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Sunday Coffee with Ana: Family vs Business

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Gotta tell you – this was a tough one, although should’t have been.

Of course, family should come first. For all of us.

That’s why, plus the fact that the numbers of my poll show that most of my readers neither attend nor listen to my Sunday broadcasts, I decided to put my energy where …

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Sunday Coffee with Ana: DoFollow, NoFollow and More

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Basically, there are two main free traffic generation strategies: SEO and networking. That’s it.

By networking, I mean blog commenting, guest posting, social media networking, etc.

Today, I want to focus more on SEO; however, we’ll also talk a bit about blog commenting as it applies to SEO.

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Sunday Coffee with Ana: Traffic Generation at a Glance

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What better way to spend a Sunday morning than to hang out with other bloggers, network, share some thoughts and links, acquire new friends and possibly new customers/clients?

Can’t beat that and that’s exactly what happened this morning on out Sunday Coffee with Ana live broadcast.

Here’s what you missed:



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Sunday Coffee with Ana: Link Building, Guest Posting, And Love Confession

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Good morning, fellow coffee drinkers, and welcome to the Traffic Generation Cafe!

A few months ago, I got myself one of those very nifty Nespresso single-serving coffee makers that brews a perfectly fresh and delicious caffeinated goodness one cup at a time.

I was hooked!

If you think I am too harsh sometimes, especially when …