Influencer marketing: 11 memorable ways to get an influencer's attention

Influencer Marketing: 11 Memorable Ways To Gain An Influencer’s Attention

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Want to know a secret? Nobody really makes it on their own.

At some point, it all comes back to the relationships you make that open the right doors.

By way of example, consider the most influential technological mind in recent history: Steve Jobs.

It wasn’t Steve Jobs that landed his first job as a technician with Atari. It was Steve Wozniak, who designed a board for the video game Pong, which Steve Jobs then sold to Atari. Thinking he designed it, Atari hired Jobs as a technician.

It was also Wozniak that invented the Apple I computer, that cofounded the Apple company, and that designed the Apple II – one of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputers.

In other words, without Wozniak, the foundation that led to Steve Jobs’ rise to power would never have taken shape.

In every success story, there is always at least one person whose influence opened a doorway through which that success was found.

Nobody really makes it on their own. We all need our Wozniaks.

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3 Reasons To Stop Focusing On Your Audience

3 Reasons To Stop Focusing On Your Audience

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Cat gifs are like bad street-corner evangelists.

The sign is there, begging for attention. It is often paired with a phrase that you are compelled to agree with, followed by a call to action.

The call to action draws the social pressure. “Reshare if you agree” implies that inaction is equivalent to disagreement.

Disagreement means that you hate kittens.

Don’t hate kittens.

Instead, join me in hating the petty ways people attempt to drive engagement with their campaigns — especially on social media.

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Be Memorable: 10 Practical Ways to Successfully Get Influencers’ Attention

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Do you ever feel like the world is a movie with you as the main character and everyone else playing supporting roles (your family, friends) or extras (the rest of the world)?

Sure you do – you are human. You might’ve never thought about it in those terms, but the point is clear: each and every one of us is the axis of the universe as far as we are concerned.

So let’s take that thought and apply it to the topic of today’s post: how to be memorable.