Blog Audit Friday: My Way or the Highway

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Do we really want to have strangers come into our house and point out everything they don’t like about it?

I know I don’t.

However, sometimes it’s the necessary evil to endure on our quest for fame and glory.

Or to make money from our online businesses. Same difference.

We do want to make more …

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Blog Audit Friday: Lend a Helping Hand to Traffic Generation Cafe

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Prelude: As I was trying to come up with a good title for this post, the words like “revenge”, “massacre”, “mercy”, “masochism”, “pack of hungry wolves” kept popping in my head. However, I decided to leave those thoughts for when I audit your blogs and stick with something friendlier for this special occasion. Go easy …

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Blog Audit Friday: Perfect Niche Needs Perfect Packaging

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Blog Audit Fridays are some of the most extensive and intense posts I write for Traffic Generation Cafe.


Because they take a lot of time. And because I get to take apart someone’s creation; something they’ve most likely put their sweat and tears into.

However, I strongly believe that this is the only way …

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Blog Audit Friday: Let’s All Be Friends

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This being my content marketing week here at Traffic Generation Cafe, I thought that an audit of this particular blog will fit right in.

Why? Because the content of the blog is definitely as unique as the blogger herself.

Her titles rock, her topics have teeth, and she shares some great tips in each and …