Be Everywhere: How to Convert Blog Post into PDF in Under 60 Seconds

Be Everywhere: How to Convert Blog Post into PDF in Under 60 Seconds

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convert blog post to pdfUnderstanding the Pareto principle is no rocket science, if you think about it.

“For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.”

In other words, most of the things we do on a daily basis to move our business forward don’t actually make an iota of a difference.

So why aren’t we focusing on the causes that DO bring about 80% of the desired effects?

Hey, I am no psychologist.

However, I’d like to share with you a quick traffic hack I learned not too long ago that will increase your traffic, build links, AND create an appearance of “being everywhere“.

All using what you already have: your existing blog content.

How to Convert a Blog Post into a PDF

The underlying principle here is getting the biggest bang for your buck, i.e. milking every post you spend blood, sweat, and tears writing, for all the traffic it can possibly get.

Just like we talked about in my Content Marketing Leverage System: How to Multiply Your Reach post.

Watch this quick video on how to quickly convert a blog post into a PDF; then we’ll talk some more.



Think your readers would appreciate you sharing this valuable content with them?

Me too!

Embed this video in your blog post

(simply copy and paste the following code):

Why Convert Blog Posts into PDFs?

So you are telling me “I told you so” is not good enough?

Fine, you win.

Here’s why:

results convert blog post to pdf

This is a screenshot of my recent Slideshare submission: Best Affiliate Marketing Programs that Pay blog post converted to PDF and submitted to Slideshare.

By the way, this post is a part Ana’s of Bite-Size Traffic Hacks newsletter.

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About 2 minutes of work, lots of exposure, traffic, and quality backlinks.

Even if you are brand new to Slideshare (to be fair, so am I – I started using it only about a month ago), you’ll still get the benefit of backlinks, if not the traffic.

Plus, Slideshare is just one of the sites you can upload your PDFs to.

There are plenty others, like, etc. (see below)

You can learn more about traffic generation through PDFs from this post:

And please don’t cry “duplicate content!“; read this post on the topic:

PDF Directories

As you can imagine, there are plenty of free directories to submit your PDFs to.

Here’s a good round-up to get you started:

  •   PR8
  •   PR8
  •   PR8
  •   PR7
  •   PR6
  •   PR6
  •   PR6
  •   PR6
  •   PR6
  •   PR6
  •   PR5
  •   PR5
  •   PR5
  •   PR5
  •   PR5
  •   PR5
  •   PR4
  •   PR4

Marketing Takeaway

Make it a habit to convert your newly published blog posts into PDFs and submitting them to various document sharing sites.

Just like you share each post on Facebook or Twitter.


Off to create a PDF of this post,

traffic generation cafe convert blog post to pdf

traffic generation cafe comment below

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  1. Hi Ana,
    Thanks for the post on a PDF. It’s something I’ve got to try. You’re right. It does seem simple. I have the ability in my word program. That would be easy enough. It’s setting up the group to send it to on email. Again, thank you.

  2. I think this is a great idea. Who would have thought of something like this. I am going to try converting it into pdf and submit to slide share and see how it converts. Thanks for this idea and the list of places for submission.

      • that’s not what I’ve heard ;)

        OK be serious Alex.

        This was awesome Ana – genuine bite sized brilliance!
        Thanks for sharing – definitely going to be visiting printfriendly and leveraging the crap out of every article my clients has ever had written :)

  3. Hey Ana, here is a question for you. Don’t you have doubts about being penalized by publishing duplicate content when submitting the same blog post to PDF directories?
    I am telling you this because in SlideShare for instance you can see the PDF document transcripbed in text format at bottom of the page.
    I used to submit my posts to some of these directories, but I stop it because I know how harsh Google can be in regards to penalties for duplicate content.

  4. Lee

    Hi Ana
    I have never converted a file of any sort to another format before. But looks quite straight forward. You have mentioned scribd and slide share are they the main two or are ther several other useful ones to use. ??????

    Await reply great heads up thanks lee

  5. Hi Ana, seems like you have added Social Locker plugin and it would be great if you can share your experience in using it. Coming to this article, thanks for sharing the plugin and I’m using Scribd for a long time. Indeed its a really good idea to get traffic from a purely new source like document sharing sites. Thank you.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I am actually using WP Sharely, but it’s pretty much the same thing.

      I am loving it so far – no complaints and good social sharing results.

  6. Ana, Thanks for sharing those awesome, easy-to-follow, tips! Too many online videos take up time without delivering value and seem to be there because everyone says, “you have to do video.” This is a great example of a perfect use of the medium because it removes any intimidation we might have about taking action. Watching over your shoulder as you do the steps live is the perfect proof of how easy it is to turn a blog post into a PDF. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Also love how you locked the content to force a social share, very clever! How did you do that?

  7. Chirag Dodiya

    This was a great post as always with quality information especially on the SliderShare..

    I have been using Scribd and it is getting me quite a traffic..

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  8. Thanks for sharing this plugin Ana. Just now converted my first blog post using Print friendly and uploaded to scribd. Was looking for a similar solution

  9. Ana Jackson

    hey Ana,
    i have read your article about Blog post in PDF.I have already read your many articles like 15 backlinks from twitter.But I want to Know that if you have some knowledge about Coupons that how we can increase our traffic for Coupons Site

    • Ana Hoffman

      A coupon site is no different from any other site, Ana, generally speaking. Most of the traffic generation strategies I talk about here will work.

  10. Thanks for this video.I have never thought about promoting my posts turning them into pdfs and putting on Doc sharing sites.I think this idea will give huge traffic to our blogs .Thanks alot.

  11. Very nice spin on the idea of re purposing content. I’ve only made PDFs from my original Word doc but using PrintFriendly gives you live links and pics too.

    Which is way better.

    Great hack!


    • Ana Hoffman

      Definitely, simple and quick, Alex; almost leaves us with no excuse not to do it. lol

  12. Ana:
    I totally love your site. Came across it today looking for an alternative to Alismet and found your GASP article. Then started reading all your other stuff.

    Than you for all your work. Your info and site are awesome!

  13. Hi Ana,

    Yet another great post! I really like the idea of taking content that you’ve already created and repurposing it. That’s a most effective way of significantly increasing the leverage from work you’ve already done.

    I know that was one of your goals for this year and you look like you’re making excellent progress. I hope it continues to work out well for you.

    Also, I wanted to say that based on some of your other posts and chats we’ve had, I’ve noticed the slight change in the tone of your emails. I like it! I think you’re definitely moving in the right direction and I hope that, too, works out for you. You certainly deserve it!

    I hope you have a truly outstanding end to the week and I hope to chat with you again soon!


    • Ana Hoffman

      Much appreciated, Barry, and yes, I’ve been doing pretty well with content leveraging. Probably could do a lot better if I hired someone to help me with it. :)

  14. Chetan

    Hi Ana- Hope you are having a wonderful day.

    I think it’s a good idea, however there is bit of risk in this strategy as Google might eventually consider it as duplicate content (same doc on several docsharing sites). I am not sure how much link juice will flow back to our sites by doing this. I know Googlebot can read pdf files now, so I am a bit hesitant to go with your strategy.



    • Ana Hoffman

      Don’t be hesitant, Chetan; just take a look at the duplicate content post I mentioned in the post.

  15. Slideshare looks interesting but also seems like a little more work than I have time for. It’s on my to do list.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I know what you mean, Tom, and you can imagine my schedule.

      However, I’ve been using it for about a month now and found that it’s definitely worth my time; from because of traffic and links.

  16. Hi, Ana!

    This is a wonderful idea, thank you so much for it!

    I was just thinking, what about putting together several blog posts that have a central theme into one PDF? Can do something like that, as well?

    • Ana Hoffman

      It’s been a while, Delena; welcome back.

      PrintFriendly can’t bundle several posts. I’ve been trying to find a free and effective way to do it.

      There’s a plugin called Anthologize, but it was too buggy for me.

      Another alternative is, but the free option is not acceptable; otherwise, it’s $5 per post.

  17. This is good timing, I’ve just started doing this but only been submitting the pdfs to Scribd. Will submit them to the others now too including Slideshare.


  18. That sounds a great idea, Ana. Converting a blog post into PDF and submitting it to other document sharing sites does help, surely. What about short posts? I mean It won’t be enough to impress people If the converted post is less 1500 words, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing the information,

    Ehsan U.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I don’t think it’s a problem, Ehsan; there’s a reader for content of any length.