5 Custom Google Analytics Dashboards in 5 Minutes [Free Downloads]

5 Custom Google Analytics Dashboards in 5 Minutes [Free Downloads]

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Google Analytics is the best freebie an online business owner could ever asked for.

Yet most of us don’t even scratch the surface of how it can potentially turn our businesses around.

Why? Because we have neither the knowledge to put it to work nor the time to learn more about it.

So how do you take advantage of Google Analytics if you don’t have the resources, time or knowledge?

With these custom Google Analytics dashboards all set up for you that take but a click to set up in your Google Analytics – literally.

Imagine you decided to take a road trip.

Your car is up and running, with a full tank of gas, you picked the perfect vacation spot to drive to, packed up all the necessities, and even remembered to not leave your kids behind this time.

The only problem is you forgot the map.

How far do you think this “I’ll figure it out as I drive” strategy will get you?

Now let’s say the car, the luggage, the kids are your blog, content, and readers, and your vacation spot is your “why“. In this scenario, Google Analytics can just be the map you need to get you from A to Z.

Google Analytics can give you the nitty-gritty on:

Trust me, I understand the lack of time and knowledge limitations. I understand it looks intimidating and complicated.

That’s why I went on a scavenger hunt to find the simplest ways for ANY blogger/site owner to use Google Analytics without the major headaches of learning it from scratch.

Google Analytics dashboards were it.

A quick definition:

Dashboards give you an overview of how your properties are performing by displaying summaries of different reports as widgets on a single page.

With a dashboard, you can monitor many metrics at once, so you can quickly check the health of your accounts or see correlations between different reports.

Google Analytics also allows you to share customized dashboard templates with other users; and that’s exactly how you and I can benefit from the work of some generous folks who set up useful custom Google Analytics dashboards for us to tap into.

All you need to do is download them to your Google Analytics profile.

To download these dashboards:

  1. sign in to your Google Analytics,
  2. click on the green “Add This Dashboard to your Own Google Analytics Profile” button located under each dashboard;
  3. choose which Google Analytics profile to add it to.

You can use the links as many times as you like and customize them for each profile you add them to.

“Your Blog at a Glance” Dashboard

Who needs this “Your Blog at a Glance” dashboard?

Everyone really. This Google Analytics dashboard is right for you if you run a blog and want to know more about your readers.

What Actionable Stats Can You Track with It?

  • How do people find your blog?
  • Which links drive traffic to your website?
  • Which topics are your readers most passionate about?
  • Are you friendly to visitors who read your blog posts on their handheld devices?
  • and more.

google analytics blogger dashboard example

add google analytics dashboard button

This dashboard was found at DashboardJunkie.com.

SEO Dashboard

Who needs this SEO dashboard?

  • Everyone who gets traffic from search engines
  • People who want to see which keywords bring the most traffic
  • Everyone who wants to see how various landing pages perform from search engine users’ perspective

What Actionable Stats Can You Track with It?

  • See which search engines bring in the most search engine traffic (just a wild guess – it’ll be Google for most of us);
  • Find out which keywords bring in the most traffic and how they convert according to your goals set;
  • All the essential stats – bounce rate, page views per visit, new visitors – for each landing page.

google analytics seo dashboard example

add google analytics dashboard button

This dashboard was found at Koozai.com.

Social Media Dashboard

Who needs this social media dashboard?

What Actionable Stats Can You Track with It?

  • Learn which social media network brings you the most traffic (and focus on the top one or two instead of trying to be everywhere);
  • See which social media activities (likes or +1’s/shares/comments/etc) are preferred by your readers;
  • Find the best days to be on social media;
  • Which posts did the best on social media (hint: you might want to write more on those topics).

google analytics social media dashboard example

add google analytics dashboard button

This dashboard was found at DashboardJunkie.com.

Leads Dashboard

Who needs Leads Dashboard?

Anyone who collects leads (email optins, for instance) on their website.

Side note: you’ll need to set up goals in your Google Analytics in order to use this dashboard.

Learn more about setting up goals from Google Analytics Help.

Learn about setting up goals to track email conversions specifically, take a look at Kristi Hines’ post at GetResponse blog.

What Actionable Stats Can You Track with It?

  • How many actual leads does your web traffic actually amount to;
  • Which keywords drive the most sign-ups;
  • Which referrers send you the best converting traffic;
  • What is your best performing content.

google analytics leads dashboard example

This dashboard was published at Portent.com.

add google analytics dashboard button

If you prefer to track sales vs leads, download this eCommerce dashboard.

To track mobile eCommerce stats, download this Mobile eCommerce dashboard.

Realtime Overview Dashboard

Who needs wants this dashboard?

Anyone who loves to keep tabs on what’s happening at your site right now.

What Actionable Stats Can You Track with It?

  • Where your traffic is currently coming from;
  • What content they are viewing.

Caution: this dashboard is addictive and I highly recommend to focus on improving your long-term stats vs watching the realtime numbers go up and down.

google analytics realtime dashboard example

This dashboard was published at Econsultancy.

add google analytics dashboard button

Other Google Analytics Dashboards

The Google Analytics dashboards mentioned above are the ones I’ve tested and approved to use for Traffic Generation Café.

Of course, there are many others.

Another one of note is Brand Monitoring dashboard published at Koozai. I’ve downloaded and tested it as well, but found that the widgets mostly repeat what’s already incorporated into other dashboards.

Feel free to download it here.

Love the idea behind it though; wish that someone would make a more actionable one.

Are you a Google Analytics buff? Up for a challenge? Send me the link to your custom Brand Monitoring dashboard and I might add it to this post.

Also, if you’d like to learn everything you’d ever want to know about Google Analytics, take a look at this post:

54 Google Analytics Resources – The 2013 Edition – kissmetrics.com

Google Analytics Dashboards Marketing Takeaway

Five custom Google Analytics dashboards installed in your Google Analytics profile in five minutes or less.

All the actionable stats you need to keep finger on the pulse of your site without getting overwhelmed.

Doesn’t get any better than that in my books.

With huge thanks to: Koozai, Econsultancy, and Portent for giving great examples of Google Analytics Dashboards, and to +Ned Poulter at StateOfSearch for giving me the idea and research for this post.


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  1. Hey Ana,

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been on your blog. Looks like you made many changes since last year! But that’s a given for all of us bloggers. All I know is that you’re always delivering great material and this post is the ultimate thus far!

    I love the information your provided here. I’ve been studying GA off and on for a while, installed some metrics, but I’m always looking for more dashboards to help me improve my statistics. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this post. Now it’s time for me to implement!

  2. Hi Ana,

    Well, I am alive and I want to let you know what I think :)

    I think the principle is simple. Instead of learning Google Analytics all day long, just add those dashboards and you will get the essential information without the need to wander inside the whole Google Analytics program and ask yourself: “Where is the information I need?”

    This is a nice try to help people collect actionable data and save time. You made a lot of effort to test those dashboard yourself and now you kind of endorse it with your name. I think many people will download the dashboards and try them.

    As for me I think I will wait a little bit. I will start with the long and full of headaches journey to study Google Analytics. That is why I joined Digital Analytics Fundamentals. You probably know about this free Google Analytics course for beginners that starts on October 8. Many people, including me, wrote articles about that.

    I prefer to get the basic concepts and strategies there. After the foundation is laid, It will be easy for me to come back and study these dashboards. If I find them useful for me, I will add it myself to my G.A. profile.

    Since then, I do agree that these may be very helpful for many people so the least I can do is share this post wherever I can. You made a lot of effort to test those and we all appreciate it.

    Have a wonderful day

  3. Google Analytics is by far the best resource of its kind for monitoring website data. I haven’t done much customization to my dashboard, but I’m going to try these changes out. Thanks for the great direction.

  4. Gautham Nekkanti

    Hi Ana,

    Thanks for sharing these awesome custom Analytic dashboards ANA. Guess, i could go and install them right away.

  5. Ana,

    I love how this post reflects your no-nonsense, “Just the facts, ma’am” style.

    Elsewhere on this blog (One-way Link Building: How to FInd the Best Links Every Time) I saw the straightforward, simple yet POWERFUL technique for finding exactly which blogs you should target. Here in this post, you have outlined the tools for doing intelligence work on your OWN blog, which is just as necessary.

    As Sun Tzu said (paraphrased) “Know yourself and not your enemy, you will win some battles and lose others. Know your enemy and not yourself and you will always be in danger. Know your enemy and yourself and you will never be defeated in a thousand confrontations.”

    Thanks for providing the tools here for bloggers to know themselves and the landscape as well.

    I’ve been missing reading the Weekly Skinny, have you discontinued it, or just become very busy? Hope all is well. Appreciate you and Traffic Generation Cafe.

    Keep Stepping!


    • Ana Hoffman

      Love the quote, Kurt – as true as it gets.

      Yes, I’ve been busy with house remodeling, so had to step away from the blog, but trying to slowly get back into it.

      I know I need to pay you a visit; saw a lot of trackbacks coming from your blog. 😉

  6. jossef

    WOW Ana
    Take it easy on us :)

    This information is great when you have a blog like yours with an Alexa ranking of #13,118 and US ranking of #6373. which mean you have around a 5000 visit per day. So analytic will just help you monitor and enhance your work. But when you have a low traffic it is disappointing and discourage to have Google analytic.

    how ever maybe i will get back to this post in few months and will be happier and more successful :) Thanks Ana you always know how to master traffic.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Good point, Jossef, but remember we all have to start somewhere.

      There were plenty of times I didn’t want to look at my GA data; and even now, there are days when it doesn’t nearly live up to my expectations. After all, traffic is like money – it’s never enough, right? :)

  7. I love using dashboards. They help you get that quick overview of what’s going on with your website.

    The dashboard you shared here are pretty darn good. I tried them all out. Love them.

    It’s crazy how much you can do with Google Analytics that is right under our noses.

  8. Dimillo Brown

    Hey Ana,
    Informative article you have written, no doubt. The great thing about Google Analytics is that you can customize it in just about any way possible when it comes to reporting and dashboards so the most important information is right at your finger tips when you need it. If you’ve got a few hours to spare it’s fun to play around with and see what cool tools there are.

    Thanks for the post,

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for stopping by, Dimillo.

      Too bad most of us don’t have a few hours to spare, that’s why these custom dashboards are so awesome. lol

    • Ana Hoffman

      That’s actually pretty bad for Traffic Generation Café – Google has pulled the rug from under my feet recently. lol

  9. Very, VERY cool post, Ana.

    I’ve just recently decided to really get in to Google Analytics and start tracking EVERYTHING on my blog.

    I’ve actually spent a good part of my day brushing up on it and implementing somethings I’ve learned from watching tutorials and now from this post, so this is right on time for me.

    Thanks a BUNCH for taking the time to write it up. These dashboards are so neat! :)


  10. Hey anna, you have shared one really usefull article , i really enjoyed it.One other thing i loved about your blog was your signature under the post can you tell me how can i get one for my blog too?

  11. Hello Ana,

    I really enjoyed reading your post and i’ve download them all. No doubt google analytics is an awesome freebie which is very useful for all bloggers.

  12. What a brilliant roundup, Ana. I hate to admit that I don’t use Google Analytics to its full potential. Just too much clicking around — always seems too much effort.

    I’ve downloaded a couple of the dashboards already. Thanks so much, your hard work is much appreciated.

    • Ana Hoffman

      You are so very welcome, Angela, and I am the same way with Google Analytics – won’t do it if it’s too much effort. Things have definitely looking up since I stated using the dashboards. lol

  13. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve added most of the dashboards to my Analytics and this will allow me to delve deeper into data that will help me make the most out of my site.

  14. thanks so much Ana, I just put all these on my Google analytics account, it was so easy! Now I’m looking forward to checking my stats, instead of putting it off, makes a huge difference when everything is easy to find.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks, Sourav, and no, it’s not spammy when you mention relevant resources. Checked out the post; glad to see I covered the ones mentioned there.

  15. Jeevan Jacob John

    I want to use these right away! (Too bad I don’t have a blog now, but this could certainly be useful when I start a new one).

    Thanks for sharing the tools, Ana :) Social Media dashboard and Leads dashboard will be ones most useful to me (Google already has an inbuilt Social media stats, but this one seems to be better).

    Thanks again!

    • Ana Hoffman

      You? Without a blog? You know it takes but a couple of minutes to start one, Jeevan. lol

      Thanks for coming by!

  16. Ana, these are fantastic! I just downloaded all of them and they give me a great new perspective on Analytics. No more having to dig for the information. Thanks for posting this!