How Ana Got Her Twitter Groove Back

How Ana Got Her Twitter Groove Back

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Groovy, baby!

Not too long ago, you and I had a heart-to-heart on what it really takes to get targeted traffic from Twitter: quality or quantity.

Here’s the original post on that, to refresh your memory:

I was really looking forward to your comments on that post and was really surprised: turned out that you largely agreed with me that you’d rather generate TONS of Twitter traffic, bring them to your blog, and network with them there as opposed to spending every waking minute of your day (and night, in most cases), cultivating the relationships there just to see tweeple stopping using Twitter in about 30 days or so.

Wow, that was one long sentence… Give me a minute; I need to catch my breath…

OK, so…. The reason I wrote that post to begin with was the fact that Twitter stopped being my largest referral traffic source. And it all happened right after I started testing the notion of “quality over quantity“.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a spammer who blindly follows thousands of people just to spam them with self-serving links.

Nothing further from the truth, as a matter of fact. Just check out my main account @AnaTrafficCafe – you’ll see nothing but quality there.

Yes, quality still matters.

However, spread that quality to as MANY Twitter followers as YOU CAN GET.

That’s my Twitter motto.

Yes, right after I wrote that post (or right before – can’t really remember), I went back to my old ways of getting as many Twitter followers as possible, and lookie here:

twitter traffic generation google analytics image

It’s back to number one spot – BY FAR.

And here’s another one:

twitter traffic generation graphThis is a span of 2 weeks – granted, not a huge amount of time, but remember this is not the first time I went for quantity Twitter traffic generation.

I wrote my previous post on the 27 of January and that’s about when I started getting more followers my way – you can seek the peak of traffic corresponding to those dates.

How to Get Quality Twitter Followers

Want to have some?

Follow these steps:

  1. Create several Twitter accounts – I would recommend 5. They should all be personal (remember, we don’t spam people) and reflect different aspects of your business or your personality. For instance, my accounts are: @Christpreneurs (because I am a Christian), @Mompreneurs (because I am a mom), @SuitcaseCafe (because I love to travel and my primary business has a travel section), @YourNetBizCafe (because it’s my primary business), and @YourNewsFeed (because I love to stay in touch with what’s going on in the industry). And now you know all of my Twitter shenanigans. :)
  2. Get TweetAdder – this is a must; there’s no way you can do this by hand and trust me, this one is worth every penny of it.
  3. Search for TARGETED potential followers – people who might be interested in what you have to offer.
  4. Start adding them on a daily basis – while watching Twitter limits of course.
  5. Send them a killer DM message, bribing them to come to your blog.
  6. Automatically tweet other people’s blogs as well as yours – that way you’ll always have fresh content posted to all your accounts without any effort on your part. Both TweetAdder and MarketMeSuite will do that for you.
  7. Monitor your @Mentions – make sure you get back to any of your followers when they ask a question, RT your content, or simple stop by to say Hello.

All in all, my Twitter involvement is about 20-30 minutes per day. I let TweetAdder do the rest.

Results? As you saw in the screen shots above, I get thousands of new visitors per month – with very little work.

Marketing Takeaway

Once again, I am not proposing to spam Twitter; just use it more efficiently.

The floor is yours: how’s your Twitter traffic generation going and are you considering doing it my way?

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  1. Matt

    Hi Ana. I have a Twitter account but have just launched a new brand/trading name. Can I set up another Twitter account with the new logo & details but then transfer or maintain the followers I have on my existing account?? Thanks.

  2. Hi Ana

    If you have multiple accounts, you also have a very different target audience, does this mean you have separate businesses? Also, I see that on some of your accounts there are hardly any followers, how does this work? Is there a way to connect them?
    Thanks Ana

    • All the accounts are connected to the same business – this blog, Juliette, but all of them reflect different interests I have.

      For instance, I am a mom, so one of my accounts is @Mompreneurs. I tweet about stuff for moms in addition to online marketing.

      Via @Christpreneurs (I am a strong believer in Christ), I tweet Bible verses in addition to online marketing.

      See the patters? Still the same business, just different angles.

      Only one of my accounts doesn’t have many followers @MeetAna, and that’s because I pretty much abandoned it (I need to close it altogether).

      Does it make sense? I’d be happy to answer more questions.


  3. That is a lot of work, maintaining multiple Twitter accounts for multiple personalities. I also wonder if we will start seeing psychology papers written about multiple personality disorders from multiple online personalities. I am not talking just about from marketing folks, but also the guys who put up fake dating profiles and such.

  4. I just wanted to add, you can get 20% discount off of Tweet Adder if you use this promo coupon: imcashsaver1. I used it and it worked :)

    That’s not an affiliate link, that I’m aware of.

    (btw Ana you can delete this comment if you want, I’m not sure how the affiliate commissions work with a coupon, I just wanted to save people some money :) )

  5. Ok I’m trying out TweetAdder. So are you saying keep my main twitter account for natural Twitter follower building. Don’t go adding thousands of followers for that.

    Create other accounts and get as many followers as I can. Use automated RSS feeds and RT’s to keep content.

    • Exactly, Benny.

      But remember to go slow or you’ll be banned. If you are on my email list, I sent out my exact “how to add thousands without being banned by Twitter” strategy; hope you got it.

      Let me know how it goes!

      • Bruce Stevens

        Re: – my exact “how to add thousands without being banned by Twitter” strategy

        I’m a newcomer to your list Ana, any other place I can find this?


  6. Hi Anna,
    The reason I love reading any of your articles is I know they are going to be jammed packed with great content
    And delivered in a thought provoking way.

    I never liked the idea of having more the one twitter account, because it seemed more work then what it is worth, but I stand corrected

    Thanks again for your professionalism,
    Jeff Faldalen

    • Wonderful to see you here, Jeff.

      It does seem that way until you try it. To me, running 6 accounts is the same as running one. Really. Almost the same time span.

      I only actively engage in one of them, the rest still get valuable info from me and other bloggers minus my presence. :)

  7. as you ‘ve seen, I am new in Twitter and I am looking for ways to exploit all the potential it’s got. Thanks for your usefull tips. Will do as you ‘re saying

  8. Very interesting. First time I hear that I should have more than one twitter account. I thought that would confuse followers and that branding should be for one unique name. No?
    Thanks Ana. Always refreshing content here.

    • Well, I only “brand” TGC in one of my “Quality” accounts. The other ones are just the off-shoots of my split personality. :)

      As long as I provide quality info on all accounts, I haven’t seen any confusion. Some people figure out that it’s all me, but they choose to follow one of “me”.

  9. The only way (really) you can get followers on Twitter is by following others, Val. That’s not spam, that’s reality and that’s what everybody else does, believe me.

    Conversions are an interesting questions. I do see a lot of opt-ins coming from Twitter DMs I send out, but I never made it “official”.

    Maybe because I suck at GA; only know the basics.

    Do you know how to set it up, Val?

  10. You’ve done a great job handling your one twitter account, Roy. Keep it up and I wish you even more success. :)

    Thanks for encouragement to my readers, by the way.

  11. Hi Ana,

    This is a cool strategy. I knew about sharing other people blog posts and this way grow your audience. I also knew about creating different Twitter accounts – for each business separately, but I never thought about the strategy to create multiple accounts based on the topic and then merge them together to drive traffic to one website.
    It is a very interesting approach, let’s try this out.

    Kind regards,

  12. I find autodms seriously annoying. I am not just a number but that sort of impersonal dm makes it appear that way. A personal touch goes a long way. Obviously the problem is one of time and that is hard to overcome.

      • I always respond to DMs that appear to be personal. When they don’t get a follow up it is usually because they were an autodm that was worked on. That is still enough to get unfollowed.

        Sometimes I’ll pay one more visit to their website to see if there is enough substance to stick around.

        • That’s exactly what I bank on, Jack: my blog substance.

          Since most of my Twitter followers are targeted, it’s only logical to think that they will want to stay and learn.

          Again, this is numbers game and since most of it is done automatically, I am OK with that. :)

  13. Great Post..

    Yea it really makes sense to use twitter to get traffic to ur blog as its free and u have automated everything..

    Will tsrat to work on getting more accounts opened..


  14. Hi Ana,

    Your Twitter groove eh?? I like that. Think I lost somewhere along the line so I know I am not maximizing Twitter right now but I will be sure to follow you tips when I am groove seeking again. I like the time saving aspect of what you present. Thanks.


  15. I use twitter and currently gaining a lot of followers, so many more that I used to.


    It still makes me think is it getting me anywhere?

    Love this post as it outlines the way to make the focus in all the cloud of twitter noise.

    I think you really need to outline your goals before you spend loads of time.

    Another killer post Ana thank you for this, great stuff.



    • Thanks for coming by, Phill.

      Remember, your goal is to get them to your blog and then network there – whatever means work.

      I am sure your Google Analytics should give you a glimpse into how it’s working out for you.

  16. You know you’re right. I also tested that quality over quantity but I think they should be side by side and not one is important than the other. And you sure have the evidence that quantity also matters :)

    • Agreed, Andrew.

      One account for quality and the rest purely for quantity. It works and I am sticking with it. :)

      Thanks for coming by!

  17. Lou Barba

    Hi Ana,

    I still feel like I’m one little bird in a field full of ten thousand chirping away. I do get some traffic from twitter, but it is pretty overwhelming. By the way, you have been chosen for The Stylish Blggoer Award. If you visit my blog, you can find out what on earth I am talking about. :)


  18. Thanks, Ana. I have been skeptical of Twitter’s utility because I know that I will not spend hours of my time monitoring what goes on there. Automating things the way you have done it, and with multiple Twitter accounts to expand your connections, is–what else can I say–brilliant!

      • Ana-A question: Am I using the key word luv correctly in my comment above by listing key words rather than the web site name? Or shoudl it be in teh anme fiels as directly above? I am not sure I understand this. Thanks for your help.

  19. I wish you could invade my brain for a day.

    OK-I’m gonna try this one. I know you suggested 5, but since I’m a double-nicher, I’ll start with 2.

    Hope you’re skiing with your family, Ana:).

    Thanks for another awesome traffic generation tip.

  20. Twitter more fun than barrel of monkeys – hell ya; Thanks to your tips.

    I seen your video on the post and I have to agree this is one of the best twitter tactic I have ever come across. I will be sharing about this on my blog this coming saturday.

    Would love to see your feedback Ana.

  21. Thanks for sharing this! That’s a lot of traffic from Twitter. I already use market me suite, but haven’t tested out Tweet Adder yet. I’m going to look into it.

  22. Ana:

    I disagree with everything you said. KIDDING! :) Just wanted to see what that felt like. Problem is, I usually agree with you and this is no exception. I am just beginning to harness the traffic generation from Twitter. I have a couple of things automated, but I need to get on the auto tweet of others stuff. It takes a lot of my time going through and tweeting great content.
    I also feel responding to @mentions is of the utmost importance. That, and off loading spammy people.
    And I too, like Heather, secretly hope your desk is messy!! :)))


  23. Hi Ana,

    What’s the difference between TweetAdder and MarketMeSuite?

    I look at both sites and they see the sameish…

    Or, what do you find most useful in each tool?



    • Well, TweetAdder is mostly for following and unfollowing people – that’s the main reason I use it for.

      MMS is for actually staying in touch with your existing followers both on Twitter and Facebook.

      Hope this explains it; if not, ask more questions! :)

  24. I like Twitter. I like it because, for me, it’s the chat of the future, AND it serves as my number one traffic source.
    That being said, I once tried to keep two Twitter accounts and could barely keep up with it. Five? There is no way. Though I can definitely see what your saying.
    I find your blog interesting because I completely don’t think about traffic the way that you and most of your readers do. It’s very useful, and I’m learning along the way. So thanks.
    And.. I clicked over from Twitter.

  25. Robert Dempsey

    Interesting to see the traffic goes back up. Correct targeting, as with everything marketing, makes a huge difference. Obviously :)

    I spend very little time on Twitter myself, perhaps one hour per day all in. I set aside some time each day to use it as part of my market watching (for each of my niches), respond to @ replies, talk about whatever’s going on (like normal people do), and then let my follow app do the rest.

    Twitter is still a great place to meet new and interesting people.

    • I second all your points, Robert, except for one: I only truly engage with people @WebTrafficCafe – that’s the only quality account where people can interact with me. The others are just running on autopilot.

      I do agree though that Twitter doesn’t have to take much time – contrary to popular belief.

  26. Anna, do you have any tips on how much content (tweets) to generate per Twitter account and how often to publish them throughout the day? Also does Twitter Adder permit you to publish tweets in blocks of 3 or 4? I recall reading that you encouraged this.

  27. Hey Ana,

    Your Twitter strategy is really impressive. I look forward to achieving great results with MarketMeSuite and TweetAdder.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!


  28. Hi Ana,

    Wow, your twitter stats are impressive. I’ve got market me suite through your link a while back and I really enjoy it. I’ll be getting tweet adder as well. :)

    One of the things I like the best about you and your blog, Ana, is that you’re always testing what you’re trying. How you keep track of it all is impressive. Your organization amazes me, and secretly I hope you’re desk is messy too, but I doubt it. :) lol


    • I don’t have a desk. :) My laptop is it – minimalism maximized!

      TweetAdder and MarketMeSuite are the 2 products that control my social media engagement. Considering how much traffic I get out of it, they are priceless.

      By the way, have you tried MMS new FB signature feature? I love it!

    • Heather:

      Now that made me giggle!! :) Having seen Ana’s shows on Sunday and on Serpd on Wed, I can say she’s got it altogether! I envy that because my desk has notebooks full of ideas, pens galore and man I need to organize!


      • I keep all my notes in a file typed up on TextEdit (mac) or NotePad (PC). Easy! :)

        My daughter calls my office “dada’s office” now. My office is in the living room on the coach.