10 Outside-the-Box Tips on How to Get More Facebook Fans

10 Outside-the-Box Tips on How to Get More Facebook Fans

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get facebook fansDid you know that when it comes down to getting more Facebook fans for your page, more people are interested in buying fans vs doing it the “old-fashioned” way – by actually working for it?

It’s true.

As I was doing a quick keyword research for this post with SEMRush, I noticed one glaring trend:

  • keywords that mentioned “buy” had over 5 times more search volume!

Take a look for yourself:

buy Facebook fans”

buy facebook fans keyword search

get Facebook fans

get facebook fans keyword search

What I find even more interesting and amusing is the fact that “buy TARGETED facebook fans” is the second most searched term for “facebook fans“.


Well, all the best to those who are looking to buy “targeted” FB fans, but you and I have real work to do: find creative ways to get more Facebook fans the right (and only) way.

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Why Drive Blog Traffic to Social Media?

Before I actually get to the point (this is the talkative introvert in me talking), I need to address the question of sending your blog traffic away to social media.

After all, the whole point of developing presence on social media is to increase YOUR website traffic, right?

So why encourage them to leave?

Like this:

too many choices

My strong advice is DON’T do it.

Too many choices lead to making NO choices.

Instead, choose ONE social media network you want to build and stick with it.

Do you want to get more Twitter followers? Then make it all about Twitter.

Do you want to build Google Plus presence? Then Google Plus it is.

Are you working on getting more Facebook fans? Yep, you got it.

So why send your traffic away at all?


Social media is the best “reach multiplier” I know of.

One more fan on Facebook might equal hundreds, if not thousands, more eyes to see your content on Facebook, like it, and follow it back to your blog.

That’s the only reason it makes sense to send your readers off your blog: SO THAT they can bring back even more readers.

Get More Facebook Fans via Your Blog

Back to getting more Facebook fans.

There are several ways I use Traffic Generation Café to promote my Facebook fan page.

1. Sidebar Facebook Widget

facebook fan sidebar widgetThis is one of the most obvious ways to do it: place the FB widget in your sidebar.

A couple of pointers to help you make the most of it:

  • might not be wise to add the widget if you have just a handful of fans – might actually work against you as negative proof;
  • choose to show your fans’ faces – readers are more likely to like your page if they see other faces they recognize; stronger social proof';
  • use an action verb to encourage your readers to like your page – “LIKE” or “JOIN” make sense;
  • show enough faces to make the widget stand out, but not too many to overtake your sidebar.

2. Contact Page

I find it a great way to kill two birds with one stone:

  • cut down on the amount of junk emails I used to get before I made this change;
  • encourage my readers to start discussions on my fan page.

This is what it my contact page looks like:

facebook fan page contact

3. Make it your Call to Action in posts

Like this:

get more fb fans from blog posts

Two more ways to get more Facebook fans via your blog – they are more on the technical side:

4. Close post comments

I used to never close comments on my posts, no matter how old they were.

However, the clever pesky comments spammers got to me.

They were so good at finding the pages with high PageRank to leave their spam comments, that they forced me to start closing comments on posts 90 days or older.

However, I closed them with a bang: it’s now become yet another opportunity for my readers to become my Facebook fans:

comments closed comment on facebook page

5. Link your Facebook fan page in author byline

Every post you publish displays your name as its author, usually somewhere by the post title.

By default WordPress setting, that name is linked to your author page.

In my opinion, it’s a waste of a great opportunity to direct your traffic to where it makes the most sense; in this case, to your Facebook fan page.

get fans from author byline

Get More Facebook Fans via Personal Profile

Chances are you’ve got many Facebook friends on your personal profile who are not really friends.

They are your business connections that should really be your Facebook fans.

It’s good to reserve your personal Facebook profile for real friends and family and move your business friends to your Facebook fan page.

Two ways to do it:

6. Invite friends to like your page

Make sure you use Facebook as your personal profile and not as your Facebook fan page before doing this.

use facebook admin panel to get more fans

With your admin panel enabled (see the image above), you should see the “Invite Friends” section in the bottom right corner.

invite fb friends to become fans

Now all you need to do is to invite them to become your page fans.

Since they are already your friends on your personal profile, that means they already like you. Might as well like you in the right place – your fan page!

7. Stop accepting friend requests

Yet another way to get more Facebook friends in the spirit of separating personal and business sides of Facebook:

  • stop accepting friend requests from people who you’d rather connect with on your fan page.

Here’s what I do:

1. Pull up the list of your new friend requests.

turn facebook friend requests into fans

2. Click on the profile of the person you’d like to get back to.

3. Click on “Message”.

how to turn facebook response into fans

4. Send them a message explaining that you’d much rather connect with them on your fan page rather than your personal profile.

Quick tip: to save time, save the message template as an Everynote, or a text document, or whatever else you use, and simply copy and paste it when going through your friend requests.

I personally use Text Expander for Mac to do something like this quickly and efficiently.

Here’s what my message says (use it for inspiration, not copying):

I’ve recently noticed that I’ve been missing a lot of messages and wall posts on my personal FB profile.

Truth is I am trying to keep my personal Facebook personal, but I am very active at my FB page at http://www.facebook.com/TrafficGenerationCafe.

I’d appreciated it, if you connect with me over there.

Otherwise, my family just gets confused when I post business/marketing stuff to my personal wall.


You can send the same message to your current friends who you’d rather “migrate” to your fan page.

More Ways to Get Fans through Personal Profile

I am mentioning the following two ways only because they are available to you, NOT because I’d advise you actually do it.

You can quickly annoy your potential followers or, worse, get your page banned by many of them in your overly-zealous efforts to get more fans.

(Don’t) “Invite email contacts”

This option is under “Build Audience” in your page Admin Panel.

get more fb fans: invite email contacts

It allows you to import and invite email contacts from certain email services and autoresponders.

Why you shouldn’t do it because it…

  • annoys people;
  • breaks trust;
  • gets you spammed and banned.

(Don’t) “Share page”

See image above.

With this option, you can share your fan page on a friend’s timeline.

Something that most of your friends won’t appreciate, I bet.

This is the kind of strategy Empower Network might teach their folks to do – another great reason to stay away from it.

(Sure it’s a cheap shot on my part, but I couldn’t fight the temptation off, plus I need to build internal links to my EN review to rank it higher on Google. :) )

Even More Actionable Ways to Get Facebook Fans

8. Like more Facebook pages!

Remember we talked about installing a Facebook fan page widget in your sidebar?

And remember I said to make sure to show faces in that widget?

Well, here’s another way you can use those widgets on OTHER blogs/sites to your advantage.

In our day and age of extremely smart (at times, to a scary degree) activity tracking, when you visit another site, Facebook “recognizes” you (when you are logged into Facebook, of course) and uses their widgets on other sites to make you feel right at home.


By displaying already familiar faces in those widgets.

For example, when I go to Slideshare home page, I see a huge Facebook widget that’s hard to miss.

slideshare facebook fans

I recognize a lot of these faces; don’t you?

These are either existing fans, or friends, or friends of friends, friends of fans – your typical “six degree separation” of social media.

My point: the more great and highly trafficked Facebook pages you like, the more people will see YOUR face in those widgets.

And the more people see your face, the more they want to check you out; human nature, right?

With this strategy you’ll kill two birds with one stone:

  • get more Facebook fans AND
  • build a stronger online presence and brand.

9. Install Facebook comments

Another great way to spread your Facebook wings: install Facebook comments.

And I am not suggesting replacing the native WordPress commenting system – many of your readers still prefer to use it over any other third party system, like Disqus, Livefyre, etc.

Use it in addition to the native system.

There are several advantages to using Facebook comment system:

  • Facebook values comments above likes and shares, so this way, you’ll be increasing your Edge Rank.
  • When someone leaves a comment via a Facebook comment system, that comment is usually published on their timeline = more exposure to you and your content.
  • If you choose to close WordPress native comments after a certain number of days (for instance, 90 days at Traffic Generation Café), you can still keep FB comments open.

This is the part where I start hearing a bunch of objections:

But… but… but… Google doesn’t index Facebook comments!

As a matter of fact, I recently read a Facebook status update post at Neil Patel’s blog (yes, that’s the post I based my How to Write Awesome Facebook Status Updates Slideshare deck on, which as of right now has over 98,000 views! on Slideshare).

I quote from that post:

The sad part about this is Facebook comments are in iframes, so search engines won’t be able to index the comments on your blog.

But you will end up getting more social traffic.

I love Neil Patel, but I have a feeling he outsource this post to someone who had no idea what he/she was talking about.

Google not indexing FB comments is a news of the past.

I am currently testing a couple of Facebook comment plugins trying to decide which one works best for Traffic Generation Café.

Got a suggestion? Leave a comment.

10. Facebook Paid Ads

“Paid” doesn’t always mean “expensive”.

Even though I haven’t taken advantage of Facebook ads myself, I know of many bloggers who don’t mind spending $5 – $10 to promote some of their epic posts with and get killer results from it.

The only reason I haven’t done it is because I haven’t had a chance to study up on the subject.

There are several ways you can get more Facebook fans using paid ads:

1. By promoting your Facebook page, like this:

get more fans with facebook fan page ads

Wouldn’t be my first choice: looks like a good way to get quantity, but would these be quality fans?

2. By promoting your business directly, like this:

get traffic with facebook fan page ads

3. Now you can even create “Custom Audiences” by uploading your email lists and marketing directly to certain segments.

Again, since I am not very well-versed on the topic, I’ll leave it at that, but hope you won’t.

If you know of any great resources to learn more about using Facebooks ads, leave a link in the comments.

Either way, this is something I am very interested in and will be learning more about it very soon.

Bonus tip: Like Facebook comments

This tip comes courtesy of Ti Roberts from her post 4 Hidden Traffic Tips to Spike Your Traffic Stats.

This traffic tip is dual purpose.

It can be used to increase your Facebook “likes” as well as to ultimately drive more traffic to your blog.

While it can be effective to go through and “like” the pages of some of the gurus in your niche to get more traffic and likes to your Facebook page, it can prove to be even more effective to actually “like” the comments of the people on their fanpage.

Think about it.

Every time someone “likes” your status or a comment you’ve made, that little notification box pops up in the bottom left corner of your computer screen, right?

This simple action will allow them to get exposed to you, your website and what you have to offer.

What My Facebook Fans Said on the Topic

I also asked Traffic Generation Café Facebook fans for their opinions on how to get more fans and here’s what they said:

comments on how to get more fans

Do you want your opinion to matter?

Like Traffic Generation Café on Facebook.

Marketing Takeaway

The bottom line on getting more Facebook fans is this:

Facebook quality fans trump Facebook quantity fans.

This is a stark opposition to my stance on how to get more Twitter followers.

Just goes to show that each traffic generation method requires a different approach.

I’ve been working on getting more Facebook traffic for the past couple of months (after all, isn’t that why we want more Facebook fans to begin with – to get more traffic to our businesses) and the results speak for themselves:

  • even though the number of my new Facebook fans grew by only about 5% in the past couple of months, my Facebook traffic to Traffic Generation Café tripled.

get more fb fans get more facebook traffic

Quality interaction is the only way to go on Facebook.

Getting more quality Facebook fans is just the icing on the cake.


Off interacting with my Facebook fans (like my Facebook page to join the party!),

traffic generation cafe how to get more facebook fans

traffic generation cafe comment below

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60 Comments (click here to leave a comment)

  1. Dave Thomas

    Great advice! Ana. Spreading funny photos and videos were a proven method to obtain more fans fast. Besides this when you’ve got fund then you can run a Facebook campaign to fans.

  2. Meredith

    Great post Ana – thanks for the ideas. I am thinking I might put my social buttons below my optin form. I want them there, but i’d rather the email optin be the easier form for them to access. Ill see how that goes. Also I have a qw for you – what plugin do you use for Social Sharing at bottom of your posts? And What is the plugin that gives you the wonderful red handwritten looking text above comments section?

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks, Meredith.

      To be honest with you, I’d keep the social sharing buttons away from your optin form. You want your optin form to stand out and convert and placing buttons so close to it might take away the attention.

      The elements you asked about are coded into my theme; they are not plugins.

  3. Michelle Sri


    This is exactly the post I was looking for today! I am a part of the research and development team for an SEO and Web Design company and we are focusing on generating new ideas for using social CTA’s in posts to drive likes and followers. This post gave me some super helpful ideas.
    A couple of points really stood out to me:

    Focusing on ONE social platform at a time. I LOVE this idea. I am currently juggling a couple of handfuls of clients’ social campaigns, each having 3 platforms (FB, Twitter, Google+) an I have felt my efforts have been SO divided. I actually just turned over the FB and Google accounts to others on the social team and have been focusing mostly on twitter. It really has improved not only my focus but also the progress these accounts are making.

    I completely agree on the too many choices for social following/sharing and have implemented this change for all of our clients this last week. I’ve been going back and forth on having the Pinterest added to the social follow (besides the basic 3: FB, TW and G+) , and I see you have it. I think I have to evaluate this on a client to client basis, along with Linked in.

    Anyway, have bookmarked this and I look forward to more great posts!

    Thanks Ana,

    • Ana Hoffman

      Glad you found the post helpful, Michelle.

      Narrowing down our focus makes a huuuuge difference to the results; yet, most website owners are still pressured to be everywhere.

  4. Tony Rovere


    And while I am asking, did you find a Facebook comment plugin as mentioned in #9? And how do you integrate that with WP? Do you turn off WP comments so people can only comment on FaceBook?

    Just curious what the best strategy would be.

    Thanks again.

    • Ana Hoffman

      You just reminded me that I still need to take care of it, Tony.

      I’ll be installing Facebook SEO Comments most likely.

      I’ll be running both systems: the FB comments, as well as the native system.

      Since I close WP comments after 90 days, those posts will only display FB comments, so my readers will still be able to comment on those posts.

  5. Tony Rovere


    Great list of resources, but I do have a question. Pertaining to #5, could you walk me through how I do this? I could not find the default settings in the back end of WP to do this…

    Thanks again for your assistance.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I wish I could, Tony. There’s no default setting to do it; you’ll have to add a piece of code to your WP theme.

      Since I wouldn’t know how to do it myself, I had my web designer add it for me.

  6. As always some great tips Ana, thanks! I especially liked referring people to contact you via the Facebook page, a great way to engage people. Do you find that having this extra step to contact you puts off spammers? We get many such emails through the existing contact form on our website at the moment, so it could prove an added bonus!

    • Ana Hoffman

      It definitely does separate the wheat from the chaff, Michael – spammers or guest post link builders simply won’t take their time.

  7. Hi Ana, great post. Couldn’t agree more on why we need to increase our social network fans/followers. Sure, the business is done on our site, we do want the traffic to get there – eventually, but social networks allows us to go viral and turn one customer into a hundred, which in turn will become 10,000 and so on.
    And that’s exactly what we thought when we added this cool feature to our related posts plugin – the option to have your FB related posts recommended across our network , in addition to your actual blog posts. This drives additional, targeted traffic to your fan page, where you can engage and interact with the readers on a daily basis.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Yes, social networks do allow us to leverage our content the way we could never do on our own, Arye.

  8. Ana,

    I don’t think buying type of leads is very beneficial and targeted leads is just a marketing ploy. It is always best to do everything the right way and not the easy way. We all know that internet marketing takes work.

    I have not done much with Facebook but know I need to use it. I have been thinking recently that I really need to put up a Facebook page and start promoting it.

    I am going to keep your 10 tips as these are really good and a great place to start getting Facebook traffic.

    Thanks for the great tips.

    Dee Ann Rice

    • Ana Hoffman

      I think you’ll do very well on FB, Dee Ann; you just need a good kick in the rear. lol

  9. Hi Ana

    Thank you so much for sharing these great tips on how to get more quality fb fans. I have never understood people’s obsession with just focusing on the numbers. Not only does it invite lots of spam to your page, but it also dilutes your edge rank and ultimately hurts your page.

    I have been trying to move all my business away from my personal profile, but the one thing that has held me back is the poor reach that fb page posts have. I believe the average is about 16% without advertising. Is it just my imagination, or do posts on your personal profile have a wider reach?

    Thanks again for the great information.


    • Ana Hoffman

      That’s an interesting point, Louise – I don’t really use my personal profile much to know if the reach is wider through it.

      One thing for sure: Facebook is very good at pushing us to use our personal profiles more – just take a look at all the “like” buttons and FB widgets around the web, we can only use them with our personal profiles.

      Not sure what the logic behind it is, but we make do with what we get, right?

  10. Hi Ana, I did ads on my Facebook page and spent around 5 bucks everyday and it grew so great, I got like around 40 more fans each day and that makes me feel so great.

    Thank you for these great ways – Ferb

  11. Abhishek

    Whoa you have jotted down everything possible here and I just loved every bit of it. I am gonna try these suggestions to get like for my fb page for sure. Thanks a ton for this one :)

  12. Katie Semple

    I apologize in advance for the dumb question, but I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks and haven’t had any luck.

    Let’s say you have a fan page for your business. You also have a regular profile-or-whatever-you-call-the-portal-to-Farmville that you get when you sign up for Facebook. Your profile is mostly friends/family/etc. Your business connections are done on your fan page.

    When you Like something on a non-Facebook website, it seems to automatically be Liked by your profile, not by your fan page. So if I were to Like your Find Us On Facebook, you’d see a cute picture of my 10 month old, I’d see updates about your page in my profile’s news feed, and MY fan page would be completely unconnected.

    Since I don’t really want my 10 month old’s picture all over Internet marketing sites or (no offense) updates from Internet marketers’ fan pages all over my personal profile, I avoid Liking anything. Is there any way to do all the Liking and presence-building from your fan page?

    • Ana Hoffman

      That’s a very good question, Katie, and I am afraid, the one without an good answer.

      I double-checked with my FB fans and did some research and it appears that it’s impossible to LIKE anything off Facebook as your page.

      Makes no sense, but that’s how it works.

  13. I already implemented a few of your tips on my blog and I’m looking to apply the rest of them in the near future. I knew about Ti Roberts tip on liking other people’s Facebook comments but most of the tips you described were new to me.

    This website is like an ocean of lots of good info any blogger could use to improve their sites. I am reading one article and all of a sudden I have 3-4 more tabs open with links to other blog posts showing me how to do other interesting thing that will help me grow online. And I don’t seem to get tired of it. Thank you Ana!

  14. Evan

    I only have a few dozen likes right now, but this article has motivated me to step up my FB game. For one, I need to stop automated everything, upload new photos, and just make it more engaging all together. Thanks for the kick I needed. I’m getting started on these changes today! Many thanks to you!

  15. Hello Ana, Another great post. I have found with my experience that when people like your fan page after liking your product, service or blog that gives real value from Facebook.
    I advertise one of my blog on Facebook thru CPM ad and in just 2 months I had 24000 fans for my blog, but whenever I promote my post on that Facebook page I don’t get any traffic at all.
    At the other side on my other blog, I have earned real people who loved my blog, but only 1300 are on my Facebook page and I get much better result than 24000 fans.

  16. Susan Campbell

    Hey Ana, juicy little tidbit about liking facebook comments. Never came across that one before!


  17. Hey Ana,

    Thanks for an awesome post! Loved it. Two thinks I would like to say:

    1. I actually can’t fully agree with you on being in one social media platform & build the community over there. Okay I might be on Facebook but what about Twitter or SlideShare or even Pinterest? Sometimes it’s hard to find every people in your niche in one single platform or if your are targeting influencers. Like Matt Cutts, you can’y find him on Facebook . you have to head over to Google+ or LinkedIn to get him over their. Apparently it’s all about growing your reach across different channels.

    2. I think I “Super Liked” about your idea of denying friend requests from people (Business Contacts) and inviting them to connect with out of your Facebook Page. It’s a great way to secure your personal life from getting mixed with your business contacts.

    Thanks again for a great post! Keep up the good work!

    • Ana Hoffman

      I didn’t say “have no presence” on other networks, Sourav; rather “focus” on one at a time.

      And thank you!

  18. I didn’t realize that FB comments WERE indexed. Although I’m a little fuzzy on how that works. I mean I’ve never seen FB comments show up in my search results. So I don’t quite understand how having FB comments in the search index helps drive traffic or where they drive traffic to? Does anybody have any further experience with this?

    I don’t turn off comments (I haven’t had the spam problem – I suppose that means I’m just lucky but it’s simply a matter of time before I DO?) because I get a ton on older posts. I can’t keep up with responses but other readers seem to chime in on each others questions pretty regularly so I figure the benefit of people connecting outweighs the potential that I look rude for being unresponsive. I hope so anyway 😛

    • Ana Hoffman

      It doesn’t really help your traffic at all, Alexis.

      The whole point of FB comments being indexed vs not is the fact that people won’t comment on a blog as much if they think they don’t get backlinks from comments.

      If the comments are not indexed, then there are no SEO benefits for them to comment on your blog. Makes sense? Mute point really, but some make a big deal out of it.

      I think if you can manage your comments well enough, then you should keep them open.

  19. Ana fabulous article, have not really used Facebook as I should have, hopefully this article will spur me to do that which I ought to do.

  20. Hi Ana,
    I’m surprised. Most people are always looking for the easy routes, thats why they end up buying fan pages instead of earning them the right way.

    I agree with everything you said here because I’m doing some of them and they are really working. The one i normally do most of the time is to invite them.

    Thanks a lot for the share Ana.

  21. Great tips Ana. I am only doing a few of them, and that’s sending people from my contact page to my Facebook page, and I am also sending people who are reading my newsletter to my Facebook page. I did have a widget in the sidebar, but I am testing the sidebar without it (to get more subscribers to my newsletter).

    I am still not totally comfortable sending people from my blog to Facebook, because I want to focus on my newsletter and getting more subscribers, and that’s why I haven’t been adding too many options.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I think it’s a solid plan, Jens. I only started using the FB widget a few months ago; before then, the only option I gave to my readers was my email list.

      The great thing about the widget though is the fact that people can like your page without leaving your blog.

  22. Diego Martin

    Hi there Ana! Thks for these great tips. I really enjoyed your post specially that part where you advice which method we’d better not use in order to keep safe! Very informative indeed. :)

  23. Jennifer Cunningham

    Thanks for sharing. I feel like I just got 500 new visits. You actually respond personally and not with one of those pre written emails. That is why I check by your fb page or blog daily. I thank you for the mention. I will try liking more fb pages. Personally, I like google plus better, but fb is too big to ignore. I have thought about reducing the number of page feeds to my fb. Great article on fb. I wonder about fb taking away from actual blog traffic. However, you got to go where the traffic is and that is definitely fb.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I really appreciate seeing you around my FB page, Jennifer, and thanks for chiming in on the discussion.

      I understand you have a preference, but where is your audience: FB or Google Plus?

  24. Hi Ana, I’m not such a big fan of Facebook. They make far to many changes for my liking, but I do find the Facebook comment plugin interesting. I was just wondering if you know of any blog posts or articles, that shows a list of the top blogs who are using the plugin.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I actually prefer Facebook to Twitter, Paul – 140 characters just don’t cut it for me. :)

      And no, I don’t really know of any blogs that use FB comments off the top of my head.

  25. Ti Roberts

    Awesome tips, Ana.

    I really liked the FB comments alternative for after closing blog comments. This is def one I’ll be looking into.

    Most of my readers don’t seem to like iFrame commenting systems, like Disqus, which is what I currently use. But I like them, a lot. They’re easy to use and seem to send me the most referral and social traffic.

    It’s funny how although I spend most of my time on Twitter and I enjoy their platform more then FB, most of my traffic still comes from FB. I’m thinking that has to do with social sharing of my connections and audience, not from my own efforts.

    I plan to explore FB traffic more in-depth soon, whenever I can come up for air from all the other stuff I’ve got going on, lol.

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a thorough piece, Ana; and thanks for the mention too. :)


    • Ana Hoffman

      How does Disqus send you referral/social traffic, Ti?

      I’ve tried Disqus at TGC a long time ago and my engagement was definitely down. Most bloggers don’t like having to log into a commenting system, among other things.

      Sounds like FB has your name on it, doesn’t it?

      And thanks for letting me use your tip!

  26. Excellent post Ana,

    This is the best Facebook post I’ve seen, I’ll have to share this for #SoMeSa.

    Changing the closed comments to show a link to your Facebook page is an excellent little customization that’s really easy to do.

    Also I agree with you on offering too many options.

    Do you recommend rotating the featured social networks periodically?

    • Ana Hoffman

      All shares are much appreciated, Darnell.

      Yes, rotating networks is exactly what I do at Traffic Generation Café.

      For instance, I linked everything to Google Plus when it was all the rage and built up a very sizable following that way. Now it’s Facebook turn.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I held off as long as I could, but had to finally start closing comments, Kristi – I might have to close the gap a bit like you did. 30 days sounds reasonable.

      • I really wanted to allow commenting forever, but the spam was just too much. Even now with GASP, Akismet, and comments only open 30 days I still get about 50 spam comments a day. :(

        • Ana Hoffman

          Wow, that many? That’s quite a bit…

          I have only GASP enable and get only a few of them slip through each day.

          Also, what I occasionally do is add the IP addresses, as well as domain names of my frequent spammers to my WP blacklist under Settings => Discussion. Have you tried that? Once I started doing it regularly, my comment spam went down significantly.

          There’s also a plugin called WP Spam Blacklister – it automatically places IP address from marked spam comment in the comments blacklist.

          Hope this helps, Kristi.

  27. First of All Thanks for embedding me in the post. It’s great to see myself up in the post, will certainly help my social presence.

    Congrats for reaching 4000 fans . I can tell this is just a start you will reach much more people and get many more loyal fans.

    About the post, I also feel that concentrating on too many social media websites will give you a headache if you are managing your business/brand/website single handed . So its better to concentrate on one thing than many for better results.

    But Ana this is where most of the people get into trouble and feel which is the right network to promote their website.

    I feel it is more easier to get targeted twitter followers than getting facebook likes. Google Plus is getting more important with Authorship stuff so it’s also important & Facebook is also getting into search with Graph Search so what’s your view?

    Do you know any good tool through which we can manage all the 3 networks profiles and pages?

    • Ana Hoffman

      You are very welcome, Rahul; thanks for responding to my Facebook call.

      As far as various social networks are concerned, I know what you mean.

      Here’s what I would do:

      1. See which one delivers the most and best traffic and focus heavily on that one; forget about the others.

      If you need to learn how to figure which one works best for your audience, pick up my free ebook http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/increase-website-traffic/; I talk about it there in detail.

      2. To manage several different platforms, I’d recommend Hootsuite.

      It allows you to keep track of multiple platforms as well as multiple profiles within each network.

  28. Elie

    Nice one! In regards to #1 I immediately added a call to action thanks to your suggestion. Thank you!
    For #10 I have gotten great results with those ads. (I am not in the IM niche by the way) What I did was made a sponsored ad on the specific post that went viral on their own so this way my paid ad woudn’t waste dollars and would go viral even more. I have done this a few times with diff posts and went great. It led to more FB fans and to more sign ups for my site.
    Thank you!

  29. Chitraparna Sinha

    Apart from the very useful tips, I so LOVED the presentation…I love James Bond…only if Sean Connery was born in the 1980s…sighhhh!