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Your Ultimate Anchor Text Tutorial – from Basic to Advanced

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Anchor text is nothing new under the sun; I agree with that.

However, if we all know about it, how come I see many bloggers build links as if they have no idea what anchor text is?

With that in mind, plus the fact that my readers requested a post on anchor text that they …

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5 Ways to Get Feng Shui Links from Traffic Generation Cafe

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“There should be no shoes or slippers lying around outside the main door of every house.

Remove them if you can.

Allow that space at the main door to be free and clear.

Now, allow me to tell you why.

The chi (energy) rides with the wind and will bring all …

4 Proven Reasons You Should Quit Building Links for SEO (And Focus on THIS Instead)

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To say that I have lost faith in building backlinks for SEO would be a huge understatement.

I have watched time and time again something rank using the standard link building practices only to watch it lose rank with an algorithm change.

The “system”, “blueprint”, or whatever it is they are calling it these days …

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Tumblr: How to Get Free PR7 Links Within Minutes

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Update on building links from Tumblr: many things have changed on Tumblr since I wrote the post below.

Most of my link building suggestions that worked back then, no longer work.

And you know what? Considering all the latest Google algorithm changes, even if Tumblr strategy did still work, I wouldn’t have recommended using it.

Easy …

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First Link Priority Rule: What It Is and How It Affects Your Link Building

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Some of you might’ve heard about the “first link priority” rule.

It goes something like this:

“Google will give the most weight to the very first anchor text link on each page, so it pays to make sure that that link includes your keywords.”

This is a simplified definition; for more information on the first …

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How to Make the Most of a $100 Link Building Budget?

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Last week, we talked about how to promote your blog on a tight budget or even no budget at all.

Today, I decided to take it one step further and discuss the most effective ways to start your link building campaign on a $100 budget, if you have it.

As always, most of the techniques …

...but it's easily fixed.

Article Marketing and Link Building: Dead or Alive?

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I have been planning, establishing, monetizing and selling niche websites for well over three years now.

I currently generate a comfortable six figure passive income from my portfolio of a dozen plus niche sites, which are monetized with 7 different monetization methods.

I have tried and tested all sorts of internet marketing strategies over time, …