CommentLuv Premium Settings: How to Get Your Readers to Fall in Luv with You

CommentLuv Premium Settings: How to Get Your Readers to Fall in Luv with You

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CommentLuv Premium has finally opened for business and here’s a quick rundown to help you decide whether it’s a good choice for your blog, plus my personal settings to maximize its performance.

Why CommentLuv Premium?

Just in case you’ve lived in an online vacuum for the past couple of months and haven’t heard all the buzz surrounding CommentLuv Premium, here are some posts to bring you up to speed:

Take a look at the features and how I use them to make the best of using this plugin on my blog.

Find some great tips on how to use CommentLuv to generate traffic and/or build links effectively. I promise you won’t find these strategies anywhere else.

More CommentLuv Resources

Here are 3 great ways to find CommentLuv enabled blogs:

  1. CommentLuv Enabled Blog List – my very own blog list I use to comment on other CL-enabled blogs and generate links and traffic back to my blog.
  2. – a great search tool by Chris Fong of It now allows you to search for CommentLuv Premium enabled blogs; just choose “CommentLuv Premium” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Official CommenLuv Search Engine – well, it’s not entirely official yet, since it’s still in beta, but Andy Bailey is working to make this the most thorough search tool for CommentLuv enabled blogs. As a reader of my blog though, you now have official access to it (don’t you feel lucky?).

CommentLuv Premium Settings

Judging by the amount of questions I get on how to set up CommentLuv properly (Ana’s way, I mean), many current CommentLuv Premium owners aren’t using the plugin to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Whether you are the current lucky user of CommentLuv Premium or will shortly become one (don’t wait too long – Andy will close the opportunity to purchase the plugin within a few days), these tips are for you.

CommentLuv Premium Takeaway

Sure I’d love for you to buy CommentLuv Premium from me and make all my financial dreams come true…

However, I truly want you to buy it for YOU and the potential it has to take your business to the next level.

==>Download your copy of CommentLuv Premium<==

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  1. Thanks for sharing those links, Ana. I installed Comluv Premium last night — months after not using CL at all, but being a former user of the plugin.

  2. I miss the launch discount. I guess I was slow making the purchase decision. Do you think they will have another upcoming discount? $97 for Dev License is a little bit too much for my budget for now.

    By the way, do you think it’s a must-have plugin for my niche sites? I wanna get people like and share my niche site posts. Thanks!


    • Ana Hoffman

      I don’t think Andy is planning on offering any more discounts on CommentLuv, Kent.

      I just got back from your site. I think it’s great that you are using the free version, but I think you need to get your traffic numbers up before you can really take advantage of the paid version.

  3. Thanks for this, Ana. It was very helpful to me and I’ve now done it (based on your instructions, to my blog).
    BTW, you asked for the transaction ID for that purchase. Here it is: 912371932K234853U

    Thanks again for all your help.

  4. It is a bit of a surprise to find my copyright image at the top of your post. Next time, let me know that you want to use one of my images.

    As to the post itself, very useful perspective. I am still weighing the benefits of CommentLuv, DF, and similar issues.

  5. I am very eager for the very own ComLuv search engine as I got a new comluv premium :) …Ana’s list of comluv enabled blogs also helped me in discovering awesome blogs wherein I learn a lot of things..

  6. Anna, this seems to be one of the most active sites talking about commentluv, which is why I’m posting this here. I recently starting using commentluv, about a week ago. I’d like to use it more before I upgrade to premium and also I need to wait for financial reasons. What I’m wondering is this. Why so many sites I go to it says the current version is no longer supported and it has the pitch for the premium? Is the premium one going to be the only one working?

    • Ana Hoffman

      No, Steve; the free version will still be working.

      Unfortunately, many bloggers don’t stay on top of updating their plugins and that’s why their CL doesn’t work any longer.

      The older versions of CL are not supported, that simple.

      So as long as you keep yours updated, you can keep the free version.

  7. Man, you just have to love CommentLuv Premium. That plugin has so many possibilities for the serious blogger I just had to have it. I was lucky enough to snap it up when it was only $40 and I would have paid so much more than that.

    The best thing about it is that once you’re a premium owner you get to become an affiliate. As an affiliate I’ve paid for the plugin many times over. It’s one of the best blogging investments I have ever made.

    What surprises me is that so many Premium owners are not using it to its full advantage.

    • Ana Hoffman

      You’re right. There is just so many amazing features, I think people don’t get around to all of it.

  8. Azhar

    I have seen every blogger has updated post for comment Luv. Why it is done by all? I think every one has tasted its flavor and found it tasty.

  9. This is awesome. I might actually upgrade. I think the fact you
    can interact with all the other users and crete massive backlinks is
    crazy. A lot of bloggers under estimate the power of the comments.


  10. Thanks Ana! :-) Great video!

    Your video was clear, illuminating and enlightening – for each step you took us through, step-by-step, and most importantly, your reasons why you chose the specific options.

    It made so much sense to what I’d seen before. I followed each one of your steps, paused, went over into my wp-admin and implemented.

    Thanks heaps!

  11. Thank you for the detailed video Anna!

    It will help someone like me who is new into linkbuilding and is trying hard to build legitimate links for my business. I also us the commentluv in the blog section of my company site, now how do i shift to premium?

  12. CLUV is the best tool/plugin I have ever bought. If you dont have it yet, get it. There is just so much potential when it comes to building relationship with other bloggers and of course SEO and link building. I mean, you know how important deep links are? Every time you comment, not only you build back link to your home page, but you also get a backlink to one of your posts. That’s 2 legit links for each comment you make!

    @ Troy,
    Congratulations Troy. Its an amazing plugin and you will love it.

  13. Appreciate your detailed approach to your ComLuv settings, Ana, and hearing the rationale behind your decisions. ComLuv is an amazing tool for guiding commenters to share your posts and receive linkback love, and you’ve shown how to “shape” behavior. Readers of this post should get Premium Comment Luv immediately (here on your site!) because the clock is ticking on the fabulous deal Andy has provided for a few days.

  14. Hi Ana,

    Wow! You shared some incredible information and although I love CommentLuv Premium and have it installed for a while now, I didn’t know about all the settings and their reason. I immediately went and made some changes after watching your awesome video.

    Thank you so much for sharing it!

    Be blessed,


  15. Just noticed something else here, although I am a confirmed and verified Premium CL owner the little heart says “not registered” 😕

  16. Hey Ana:
    Just got into the CommentLuv site and in the process of installing and setting it up (used your link of course). Love your post above; huge value and time saver to everyone and I appreciate sharing your wisdom.

    Is it bad that I am overwhelmingly excited about a plug-in? LOL
    Perhaps I need therapy; oh wait I should mention that I am a therapist.
    Thanks again my friend,

  17. Could you explain in a bit more detail why you thought not adding it to admin would “dilute internal linking” as it seems like it would be quite the opposite to me ❓

    • Ana Hoffman

      Good question, Caleb – I didn’t want to go into it too much in the video considering it was going to be a long one as it was.

      As I did more and more studying on internal link building, I realized that it works best when it’s targeted. Plus of course, there’s always a first link priority issue, which means that you shouldn’t link to any one page more than once (

      The best internal links come from within the post with exact anchor text. Anything else might be too distracting to both the readers and the search engines.

  18. Really very helpful video about Commentluv settings Ana!

    I’m watching it right now, and I see it took lot of work to do it :)

    Andy is doing a great work with this great plugin.

    Congrats to Troy!

    All the best,


    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks, Gera.

      I really do think this is the best release of the year… the most useful one for sure!

  19. Hi Ana, Just placed my order through your link. Can’t wait to watch your video later and get it set up.

    Looking forward to exploring all the freebies that were included.

  20. Hi Ana, so now you can add Epic Film Producer to your resume! :)

    Does using the self-ping checkbox mean I can get rid of MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer?

    I’m glad to see I have everything set up properly.



    • Ana Hoffman

      It does sound like it, Mitch; I sent Andy an email to double check.

      I must be some of the worst video makers out there LOL, but sometimes it’s just the best way to deliver content.

      • Ana Hoffman

        Hey, Mitch:

        Here’s what Andy said in response to my question:

        “no self ping just means your own posts do ping your own blog when you have internal links.
        I’m not sure what maxblogpress ping optimizer does but I’m pretty sure it’s a different thing, maybe it optimizes the pings that your own blog sends to ping services so you’d probably want to keep it. ”

        Sounds like MBP Ping Optimizer stays.

  21. Hi Ana,

    I am the proud owner of CommentLuv premium ever since the first time you mentioned it. I haven’t focused on the settings, so this post is perfect for me. I understand the power of the premium version, now it’s time to do something about it.


  22. Sanjeev

    Thanks for the video Ana, There are so many settings that people can get confused. Your video made it easy.

    Its a great plugin and I am happy I got it before it was launched, thanks to you for the early notification last time.

    • Ana Hoffman

      You are so very welcome, Sanjeev; glad my video helped.

      Just saw the new price; went up a bit! LOL

  23. Hi Ana
    I guess today is the big day where Andy push the button and launch his new version of Premium CommentLuv. I have watched his promotion videos and must say that he is one smart guy. I have been using the free version since I saw it for the first time. However I think it is very cool with the integration of Twitter and Google+.
    I luv your title for this post :-) Very catchy.

  24. Anna, we connected on Twitter so I came over to check out your website. You really have an awesome website and I’m looking forward to spending some time here and learning some things from you. Thanks for this excellent blog post too and looking forward to getting to know you better. Take care and thanks again!

  25. Hi Anna

    Just spent a very useful 23 minutes of my time listening and implementing your ideas for premium CommentLuv settings. This is a really helpful video to understand exactly how the settings affect your visitor’s experience and how to optimise the social sharing of your blog posts.

    I particularly liked your nifty suggestion to provide a link to CommentLuv in the KeywordLuv settings.

    Thanks for your hard work – hope the coffee helped!

  26. Dr. Bob Clarke

    Thanks so much Ana for this informative video. I learned a lot about what I was doing right (and unfortunately wrong) with the settings for CL Premium. Appreciate you taking the time to show us how you have configured this great plugin.

    Like you said on the video, if you don’t have it, go get it.

  27. Gonzalo Chagas

    Hey Ana, I see that my email appear on your aweber for before I fill it. Is that part of Commentluv or is it a plugin that you are using? just asking.


  28. I hate to make myself seem dim but thanks so much for this post/video because I HAVE CommentLuv premium and HAVE fumbled with my settings 😛

    • Ana Hoffman

      LOL, Alexis – I know how busy we get and going through so many settings can be daunting.

      Glad I could help!

  29. Thanks for the DropMyLink mention Ana!

    I already got my copy of CommentLuv Premium from the previous launch but it looks like Andy is offering some cool bonuses for those that purchase CommentLuv Premium this time around.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Is it that obvious I like your nifty search engine, Chris? LOL

      Yes, Andy is going all out on this one.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Sorry, Anne!!!

      The cart will open tomorrow. If it were me, I’d buy it whatever the price, because I see so much value in it.

      Of course, it’s me, and only you can decide if it’s worth for your business, Anne.

  30. Ana, another great post. I thoroughly enjoyed you video. You made some great points which caused me to make a few configuration changes on my Comment Luv settings.

    For those who don’t have Comment Luv, you should go buy it! Just commenting on other Comment Luv blogs such as TGC has drastically helped build back links to my website.

    • Ana Hoffman

      So glad my video helped you tweak your settings, Jason – good to know I didn’t spend half a day for nothing. LOL

  31. Hi Ana,
    It is really a great plugin and worth buying, it is a nice way also to give back some love to your readers. Congratulation Troy I am sure you will love it.
    I hope to see more giveaways from you Ana.