100+ of the World’s Most Clever and Chuckle-Worthy Twitter Bios

100+ of the World’s Most Clever and Chuckle-Worthy Twitter Bios

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You’d think that running a business should be a serious matter.

Who has time to dilly-dally anyway, right?

After all, we’ve got mountains to move, audiences to conquer, competition to leave in the dust…

You’d think…

Yet some of us think we are way too clever for that.

Who says we can’t take over the online world and clown around on the side (just in case that online business thing doesn’t pan out)?

I shouldn’t really say WE.

Until yesterday, Ana Hoffman was all business.

ana hoffman on Twitter

See, I’ve got all the bases covered: branding, hashtags, ego…

THAT was yesterday though.

Today I caught a “Twitter bio” bug and convinced myself that I can be way funnier than all these people combined, I changed some things around.

You’ll have to wait to see my new bio at the end of the slide deck, but for now, here are some of the folks that inspired the change (and gave me a lot of ideas to copy – thank you!).

Give Way to Twitter Bio Masters

How to Craft a Great Twitter Bio


Thought you might be.

The following Twitter bio tips might go against the grain of conventional Twitter wisdom, but that’s exactly what you want – be unique, different, and bold.

orange-checkBe short. 160 characters short, to be more precise.

orange-checkWho says you have to use all the characters? Shorter, to the point bios stand out more.

orange-checkHook them from the start. Don’t save the best for last; the last might never come.

orange-checkPerfect platform for “10 3 things you never knew about me”.

orange-checkForget about keywords and SEO. The only people who’ll be looking for you that way are spammers.

orange-checkYou can add even more cleverness by cleverly using the “Location” space for more clever information (notice how some fun Twitter folk did it in the slide deck above).

orange-checkYou don’t have to link to your home page. In fact, you might want to link to a page that might be more suitable for your Twitter followers. For instance, at Traffic Generation Café it might be something like this: Social Media Traffic 101 or Promote Your Business.

orange-checkHave a multi-interest disorder? Have multiple Twitter accounts. I do. And Tweet Adder makes it easy to run them. Have a different bio tailored to each one.

Twitter Bio Marketing Takeaway

1. Have one.

2. Be unique.

3. Tweet the ish out of this post.

See you on the “funny” side!

traffic generation cafe

PS    Thought it might be nice to add a few more newly redesigned/redefined/reinvented Twitter bios that were influenced by this post.

funny twitter bio martin bartels

funny twitter bio Lindsey rainwater

funny twitter bio g_man

traffic generation cafe comment below

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  1. Haha, I enjoy your twitter collection too much that I laugh out loud and people here, at the coffee shop, are staring at me. Some of them have pretty brilliant ideas that I can put into my own twitter bio too. Thank you Anna

  2. One think I’ve noticed in everyone’s Twitter profile is that they’re trying to introduce themselves too much and talking about them in their bio, while It’s not all about you. One should let others know what they can do for them, of course keeping it short works best.

    Checkout mine Ana, and suggestions will be appreciated. Here’s the copy of my Twitter bio:
    “Discharged from the FC Barcelona Football club. kidding. Soccer lover, I blog and run the guide to blogging community. Start your on today (And then link to my ultimate guide to starting a blog post).”

  3. Professional Twitter bios are so boring.If you are looking to get traffic to your own site from Twitter, then you need to be unique in some way . Everyone knows (well, maybe not spammers) that sharing useful and helpful stuff on social sites is the key to success and that used to be a way to stand out from the crowd.

    I really enjoyed this post, so I shared it on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

      • My personal bio reads: ‘The only Sa blogger on Twitter who really cares about the unemployed (& professionally frustrated). HBSR helps you make money from home in your civies. ‘ and my publishing bio reads: ‘The award winning ‘arse-kicker’ of publishing. Write, ..edit, … publish… Get to it, you’re not going to get it done reading my bio…’ Thoughts?

  4. Hey Ana,

    Makes me seriously think about changing our Twitter bio. I really enjoyed this piece which by the way was given a little commentary by one of the curator’s on our platform which was how I came across your site. Thanks for a great post!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Checked out your site, saw some familiar names there; very interesting.

      Thanks for coming by, Tom.

  5. Hey Ana,

    This made me actually laugh out loud a couple times. Very funny. It makes sense why more and more people are going for a funny bio than a professional one. The humor makes you much more approachable and human.

    I always try to keep my bios professional yet personal, but I think it might be time for me to go back and write a much more funny bio.

    Anyway, awesome post as always :)

    – Mark T.

  6. Deepak Mehra

    I agree that the funny bios. It is awesome and really interesting. Promoting your site was not so easy to be done, you must be always on way to be inspired on everything you do and be patient.

    Thanks for sharing with me.

  7. Ana,

    A little disappointed with this update being I expected by now you’d be sharing posts we can put up on our big screens TV’s!

    Guess I’ll have to guts it up and view this on the pc :-)

    Reading your posts are entertaining and informative and entertaining is a universal language you tend to use well!

    Thanks again for the humor and time it took to ‘gather’ all this!

    Speaking just for myself, I believe if you can’t have fun while doing something, why do it?
    Laughter besides a great sedative for stress, can also motivate since it seems to make it ‘all’ worthwhile!

    Stay fun, be well and keep us motivated :-)


  8. Renayle Fink

    I could not stop cracking up at all of these bios. My bio has been put to shame. I am gonna run over and fix that mess I call a bio. Seriously, this was a great article! And the tip about not needed to worry about SEO was awesome. I used to worry about that. Not anymore.

  9. Ti Roberts

    LOL; I love this, Ana!

    And your new bio… GENUS. I think I’ll take some inspiration from this and tweak my Twitter bio. My current bio isn’t really that professional but you’ve inspired me to go even more against the grain.

    Here’s to excellent branding through rebellion. 😉


    • I think my Twitter bio looks even more crappy. I should really change and make it short and effective. Thanks, Anna! I’ve got some great ideas 😉

  10. Hello Ana.
    I’ve tried different Twitter profile descriptions and yes, some of them help me get more followers, some others are better for engagement.

    I should work on mine again. It’s been a few months since my last change.

  11. vicky

    That was pretty interesting. Thanks for guiding a way to compose a funny twitter bio. Hooking and being interesting from the start is a good tip to engross the reader.

  12. I agree that the funny bios are awesome. I think they make the people look more approachable and fun, don’t you? I’d be more willing to follow one of those people if I saw their bio pop up somewhere (without even knowing who they are).

    Thanks for the heads up as always. Off to edit my bio. It won’t be funny – yet. I have to think more about that and make sure I have something great.

  13. I love the idea of making twitter profiles more fun. I could sit here all afternoon trying to be clever, though, but at least I’ve had a go at a more light-hearted version of the previous one!

  14. That was great, Ana. A neat collection of odd people. :)

    This inspired me to change my Twitter profile – and while I’m sure not everyone will like it, it reflects my attitude better than it did, which makes me happy.

    Hopefully it will make my target audience gravitate towards me even more.

      • Aww! Thank you Ana! Honestly I was very sleep deprived yesterday, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to fly (no pun intended) but I already have people loving that new slogan.

        Somebody has already compared it to “Freddy Krueger of Blogging” which I took as a massive compliment. 😀

        So it’s likely going to start getting incorporated more and more.

        • Ana Hoffman

          My pleasure, Lindsey.

          And sorry I am dropping the ball on my previous offer to do a mini-audit for you; time is… I don’t know where it goes… But I still want to!

          Like all the changes you’ve made so far.

          • I’m glad you like the changes. Still tweaking things here and there (like trying to figure out why my reviews are listed under my products.) But I think it will serve my visitors a whole lot better now. :)

            And I totally understand the time thing. Absolutely. I think if any entrepreneur doesn’t at least occasionally lose track of time, they’re doing something wrong because they aren’t enjoying life enough. (But I’m weird like that.)

  15. Hi Ana,

    Someday you will have one like this:

    Lou Barba

    I’m too old for a one line bio. I live with my wife and two cats in upstate NY.

  16. Hey Ana,

    I enjoyed looking through these slides, and wow must that have taken time to put together and align just right, unless I’m missing something lol

    My bio has a slight sense of humor while retaining a bio-like format:

    “Email marketer. Blogger. Avid coffee drinker. Fitness freak. I play guitar and I think I’m funny.”

    It’s due for an update sometime soon, as with my Gravatar. I do link to my homepage, which I will be doing more often when I have a dedicated landing page (on my main domain) for future growth.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Ana Hoffman

      I was doing it the hard way until I completely accidentally discovered how to put this deck together in about 30 seconds, Gabe. And thank you!

  17. :) very funny, and often witty.
    In mine I describe myself as mother of dragons so fellow Game of Thrones Fans recognise me. I often have to explain that part to people… I may need to change it 😉

    • Ana Hoffman

      I actually did look at yours when compiling this Slideshare deck, Sarah; couldn’t figure out the dragon part either. LOL

  18. Love. It. I got inspired and came up with mine:

    “I’m a better boss, than an employee. TV producer. Licensed Esthetician. Spa Owner. OK Blogger about to be author. Meet me at the top, the bottom is to crowded.”

    Not as funny as yours, Anna, but a start. Thanks for compiling the list.

  19. Hi Ana,

    I really enjoyed those! Thanks for taking the time to put that together. I wouldn’t have thought to put something funny on there, but you’ve inspired me! I hope mine is funny, I’m usually a lot more funny when I’m not trying!

    I like what you did with yours. :)


  20. Can’t think of one of those that I would NOT follow back. Clearly reflected in some of the bios was the “don’t worry I’m not a social media guru” theme. That should be a good warning right there. But high on my list of people I don’t follow back are those who tell they are MLM experts and the like. But at least it was good enough of them to warn me that they are the “in-your-face” type. Now to review my own bio.

    Fun and original.

  21. Darcie Davis

    Ana, you are such a role model for cleverness. This post is packed full of fun, promotion actions easy for us to take, interesting research, and great creative writing. Made my day.

  22. Nice ones Ana!

    I liked the last one the best, which of course was yours…nothing to beat that. :)

    I agree, shorter is always better and there are great ways you can spice it all up and add things you want provided you get your creative juices flowing.

    Thanks for sharing these with us. :)

  23. Great detailed collection Henna.

    The most cleaverest Bio was of Mark Schaefer and one at the beginning of the post :D. Smarty!

    Deman Lindelof’s is the funniest one.

    But great collection. Your effort to compile 100+ list is worth praising.