9 Untapped Ways To Make Money Blogging TODAY

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untapped make money blogging waysBlogging is a very time-consuming activity; most of us, bloggers, will definitely and emphatically agree with that.

However, creating a business out of our blogs is something most of us are willing to put in long hours for, at the beginning anyway.

There are many “main stream” ways to make money blogging; most of us are aware of them, if not using them already.

My goal for this post was to dig up some of the lesser known money-generating methods.

Most of them are very easy to implement; however some require a fairly busy blog to succeed.

That’s precisely how I tried to organize these make money blogging strategies: from “any blog can do it” to “some blogs will qualify to do it”.

I did express some personal opinions about some of these ways as far as their worthiness to be placed on a blog, but of course that’s up to you to decide.

1. Pay Per Post Blogging

Pay per post blogging is a really simple way to make money online.

All you need to do is to write paid reviews for various advertisers and publish them to your blog.

To make things even simpler, there are many websites out there that are in business of matchmaking between bloggers and advertisers.

Here are some of the more reputable ones, although don’t take my word for it (I have not personal experience with any of them) and do your own research:

  • SponsoredReviews.com
  • BloggingAds.com
  • PayPerPost.com
  • Smorty.com
  • Blogsvertise.com

Word of caution: in order to make decent money with this method, you have to do quite a few reviews per month. Make sure it’s worth loosing your readership over. Be smart about it, choose the products/services you would or did buy yourself.

2. Almost Free Products

This method came to me via Heather Stephens of CleverMarketer.com – please check out her blog after you finish this article!

Subscribers make targeted customers. Anyone willing to give up their email address in exchange for that valuable piece of information you give away for free is looking for solutions.

Why not redirect them to a special thank you page with a one-time unique offer for a low-priced product!

I would suggest for the product to be complimentary to what you are offering for free (since you already know that’s the type of information they are interested in) and in the price range of $7-$47 (nothing too outrageous here, this is still a courting period!).

What kind of product can you offer on your thank you page? Anything you want to.

How about:

  • hard copy of the free product you just gave away
  • service
  • coaching session
  • ebook you wrote
  • affiliate product

A few more things to mention to make your offer more irresistible:

-Don’t send people to a long boring sales letter; write a short copy just for this occasion, put some personality into it, don’t talk about the features but the benefits of your product.

-Offer something special to sweeten the deal: bonuses, special discount, free trial to a membership site, etc.

3. Make Money Blogging for Other Blogs

You don’t even have to have your own blog to make money blogging – imagine that!

Since writing blog posts is a fairly consuming task, many bloggers will choose to hire someone to write for them. They’ll either pay a flat fee per a certain number of posts or some will even share the revenue from the advertisements placed in or around your posts.

Either way, it’s a fairly easy way to make some money without any strings attached.

4. Conduct Paid Surveys and Polls

There are many services out there that will pay you to run a poll or a survey on your blog.

All you need to do to make money this way is to sign up with one of these services, like Vizu Answers, and select the type of survey you are willing to run on your site. Most of these services operate as CPM.

5. Donations

This is a great way to earn some cash from your blog, especially if you have loyal readership that appreciates your hard work and content (wink, wink :) ).

The good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) thing about donations is that you never know when they might pop up or how generous one might be.

6. In-text Advertising Links

This method involves you allowing networks like Kontera and Vibrant Media to place sponsored links inside your post.

Any placed sponsored links will be double-underlined to set them apart from regular links. When a reader rolls the mouse over the link, the advertisement will pop up and if they choose to click on it, you’ll make some money.

This is a very simple and passive way to make money, yet could turn off some of your readers. I don’t see a whole lot of major blogs using this strategy to make money off their blogs.

7. Monetization Widgets

Yet another interesting way to make money blogging is to make use of various monetization widgets (see some examples below).

Some of them will work similarly to a PPC setup, others will utilizes affiliate programs, and yet others will appear like text link ads.

The great thing about these widgets is how easy they are to set up and operates on your site.

Here are some companies you can look into for monetization widgets:

  • WidgetBucks
  • ScratchBack
  • SmartLinks

8. Provide Member-Only Content

If you are known to provide killer content that draws readers like bees to honey, this might be a great way for you to make some great residual income from your blog that will come in on a monthly basis.

You can give away part of your content free of charge and create a special membership area open to paid premium members only. You can offer things like tools, tutorials, video courses, and other exclusive content.

For an example of that check out SEOMoz.com where they offers information on all kinds of SEO topics. You can get a lot of good content for free, but if you want to become a member of their premium area, it’ll cost you $48/month (last time I checked).

9. Run Job Boards

This is another make money blogging way that will require a narrow niche and high traffic.

Once you set up the structure to run job boards (via specialized job board software), making money will become a breeze. This method is passive, hands-off, and will bring you up to $100 per listing.

For an example of a successful job board, check out Problogger.net and GuyKawasaki.com.

Make Money Blogging Marketing Takeaway

Making SOME money blogging is not a difficult task. The key ingredient to it is traffic and good content.

However, here’s something important to remember: most major bloggers DON’T make most of their online income blogging. That’s right!

If Darren Rowse or Sonya Simone decide to boost their income, they launch a product, speak at a seminar, etc.

If your idea of good income from your blog exceeds a few hundred dollars a month, you need to start think bigger – FAR bigger than any of the strategies described above.

Now go get them, tiger!

Love it or hate it? Comment to show me that you’ve alive!

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  1. I really believe that that the hardest part about making money blogging is for the average person to make money from blogging, they need to bring something unique to the market place.

    …At least that is what I use to believe

    My opinion is that, the reason why it’s difficult to make money blogging is because lack of good sales funnel.

    If your content is engaging and you can tell a good story, it’s hard not to make money from your blog.

    The only other piece you need is a good funnel to drive your traffic through.

    When you really get to the heart of it though, if your blogging because it’s your passion, ultimately you will start making money from blogging just because :)

    Great post! Thanks for sharing

  2. While all are appealing, I think adding plenty of things to your website can make it slower or more complicated to use. This can drive away traffic but if done right, it would be a great way to have your blog paying for itself what with the domain name renewal and hosting charges.

  3. Danica

    Hi Ana,
    Liked this post. Took the past 8 months off after removing my most recent blog. Had to rethink what my reasons were for blogging – A free resource or as part of a long term business plan.

    Ready to slowly get back with it and found your post. How would you recommend doing option #3 got pay – Writing posts for other bloggers? I love blogging fresh content, but I also have bills to pay:)

    Thanks for the heads-up on what it takes to make blogging work.

    • Hi, Danica – hope blogging will treat you well this time around.

      You’ll have to do some research on #3 – I don’t have resources readily available and timely on the matter.

      You can use services like payperpost.com.

      You can also look into blogs like Shoutmeloud.com (if they still do it), where they allow their guest authors to share the earnings they make off the ads published on your post page.

      • Danica

        Thanks Ana,
        While reviewing your post (copy and paste) offline, I did find a solution – offer my blogging and article writing to sites owners who haven’t the patience to make marketing with content work.

        Use what I’ve learned, do what I love (write) and make it a business that has the potential to earn the income I want. Sometimes it seems others can see what we’re too close to notice:) Thanks again for your insight and advice.

  4. Now there’s a great idea, Noo! Unfortunately, I’m not a rich blogger and neither am I available. I guess we’ll have to keep working, then! :-)

  5. Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwuka

    There’s one idea I got from your post Ana and that’s my thank you page. I’ll add just an affiliate link there and that’s all.

    Is that good enough?

  6. Love your point of view.

    The less you ask for money, the more of it seems to come your way.

    That should be a clue to many wanna-be netpreneurs out there!

    Appreciate your insights; hope to see you back soon.


  7. There’s some tips there I haven’t seen before. Love your content Ana. I will bookmark and get back to this post as some valuable information for this newbie to explore.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  8. amelia

    Hey Ana,

    Thank you for the helpful insight. All this blogging and marketing can be a big blur. Seems like a lot of trial and error, at least for me, with all this type of stuff.

    All your info you send sounds good and informative.



    • I’m glad that you find my blog informative Amelia. Yes, you’re right blogging involves lots of work and you will encounter troubles along the way but if you will continue , you will definitely get there!

      Go for it!


  9. Those ways that you listed are really untapped ways of making money from blogging. Nice post, Ana!

    P/S: I just finished publishing my post about 22 proven ways to make money online; An infographic guide. Check it out if you have time. Have a good day, Ana!

  10. Hey Ana,

    Intereting ideas you are sharing here. It’s about implementing what would work for your blog. I wouldn’t some of them for my blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong

    • Neither would I, Mavis.

      I am all for focusing on the reader first and some of these methods will definitely not help me do that.

      I know you are the same way as well.


  11. Ana, you never cease to amaze me – not only with your outrageous generosity in sharing, but also the immense content, and variety of it. I am not quite sure where you get your energy and mental clarity from… but could you send some this way! There are days when I have so much going on, I am so full of things that need to be addressed and accomplished…that as I said on your FB page… I have decided to attack one thing at a time. I am very pleased however that I have found a high energy multi tasker like you! Best! :-)

    • You are so kind, Jayne!

      I am actually as overwhelmed as you are, I bet. One of my favorite quotes I dearly hold on to is this:

      “The shorter way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time.”~ Mozart

      Definitely helps!

      Glad you were able to stop by; I noticed you were MIA for a while. :)


      • With all the people you converse with… to notice that I actually was MIA was a real boost to me in a funny sort of way. I did disappear for a bit, I made the conscious decision to focus solely on enjoying my children for the last few weeks before they were both in school full time… and also to get them settled in. I found it too frustrating to not do anything ‘well’…. so now I am back in the saddle with bells on and feel I made the right decision! I am sure you can relate to the importance of that! Thanks again!

        • Family always comes first – no question about that.

          I am glad you were able to dedicate some undivided attention to your kids; sounds like it’s time for your business to get some as well. :)

          Welcome back, Jayne.

  12. Hey! I think you are spot on when you said most don’t make money with their blog – I know I don’t! But, it is a good place to offer readers advice on places you DO make money, entertain them, and have great connections. Only the top, top bloggers make any serious money from blogs and that is from tons of traffic. Blogging is more of a home base. Thanks!

    Oh, blue banner IS still there at this point in time.

  13. It’s certainly a valid point, Oliver.

    My thinking behind it is this:

    Our readers need to be conditioned that our blog is a business and yes, we do offer products for sale and not just for free.

    I think it’s a very important step in our businesses these days, since the public is so conditioned to receive everything at no cost.



    • Good point as well, Oliver.

      I think we can find consensus in this: everything needs to be tested. As you pointed out, what might work for one, might not be a good idea for another.

      I always appreciate your insights, Oliver – you always seem to add some meat to any blog post you read.


  14. Hector

    Ana.. great post on making money – although a few of these are bit on the borderline for me, they are definitely easy to implement.

    Creating a quick $7 product will help get the cashflow started and won’t result in a bunch of your readers leaving.. As oppose to doing a bunch of paid reviews where you will definitely kill any type of community you’ve built already (or most of it)

    by the way.. I thought you might wanna know. I’m using Firefox and everytime I try to close the blue footer popup, the page refreshes..

    talk soon

    • I agree with you, Hector – there are some ways here that I would never want to implement on my own blog.

      I appreciate you letting me know about the footer; I will check into it.


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