Your marketing news may 23 2015

Weekly Marketing Skinny • May 23, 2015

In the marketing spotlight this week:

♨ Google’s Quality Update;
♨ Google has a new head of web spam;
♨ Google-Twitter Firehose is live;
♨ Google Search Console;
♨ Zuckerberg is a funny guy…
♨ What’s a ‘video view’?
♨ Bots now outnumber humans;
♨ Verizon buys AOL;
♨ Facebook’s ‘Call Now’ button;
♨ Google’s ‘Buy Now’ button;
♨ Wordpress online stores;
♨ and much more!

19+ way list building at Traffic Generation Café could be better!

19+ Surprising List Building Mistakes Discovered At Traffic Generation Café

Who else wants to build their email list like Ana Hoffman does?

Or maybe do an even better job at it than Traffic Generation Café?

In this post, we’ll analyze the list building strategy of your favorite Café.

We’ll take a look at what’s working, what’s maybe not so hot, and why (based on proven formulas and conversion rate optimization studies).

After reading this post, you’ll be able to generate a big list of subscribers devoted fans with your blog… just like TGC.

SEO Case Study: Page One, Result One

SEO Case Study: Page One, Result One

Today, it’s my honor to introduce you to Kurt Frankenberg, the owner of one of my favorite blogs –

Over the past couple of years, Kurt has made it impossible for me not to love his very hands-on actionable advice he shares on his blog, as well as his tireless tenacity and desire to help.

The fact that he actually implements and gets results from advice I publish at Traffic Generation Café have prompted me to ask him to write this post for you. And, between you and me, the flattery in the post didn’t hurt one bit.

3 Reasons To Stop Focusing On Your Audience

3 Reasons To Stop Focusing On Your Audience

Cat gifs are like bad street-corner evangelists.

The sign is there, begging for attention. It is often paired with a phrase that you are compelled to agree with, followed by a call to action.

The call to action draws the social pressure. “Reshare if you agree” implies that inaction is equivalent to disagreement.

Disagreement means that you hate kittens.

Don’t hate kittens.

Instead, join me in hating the petty ways people attempt to drive engagement with their campaigns — especially on social media.