how to create free images for blogs

How To Create a Blog Post Image That Gets Noticed And Drives Traffic

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Are your blog posts falling flat because of your dull and generic post images?

Blog images are often an afterthought, yet they can make the difference between a shareable post and an unread masterpiece.

Throwing any ole image on a blog post that you labored on for hours is like riding to the prom in a hoopty.

Your content needs to travel in style across the social web.

weekly marketing news march 8 2014

Weekly Marketing Skinny • March 8, 2014

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In the marketing spotlight this week:

  • Matt Cutts Video: How Google Determines What’s A Paid Link
  • Google: Keep URL Length Shorter Than 2,000 Characters
  • Got A Google Penalty? Should You Kill Your Site and Start Over?
  • You Don’t Have To Disavow Off Topic Links
  • March 2014 Google Webmaster Report
  • Google+ Page or Personal Profile?
  • Google+ +Post Ads: How Google Will Monetize Google+
  • Still wondering how THEY make it on Google+?
  • Newest Facebook Layout Quietly Kills The Beautiful Newspaper Concept
  • Facebook takes steps to block illegal gun sales
  • Facebook is buying a drone maker!
  • From YouTube annotations to your blog
  • Vine will no longer allow sexually explicit content
  • Lawsuits Be Gone: How to Use Getty Images for Free
  • Google Authorship & Publisher – What’s The Difference?
  • Time saving Chrome extension to check for broken links
  • Siri – meet Cortana
  • Google Places: Duplicate Listings Issues
  • Dust off your Yahoo ID
  • Edward Snowden to Speak at SXSW Interactive Via Videoconference
  • Google Adds Restaurant Menus To Search Results
  • HOW TO: “Ok Google” voice search on Chrome [beta]
  • Google Docs Is Rolling out Voice Dictation
  • and more.
free royalty images for blogging

Free Blog Post Images: Where to Find Them, How to Use Them

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We live in a world that teaches us to look over our shoulder each time we use / cite / quote / link out to another person’s work.

It’s especially true when it comes down to finding great free images to add more visual appeal and enrich our blog posts.

Do images help to increase …

how to increase your blog traffic

202 Bite-Sized Tips To Insanely Increase Your Blog Traffic

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Short, concise, to the point – the best list of bite-sized blog traffic tips you’ll find anywhere.

Or, at the very least, the most numerous one (who said SIZE doesn’t matter?).

All jokes aside though, these are the very same strategies I used to bring Traffic Generation Café from a brand new blog to Alexa ranking of under 15K in 6 months.

Curious? See my blog traffic tips for yourself

effective guest blogging traffic

How to Make Guest Blogging Your Most Effective Traffic Strategy

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If you’re blogging to build an audience, a guest post for the right blog will likely get you a lot closer to your goal than a dozen of posts on your own site.

But how do you write an effective blog post that will actually bring traffic back to YOUR blog and not just provide the other site with great free content?

Sure, there are some basic things you need to get right to even get your posts published in places where you can attract a lot of your potential audience.

But there is also something you need to consider that many people never think about. And if you forget it, even a “great post” won’t attract people to your site or list.