Blog vs Website Faceoff: 8 Simple Reasons for Why Blogs Kick Ass

Blog vs Website Faceoff: 8 Simple Reasons for Why Blogs Kick Ass

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pros cons blog vs websiteListen Up and Say Ahhh…

Okay, before any of you go into a web frenzy and begin to thrash my title and protest, let me explain…

First: Yes! We all know that a blog is a website. No argument here.

Second: The invisible yet operative word is – OFTEN. But in my personal case it’s – ALWAYS!

Third: I’m not saying that people or companies don’t need a static website.

On the contrary – a company should definitely have one.

And although it would be great if every company with a site had a blog – they don’t.

Some just don’t see the purpose of having one or don’t believe that it can help generate customers (cough).

Whereas others are ill-equipped and lack the resources (time or money) to keep a blog running with regular updates.

Whatever the reasons, they’re obviously there.

However, in my effort to persuade the “no blogs” otherwise, I’d like to share a few interesting things.

The Facts of Stats: Read ‘Em & Weep

Several studies have shown that companies that blog have far better marketing results.

HubSpot conducted a little experiment of their own in 2009 and results showed that the average company that blogs has:

  • 55% more visitors
  • 97% more inbound links
  • 434% more indexed pages

Not only that, but these companies also have more consistent sales.

I won’t go into the seemingly obvious reasons and details here, but if you’re interested, I strongly recommend that you download HubSpot’s 2010 State of Inbound Marketing Report.

The findings alone should help put an end to a “non-believer’s” take.

But in case those numbers weren’t enough to persuade you, here’s another little finding:

Adweek recently published an article called “Social Net Growth: No End in Sight” based on an eMarketer report.

There was obviously tons of blah blah in the report, but here’s the highlight I actually care to share.

The number of people visiting social networks on a monthly basis in the U.S. will reach 127 million, or about 57 percent of all domestic Internet users, by the end of 2010, a 16 percent increase over 2009.

By 2014, two-thirds (65.8 percent) of U.S. Internet users will be regular visitors to social networks…

Now that these exciting inbound marketing resources are out of the way, let me continue…

Blog Marketing: Extend Your Reach with Your Niche

Blogs are extremely powerful internet marketing tools that tap into the ever-growing reach and influence of Social Media.

They allow you to target a specific niche and are slowly becoming a more trusted media source of information.

Before you say anything, I said ‘more’ not ‘most’!

According to BlogPulse, there are about 151,570,276 (and counting) blogs on the internet today and over 49,000 of them were created in the last 24 hours.

And those numbers increase every minute!

Pretty overwhelming, huh?

Blogs are actually the fastest-growing medium of personal publishing and are the preferred method of “individual expression and opinion”.

But then again, I’m preaching to the choir here.

“Social Media and blogs are becoming marketing powerhouses. They are the fastest growing category in lead generation budgets and they continue to be ranked as the lowest cost lead-generation channel…”

The State of Inbound Marketing 2010

There are still many people who wonder whether they should set up a blog or website for their online hobby or business.

And although the two serve different purposes and produce different short-term results, I think they’re both necessary in some way or another and they can often complement or reinforce each other.

But in many cases, a dynamic blog is better than a static website. 

And here’s why (from a simple, non-techie point of view)…

Blog vs Website: Blogs Kick Ass

1. Blogs are Much Easier to Set up and Manage

Unless you’re part of the geek squad or a tech-savvy brainiac, this is a hands down, no contest, indisputable fact!

If you decide to be a self-hosted blog as I am with nittyGriddy (and I highly recommend that you be), then you can download and install WordPress, the best blogging platform available today.

And yes, that’s my opinion and that of about 25 million others.

Actually, more and more people are using this powerful Content Management System to build their sites even if they don’t plan to blog.

As if there’s still someone out there that’s breathing who doesn’t blog – Hah!

Much like Facebook accounts, I think we’ll be seeing 2 year-olds and chihuahuas with their own blogging sites soon – “WheeBlog” and “BarkaBlog” :).

Hmm…I may be on to something here.

Okay, let’s get back on track…

The entire setup process should take you no more than 5 to 10 minutes.

Plus, there’s no coding required – pheww!

You see, I’m what you call ATTAC“All Things Techie with Abbreviations Challenged”.

All essential files come ready-made, so all you have to do is upload them and create a database.

Don’t let that last word scare you, cause it literally takes 30 seconds to do.

WordPress has an endless array of free and amazing looking themes that you can download.

Heck, I think I downloaded over a hundred before choosing mine.

And if you know a little CSS, PHP and HTML – 3 things we already established I royally suck at – then you can customize and tweak the crap out of them to get your own personal look and style.

If you plan on going pro and are up to spending a few bucks, then I suggest you check out the 3 premium theme biggies: Thesis, Genesis and Headway.

These are by far the preferred choice of A-list bloggers and many – including me.

Here at Traffic Generation Cafe, Thesis is king.

Regardless of the theme you install, the user-friendly WordPress dashboard allows you to easily access and update all your information.

From your content and comments to your plugins, widgets and options.

It’s super simple and very straightforward.

Plus the blog platform does all the actual technical work for you. So, it’s pretty much idiot-proof.

Now if you’re still confused or undecided about whether to go with a self-hosted blog or not, here’s a helpful infographic by WPBeginner that’ll simplify things for you.

wordress self hosted infographics

2. Blogs Retain More Interest

Because blogs are easy to browse through and regularly updated – at least they better be, if they want to survive and prosper – readers will be more likely to return if they’re interested by the content.

Hence, the horrifically overused and annoying cliché that makes you want to pierce your own eardrums – “content is king”.

I’m actually on a mission to find and coin a better catch phrase.

Depending on the way they’re written, blogs have a lot more personality in the text (Duh!).

They tend to have an informal and conversational tone instead of the professional one you often see on websites.

Obviously, this style of writing is more likely to capture a reader’s attention – nod if you’re still here, but thought you’d be long gone by now!

In my case, I write like I talk, which let’s face it, is way more entertaining to read than a monotonous monologue by a corporation.

Moreover, posts are generally featured and easily accessible to readers.

Websites, on the other hand, can have you crawling page after page of utter blandness (blah!).

Needless to say, the easier and more interesting you make it for your viewers, the longer they’ll stay (hello bounce rate) and the more they’ll return.

3. Blogs Encourage Author and Visitor Engagement

With a blog, anyone visiting that likes (or dislikes for that matter) your post can leave a comment or click on that fabulous little ‘like’ button.

After all, commenting is one of the things that matters most, and it’s what bloggers look forward to – at least I do (hint hint)!

Not only that, but visitors can also subscribe via RSS or email to receive your updates, join your Facebook fan page, follow you on Twitter, download an eBook you’ve written, participate in a poll or contest and more.

But we’ll get to a couple of those in a bit.

You see, websites are like using a microphone. It’s a one-way or one-to-many communication method.

Blogs however, are like using a phone – and not just any phone – I’m talking Blackberry or iPhone lol.

You’re also speaking to many (at least I hope), but it’s a two-way conversation where your readers are not only listeners or consumers, but contributors as well.

They can reply to you or to others that have left comments on your page.

It’s a great way of building a healthy and engaging community as well as striking up a threaded conversation. There’s just as much to learn from other people’s views.

Through good, consistent and regular updates, you’ll start to generate trackbacks, pingbacks and comments.

And believe me when I tell you – they matter.

Just ask Ana, the “Tzar(ina) of SEO”, here at Traffic Generation Cafe. She’ll tell you all about the ‘pings’ and ‘backs‘ and the important SEO stuff that I’m getting to next.

Note from Ana: I am getting very fond of this new nickname Ingrid came up with. I am taking votes down in the comment section! Ana, Tzarina of SEO – thumbs up or thumbs down. Readers choice!

4. Blogs are More Search Engine Friendly

Okay, here’s the thing.

Regardless of your personal reasons for blogging, one of them should be to generate interest and viewers.

That’s if you have any intention of growing.

Because blogs are updated regularly and contain a big number of deep links, they’re more likely to be discovered by those cute little search engine bots that come crawling your site to identify and index your new content.

Obviously, the more you update, the more pings you send out and the more the bots will come visit (What is a ping?).

Think of it as a “Domino Effect” – where syndication is almost instantaneous and automatic.

Now repeat after me…“All Hail Queen Alexa!”

5. Blogs Generate More Traffic

Just as I mentioned that blogs retain more interest and encourage engagement, they also generate an audience – and in turn, they get more traffic.

The richer and more interesting your content, the easier it will get noticed.

You can’t please everyone, but you can target the ones you’re looking to get attention from.

Hence, your niche market.

Once you begin to build your readership, they’ll help in promoting your blog for you.

People will start to talk about you, write about you, interview you, link to you and grow your blog for you.

Once I started getting a loyal following who enjoyed my content, they started referring to me in their own blogs. And a few even wrote awesome stuff about me :).

Evidently, this allowed their readers to discover me and cling to my many rambles of wisdom.

I can honestly say that most of the blogs I like and read today I discovered through other people’s blogs.

The more people mention you, the more people will be intrigued to know you.

6. Blogs Rock More at Link Building

Once again, Ana here is your best resource and can teach you all the in’s and out’s of one way link building through many of her articles – one of which, “Link Building Mixology: Your “How To Do It The Right Way” Guide“.

You see what I did here?

If this post was on my site, then she would have gotten “pinged” (sounds kinky I know, but it’s not) and been notified that my site had linked to hers.

Either way, she knows.

If you want to link to someone’s post, make sure it will add value to your readers.

It doesn’t do much for you if you simply link to their home page. Try to link to a specific article that relates to your own.

Linking to other blogs and them linking to you (as long as your content is worthy) can in turn increase your traffic.

But again, and like your mother would say, choose wisely the friends you want to be associated with.

Meaning…stay the heck away from porn and gambling sites!

One thing to remember is the more links you have, the more opportunities your readers have to leave your site and go find joy somewhere else.

7. Blogs Allow Readers to Subscribe via RSS

As I mentioned in #3, your visitors can subscribe to your blog through a couple methods, but more notably via RSS.

I don’t think there’s a blog out there that doesn’t include this option.

And if there is – shame, shame!

Your religious followers want to be able to have your content delivered to their email inbox or feed aggregator as soon as it’s published.

Not because they’re stalking you, but because they’re genuinely interested in what you have to share.

This is the part where I remind you about having kick-ass content again.

RSS literally allows you to take the content from another website and feed it to yours.

You’re actually simplifying your readers life by providing them with a ‘door-to-door’ delivery service. Think of yourself as Fed-Ex!

It’s only obvious to conclude that the more subscribers you have, the more popular and valuable your blog is.

8. Blogs are Far More Popular with Social Media Sites

You know how in high school you had the cool and popular crew and the geeky or ‘not so popular’ crowd?

Well, in blogging it’s kinda like that – where the blogs and bloggers are the cool kids on the block; even though the static gang is still strong and kickin’, they’re a bit passé.

The roles have been reversed.

The time has come for “Revenge of the Nerds”.

I’m going to presume that all of you reading this are old enough to have heard of that classic.

And if you’re not, I curse you out of jealousy!

Let’s face it folks…us bloggers do have that little nerdy/geeky side going for us, but in a very cool way of course ;).

So why are blogs cooler and more popular with Social Media?

It’s simple.

They talk and interact more!

After all, that’s what the ‘Social’ in ‘Media’ is all about.

There’s a continuous flow of sharing and engagement through the consistent and regular updates of interesting words (content).

In a nutshell, this is my witty version of what happens:

“After people have Stumble’dUpon your new content and Reddit, they Digg you, Tweet you and ‘Like’ you on Facebook.

They even snag you from Flickr and try to tape you or watch you on YouTube.

But the fact is, although blogs and websites are closely LinkedIn and can easily Mixx, it’s only the bloggers that get drafted to the Technorati!

And that, my friends, is what I call a Slam Dunk :D!”

Blogs are better than static websites for a hundred other reasons and I’ve obviously left many of them out – one of which includes Multi-User blogs.

Once again though, it all depends on what you’re looking to achieve through your site.

If someone were to ask me, I’d recommend a blog 90% of the time.

But what do I  know?

I’d much rather you hear it from a Pro who really knows her stuff.

And yes, I’m talking about Ana Hoffman again – not because she’s my host and I’m trying to earn brownie points so she’ll let me post here again, but because she truly knows what the heck she’s talking about!

And better yet, she abides by the Cardinal Rule of Everything; “practice what you preach”.

For what other reasons are blogs better than websites? Do you think differently? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Zeeshan

    I for one prefer websites. I just build my own custom CMS which offers me much more power and flexibility over WordPress and allows me to build anything.

  2. Ana Hoffman

    Good distinction, Dewane; like your analogy.

    I love blogs because they are so dynamic. In our day and age, that’s what our customers are looking for; that’s for sure.

  3. Paul Odtaa

    If you are using WordPress you can actually build a static website using a page for the home page and pages instead of posts. This is easier and a lot, lot quicker than setting up a static website.

    This then gives the owner the possibility of setting up a blog later or just a minor blog with an occasional update without any hassle.

  4. Richard A Marti Jr

    Very well written Ingrid.I stumbled on this post while looking for some back up in explaining “why” to a non blogging client. Thank you for such a well written post.

  5. Ingrid,

    Great post and more reasons to keep developing our blogs.

    I’ve been trying different approaches with my feed and can’t decide which is better: full or excerpts.

    What do you recommend for RSS feeds? Should you push the entire post across RSS or just excerpts? I’m wondering if it matters as the blog’s audience (and authority) grows as well.

    Any thoughts?


    • Hey Troy,
      Thanks for your comment – glad you liked the post.

      I actually wrote a post discussing just that topic not too long ago over on my blog. I use to have partial posts but after seeing all the comments on my post and seeing the preferences from people – I decided to switch to full RSS feed. But either way – there are advantages and disadvantages to both – so I would highly recommend that you head over there, read the post but most importantly read the comments – that’s where the gold is and you can see for yourself what people were saying. There about 100 comments on that post so I’m sure you’ll know what will work best for you and your audience once you’re doing going through them :).
      I think it will be helpful to you – at least I hope.

      Here’s the direct link –

      Good luck and thanks for dropping by here.

      PS – Ana – hope you don’t mind me including that link here. Thought it might be helpful for Troy to go through the comments and the post itself to have a better idea of the perks for each.

  6. Love the new acronym! I have come to the conclusion that, though I love the free traffic “G” sends me, building and engaging with a strong community is paramount to long-lasting success as a blogger. Great post …


  7. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Appreciated :).

    What you said is true. Blogs indeed do take up time and must be continuously updated with fresh content.

    But somehow, and regardless of how boring or exciting the market is (depending on the field one is in) there’s always people out there who may be interested in the same things you are – and looking to learn more about new products.

    It’s not just about the creative writing – although it helps a lot to add a touch of that so as to keep your readers interested or even entertained – but its also about keeping them up to date with what’s new in your industry and what your company is offering or how it differentiates from the rest.

    Although a blog may not be a priority during a company’s infancy stages – I believe it is essential at some point.

    Some valid points you brought up there Tom. Thanks again for your 2 cents.


    • Hey Tito,

      Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment :). I’m glad you joined the choir on this one and are echoing back the coolness of blogs and the fact that they do indeed kick ass ;).

      Wishing you continued success Mr. NaijaPreneur


  8. Holy crap Ingrid – You hit this one out of the park!
    First off – as far as guest post contributions go, I think Ana should be very happy to have this incredible resource sitting on her pages.
    Thanks you so much for putting this together Ingrid. The detail, the way the message is delivered, and the congruency of the entire post make this one that I will be referring people to for as long as they ask me the question :) so thanks for saving me the trouble of having to explain it.
    I ….I got nothing else to say, Brilliant.

    • Hey Alex,
      Wow – what an awesome message you left for me there! Thank you so much for putting a huge smile on my face today :). I really appreciate it – especially coming from someone such as yourself.

      I would easily and confidently say that you and Ana (the Tzarina of SEO) are the best 2 resources that anyone could hope for when it comes to SEO, link building and other traffic generating methods. You both rock and I have tons to learn from each of you.

      I’m glad I saved you the trouble of having to write one up yourself lol but am even more thrilled that you find it worthy enough to refer to – YaY.

      I know it was rather long but hopefully the entertaining bits kept you wanting to follow through with it. I actually wish I would have come across a post such as this before I started blogging – oh well – now I had my chance to write one – in hopes that others will find it helpful.

      Thanks again for taking the time to stop by and comment. Very cool of you Mr. Whalley :).

      Please excuse my late reply. I am actually travelling at the moment and checking the internet as often as I can.

      All the best

  9. Before they said that content is a king but now even if you have wonderful content but your site or blog sites have no traffic and not following the SEO rules then its nothing. Good quality content is one thing but you have to do something to drive traffic to your site and from that you will have a better possibility of earning.

    • Hi Kirsty,
      That’s a very good point you bring up. Thank you :)!

      Yes, although quality content matters greatly, it has to be seen. It’s up to you to use the SEO and Social Media tools wisely in order to attract viewers to your site and in turn help it grow and maybe earn some profit along the way.

      But the better or more interesting your posts are, the more frequently people will return to read what’s new and in turn share your blog with others.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts.

  10. Hi Ingrid,

    I agree that blogs should definitely be part of most company’s online strategy. As you said, periodically adding new material is great for search and keeping your readers coming back.

    Funniest part – the idea that getting “pinged” sounds “kinky”. Hilarious.

    Also, “Ana, Tzarina of SEO” is funny, so I vote yes.

    Thanks for the excellent resource.

    Have a good day!

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I’m glad we see things the same way. Blogs, if maintained and promoted properly can be an integral part of a company’s success.

      As for “pinged” lol – but it does sound like that somehow ;).
      As for Ana being the “Tzarina of SEO” – Hell Yes! She certainly is and then some! And thanks for the vote – I’m sure she’ll appreciate it :).

      I’m looking forward to reading your latest article on choosing your niche. A very interesting and useful topic to know about.

      Thanks again for sharing your voice here. Appreciated.

  11. Hi Ingrid,

    Wow, wow, wow! What a powerful, entertaining and enlightening post! I thoroughly enjoyed it. You made such a long post very interesting. I’m not fond of long posts, but I just kept reading this till the end. Awesome job! :)

    After reading this, it should be clear to everyone that blogging is the way to go.

    Thank you so much for this incredible post!

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong

    • Hey Mavis,

      Wow what a fantastic comment and YaY for that big smile you just put on my face with all those encouraging words of yours. Thank you very much :)!

      I’m glad you took the time to stop by and comment here today. I often come across your name in the blogosphere and it’s nice to finally engage with you. Also, a very big congratulations for making the list as one of the Top 50 MLM Blogs – that’s awesome and good for you! Keep up the great work over at Attraction Marketing Online.

      I know this post was long – I have a tendency to write those lol – but I do try my best to keep them as entertaining as they are useful. Wouldn’t be much of a fun read without any personality and witty remarks along the way, would it hehe?

      I’m psyched that you liked it. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you around more often.


  12. Hi Ingrid

    Wow, this week has been the week for long posts. People whose blogs I regulary visit such as Rick, Stev,Tristan and now you. What’s great about all the bloggers I’ve named is they weren’t just quantity; but awesome content too. So quality and quantity makes for an excellent read :-)

    Also proves the naysayers wrong. That we only want short posts cos most people don’t have the concentration power to cope with long posts! Not me. I’m loving it and so are plenty of other bloggers by the comments you’re getting here.

    Good to see you over on Ana’s site and also back on Twitter gal. Go Ingrid.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hiya Patricia,

      Boy, I just love it when you stop by to leave your awesome 4 cents. Thank you!

      I know I’ve been slacking a bit with Twitter the last couple days, but as you know, I’m actually travelling. But, still very much active in the blogosphere of course lol. At least trying!

      I couldn’t agree more with you first about the people you mentioned – all great writers with excellent content to share and second about long posts always being a drag to read due to our attention span. Well, I too have no problem reading or writing long posts for that matter – as long as they are valuable and are able to keep my or my readers attention, then I’m game. And as you very well know, I do my best to try to keep folks entertained while reading some of my novels ;).

      The feedback here has been great so far and I’m thankful to my host Ana for inviting me to guest post on her uber cool and popular blog.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and comment. Will get around to both of yours very soon. I’m looking forward to them ma dear :). And another thank you in advance for being patient with me these last few days – a vacation was in order and thus am not living, breathing blogging 24 hours a day – maybe 16 hours though lol ;). I couldn’t possible take a full break – I would miss these kinds of comments and engagements way too much!

      Cheers Mrs. Lavender

  13. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for stopping by and glad you agree. Yes, sending your blog posts to Facebook certainly is beneficial. That is only one of the great perks of using social media, networking and bookmarking sites.


  14. Hey Ingrid,

    I totally agree with you that blogs is an extremely powerful marketing tool, hands down! I’m not surprised with the stats you’ve put up there from Hubspot. Blogs are definitely the best way to reach out to customers and build a loyal fanbase + social media. No company should live without it. I think blogs have been here for a long time and will be here to stay for a while… :)

    • Hi Bryan,

      Well I’m glad you agree for it’s obvious that I feel the same way as you on this one. As much as I knew how blogs were popular – the stats still managed to surprise me – in a good way :).

      It’s without a doubt that blogs are the ideal way of building a loyal reader base as well as spreading a message and much like social media in general – they are not a fad and are here to stay (in my opinion).

      As I said – static websites are great for companies to have – and they should – but adding a blog to them would be them all the much better to read. Customers want to be able to ask their questions and get a reply as well as read what other people are saying.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your 2 cents. Appreciated.

  15. Hector Cuevas

    Holy cow – this is an awesome (and huge) post.. and I agree that blogs kick ass.

    I don’t know what I’d be doing today if I hadn’t started my blog back in April; probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Thanks for sharing the stats, I hope it opens some people’s eyes.

    great stuff
    talk soon

    • Hola Hector,

      Holy Cow is right haha! It’s indeed somewhat of a novel but a rather entertaining one at that.

      I’ve become quite the avid reader of your awesome blog and therefore I too am glad that you started it. You always have very interesting and useful things to share and I look forward to learning more from you. Thank you.

      Needless to say, that I feel the exact same way about my blog. Best decision I ever made! And what’s even more incredible is that I get to engage and learn from wonderful peeps such as yourself.

      I hope this post will be the extra nudge for people to start one of their own. The rewards are not only inspiring but endless.

      Thanks again for coming by to share your super supportive words. I appreciate it.


  16. Blogging is just a great way to express yourself and engage with the community. When you have a platform that allows a two way interaction, you start to build a relationship with your visitors that will lead to positive growth overall.

    • Hi Richard,

      Nice to see you here. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      I completely agree with what you said. Blogging is indeed a great way to express yourself – and it has been absolutely fantastic for me. Slowly but surely, I have been able to build a relationship with my readers and other brilliant bloggers. Needless to say the advantages and pleasure that it’s been.

      As I mentioned in the post – your visitors – as long as they like what they read – will help you grow your blog and in turn generate more traffic. But as we both said – it’s a two-way interaction – so it’s essential that you take the time to reply to those that contribute.

      Thanks again for your comment. I’ll be looking forward to your next post awesome money making post :).


  17. Ingrid:

    Exceptional post! Humorous and fact based…couldn’t ask for anything more. It took me awhile to get on the blog band wagon, but once I did, there is no turning back..or sideways..or whatever way the world turns!

    • Hey Lisa,
      Awesome of you to say so, thanks a lot :).

      I had to do something to get all of you to read till the end haha. Adding a bit of humor to anything you can (as long as it’s appropriate/well-placed) is always an added value. I find that a little entertainment in the text goes a long way and makes the learning more fun.

      I’m glad you found this post equally useful.
      Thanks for your enthusiastic comment.

  18. Very entertaining and persuading article, Ingrid :) One point I would like to make comment companies lack of resources to set up a blog, and although their web masters know about the advantages of blog, it’s hard to set up one as well.

    One of the reason is corporates don’t have voice. Unlike a blog, where you can personally voice your own opinions and although it may be a weird one, that’s ok. However, with a corporate blog, you’re really representing a whole company. That’s hard! Google and Starbucks are the few which maintain a good blog on all of its products today. Google has a development team to blog while Starbucks allow its employees to share their thoughts on the blog.

    Several small companies also find its hard to know about online marketing and SEO. Most start-up companies have to hire SEO firm in order to consult them about online advertising.

    But, if I opens a company, I will surely add a blog to it. :)

    • Hey Mike,

      I’m glad you liked this article and found it persuasive. It was indeed one of my intentions :).

      It’s true that many companies out there lack the resources to set up a blog. As for representing a whole company, I’m sure that someone in one of the departments such as Marketing/Communications or PR can manage being the voice of the company. One example I think is great is Scott Monty for Ford. He’s done a brilliant job using Social Media to enhance and empower the vision of Ford.

      Your examples of Starbucks and Google are right on. Thanks for sharing them here. They’re good to follow.

      I believe it’s a bit tricky to be the one to represent your entire company with a blog – as you pointed out. The person responsible for that should be well aware of all kinds of disclosure policies as well as other regulations pertaining to what can be shared and how. The tone and style are quite important. But, I’ll say it again – if a company can afford (in every sense of the way) to have a blog, then it would be an added value and would encourage both readers and customers to engage.

      As for learning the online Marketing part and SEO – well, it’s simply a matter of time plus a heck of a lot of reading and practice. After all, that’s how many of us did it and continue to do so.

      I believe that having a blog – whether corporate or personal – is time consuming and one has to be ready to put in the heart and hours that are expected. If a company simply plans to put one on their site with regular updates but no interaction and commenting with readers/customers than what’s the point? They may as well just a have a news banner and that’s it. But if they want a blog that they can benefit and learn from, than they should find the time and allocate the proper resources to set one up (if they can, of course).

      I think I’ve rambled enough here haha but I hope I’ve made my point somewhere. Thanks again for taking the time to leave your insightful wrods. I really appreciate it.

      I’ll be over to my blog shortly to reply to you there as well :).
      Wishing you continued success over at eBlogCamp!


  19. Hey Oliver,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I usually do try to add a bit of entertainment to everything I write – I find it makes the words much easier to read and obviously – more fun :).

    And what you said, is a great way to put it. I should be thanking you for sharing your insight!

    I read the awesome blog audit that Ana did for you a couple weeks ago – simply brilliant. I hope you’ve taken all of Ana’s wise advice cause in case I haven’t tooted her enough – she simply rocks and we have a ton to learn from her!

    Best of luck with your Personal Development and MLM Network Marketing blog – great stuff!

    I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and commenting.



  20. CJ Roberts

    I have to disagree at least a little. A blog has severe limitations when it comes to helping promote and support certain types of sites like ecommerce etc. Modern day ecommerce needs specific incentivized social tools to really make it operate and a blog no matter how flashy is still a blog. For some consumers that can be a serious detraction.

    • Hi CJ,

      I totally respect your opinion and you make a valid point. And like I said in the very beginning of my post and again at the end, a static website is essential for a company to have. Depending on what kind of company you are and what your goals are – having both would also be a great option.

      However, in regards to promoting using social tools, I would say that a blog rates quite high. A blog may still be a blog – but it’s also a website that has tons of advantages that a regular/static one doesn’t possess.

      I certainly don’t claim to be an expert with e-commerce sites so I will have to take your word on it for this particular case.

      I would also love to hear from other people regarding this. It would make for a nice discussion. Maybe Ana can share her thoughts on this as well.

      I appreciate you stopping by here and leaving your insightful comment. Thank you.


      • CJ Roberts

        I may have overstepped. I was mainly remarking on how you would recommend a blog to 90% of people, which is the best way for the 90% of the populace to break into sharing without having to be a programmer. I deal a lot with ecommerce sites and marketing strategies so MY 90% NEEDS the static site and the blog and the social sharing tools etc etc. Sharing tools for every product. Shopping cart functionality and all that.

        The information you have provided is certainly a helpful tool in selling blogs for marketers trying to help their clients get into SMO.

  21. Wow Ingrid what a meaty (with apologies to the ‘veggies’… think flabby cabbage!) post.

    For anybody confused about blogs vs static sites, everything should be totally clear after reading all your great research and pointers.


    • Hey Marcus,
      In my case, “meaty” sounds just fine! Was never much of salad girl lol.

      I’m glad you think this post is useful for like you said, a lot went into it. I tried to keep it simple and straight forward.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your encouraging words. Much appreciated.


  22. Great collection of stats to convince the hesitant. I passed this along to a friend who was trying to set up a site for his business, I had suggested a blog for pretty much all the reasons stated above. Seeing it backed with numbers is better :)

    • HI Jacob,

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to come by and comment and for passing this along.

      I hope your friend will find this post helpful in deciding what to go with. Like I said, I think static websites are quite important for businesses and it would be great to have both.

      But indeed, the blog stats do speak for themselves!
      Good luck

  23. Great post! I love WordPress! I had no idea how simple it was to get a website up and going until I found WordPress. Great statistics you pointed out! Thanks for sharing.


    • Hiya Staci,
      Thanks so much – I appreciate that :).

      I’m a big fan of WordPress too and learned everything I know when first setup my blog. So many options and so easy to install. It’s just a matter of time as well as reading up and learning what the extra perks are and which ones can work best for you.

      Some great posts over at your blog. I’ll be looking forward to reading some of them :). Nice job.


  24. Wow Ingrid!

    This was an incredible post and I got so much out of it. I think I’ll have to set aside a week to dive in and explore all the great links and resources you shared here. Wow…great job and thanks so much for all the great value!


    • Hey Heather,

      A big fat WOW right back at ya for that super kind and encouraging comment :). Thank you!

      I’m glad you found this post useful. I actually put some work into it as well as linked to some great sources which can certainly teach you a heck of a lot – namely Ana of course!

      Hope you make some time to check out the articles mentioned here – they’re well worth it.

      Thanks again for sharing your supportive words. Appreciated.


  25. Ingrid – I don’t think anybody can still not like blogs after reading this article. You presented this information well using case studies and examples. I particularly agree with your number 1 and your number 3. There aren’t too many other things in this world as easy as setting up a blog when you have done it a couple times, and Blogs definitely encourages author and visitor engage thanks to things like RSS Feed.

    • HI John,

      Well, it certainly is my intention lol. I simply wanted to share the advantages of having a blog – either as a standalone or as part of a static website. But it wouldn’t be enough to just hear me say it – that’s why I wanted to include other resources that have both numbers and professionals to back me up.

      Until I actually sat down and installed WP, I had no idea of how easy it was. I had heard, but I only believed it when I had done it for myself. And I obviously couldn’t agree with you more about the author/visitor engagement part. This here, would be a great example :).

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated.

    • Hey Ray,

      Thank you for that! And I’m glad you agree :).

      There are a lot more of these stats but I simply wanted to share the ones that were pertinent to the topic at hand. But feel free to read the sources I mentioned for more numbers.

      Some great posts over at your blog! Rock on yourself Mr. Higdon!

      I’m glad you stopped by to share your 2 cents.