how to get influencers' attention

Be Memorable: 10 Practical Ways to Successfully Get Influencers’ Attention

Do you ever feel like the world is a movie with you as the main character and everyone else playing supporting roles (your family, friends) or extras (the rest of the world)?

Sure you do – you are human. You might’ve never thought about it in those terms, but the point is clear: each and every one of us is the axis of the universe as far as we are concerned.

So let’s take that thought and apply it to the topic of today’s post: how to be memorable.

guest blogging penalties google matt cutts

Guest Blogging Penalties and the Decay of Links as a Ranking Signal: An Open Letter to Matt Cutts (Part 1)

Although the most recent penalty is the main topic that inspired me to finally speak my mind, this post isn’t just about guest blogging and how Google and Friends Google Inc. unfairly penalized MyBlogGuest.

There are other issues I am going to address as well (that will be in Part 2 of this post), but let’s start by discussing the MyBlogGuest debacle, shall we?

7 matt cutts videos to increase traffic

7 Old Matt Cutts Videos That Can Still Increase Your Traffic Today

Whenever Head of Google Webspam Matt Cutts comes out with a video explaining something about SEO, it’s worth watching, at least at some point.

Of the 510 videos he’s created, many of them really do offer great (some of the best) SEO advice, but it’s, unfortunately, getting buried by time.

For future success and furthering your SEO knowledge, it’s important to bring back some of Cutts’ advice from years ago that still rings true today.