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Weekly Marketing Skinny: James Bond, Bigger is Better, Plus Your Traffic Report

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Oh, my… what big… everything you have!”

This seemed to be the trend of the past week.

In social media anyway.

How to Get More Facebook Fans

Not your ordinary Facebook tips packaged in a not your ordinary Slideshare deck.

Watch, share, enjoy!

Loved it? Embed it!

(just copy and paste the code below …


Doers, Teachers, or Your Heart: Who’s Advice Should We Take?

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Sometimes it seems like everyone’s got advice for us, on traffic or otherwise.

So how do we decide who to learn from?

Should we learn from those who’ve done it, or those who teach?

Read on and we’ll find out.

NOTE: Normally my post would be precision-brilliant, loaded with hand-made art and images, tweetables, and …

pdf traffic generation

PDF Traffic Generation: How to Tap into the Untapped

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Here’s an updated version of this post: Be Everywhere: How to Convert a Blog Post into PDF in Under 60 Seconds

I‘ve heard about using PDFs for link building and traffic generation in the past, but to be quite honest with you, I’ve never given it a second thought.

After all, how can Google determine …

search engine traffic as traffic source

Where Does Website Traffic Come From: Search Engine and Referral Traffic

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Where does your website traffic really come from and what do you need to do to get more of it?

Let’s continue our not-so-basic exploration of different traffic sources and their impact on our overall website traffic generation.

In the previous post, we looked into direct traffic as our first targeted website traffic source.

Today, …

how to get targeted website traffic

Where Does Website Traffic Come From: Direct Traffic

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Given the nature of my niche, you can only imagine how often I get questions about how to generate more targeted website traffic.

Understandably so – traffic is the bloodline of our businesses.

However, there’s something you need to understand about traffic generation right off the bat: there’s nothing new under the sun.

Your basic …

How to Customize YouTube Embed Code Options – Top 10 Tips

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I love using YouTube (YT) for my lead generation, and I also embed my YouTube videos in my blog posts quite a bit.

However, I don’t always like the embed code that YT forces us to use; so I did some research to find out if there are any tricks that can be used to …