CommentLuv Premium: The “Behind the Scenes” Scoop

CommentLuv Premium: The “Behind the Scenes” Scoop

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CommentLuv Premium

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On August 5, 2012
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"Magnetize, Socialize, Incentivize" - this description fits CommentLuv Premium perfectly. It's amazing what one plugin can do to build a fan club around a blog, and yet it's exactly what CommentLuv Premium did for Traffic Generation Cafe. See what it can do for your blog.

Most of my readers come to Traffic Generation Cafe to learn more about web traffic – obviously.

More precisely, they want to know:

  • how to get more web traffic to their sites,
  • how to keep that traffic engaged,
  • and how to convert them into subscribers and customers.

And here’s your one-line answer to all of the above:

Build a community that sticks around, gets excited about your blog, and promotes it for you.

Easy enough, right?…

Your community is the very glue that will keep your blog together and take it to the new heights.

But HOW do you build one?

For my blog, one of the primary ingredients of that glue has always been CommentLuv and, more recently, something even more functional, engaging, and sticky – CommentLuv Premium.

What Is CommentLuv Premium?

Most of my readers have already seen the new CommentLuv Premium in action in my comment section and loved the functionality of it, judging by the comments.

However, for those of you who are still learning the ropes of blogging, here’s a quick rundown on what CommentLuv Premium is and what it can do for your blog.

What does CommentLuv Premium do?

In short, it adds CommentLuv links to comments, protects you from spam, encourages twitter followers, Google +1 shares, likes, adds keywords to names and overall increases traffic and community.

Why Do I Use CommentLuv Premium?

When I first started Traffic Generation Cafe just over two years ago, I published a lot of great content, actively shared and promoted it everywhere I could, and still heard crickets.

Sounds familiar?

No matter how great your content is, you need to go above and beyond just writing great stuff by getting your visitors to actually read it, and even more importantly, comment, share, and come back for more.

There were three things that I did back then to increase the likelihood of my random visitors sticking around:

  1. I turned my blog into a Dofollow blog.
  2. I installed KeywordLuv to give my commentators a chance to build anchor text specific links.
  3. I installed CommentLuv to encourage even more comments and interaction between my readers.

Did it work?


Of course, it didn’t happen overnight, as you can imagine.

Slowly but truly, the comments started dripping in and once I had a few comments on each post I published, it encouraged even more readers to share their opinions – social proof is paramount to developing an active blog.

How Will CommentLuv Help You Engage Readers?

By giving your readers an array of incentives to comment on and share your posts.

Let me give you a quick glimpse into CommentLuv Premium options:


You now have complete control over how many of their latest posts your readers can choose from for their CommentLuv Premium link.

There are several options your readers have to gain access to their last 10.

1. Google +1 shares: they can plus one your post.

2. Retweet: they can RT your post, and after they are done with it, CommentLuv Premium will even suggest that they follow you on Twitter.

3. Facebook Like: they can choose to “like” your post on FB.

commentluv social sharing feature

4. Register: there’s still an option for your readers to register on your blog to gain a complete access to their last 10 posts at all times.

5. Number of comments: you can also choose to lift the one post only restriction after a commentator left a certain number of comments on your blog.


Each of the options above come with a choice of Dofollow.

You can use this attribute however you wish to reward your commentators even more.

commentluv premium incentives settings


One thing that I love about CommentLuv Premium is the fact that it includes several plugins in one, which cuts down on the number of plugins you need on your blog and speeds up your page loading times.

KeywordName is CommentLuv Premium version of KeywordLuv.

It allows your commentators to use their real names as well as the keywords they’d like to link to their site with.

The plugin will covert the keywords into the hyperlink leaving the names untouched.

commentluv premium keyword name There are several additional settings KeywordName provides that KeywordLuv never had:

  1. More comments = KeywordName Luv: you can choose to give the privilege of KeywordName only to those commentators who’ve made an X numbers of comments on your blog. Prevents spam abuse and gives yet another reason to comment more.
  2. Maximum Keywords Allowed: you know how some commentators leave a long string of keywords after @, making their comment look spammy and forcing your to either take your time to edit the comment or just trash it? No more. This setting will tell CommentLuv Premium to trim any keywords in access of X number of keywords.
  3. Dofollow/Nofollow: KeywordName has Dofollow/Nofollow settings independent of CommentLuv Premium settings.
  4. Old KeywordLuv Links: gives you an option to convert all the KeywordLuv links into KeywordName links, so that none of the previous commentators’ keywords would get lost.

Post-Penguin update:in light of Google’s recent algorithm changes (spring of 2012), I’d strongly recommend you use precise anchor text sparingly.


Here’s yet another great built-in CommentLuv Premium feature: you now don’t need a separate plugin to include your commentators’ Twitter IDs with their comments.

CommentLuv Premium will take care of those for you.

Will CommentLuv Premium Increase Spam?

This is the question I get asked a lot.

If you give your readers all these extra link building possibilities, aren’t you just inviting the spammers to make your life miserable?

Not at all.

CommentLuv Premium has one of the best spam-controlling plugins built right into it.

The plugin is called GASP and it requires your readers to simply check an anti-spam box, which basically eliminates any possibility of bot spam – something that Akismet is not capable of.


My strong suggestion for all bloggers is to DUMP Akismet altogether and switch to using GASP exclusively.

It’ll cut down on your spam comments and won’t send legitimate comments into spam, thus creating less work for you and making your commentators happier.

Whether you choose to go for CommentLuv Premium, which will include GASP, or just look up GASP in your WP plugin directory, your blog will greatly benefit from the switch.

How Will It Promote YOU and Your Blog?

Besides providing all sorts of ways to increase reader engagement on your blog, CommentLuv Premium has a bunch of benefits that can be used OUTSIDE your blog to increase your online presence and build even better quality links.

Here are some absolutely awesome features to help you with that:


On top of getting your 10 latest posts to choose from when commenting on other blogs (providing that the blog owners don’t limit you to the last one only, of course), you can now add 5 of your favorite posts/pages to that list.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to keep building CommentLuv links even if the post is not on your latest 10 list.

commentluv premium favorite posts


Without this CommentLuv Premium feature, when you hover over the little heard next to your CommentLuv link, this is what you will most likely see:
commentluv premium example 2commentluv premium bio example 1

However, now that CommentLuv Premium allows you to control what other readers see in that box when you comment on other blogs, this is what you can do with it:

commentluv premium example 3

Yes, these are clickable anchor-text rich links in my bio – promotion on other blogs can’t get any better than that.

Get on the early bird list to pay less for your CommentLuv Premium

CommentLuv Premium: Traffic Generation vs Link Building?

Will CommentLuv Premium truly generate any traffic to your site or is its value more in pure link building?

Let me first give you my personal point of view: I use CommentLuv Premium mostly as a link building mechanism.

If I get any given post on Traffic Generation Cafe listed on search engines and start bringing in traffic from that, it will most likely outweigh any number of individual clicks I can ever get on my CommentLuv Premium links.

Does it mean that you can’t generate traffic with CommentLuv Premium?

Not at all.

Any traffic generation I get from my CommentLuv Premium links are the icing on the cake; and now I don’t even have to guess whether I am getting any clicks on my link or not with CommentLuv Premium built-in tracking system.

CommentLuv Premium stat tracking

Now I know exactly what links were clicked, how many times, and which blogs brought that traffic.

CommentLuv Premium Bottom Line

I am yet to see a blog that couldn’t use more reader interaction, social engagement, and social proof.

Have you?

Then this plugin is definitely for you.

I’ve already seen the positive benefits it brought to my blog and can’t wait to see CommentLuv Premium in action on yours.

Get on the early bird list to pay less for your CommentLuv Premium

Remember, these are affiliate links and I will make commission on your purchase, so I really appreciate you going through my link.


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38 Comments (click here to leave a comment)

  1. CommentLuv is tby far my favorite plugin…then I bought Commentluv Premium! Wow! Every blogger should have this plugin because of the many features that come with it. You covered all of the important features of this plugin. Hey, did you hear about the changes coming next year to the CommentLuv Premium plugin?

  2. Hi Anna,
    I’m confused about the advantages to blog owners of having Registered Users.

    I want to build my list of Email Subscribers via my automated signup Form.

    But if I leave my ‘Anyone can Register’ at Dashboard checked (so I can use Commentluv), people who want to ‘subscribe’ become Users, not proper Email List Subscribers.

    I cannot ‘reach’ my Users with my Newsletters in the same way you can with proper Subscribers who subscribe via my Subscribe Form linked with MailChimp.

    You can’t even download your list of Users to add to any other format, eg csv, or import them into my List unless I do each one manually.

    I can see why Commentators like Commentluv links, but what ‘good’ are Users to me in terms of monetizing my blog?

    Or do I collect Users only for relationship advantages, and possibly traffic building advantages? But I want to collect people on my Subscriber List and have loyal Subscribers, not just people looking for ways to add a link on my site.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Great question, Carol.

      First of all, you are right: building a list should be your primary conversion goal – not RSS feed, not registrations.

      I use registrations on my blog two ways:

      1. I use a membership plugin (S2Member – free) that actually subscribes all my registered users to my list. It basically does it the same way as if someone used a sign-up form and is connected with my Aweber list.

      That way I still build my list while allowing my readers to register.

      By the way, that plugin handles my registrations as well, so that registered users don’t have any access to my dashboard.

      2. I lock some of my posts so that they can be seen by registered users only.

      That way I provide exclusive content to them only, thus encouraging those who are not registered to do so, AND add them to my list.

      So in the end, it’s still just a list building mechanism.

      • Thanks for your reply, Ana. You have solved a problem I’ve been having for ages – I’ve asked the same question (more or less) on several Forums, but everyone said, ‘they are just looking for ways to invade and spam your blog’ (more or less).

        I’ve been checking out the s2member plugin – it looks great.

        A week ago, I went researching (snooping) by trying to ‘subscribe’ to various blogs to see what other people did about people trying to do that.

        They all had access blocked, except at trafficgenerationcafe – here is what I posted on Warrior in my thread:

        “But one had her own nicely designed Logo and her own Login Form (not the standard WordPress one) with Name, Password text boxes. I entered name and my own password and clicked Log In. Then I got the WordPress ‘Incorrect password’ message like the others.

        But then…..after a couple of seconds I was whisked away automatically to her own ‘Register by Signing up for my Free ebook’ squeeze page inside her website. Pretty cool eh? I don’t know how she did that. I think I’ll ask her”

        It was going to be my next question, but now you have answered my question before I asked it – impressive!

        Thanks for the info.

  3. Commentluv is a great tool for both blogger and commentor, I recently implemented it into my blog and have seen an increase of traffic, yes some of it is spam, but I’ve also gained some dedicated readers

    • Ana Hoffman

      Great question, Lisa.

      There’s a plugin called P3 and it allows you to check performance of all the plugins on your site. This is the kind of plugin I’d suggest installing just to check the stats and then uninstalling after done.

      So according to that plugin, CL takes up about 0.07 seconds to load – 13% of the total for all other plugins on my blog. I think it’s pretty speedy for such a plugin.

      • Thank you so much for that response Ana. You sold me! I’m going to try and it and hope that it encourages my tribe to leave more comments instead of emailing me directly all the time (although I appreciate that as well:) Just recently found your site via Basic Blog Tips and I’ll be visiting again.

  4. Hi Ana
    I have loved the CommentLuv plugin from the moment I saw the plug-in on another blog and I knew that I needed it for my own blog. Last week I got the Premium version (Early Bird) for my blog and it is just even better. Now I don’t have to reTweet your posts to see my 10 latest posts when I leave comments here on your blog, but I properly do it anyway 😉

  5. Debbie

    Once more you are the Commentluv Premium superstar seller Ana – you do such a fabulous job of setting out the benefits – I think you market it even better than Andy does himself. I will be sending all my friends over to this post to understand their new purchase of Commentluv premium (after they have bought it on my recommendation of course!)

  6. Is the “share the post” snippet part of the comment luv program? I have never seen that before but am very interested to find out more about it – genius!

  7. I’m curious what the 10 links looks like in the comments section. I’ve seen it mentioned, but I’ve never seen it in action. Any examples? Do they just get to choose which of the 10 they want to feature or what? Thanks!

    • Ana Hoffman

      There are a couple of different answers to your question, Mandy, since it depends on what CommentLuv version a blog owner has, but I’ll go with the easy one.

      I went to your blog (looks like it’s time for a new post! LOL) and saw that you are using CL there. So when I went to your comment section and typed my URL, your CL immediately gave me a choice of 15 posts. I can choose any one of them and that’s the link everyone will see once my comment gets published.

      I get 15 because I have CL Premium installed, so ANY CL-enabled blog I go to, I get a choice of 15.

      When you come to my blog, you only get a choice of your latest post; that’s it.

      But the way my settings work, if you press +1 button in the comment section, CommentLuv will refresh itself and will show you the choice of your 10 latest posts.

      If you were to buy CL Premium, then you’d automatically get 15 latest.

      Makes sense?

      • Thanks for the follow-up. Makes sense now. I’ll be getting the premium version when the fire sale is launched (signed up through your link so you should get the sale credit). I find the verbiage of “see 10 links here” confusing. To me it sounds like they will get 10 links when they post, not that they can choose from their last 10 posts to get 1 link…

        I posted 3 times last week, I think that’s plenty. But thanks…

  8. Hi Ana

    Thanks for a very knowledgeable and helpful post.

    I have been using CommentLuv Premium now for a little over 3 months and my only regret is that I did not get involved with it much earlier.

    However, I can already see a marked increase in visitor participation on my blog and that is a very rewarding experiencing. Andrew has done a great job of creating such an awesome plugin, the whole concept of creating a network of like minded people is really beneficial to all concerned.

    I have met some very helpful people along the way and learnt a lot during that time. Indeed, your thoughts on traffic generation are always very interesting and most helpful.

    Thanks for sharing :)


  9. Why I like commentluv? because of all the best things. Commentators like to comment, they get backlinks, I get +1s and more comments. I would surely love to upgrade to the premium version.

  10. I first read about Comment Luv on your post with over 700 comments. I am definitely going to sign up for your list Anna. Thank you! Suzanne

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks, Suzanne; I am sure your blog will benefit from it.

      And looks like you started it just about a year ago – so, Happy Blogoversary!

  11. I ended up buying CommentLuv Premium after reading several of your articles, Ana, and I cannot say that I’m disappointed. I really love CL, it’s a great product that’s very easy to use. It’s certainly helped with getting more traffic to my blog and more comments. Thanks for the great recommendation!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks so much, Felicia; glad you are enjoying it as much as I do.

      By the way, if you don’t mind filling out the form in the post, saying basically what you said here in the comment, I’ll add your testimony (and your link) to the post.

  12. I really love CommentLuv, especially when I get to choose which links to leave when I comment on other sites. But I have to admit I hate the anti-spam option. Yes it works, but the number of times I’ve forgotten to check that little box and ended up losing my entire comment – argh!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Surprised to hear that you loose your comment if you forget to check the anti-spam box, Ruth.

      I do that on occasion as well and have always been able to return to the comment to check it.

      • Maybe they have changed it recently? On one blog I used to lose it so often I stopped commenting much, but now more blogs are using the plugin it’s becoming more common so I’m getting better at remembering. But I always copy each comment I leave now just in case!