3 Tools To Massively Increase Your Twitter Exposure

3 Tools To Massively Increase Your Twitter Exposure

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Pretty in pink? Twitter tools for all tastes…

While Facebook and Google Plus social continue to push new features live, battling themselves over who can dominate the market, Twitter traffic remains the most powerful driver of traffic to my site.

Ever since the t.co shortener was introduced, I can see it showing up at the top of my referrers at any given day.

This is very powerful and also quite reassuring. Continuing to improve and work on my Twitter performance has paid off greatly so far.

Over the months I have tried and tested various tools.

Here are three tools that I continue to make use of the most, as they help me harness more of Twitter’s power, with less time spent on it:

Buffer – Get 200% More Clicks On Your On Tweets

The best performance of my Twitter account came after I increased the frequency of daily Tweets posted significantly.

Buffer helps to do exactly that in a very time-saving, yet genuine manner.

You can spend 10 minutes to put Tweets into your Buffer queue and it will be posted for you at the best times during the day.

What helps me the most here is that you can add Tweets to your Buffer from any website with just one click via the browser extensions.

Through optimal timing and a convenient way to Tweet more frequently, Buffer has proven to give you 200% more clicks, retweets and reach than non-buffered Tweets.

Top Tip: You can Buffer retweets right from Twitter.com. I like to use this feature to go through my Twitter lists and engage more with my followers without flooding anyone.

WhenToTweet – Find Your Top Tweeting Times

Another tool I want to introduce you to is WhenToTweet.

Upon entering your Twitter username, the App goes ahead and finds your best Tweeting times for you.

The algorithm used for this is very powerful and here are some of the parameter it includes:

  • It includes performance of your past Tweets to determine optimal tweeting time.
  • It looks at all your followers Tweeting patterns to find out when they are most likely to be online
  • It then graphs your overall performance on a 24 hour chart so you can pick those buckets which seem most appealing.

Top Tip: What I like about WhenToTweet is it’s simplicity and spot-on actionable advice. With the one graph as a result, you can go ahead and use it for scheduling your Tweets at this time or setting up your Buffer accordingly.


Formulists – Getting Your Twitter Lists In Order 

Update: this service is now closed.

Building your Twitter lists actively is a great way to expand your network and keep in touch with a wide range of people.

A quote that keeps ringing in my ear from one of my top Twitter mentors, @MQTodd:

 “Being on Twitter without creating lists is like building your Twitter presence in sand.”

Here is where Formulists helps me tremendously.

You can set up certain automatic triggers that will put someone into the corresponding list. This can be done if someone retweets, follows, or mentions you, for example.

It is of course up to you to set up which list and which trigger should go together.

Top tip: What I like best is that Formulists always keeps a tab open for you with the users you engage with the most, regardless of lists.

This is a great way to manage your followers more effectively.

Marketing Takeaway

Using these 3 tools together has become a very powerful combination for my Twitter strategy.

In short, Buffer allows me to post Tweets at the best times, WhenToTweet allows me to optimize my Tweeting times even further and Formulists is my house built on stone for a solid Twitter network.

Over to you now.

Do you think these tools can be useful for your own Twitter efforts too?

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  1. These are all great tools and I use tools that are similar but when I tried to use the Fomulist I see that it has went out of business.

  2. Hi Leo,

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Formulists. I used to use lists all the time, but now I’ve been just retweeting and having less conversations on Twitter… hopefully formulists will help me filter “the right” people :)

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Hi Leo,

    I don’t know where I have been hiding because I have never heard of these tools, thanks for the share will definitely try all of them out!

  4. Hi Ana, I came looking for how to install the feature, “Look How Easy I Made It for You to Retweet.” I’ve seen it and used on a few sites and like using it. Would love to know how to get it and hoping its a plugin.

    • Hi there, thanks a lot for stopping by, I am sure Ana, has a quick help guide fore this, and I think putting this plugin on can be a lot of help for your readers! :)

  5. This couldn’t have come at a better time! I was just planning on getting involved in Twitter but I’m ashamed to say that I know almost nothing about it; I’m a Facebook kind of guy! Thanks for the helpful list.

    • Interesting Josh..you say you are a facebook fan..I just dont get facebook..I use it yet somehow I just dont see the logic of it, whereas twitter seems so much easier and fun! Have you tried the strategies mentioned here? I am going to try them out this week and see how I get on…lets compare notes!

      • It could just be because Facebook is the first social media network I tried, but I’ve always found it to be a bit more intuitive than the hashtags and @s of twitter.

        From what I’ve seen, twitter is far more useful for celebrities and internet marketers like ourselves to get large amounts of information out to followers, while Facebook, despite the fan pages etc., seems to be built around regular people interacting and conversing with each other. The bad thing is, right now there are several hundred million more Facebookers than tweeters, so we have to cater to both.

        I haven’t seen any tools like the ones above that help with timing of Facebook posts; if you find one I’d love to hear about it! From experience I can tell you that, depending on your target audience, the best time to post on Facebook is around 3:45 or 5:45, shortly after people get out of school/work. But internet capable smart phones are changing that easy formula :(

        I’d love to hear what you think/discover about this subject, and I hope I helped you somewhat!


        • Its funny I actually like the hastags and @of twitters! as I find it makes it easier to find people/search topics..whereas with facebook it seems potluck whether someone reads your page. But I know thats just me and loads of others use facebook effectively for pleasure and work. I am going to try Ana’s tips and inspirations this week and will let you know how easy/intuitive and effective they are. Keep in touch.

  6. Ian Belanger

    Hey Ana,

    Excellent list! This is the first time I had heard of any of those tools and they all seem to be excellent.
    I am planning to start using twitter to it’s full potential and these tools will get me moving in the right direction.

    As always Ana, thanks for this great post. Your knowledge is vast :)

  7. Those are really some cool tools for twitter marketing. The only one I knew already from the list was Buffer. I will certainly be checking out the other two specially whentotweet because I think it is a great idea to find a proper time for tweeting and then tweet

    • Hi Shiva, thanks for the heads up on this. Yes, I would definitely recommend WhenToTweet for sure as getting the best times to Tweet is a great way to improve your Tweeting. :)

  8. I have a healthy Twitter following which generates a good chunk of my traffic. I have not heard of these 3 tools before, hopefully they will help to give my Twitter traffic a boost. I’ll report back in a few weeks time.

    • Hi Brian,

      Great to see you here. Oh right, yes, this can easily happen, be sure to try one of the browser extensions, I think they make using Buffer consistently the easiest.

  9. Debbie

    I am au great fan of the bulk scheduling application on hoot suite pro. Together with three spreadsheet templates that I wrote myself I can schedule about 200 promotional messages for the week on my two twitter accounts, Facebook page and linked in, in about 10-20 minutes. I have used when to tweet in order to get the timings of those perfect for me.

    Some people will throw their hands up in horror at the amount of automated stuff. But I do fill in with personal tweets too, and reply personally to my RTs and other mentions. I also try to follow the ten most recent relevant followers of everyone who interacts with me.

    Twitter is my top referrer too and I find that my blog stats go down if I do less than this, but they also go down if I do much more. Trial and error has found the right tweet volume for me.

    I also love the WP plugin tweet old post, for some random tweets of my blog back catalogue…

    • Hi Debbie,

      Great to see you here and thanks for the heads up on the bulk uploading feature, I will be sure to check it out.

      Awesome, great to see that Twitter is the top referrer for you too, really seems that there is a pattern here!

  10. Hi Ana,

    I am trying out all these tools. Learned something new again!

    The wentotweet link is broken, you need to add the .com


  11. Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwuka

    Hi! Ana,

    You are always coming up with something unique and valuable. May the good Lord bless your efforts, IJN, Amen.

    WhenToTweet is awesome. I used it just now and it gave me this as my result – @aboutmyway should tweet @ 18:00 UTC+1. :-D. Thanks for this. But, a slight problem though. On your resources page, you recommended an app – TweetOldPost or was it on EJ I saw that – your guest post?

    Question is “Is it necessary I schedule my Tweetoldpost plugin to tweet basically at 18:00 UTC +1?”

    In reference to the other tools you mentioned, I’m on it now.


  12. Hi Mark, thanks for stopping by.

    Indeed, these blocks of several Tweets in a row are a real pain, I hope Buffer can help making them spaced out and published at the right times. :)

  13. Hi Ana,

    I’ve never heard of these tools but yet haven’t been focusing on twitter. So now I know the “secret” of twitter success 😉 Thanks for sharing Ana


    • Hi Sherman, great to see you here. Awesome, that is fantastic to hear that I could tell you a few new things that might make Twitter more worthwhile for you! :)

  14. Thanks, Leo! I have Buffer, but I have not been using it as I should. Thanks for the kick in the pants! I’ll be checking out the others, too.

    • Hi Alison,

      So great to see you here. Awesome, yes, it takes some time to get into it doesn’t it? Have you tried the browser extension yet? It should help making using it regularly a lot easier and you can keep your followers posted with fresh and regular content! :)

  15. Hi Leo,
    Twitter is also my top referrer too. I didn’t know at first what tco was when I checked Google analytics .

    I found that tweeting early morning or late evenings got the most traffic to my site from twitter. I live on the East Coast of the U.S.

    • Hi Justin, thanks for the comment.

      Yes, that was quite a surprise for many, wasn’t it?

      Very interesting, yes, that makes a lot of sense, particularly if your following is living in that same timezone too. :)

  16. The Twitter Buffer looks like a pretty handy site or tool. I was reading a little more info about it where another article mentioned you can use it with Facebook too. I’ll have to look into it more yet, but that would be great. I use Twitterfeed for some auto posting, but it messes up a lot lately. This might be the alternative I need.

    • Ray, so great to see you here.

      Awesome, that is fantastic to hear, glad Buffer is interesting. Yes, you are right, it is now available with Facebook too for beta testers, but will go live for everyone real soon!

      Yep, I think it might be a good alternative to Twitterfeed, please let me know if you have any questions on this for me. :)

  17. Wow, great tools Leo.

    I have just began to use twitter a little bit more seriously for traffic generation and this is great for me. I really like what Buffer enables you to do. I always wondered about best time for tweeting to get the best results. I am going to give Buffer a try. thanks for the link Leo.

  18. These are great tips. I use two of these tools on a daily basis but I’ve never tried the “when to tweet”. I just noticed buffer for facebook came out and I’m going to try it today.

  19. Nice post Leo!

    While I am using Buffer and loving it, I have yet to try out the others mentioned here. I do use Timely as well and have recently tried out MarketMeSuite- another great tool. I think Twitter has a lot to offer provided we know the right way and tools to make use of it!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • Hi Harleena,

      So great to see you here and thanks for the great addition. I think Timely and MarketMeSuite are both 2 fantastic solutions, I am sure lot s of others will find it useful here and I have tried both myself! :)

  20. Hi Leo,

    I’m already using all these tools, These are famous and I doubt anyone can these so useful tools. 😉 I usually log in once in a day to set my tweets on buffer and check if any messages or any mentions.

    • Hi Riya,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by. Yes, that is exactly how I am using it too, simply dropping in Tweets into my Buffer in the morning and then having them posted throughout the days! :)

  21. I’m a big fan of buffer and schedule my tweets once in a day and that’s it. I use “Tweroid” to check when my followers are online, But will check “WhenToTweet” if I liked it then certainly try it. 😀

    • Aarti,

      That is so great to hear! Yes, Tweriod is awesome and I think WhenToTweet will be a great add-on for sure as well, both give some amazing results you can setup in your Buffer! :)

  22. Leo,

    I have used and heard of Twitter buffer, of course. It is a great app!

    Went to tweet sounds like a very interesting addition they can help you get the right time and the formulists sounds really awesome. I know the list is one area that I need to work on and I think this program can help me greatly, thanks a lot for the information.

    How wonderful weekend!

    • Steve,

      So great to see you here. Awesome, so glad you like Buffer. Yes, WhenToTweet is a great add-on I hope will help to make consistent Tweeting easier with their top time suggestions! :)

      You too, have a rocking weekend.

  23. Leo,

    I completely agree about building Lists. Twitter Lists in my opinion have always been the tools most important workflow feature. I couldn’t use Twitter if I didn’t have it broken down into lists.

    Another good tools for wordpress users is “TweetOldPost” plugin. I have it set so every 4 hours it re-tweets a post that is over 30 days old. Nice to keep your content recycled.


    Ryan H.

    • Ryan, thanks so much for the great comment.

      Yes, you are right, that is a great suggestion, I have meant to start playing with TweetOldPost for a while now, but never got around to it. Will try it out and see how it works! :)

  24. Nice post. I was also going to mention Crowdbooster. It has a free version that’s quite useful for many of the reasons you outlined here. Also, using the lists on Klout is a way to generate more traffic, as is creating a Paper.li.

    • Hi Darren,

      Good to see you here. Yes, that is a fabulous add-on, Crowdbooster provides a great solution. I had a few issues with paper.li as it sometimes feels quite automated and left it, maybe it’s just me. :)

  25. Hi Leo!
    I’m using all of these and I think people underestimate the power of Twitter lists. I use them to generate Paper.li’s based on specific topics and related content. Have you tried CrowdBooster yet? That’s a great one for building exposure too.

    • Hi Ileane,

      Great to see you here! Awesome, fantastic you are using all three already.

      I have played a little bit with crowdbooster but not as much as I wanted to, especially the reports feature sounded very useful, thanks for the reminder! :)