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3 Conversion Optimization Tips You Can Implement on Your Website Right Now

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Get more traffic to your website.

Make a great looking website or blog that offers awesome content or products to your site visitors and your job is done.

After that, how many of these visitors convert into customers or become regular readers is all luck.

Is that what you thought?

Well, just as you can use cheat sheets to promote blog content and SEO tips for higher rankings, there’s also conversion science that exists to help you increase the conversion of your website.

custom Google Analytics dashboards

5 Custom Google Analytics Dashboards in 5 Minutes [Free Downloads]

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Google Analytics is the best freebie an online business owner could ever asked for.

Yet most of us don’t even scratch the surface of how it can potentially turn our businesses around.

Why? Because we have neither the knowledge to put it to work nor the time to learn more about it.

So how do you take advantage of Google Analytics if you don’t have the resources, time or knowledge?

With these custom Google Analytics dashboards all set up for you that take but a click to set up in your Google Analytics – literally.

unique selling proposition

What Makes Your Blog Worth My Attention?

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What is your blog about?

Are there bigger, better-known blogs that publish content in the same general niche?

If you aren’t the biggest fish in the pond, people are very skeptical about the quality of your content.

They won’t care about you unless you give them a really good reason to.

And they certainly won’t …

Traffic Boosting “Duh” Idea to Keep Your Readers Reading

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dy·nam·ic  /dīˈnamik/  – Characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

The very essence of blogs is to provide dynamic (i.e. constantly changing) content.

Does your blog do that? You really think so?

What about your sidebar?

Does it change dynamically to keep your readers glued to your blog?

The Problem

Your repeat visitors are the …