content marketing leverage system

Content Marketing Leverage System: How to Multiply Your Reach

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What is the one core activity your business model won’t survive without?

If you were to stop doing this one thing, your business would come to a halt?

Even if you diligently stay “busy” working on all the other “busy” things on your to-do list?

Chances are you are in an information business of sorts.

how to write a great blog post guide

How to Write a Great Blog Post • Confession of a Bad Writer

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Great blogs don’t happen without great content.

Great content doesn’t happen without trial and error.

Writing a great blog post is not about “either you have it or you don’t”; rather “if you don’t have it, here’s where and how to get it”; and that’s where this post comes in.

Let me show you how I went from a clueless writer to consistently writing blog posts that bring in thousands of visitors to Traffic Generation Cafe every day – with a step-by-step guide on how YOU can write great blog posts too.

how to make your content go viral

3 Practical Steps to Make Your Content Go Viral

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Viral content. What is it about all those posts that go viral? What do they have that they don’t?

Your ideas are great.

Your content is compelling.

But no one is sharing it.

Let’s be honest: that’s the main problem that we all face when our blog is new.

We create content, no one hears about it, we create more, and so on until we’re tired. That’s why most of the bloggers fail.

Guess what – you CAN get more shares, tweets and comments from your post. (Yes, you!) That’s what this post will show you how to do.

how to search for trafficgenerationcafe on topsy

How to Create Traffic Magnets: Give Your Readers Bread and Games

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“The wild beast hunts, two a day for five days, are magnificent.

There is no denying it.

But what pleasure is there in seeing a puny human mangled by a powerful beast or a splendid animal killed with a hunting spear.”

~ Cicero in 50 BC

Do you know why those huge Roman amphitheaters and …

how to better format content

Conduct Unbecoming a Dull Writer: How to Write for Traffic

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Your post is either engaging and interesting or it isn’t.

How do you know which one it is?

Your readers will tell.

Or the silence should be a good hint.

My first post was neither.

It was plain. Boring. “A dime a dozen”.

“A dime a dozen” is one of the most common deceases your …

how to write great content

Conduct Unbecoming a Dull Writer

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It’s the middle of the night and I hear “click, click, click, click…”

I say “What’s going on?”

He says “The light is not working.”

I say “It’s because the light bulb is burnt out.”

“…click, click, click, click…”

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

~ Albert Einstein

How to Write an Ebook That Sells

Exactly How I Wrote an Ebook That Made $10K in 1 Week

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When I say I made $10K in a week, I’m lying.

Sort of.

I mean, I did actually sell over $10,000 worth of my ebooks in the first week.

But it’s not like my ebooks appeared in a poof of magic.

Or the marketing strategy followed in a second magical, smoky gust.

I wish that …