on!

    The results have been worth it. I had some of the highest traffic to my site the day the post went up. The traffic came from Twitter. I appreciate all of you that RTed my post. I also had great comments on the post.

    Now, because it is a list post I am creating a series of posts expanding on those ideas. This way I can deep link back to that post.

    I am honored to be a part of this group. Congrats to those who made the challenge. I am off to visit your sites, this is exciting.

    • You love you a good challenge, Sheila!

      You are in luck, because I liked what we did here and would love to make this a regular series. What do you think?

      Your post was excellent; it would be even better to write more on the topic of traffic conversion – so many bloggers are oblivious to it!

  10. Hi Ana,

    didnt know about this competition and congrats Mavis for winning, Awesome post..!

    Everyhting seems to “fit” when u wrire ur own content and link with other sites in ur niche..

    will be watching when u come up with another contest..


    • It’s the best way to build quality links!

      By the way, Jack – had a bit of hard time reading all the “U” and “Ur”. Would you do me a favor and stick to the more formal kind on my blog? :)

  11. Well, I did give it a crack but obviously there is room for improvement…. and that’s ok… because one of these days I know I’ll meet the required standards. The learning process can be slow, but as long as I continue to try to take you up on these challenges I know that eventually so much good will come out of it! :-)
    Thanks for offering all of these opportunities for improvement Ana, as Lisa says learning from someone like you is a huge blessing and comfort.

    Huge Congrats to some of my fave bloggers who were able to shine through!


    • Sounds like you “submitted” a post, Jane, but I never actually saw it somehow.

      Did you? Would you send me the link to it?

  12. Oh wow. First, I just love when you lay it out there. I mean it…cool kids do that stuff.
    Secondly, thank you for including my post and I KNOW if anyone could act on the solution I would be you.
    Third….the challenge…oh I am pumped for this one. As Nitty already told you, I am the woot woot girl and this one deserves a HUGE woot.
    Now, I will lay out the Ana compliment.

    I read a post the other day(cant remember where;( that discussed absoultely having a mentor in this business. Thank the good Lord I found you when I did Ana because quitting was the next step.

    The info you give, the support, all of it….cant be measured in dollars. Anyone struggling or about to throw in the towel and you read this….touch base with Ana first! You will have a whole new attitude I promise you.

    Okay, I m finished.


    • 1. Glad to be including with the cool kids. :)
      2. Your post rocked.
      3. I should start getting ready for the challenge or else Nick will wipe the floor with me – as he promised to do. :)
      4. WOW.

      I am so privileged to know that I was there for you without even knowing.

      And now look at you!

      Standing on your own 2 feet telling the world – here I am!!!

      I am going to leave it at that or else you’ll make me cry.

  13. Shot through the heart with disappointment, Ana!

    I’m so bummed to have missed this! I even had a post in draft partially completed for the challenge, but I fell behind on my work with a house full of sick kids and missed the deadline. :(

    Looking forward to reading the great posts you listed. Congratulations to everyone who submitted in time! Way to go!

    Thanks for the opportunity, shame on me. I’ll still be posting my glossary cheat sheet soon.


    • You mean you put your sick child before your business, Heather? What are you thinking?! :)

      Of course, I am entirely joking, my friend; like has a tendency to get in the way, doesn’t it?

  14. I’m sorry I missed out on this! I did see the original email and planned to do it and then things got so hectic this week it completely slipped my mind! I’ll be watching for future opportunities though if you do something like this again!

  15. That’s what Nick told me too. :) We are planning on doing it the week of Feb 21 – will let you know of course.

    Thanks for inspiring me with such a great idea; and I definitely loved your post!

    Have a safe trip back!

  16. Alex Neill

    Hey Ana

    Thanks for that list, I am going to check out every single post!

    Not quite at the stage of writing excellent blog posts but I am sure I will ge there someday soon, especially now I have found even more great blogs to learn from thanks to you.

    Have to say I loved the title of your post, very intruiging, made me come over to take a look, only just found your blog the other day and already you are pinging away in my rss reader.


    • Well, welcome, Alex!

      Becoming a good writer is nothing but practicing writing. The more you write, the better you get.

      Hope to see one of your posts around here some day!

  17. Ana,

    Yes grief received, I know that I missed a golden opportunity here. I can only hope that if you decide to do this again that I’ll take full advantage of the offer.

    Thanks for sharing,