Google Plus Bite-Sized Tutorial for the Busy Marketer

Google Plus Bite-Sized Tutorial for the Busy Marketer

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how to get started with Google plus tutorial

Are you in the circle yet?

Raise your hand if you think we, online business owners, need another social network to drain our time that we don’t really have as it is.

I don’t see any hands up in the air, do you?

And yet here it is.

Google Plus Social Network.

So now what? Do we ignore it or make it work?

You already know what the answer is as far as I am concerned if you read my opinion on Google Plus social and its place in our businesses.

In short, yes, we’d better pay attention to it.

However, our first priority should be to give Google Plus as much time as it needs and not a second longer – we really do have better things to do, don’t we?

Thus, I read and read and read (I pretty much had no life outside of living and breathing Google Plus for the past few days) and finally came up with the most efficient Google Plus Tutorial I’ve seen anywhere.

Google Plus Tutorial

Google Plus Social Circles

Google Plus Circles allow you to organize your contacts according to their social or business value.

To begin editing your circles, go under Circles tab at the top of your stream.

google plus social circles
1. You can add the same person to as many circles as you’d like.

2. Circle names are only visible to you.

3. Drag and drop people’s names to add them to a circle.

4. To name a new circle, click on “Create Circle“.

5. Circles will display the number of people you have in them.

6. You won’t add the same person to the same circle more than once.

7. If the same person is in multiple circles, they’ll see your shares only once.

8. To see which circle a person is in, hover over their profile picture.

9. To rename a circle, click on it, then click Rename next to the circle name.

10. You can also add a description under the circle name.

11. To remove someone from a circle, click on the person’s name and click “Remove” in the top corner of the circle editor.

12. To delete a circle, click on it and choose Delete this circle at the bottom of the pop up box.

13. Google Plus doesn’t require mutual friend acceptance like Facebook does.

14. Your extended circles are your circles’ circles.

15. You can’t have more than 5,000 people in ALL your circles.

16. You can add your Gmail and Yahoo! contacts to your circles.

17. You can export your Facebook friends to Yahoo! email and then import them to Google Plus.

18. If you start the name of a circle with “*”, it’ll sort to the top of the circles list on the left side of the stream.

Circle Ideas

Here are some great unique ideas of how to make the best out of Google Plus circles.

19. Create a circle for the early adopters of Google Plus social network for valuable tips and feedback.

20. Decide on a few people you really want to keep up with and add them to a separate *Inbox circle.

21. Create a circle for bookmarks with no friends in it; add to it the posts you like for your own use or to share later.

How to Gain More Google Plus Followers

22. Email your list and ask them to add you to their circles.

23. Ask to be added at the end of your blog posts.

24. Add GoogleCards widget to your sidebar (like you see in mine – in your WP plugin directory).

25. Import your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter (use for that).

Google Plus Social Stream

The stream is where you communicate with the Plussers.

By default, your stream consists of ALL the content from people who’ve shared with you specifically, shared with a circle (or extended circle) you’re in, or shared publicly.

how google plus stream works

26. Come to grips with the fact that you will never read EVERYTHING on Google+.

27. Filter your stream by clicking on the circle name to the left of the stream.

28. If you created *Inbox circle for people who you actually want to hear from, check that one first.

29. “Incoming” filter will show you the stream of people who are not in your circles, but are trying to share with you.

30. If you like someone from your Incoming stream, mouse over their avatar and choose to add them to a circle.

31. If you don’t want to hear from someone ever again, you can block them.

32. To mention someone in your post, use “+” or “@” signs.

33. When you post publicly, people who’ve added you to one of their circles will see your update in their stream.

34. Content you share publicly may show up in search results.

35. When you share with extended circles, circles of your circles will see it.

36. You can reshare any post you like with your circles by clicking on “Share” at the bottom of the post.

37. Anything you share can be reshared by anyone, unless you specifically “Disable Reshares”  by clicking the arrow at the top of your post.

38. To stop receiving updates from a post, click on “Mute Post” through the arrow at the top of the post.

39. You can drag and drop photos, videos, links to the post you want to share.

40. You can edit your Google Plus photos right on the spot.

41. You can upload multiple videos and photos at a time.

42. You can click on the post time stamp to get its permalink.

43. Click “+1″ button to “like” the post; clicking it again will undo the like.

44. You can share anything to Google Plus directly from your Gmail – you’ll see a “share” tab in the top right corner.

Google Plus Profiles

You can control what kind of information people can see about you  – such as your bio, contact details, and links to other sites about you or created by you – through your profile.

how to edit google plus profile

45. Your profile is public.

46. To see your profile, click on the Profile icon at the top (see image).

47. To edit your profile, click on “Edit Profile”.

48. You can see how any other Plusser sees your profile: just enter their name in “View Profile as” box.

49. The only requirement for your profile is your full name; you can keep everything else to yourself.

50. You can choose if you want your Google Plus social profile to be indexed by the search engines.

51. Changing your profile name will also change your name on other Google products, like Gmail, etc.

52. Deleting your profile name will delete your Google account.

53. You can choose who you want to view the specific profile sections.

54. You can choose to allow people to contact you directly from your profile.

55. All content you share will be saved in your Profile under Posts Tab.

56. By default, people in your circles will appear in your profile, but not the names of the circles.

57. You can choose which people publicly appear in your profile and which ones don’t in Edit Profile mode.

58. Other people can view your profile by clicking on your picture.

59. Link your profile to the websites you own – great time to do some link building as well.

Google Plus Sparks

Sparks is a way to search and track the different interests you might have.

Effectively, it can become your own customized news stream based around what you want to know about.

how google plus sparks work

60. In a way, Sparks are like Google Alerts.

61. You can set up an “alert” on any topic you like, including your name or your website – see who’s talking about you.

62. When you find something interesting in Sparks, click Share to pull your circles into a conversation.

63. You can quickly access your interests by clicking the interest name beneath the Sparks link to the left of your stream.

64. All your Sparks interests are kept private.

65. To delete an interest, mouse over it and click on X.

66. Results in Sparks only show partial story; click on the title to read the rest.

Google Plus Social Hangouts

The best way to describe Google Plus Hangouts, is to imagine someone saying “Hey, I am online, I’ve got nothing better to do; come hang out with me!

how to use google plus hangouts

67. First, you’ll need to download a plugin – you’ll be prompted to do that after you click on “Start a Hangout” to the right of your stream.

68. You can start a Hangout at any time from your stream or by going to

69. After you click on “hangout”, you’ll be taken to what Google Plus refers to as “green room”.

70. You can invite anyone and everyone you see in your stream to hang out with you.

71. You can check out for current hangouts and join them if you like what you see at

72. When you enter a hangout, you’ll see the current participants, broken down according to who is in your circles and who isn’t.

73. No one owns a hangout: anyone in the hangout can invite anyone else.

74. If you invite people to join a hangout, a post will appear in their stream.

75. You can watch YouTube videos in a hangout; just click on “YouTube”.

76. Each hangout has a specific URL. That URL can be shared as a link to invite others.

77. Only Google+ users are able to join.

78. You can’t kick anyone out of a hangout.

79. If you feel uncomfortable in a hangout, you can leave at any time.

Google Plus Social Network Chat

Chat is chat whatever social network you are using.

80. Access chat through Chat button to the left of your stream, right under Sparks.

81. All your Google contacts are automatically transferred to your Google Plus chat.

82. If someone isn’t already a contact, you can invite them to chat right from the Chat search box.

83. Your Chat list will only appear while you’re in the stream.

84. Simply type the person’s email address into the chat search box and click Invite to chat.

85. Before you can chat with someone, they must also add you to their chat list.

86. You can also make a computer-to-computer voice or video call by clicking on the phone icon at the top of the chat window.

87. In the chat window, click the camera icon to make a video call or the phone icon to make a voice call.

88. Your email address can be seen by people via the chat list.

Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve seen people trying to use HTML to make their posts stand out. To no avail though; HTML codes won’t work with Google Plus.

Here’s a list of shortcuts that will though.

89.  (*)bold(*) = Bold

90.  (_)italics(_) = Italic

91.  (-)strike-through(-) = Strikethrough

92. Space or J = scroll down

93. Shift + Space or K = scroll up

94. Q = jump to chat

95. Return = start comment

96. Tab + Return = end your comment

97. Tab + Tab + Return = cancel writing a comment

Increase Traffic with Google Plus Social Network

98. Post a personal “Welcome” to everyone who adds you to their circles.

99. Ask a question even when posting a link.

100. Get back with your commentators to keep the conversation going.

101. Be generous with mentions.

Google Plus Bite-Sized Tutorial Takeaway

Well there you have it – my attempt to do the impossible: make sense of Google Plus in one (very long) post.

How did I do?

If you think it’s thumbs up, do me a huge favor please: link to it in one of your future posts and allow your readers to benefit from this tutorial as well.

And don’t forget to add me to your circles!

Ana on Google Plus

google plus social network tutorial

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  1. Anna,
    I’ve been adding folks to my circles all day, and have approx 1,200 organized. When I wanted to continue with my gmail contacts, which appeared to number 2,700, I was unable to add more of them to the circles.
    What do you think is happening, and what recommendation might you have? Much appreciated.

  2. John Gaddis

    Great tibits on Google +. Another cool advantage of google plus is that if you link your website to your google + account it will get crawled faster by google. Just an added benifit.

  3. Awesome and well explained tips. Thanks!

    Been ignoring Google plus for almost a year now. But there’s a saying that goes; “if you cant beat em, join em.” , and thes tips come in very handy for a beginner like me.

  4. Jon

    Wow! You certainly put a lot of thought into this 101 post. Even though I have Twitter, FB and G+ accounts I have to admit giving them very little attention. For me time is too precious and keeping 9 niche sites up-to-date (way behind in some ‘must do’ tasks) together with research for posts doesn’t leave too much free time but by the same token social media is a tool to be used so I must make more effort in 2012.

  5. I’m not that much into social media, having to choose between reading posts, writing them and commenting and using Twitter, FB or Google plus I always go for the first one. I mean I have a life outside the net and so I must make a decision. I get money from writing so that’s my focus. But I can see your point and the useful features of Google plus. So much that I’ve printed this very good and detailed post. Well, we have to see how Google plus wil go, if it will end up like Google Buzz or if it will really become a competitor for FB and Twitter. I just wonder if those who already pass half day on FB will do the same on Google plus and how many hours of sleep they’ll have. :)

    Social media are useful but they are such a waste of time and it’s so difficult to find useful stuff there, beside thousands of requests to join Farmville, that really I prefer writing.

    But again this post is great. And I’ll obviously add you to my circle, not that I’m there more than on FB anyway. 😉

    • I do see your point and I, personally, don’t really like social media.

      If most of your income comes from writing, you’ll probably be just fine without the social aspect.

      For a business like mine, it’s just about impossible.

  6. Larry

    Ana you are awesome! Funny thing is just this morning I was thinking that I needed to learn to use Google+. It’s like you read my mind and gave me exactly the lesson I needed just as I wanted it!
    Thank you so much.

  7. Great tutorial – easy to follow in bite-size chunks – thanks!
    Had it in the back of my mind I needed to pay more attention to G+ and you’ve just given me the push to get into it more.
    With so many social media sites to be active in, I find it quite overwhelming trying to manage them.
    How do you manage your time with them all?
    I’ve got Hootsuite/Tweet Adder but seem to spend way too much time looking for things to share.

    • I know exactly what you are talking about as far as being overwhelmed with social media, Julie.

      I am going to make a video of how I keep up with the big 3 in the next couple of weeks.

  8. Ana, you have an excellent idea of having a focused inner circle on social media sites. I also started using the Wibiya tool bar and can be available for people that have questions about products on my site. The Live chat feature is going to help me increase my sales as people would come browse and then not order. I will be able to interact and answer questions right away. Thanks for helping us all be better bloggers!

  9. Rob

    Wow what a terrific Google plus resource Ana. I must admit I have not used Google plus as much as some of the other popular social media sites. I know I should be as anything owner by Google is going to be good for SEO.

  10. Wow what a terrific Google plus resource Ana. I must admit I have not used Google plus as much as some of the other popular social media sites. I know I should be as anything owner by Google is going to be good for SEO.

  11. I completely agree with you that we should give Google plus a chance but not waste too much time on it. I signed up for an account a few weeks ago, have yet to really play with it, but I did make a few circles. I’ve read mixed reviews on it, people seem to like it but it already looks as if it’s losing the steam it was trying to build up. Any changes in opinion now that it’s been a few months since you wrote this article?

  12. Ana,

    Thanks for the great wrap-up. Is it true that Google is heavily indexing posts on Google+ and ranking them with Authority in search results?

    I’ve seen debates as to the merits of Blogging or micro-blogging on G+ because of this.


    Ryan H.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Haven’t seen G+ entries ranking on Google as of yet, Ryan – for any searches that I perform anyway.

      However, Google is definitely leaning towards showing posts that have been +1’d by people we are connected with.

  13. Nice post! I have a feeling that G+ Business Pages will soon replace Google Places listings or will somehow merge. I’d also love to see Google’s authorship markup made available for business pages, which will help with validating citations. One would be able to link to their Yelp Listing from their G+ Business page and identify it as a page about the business.

    This will help Google Places prevent duplicate listings created by third-party sites from ruining the NAP (name, address, phone) signals from listing that are incorrect.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Definitely makes a lot of sense, Arsen.

      I am still having trouble getting my authorship markup show up in SERPs… Shouldn’t be THAT difficult.

  14. Great tutorial Ana, but how about one more addition: a way to have your blog posts automatically display on your Google Plus wall everytime you publish 💡

  15. I am bookmarking for sure….

    Would it be alright if I share this article (linking to your site of course) in my newsletter?

    Thanks for researching this and compiling it in an easy to read manner!

  16. Hi Ana,

    I am slowly becoming addicted to your posts. You really write well and this is another splendid, concise (I know you said it was long but you covered a lot of ground in about as concise a way as possible) and useful post.

    I’m fascinated to see how this evolves vs facebook and all the rest.

    I really like it (G+) but am still in the habit of looking at facebook first. Interesting because there’s no reason not to use Google+ – I guess it will be what the masses decide.

    Thanks again – I’ll certainly be sharing this,
    take care,

  17. I have joined Google Plus just a couple of weeks ago and I am still trying to sort it out how it can be useful in my online endeavor. Your tutorial will surely be of great help. I’m sure!

  18. Nice tutorial. I really the difference of G+, but as with anything new it takes people a little convincing. I’m still explaining to friends what it is.

  19. A really comprehensive tutorial, Ana. I don’t have time to work another social media platform. You should do a video tutorial for this. Actually, all these points would make a couple ones under 5 min. I’ll bookmark this for when I can outsource some of my tasks.

  20. Ken Peterson

    Ana. It is a good article but in G+ there is no option available for Friends request “Accept” or “Reject”. Have you any idea about it?

  21. So I am starting to understand more of what Google Plus can do for me. Looking at it though for the market I wanted to target, I did a few searches and only appears to be 2 people on there so far that I could target. A huge comparison where I have a facebook fanpage which has 4,000+ likes. Seems to me like I would have to do alot of the heavy lifting to get the people to convert over to Google Plus. Unless I am reading it wrong.


    • That’s great, Jean.

      Those figures should theoretically improve. I’m adding GooglePlus, not replacing Facebook (just yet!).

  22. Laurie

    Half of me just wanted to be Comment 100… but I promise I had something to say, too. I appreciate this tutorial, as a newbie to Google+ I’m still working everything out, and while I’m sure I’d have poked around and figured it out eventually, this is a helpful alternative to the floundering.

  23. Awesome – I’ve actually had an invite to Google+ sitting in my inbox for a while, but I was wary to accept since I still didn’t really know much about it or what to do once I had one… But thanks to this tutorial, I feel like I have a much better handle on it! Thanks :)


  24. Yes, there’s a multitude of Chrome extensions that will claim to “enhance” your Google Plus experience, including the one you mentioned, Wayne.

    I haven’t had the time to check them out yet, but I will.

    I agree about the name – not the catchiest one I’ve heard.

    So far I’ve been on Google plus for a couple of weeks only and it already is ahead of FB traffic according to my GA. The main difference between the two as of now is quality is that’s what we are all starved for.

  25. Flo

    Hi Ana,

    Who else can write this byte-sized tutorial for Google+ but you? You covered everything yet it was so easy to read. It reminds me of the 202 tips post which was the first post I read on your blog :) I think I’m going to read that post again!

    Love this!

  26. excellent post – just bookmarked it. i was part of the beta testing group, and frankly i found it very easy to use and navigate through. i like its functionality better than facebook, but have not incorporated it yet in my overall business strategy. curious about your thoughts on its development, longevity and future prospects? often those of us who work online tend to do things just to stay on level ground with the world, even if those efforts don’t pan out of prove to be a waste of time.

  27. Cathy Presland

    Thanks Ana, another great set of tips that saves me hours of doing my own research! I’ll be right on to Google+ shortly 😉


    • Glad my time was well invested then, Cathy. That’s the drawback of new things – the time it takes to research it.

  28. Ian Belanger

    Hey Ana,

    Wow, what a comprehensive review of google plus and it’s features. Google should use this post to teach everyone how to use google+.

    I predict in 2 years, google plus will be as big as facebook. I guess only time will tell.

    Thanks for this post Ana and have a good one!


    • Ian, it would be lovely if Google put up a big “Ask Ana” link under their tutorial section, but I suppose that would be wishful thinking. LOL

  29. Ana, this is an excellent summary.
    I find it amusing that you’ve basically emulated GMail with you Cirlces. In fact, I was just telling my buddy Mitch Mitchell that G+ is just another email distraction, by which I meant that I get notifications from G+.

    The reason it is a distraction is directly related to your 44th item. You see, long before the big G started rolling out so many products, I created Later, I learned how to change my MX records to use Google’s mail servers with my domain. (The email I use on the comments.) I wound up forwarding my to my Which is why I get those notifications! (I turned off 90% of them, just like I did with Facebook and Twitter.)

    As you know, Google treats like royalty, while acting as if domain users are a royal pain. My main email is through my domain and, even though it looks exactly like, I can’t do all the one-click wizardry that might actually make the G+ experience more meaningful.

    My problem extends to YouTube as well. So, the compromise is that I created a startup page in Chrome for G+ (actually the Google account home page.) This makes it very easy for me to disconnect from the G+ world when I need to get back to work.

    However, I’ll be playing with it a bit as I work my way through your tutorial!



    • Wow, Mitch; I had no idea you were so technically proficient!

      Truth is learning how to use G+ was really the extent I am planning on going into it.

      I am not big on distractions either; there are simply not enough hours in a day.

      I’ll be on Google Plus for only as long as I need to to “show my face” and not a minute longer.

  30. Stuart Wright

    Hey Ana!
    Thank you; an exhaustive and, no doubt, exhausting to research tutorial on G+. You continue to provide superb content packed with breaking information, quality hints, tips and ideas and the occasional ‘food for thought’ playful controversy items.
    Question: If you had to choose between committing fully to G+ OR Facebook, rather than go half-assed at both, which would you focus on and why?

    • Good question with no easy answer, Stuart.

      It’s too early to tell about G+ so far. However, if you haven’t really started with either, then go for G+.

  31. Ana,

    Thanks for the Google + tutorial. It does make setting up Google + a little less overwhelming. So many social networks, so little time to figure it all out and do it right. Your information definitely cuts the learning curve down.

    Best Wishes!

    • I’m glad it helped, Melanie. I know it’s overwhelming to those who don’t want to join yet another network, but would like the benefits.

  32. Great resource Ana ! I hit the +1 button and noticed that we are connected on this fast moving network. I like the fact of the monster Google search engine picking up conversations about marketing and business. You have provided some more excellent value for those of us making a living on the internet!

  33. I know I should sit down and mess with Google Plus, but I have been putting it off. After reading this post I think I will not be in a hurry to mess with it. You have some good tips and explanations, but it makes me think that it will take quite a while to get the hang of things. One of these days I will get around to it though.

    • Ray, while this post is very comprehensive, a lot of it is basic stuff that you are already used to. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it quick enough.

  34. Go to your profile and click “Edit”, Dan. Then scroll all the way down and make sure the last line says:

    “Search visibility: Visible in search”

    If not, you should be able to edit it right there.

  35. Ana;
    Thanks for another great job of simplifying the complicated. I would never take the time to read all the cryptic tutorials and try to make sense of them, much less, reinterpret them into understandable English. Great job! I would vote with those who are going to minimally use this service. It is actually kind of sad to watch as the giants try to mimic the success of other giants. Microsoft steam-rolled the OS and word-processing world, but they have played second fiddle to the internet search business, the browser business and others.
    Now Google is trying to play catch-up with Twitter/Facebook…sorry dudes there is only so much time in a day. The carrot seems to be enhanced SEO ratings. It will be interesting to watch as some enterprising souls come up with ways to game the + system and find customers willing to pay for their services.
    Thanks again for all your efforts!
    Michael Brown

  36. A very long article indeed Ana, but definitely worth putting in my permanent “resource files”. I know pretty much there is to know about sparks and circles, but did not yet use hangouts. Mind you I did not know there was a “plugin” to use the feature…. Will remedy that soon. Thanks!

  37. A very great post but the bottom line for me is this – what Google offer now is just not enough for me to want to leave Facebook and I certainly don’t have time for multiple social media sites.

    I guess I will only do enough on there to help my SEO.

    • Yes, that’s a concern for many and many people say they will do only enough. We’ll have to see how it goes.

  38. That might have been bite sized but there is STILL too much to take in in just one read. I’ll have to come back and go through it again later.

    I did go ahead and make a circle just for folks I want to be sure and keep up with.

    Thank you very much! Good stuff.

  39. Kathryn Maclean

    Anna Wow that must have been exausting! Keeping it to read when I get a min or two.
    Thanks for this. Just getting the hang of G+.
    Added you to my -People to follow circle.

  40. Hi Anna
    I have a very simple question,I am applying the new gogle +1 to my estore (300 page) yet I find the instructions an where to paste a little vague, the previous snippet was pasted to my <head/head> where is the new one to be pasted?
    If it is to go after the last plusone tag,do I have to remove previous ones if new pages with +1 are added

    • I wish I could help, Peter – I am not technical enough to know the answer.

      Suggestion: I got a lot of quick answers from Google employees via Google Plus.

      If one of my readers sees your comment and can help – great. If not, I would post your question on Google Plus.

  41. Well said Ana,

    I don’t want to tend any new social networking site than Facebook since I have much satisfied with it, all I do is just post my updates on Google+ and no active discussion with fellow people since I don’t find time to access.

    That not to mean Google+ lacking some important features and I personally have a opinion that Google+ is a mirror of Facebook.

    Thanks to the wonderful brief tutorial.

    • I actually find it more interactive than Facebook, Vijay, but that might be simply because it’s not as crowded just yet.

  42. Randy Pickard

    Ana – Thanks for the great tutorial. I have certainly struggled with how to use Google+. It seems almost a certainty that Google introduced Plus to get data to improve their search results. While I feel no compelling need to use Plus, I am nervous about missing an opportunity to send signala to Google about my online influence. I will take your advice on making the time I spend on Plus as productive as possible.

    • You hit the nail on the head, Randy.

      I could care less about Google Plus per se, but we certainly can’t ignore the potential implications this could have on our overall search engine rankings.

      Google is playing the flute and we need to dance.

  43. I read through this fairly quickly, but have bookmarked it to read again later today or tomorrow. You’ve quickly become one of my favorites for down-to-earth actionable tips. Thanks again, Ana.

  44. Ana, This is fantastic & you deserve a raise for all this work. I will have to come back to it at a later point to get all the info into my brain.

    Thank you so much!

  45. Ana,

    Awesome!! I learned so much!

    My only question. You said “21. Create a circle for bookmarks with no friends in it; add to it the posts you like for your own use or to share later.” How do I add posts to it?


    • You add posts to it by pressing “Share” under each post, Allie, then you can choose your bookmark circle from there.

  46. Jamal

    It is complete tutorial on Google +.It has security. Friends,family and business groups are separate. It has attractive features than facebook and many facebook prominent users has move towards Google +

    • I’m not sure about them moving to Google+, but they are certainly using and user counts are increasing daily.

  47. Sam

    I have this feelign that google is never going to break into the social networking side of things in any significant way – which is why I am not planning in putting any energy or time into that particular direction. This article is a fantastic little tutorial if I was going to embrace – but for now, there simply are not enough hours in the day…..

  48. What a surperb article Ana, You always amaze me with your long and well informed tutorials. I don’t think I will ever use G+ to the extent I use twitter in fact I haven’t even used G+ yet unless my friends ask my to add them into the blog engage circle. To be honest I think it’s too much like Facebook and don’t see the point of it.

    It’s actually sad what is happening to the giant Google struggling and trying to hang on to the market share they have. Don’t get me wrong I think g+ is col but it’s not better or different then Facebook. Obviously this is my opinion because I have seen many of our blog engage community member engage g+ like there’s no tomorrow so it’s a matter of time and I will most likely be using it like everyone else.

    I was however a little smarter this time by creating my account so I can build my circles I started twitter so late and I didn’t want that to happen. I think so far I’m doing fairly well on g+

    thanks again for this reference I’ve saved it to my favorites on blog engage to refer to it later as it’s impossible for my brain to take in this much all at once. plus I’m off on a commenting mission so I can’t stay long haha!

    • For the most part, I agree, Brian.

      There are some things I like about Google Plus much more so than Facebook.

      However, the bottom line for me is it’s another social network, another time pit we all feel pressure to invest into.

      No one wants to be left behind though, and that’s the primary reason we are all on it as of right now. It’s exciting to be on the ground floor of something potentially so big… even if it turns out to be another flop! LOL

      Thanks for coming by, Brian; always a pleasure to see you around.