Ana Loves: My Internet Marketing Rolodex

internet marketing tools rolodex

Tools (or lack thereof) won’t make or break your business.

And they won’t make you more money.

But they WILL make your online money making efforts more effective and efficient.

The following list of tools is what I used and/or still do to power Traffic Generation Café.

<Ana’s Rolodex>

Website Hosting: A2 Hosting

Click here to check out A2 Hosting

Why did I choose to host such a high-trafficked blog like Traffic Generation Café with a smaller hosting company?

Because they are unlike any other hosting company I’ve dealt with in the past.

Their customer service is great, their loading speeds are incredible, their plans will fit any need, and they are not Hostgator. (that’s a very good thing!)

If you are fed up with your current host, I highly recommend you check out A2 Hosting.

Set up your A2 Hosting account here –
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WordPress Theme: Genesis Framework

Traffic Generation Café runs on Genesis Framework

I love Genesis Framework – it’s simple, clean, SEO-friendly, mobile-responsive, and flexible for you to design your perfect website with. Or leave it alone as is, if you are so inclined.

Highly recommended for a novice and an experienced blogger alike.

Trust me, I learned the hard way how important a good theme is to a success of a website. Don’t waste your precious time and resources as I did.

Get your Genesis WordPress theme here

Email Autoresponder: Aweber

Traffic Generation Café runs on Aweber email autoresponder

You need to build an email list. Even if you don’t really understand why, just trust me on this.

And Aweber is be the only autoresponder I’d consider for many reasons.

Aweber offers a $1 trial month for all new customers. You’ll have access to all features a paid account is entitled to: unlimited lists, email campaigns, automatic follow-ups, broadcasts, and many, many more.

If after 30 days you don’t like them, just let them know and Aweber will give you your $1 back. Guaranteed.

DO check out Aweber for only $1 now

Keyword Research: Market Samurai

Get your Market Samurai Keyword research tool

Market Samurai is the BEST KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL I’ve ever used, bar none. Still.

Goes way beyond simple keyword research with competition research, rank tracking, domain research, and more.

Get your MarketSamurai Download here

SEO/Competitor Research:

Use SEMrush for competitive research
I love, love, love SEMRush.

You know how different rank checkers ask you for the keywords you’d LIKE to rank for and then tell you where you are ranking for them?

Well, SEMRush checks the first 20 spots across Google to tell YOU what you are currently ranking for. This is priceless.

You can learn about different keywords you didn’t even know you were ranking for.

It also tells you which keywords bring the most traffic to your blog, so you can quickly tell which ones you need to push up in the rankings to bring even more search engine traffic.

Take a look at my SEMRush Review to learn more about the tool.

Start tracking your competition with

Affiliate Marketing

Click to download Thirsty Affilaite

Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

This plugin converts any keywords on your blog into money-making affiliate links, creates professional redirects, adds NoFollow (NEVER forget to do it!), opens links in new windows, AND you can easily insert banners already linked to the product site with your aff link with a simple click.

Also check out my post about the best Affiliate Marketing Programs and how to find/choose them.

green check markDownload your own ThirstyAffiliates here

Social Media

tweet adder small button

Tweet Adder

This is the very tool that allows me to follow thousands of targeted users on autopilot per day, thus making Twitter my largest referral traffic source.

Here is my Tweet Adder review.

Update: Tweet Adder, along with many other Twitter tools, had to make adjustments to their automation options. Learn more about the changes in my Best Twitter Tools to Get More Twitter Followers [Tweet Adder Alternatives] post.

And now you can get 20% off Tweet Adder on me; just follow this link to Tweet Adder website and enter the following discount code at checkout:


green check markStart generating profitable traffic with Tweet Adder

Video Marketing

Click to download ScreenFlow


Screen recording and a whole lot more. Used by most pro video marketers and yours truly.

ScreenFlow makes editing video easy, so I can focus on creatively telling my story and not the tech side of things.

green check markStart using ScreenFlow today

Use Bamboo in your video marketing

Bamboo Pen Tablet

Turns my computer into a virtual canvas, allowing me to create digital artwork with the touch of a pen.I use it to draw on the slides while recording the screen with ScreenFlow; turns boring “I’ve seen it all before” videos into interactive gems.

green check markSpruce up your videos with Bamboo Pen Tablet

Marketing Courses

blog post promotion ebook image

Blog Post Promotion: the Ultimate Guide

by Kristi Hines – this is an ebook that is packed with actionable advice on how to promote your blog.

Kristi Hines of is certainly the best expert in the field and she doesn’t hold anything back as she shares how she promotes her blog, contest entries, etc.

green check markStart promoting your blog with Kristi Hines

</Ana’s Rolodex>

buy my online marketing toolsShould you choose to go through my affiliate links and help me to turn Traffic Generation Café into a thriving business, I want you to know this: I truly and sincerely appreciate your business.


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