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I don’t understand why anyone would publish their income reports.

What purpose would that serve? Is there a reason for this madness?”

That was the question one of my Facebook fans asked me in our recent FB discussion about income reports.

As Jeff Rose said in his income report (listed below):

This is why we do the income reports:

  1. Accountability. These will allow us to finally keep track of our total online revenue – something that I’ve been horrible at.
  2. Progress. Now that we have it documented, we’ll be be able to chart our progress as our income increases (hopefully!)
  3. Truth. To show people that you really can make money online
  4. Transparency: We want others to see how we do it so that others can do it too.

With that said, not only did I publish my own income report earlier this week, but decided to also collect reports from other bloggers around the web.

Monthly Income Reports

Since I organized this post by how much any particular blog made in September, it would be appropriate for me to start with Pat Flynn’s handsome sum of $56,000, but the truth is I am too jealous of him, his online standing, and, most of all, his income.

Seriously, can I please read a single post that doesn’t mention Pat Flynn? Anyone?

So I decided to go against the grain and DON’T mention Pat in this post.

OK, starting now…   $10,562.76

  • August Income Report {Record High!}

Main income stream: Advertising

Jeff and Mandy Rose are a husband and wife blogging team that are making things happen, mostly with Jeff’s financial blog Good Financial Cents (love the name!), as well as with Mandy’s family blog House of Rose.

The $10K include income from all their blogs and come mostly from paid advertising.   $9514.72

  • Income Report #4 – September 2012

Main income stream: undisclosed authority niche site

My income report for September 2012. Did my earnings go up or down? Plus what three valuable lessons did I learn from the past month…

I do love Steve’s no-fluff blog mostly talking about affiliate marketing.

The bulk of his earnings comes from an undisclosed authority niche site.

The second biggest earner is Amazon Kindle books.

You can learn more about how Steve does it in his How to Make Money with Amazon Kindle Books post.

I’d also highly recommend you check out this Kindle Publishing Challenge to learn the nitty-gritties of becoming a Kindle publisher.   $5,466.69

  • September Income Report – Making Money from a Food Blog…

Main income stream: Advertising

The income report for Pinch of Yum from September 2012. Includes tips on how see what is pinned on Pinterest from your website and tips for getting Google Alerts for your food blog.

Lindsay and Bjork’s income is impressive, especially for a non-internet marketing niche blog.

The bulk of their income comes from advertising.

Some of it also comes from affiliate sales for completely non-food related products (like Bluehost and Thesis theme), which is very surprising.

I need to remember to ask them how they sell burgers to vegetarians, so to speak.   $5,150

  • September 2012 Earnings & Spending Report

Main income stream: Advertising

Kirsty earns most of her income from advertising on her multiple (not sure how many) travel niche websites while wondering the world (sounds like she is somewhere in Africa right now).   $4,300

  • My Monthly Income & Expenditure Report — September 2012

Main income stream: Freelance Writing

“September was definitely a month for investing time in projects that I hope will pay off in the future.

Beyond my usual freelance writing work (which typically takes up around 3-4 hours of my working days), I was busy working on my one hour authority site project, my upcoming freelance writing guide, and of course this blog.”

If you’ve got a writer in you like Tom Ewer does, you might want to think about becoming a freelance writer.

Good thing Pay Flynn doesn’t have those ambitions, so your future freelance career looks like clear sailing…   about $800

  • My Passive Income and Business Report

Main income stream: Affiliate Marketing

Why did I say “about $800″?

Because Rob publishes his income report once in a quarter, so the post above is his quarterly report.

Rob’s main earners were:

  1. Affiliate sales (most notably Genesis WordPress theme, Bluehost hosting, and Aweber).
  2. His own products: Rob has currently two ebooks for sale; great to see that the time he put into writing those ebooks is paying off.   $213

  • Passive Income Report: September 2012

Main income stream: Affiliate Marketing

I’m very serious about building passive income projects and it’s become a bit of an obsession now as I have begun to follow entrepreneurs and marketers who only build passive income projects and stick to that business model.  I’m in it for the long haul, and know that it takes more than a month to build a real business. :)

Jay Piecha is “fresh off the boat” starting from scratch with a fresh perspective and a specific goal – to build a business that generates $1k/week in passive income.

His blog is just about 1 month old.

I like the goals Jay set out to achieve with his passive income explorations and look forward to future reports.   $100

  • September Results & October Goals

Main income stream: Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been getting to know Lisa fairly well recently: mostly via my Traffic Generation Cafe Facebook fan page (click on the LIKE button in the sidebar to join the fun!) and some emails that went back and forth (see, I told ya – as a TGC email subscriber, you definitely get a direct line to me).

And I really like her, to be quite honest.

Turns out we have a lot in common: we both suffer chronic MIS (multi interest syndrome) and acute SOD (shiny object distraction).

Plus, I definitely enjoy Lisa’s style: it takes guts to blog about making money online when you “haven’t gotten there yet”.

Thumbs up to your $100, Lisa.   $10

  • Pulse Check – Monthly Report for September 2012 – Value of Simple

Every month I recap the past, present, and future of my personal journey and the voyage of Value of Simple. Here’s a September 2012 “Pulse Check”.

Yes, you read it right – Joel’s monthly income was a whooping ten bucks.

So why did I choose his income report to be included in this post?

  • It made me feel better that at least someone is making less money than I do with TGC.
  • We all have to start somewhere.

And that’s where most of us are right now in our journey to making full-time income online (whatever it means to each one of us) – SOMEWHERE.

Joel happened to be at his $10 mark, but he’s blogging, his traffic is growing, and if he has the guts to stick with it, he just might make it.

There’s only one flaw I see in that income report of his – he too mentions Pat Flynn…

Marketing Takeaway

“Blogs don’t make money – businesses do.”

~ Sonia Simone (Copyblogger)

(thanks to Nicole Rushin for mentioning this great quote in her comment on my recent review of Empower Network.)

If you are serious about growing your business, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Check out the blogs I listed above.

Figure out what makes them special, what makes them work.

Find the gems you can take back to your business.

See what you can do better than they do.


And share this post with friends (but don’t share it with @PatFlynn please):

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  1. My boyfriend and I have recently started traveling full time (backpacking through Asia) and started a travel blog before the trip while I continued running my food blog which I started in Dec 2010. We recently monetized both and so far have been making a decent amount of money. We post monthly income reports on both blogs if you are interested (the food blog is and for the month of November we will have made a little over $3000 for both blogs. Definitely pays for our month of traveling through China and then some! Heading over to check out the other blogs you mention in this post (I was already familiar with Pinch of Yum)

  2. Ryan

    I want to read more of the info on your site, but your new facebook widget that shakes to get your attention makes it impossible to focus on your content. This might be causing bounce traffic for you. I read your article promote the ish out of your blog and have joined a lot of those sites. I was already members of some of them.

  3. i think posting the income of your site is a really good idea has by it more and more people inspire and become more serious about their blogging.
    awesome article.

  4. Personally I see Income Reports as a great motivational tool! Even if your not making millions you are still pulling in a steady income from doing what you love online!

    And by sharing what works – and what isn’t you are helping other bloggers out there.

    If someone reads an income report and they think they are failing? Why not ask for help? Instead of throwing in the towel try and find the solution? I know I’ve hit my low spots this year while blogging but I always get off my butt and get back to it!

    The key for me is to keep learning, keep trying, and find out what works and what doesn’t! I look forward to income reports as not only proof of what works, but to know that not everyone is that Super Internet Marketer and is struggling – just like me :-)

    Keep up the good work Ana!

    • Ana Hoffman


      I need to read your comment when I feel down, Jason… lol

      All jokes aside though, you are right: we should approach our businesses more logically and less emotionally.

  5. Karo Itoje

    Good that you brought this up Ana or should I thank the person that left the comment you started the post with.

    Reading income reports especially Pat Flynn’s income report has always had mixed feelings with me with the negative overtaking the positive in recent times that I had to stop reading his income reports altogether, shame on me since there are often some lessons included. But I just had to protect my mind.

    You see Pat’s report makes me feel great! such income is possible. And then sad somehow. Like you start to compare your results with his. I know it’s not even a fair comparison because for starters the guy has some people he’s paying heavily to help with some of his projects while it’s just me on my end. But that doesn’t stop me from comparing.

    Really I know there are some benefits to reporting incomes but honestly Ana I think it’s doing more harm than good. Like on one or two occasions I’ve heard someone’s comment on another blog referring to your income report as some kind of proof for how blogs do monetarily. I can’t remember exactly how they put it but it was something like if Ana with such popular blog is earning so little they don’t have any hope. Something like that. I remember I had to join in to clarify somethings.

    So whether the income report is great or poor it’s having some really negative effect on other bloggers. For some it’s killing their hopes, for others it’s making them feel they’re not good enough or not working enough or generally question their techniques. And others too can see really great incomes as posting it to brag.

    These are concerns I think bloggers publishing income reports should begin to consider and ask themselves if the benefits of publishing these reports outweighs the negative effects.

    For me I don’t have to see how much you earn to know you know your onions.

    • Ana Hoffman

      That’s a very interesting point, Karo.

      I know that no matter what my final income is for any given month, there will be people who think it’s great and those who think it’s not nearly enough.

      We do tend to run into trouble when we start to compare ourselves with other blogs/businesses.

      However, the best thing we can take away from any income report is HOW that particular blogger is doing it.

      For instance, as much as I don’t like reading Pat’s income reports (they always make me realize how much work I still need to do), I do love analyzing where the money comes from and what mechanisms he uses to increase his income.

      Reverse engineering what he does helped me to increase my own affiliate income.

      Of course, most of us always forget that Pat has been doing this for a number of years and most of us gawking at his reports are still far away from paying nearly as many dues as Pat has.

      I do value your opinion, Karo; you always make me think of things in a different light – thank you.

      • Karo Itoje

        My pleasure Ana.

        And you’re right. But I’ve chosen it’s better for me not to read them rather I make out time instead to read his posts that interest me. There’s so much to learn just from his posts. And his my favorite blogger for that plus his humility. In fact more for his humility than anything else :)

  6. Ana, thanks so much for sharing these reports – definitely a motivation for me to keep going. My income has been increasing slowly over the last few months but I am still far away from making a living from my blog.

  7. hmm..people publishing their $10 income? I was thinking I won’t do it till it be at least $1000+
    May be I should change my mind? :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      I don’t think it’s about the amount that you make per se, Vi; it’s more about how you get there and what works, what doesn’t.

  8. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for taking the time to post this information. I just had one question though, some of the above bloggers posted their google analytic account information which is great but I was curious to know, does the majority of their unique monthly traffic stay and read for awhile, or do they come and g0 quickly?

    I ‘m sure this metric changes according to the blog and niche, but I was just curious to see if there were any trends that one could make sense of, say if people stay longer it results in better overall earnings….Your thoughts?

    • Ana Hoffman

      It’s a great question, Liz, and the one I don’t have a clear answer for.

      I don’t really know if better stats (like lower bounce rate, etc) actually end up in better sales. I don’t even know if there’s a tool that tracks those kinds of things…

      Of course, you can always set up goals in Google Analytics and track which traffic results in more conversions, but I don’t think that’s exactly what you are asking about.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

      Of course, we can only hope that better overall stats would lead to more targeted search engine traffic, which would also be more willing to convert, but I’ve noticed that traffic always tends to defy logic. lol

  9. Inspiring and depressing. Ana, can you write something more specific about how to find/contact affiliates and direct advertisers? I currently have more traffic than TGC, but my income last month was a whopping $160 from Adsense. Actually, half of that was from my Youtube channel. How how how do you go about pulling in advertisers?
    Thanks for the transparency!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Truth is I don’t really know, Marta. Let me think about it and see if I can come up with a plan.

  10. hello ana, another awesome post here, thank you for sharing these income reports. i wish i’ll make this type income monthly. God bless you

  11. Thank you so much Ana, this is so many bloggers which can all contribute at least one fresh idea and innovation. As mentioned above transparency is a must way to survive as people will trust you. This is just bang on blog.

  12. Ali | Writers Blog

    Well, I had the same question about income reports… And after seeing Joel’s income report, I’m inclined to publish mine as well 😉

    • There are a number of ways to be inspiring Ali. I try to do it through creating success in nontraditional ways. But if showing people how I made ten bucks last month gets someone there too, that’s awesome. By the way, I’ve already made $18.44 this month just from an email I got from a member of the VoS community saying she purposefully purchased something through an affiliate link of mine. That was cool. :)

      • Ana Hoffman

        It wasn’t that long ago that I wasn’t making even $10 and would’ve loved for someone to show me how they had done it.

        Takes guts; total respect, Joel.

  13. Hi Anna,
    Its a great idea to have a full view of where your income is coming from.One has to know this to ensure that all the streams are getting their worth.If there is some problem then seeing the results of the income report can help in summarizing and planning new strategies to get more out of what one got.

  14. Happy new week Ana,
    Personally i see income reports as an inspiration for those of us that have not started seeing such result. It also shows us what works and what doesn’t work in the industry and proving to us that one can actually make a living online.

    Although, just like Sunil wrote in one of his posts, most people do lie about their income reports, they only uses it to draw attention. I only have few people i trust in the industry that i read their I.R, talking of Pat Flynn, Matt Wolfe, Sunil and Ana Hoffman.

    Thanks for all your efforts and i pray that one day, you will earn more than you are earning now.

  15. Hey Ana,

    What a pleasant surprise to see my site listed here :-)

    I think you’ve put together a great collection of people who are being transparent. (Makes me feel guilty for not completely revealing everything I do online.)

    It is awesome to see how everyone has their own “secret recipe” for how they monetize their different websites. It shows there really isn’t a magical formula to making money online. Instead it’s often best to see what works for you and then go from there!

    • Ana Hoffman

      You are so welcome, Steve; so glad you found what works for you. Not exactly my cup of tea, but it certainly makes great income for you.

  16. I am a big fan of income reports. I love to see people succeed online. I read pat flinn’s income report and Steve Scott site and of course your income report as well.

    While they can be overwhelming, one needs to understand that they have put in a lot of hard work to make so much money.

    Thanks for the collection of income reports to check out and what these bloggers are doing.

    I believe that Accountability and Transparency are the key here like Jeff mentioned. Thanks Ana.

  17. Hi Ana,

    I love reading the income reports, there are so many things to learn from the details. I still haven’t published an income report, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever will publish one, but that’s mostly because I’m involved in so many things and I don’t feel that I have the time to go into the details of where the money is coming from when it comes to blogging and my online adventure. On the other hand, I understand that my business would benefit from it.

    I especially enjoy the fact that not all of the people in your overview is earning a lot of money. To me, it seems to be close to impossible to do what Pat and Steve has accomplished.

    • Ana Hoffman

      The main benefit I got from publishing my reports was the fact that now I know where money is coming from and I can tweak things, Jens.

      Before these reports, I barely knew what made money, what didn’t, and what the bottom line was. Now I do – for better or worse. lol

    • Hey Jens,

      Hopefully it doesn’t seem too “impossible.” Like everyone else; I started with my first $1. The idea of generating a full-time income seemed like a pipe dream.

      I think what worked for me was getting back ANY result and then reverse-engineering what I did to get that result. From there, it was a simple matter of scaling and simply doing more of what’s working.

      • Ana Hoffman

        Reverse-engineering is a powerful thing that so many people ignore, Steve.

        That’s really the primary reason I published this post – I learned a lot by looking at what others are doing successfully.

        Unfortunately, way too many readers will move on without giving these numbers too much thought.

  18. Oh, blimey Anna, so much great stuff in here….. I just got lost in Steve Scott’s site for 1/2 an hour 😉 Just finishing my first book and thinking I won’t go with Kindle because of the low prices – so interesting to read his viewpoint. Nearly got it onto Create Space and will be putting it on a new site soon with access to supporting video…… Anyhow, thanks for sharing…. very interesting as always and it’s really great that you do share this info. Thanks

  19. This could not BE more timely. I’ve somehow gotten my traffic numbers WAY up (not being glib, I honestly don’t know what has happened) and my blog has become such a major time suck that I need to monitize or quit. This post both a) reinforces that it IS possible and b) gives such great case studies of different WAYS to do it that aren’t scammy and such.

    Am bookmarking. Awesome post.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Have you networked on sites like BlogHer and CafeMom, Alexis? They might be your perfect target market.

  20. Hi Ana,
    Most of the people just reveal their earning for just show off but I see many bloggers who want to inspire others. (Friends or relatives). They want to show that if I can earn x-dollars then you can also if you can blog. :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      If my reports were published just to show off, Praveen, I’d keep them quiet – I am not making enough money to show it off just yet.

      However, I do find it inspiring to know what’s possible online.

  21. I think sites that publish earnings can help inspire others and to say yes it’s possible to make x-dollars per month. If you have decent earnings it is also a good way to gain additional exposure to any affiliate links you might have or are promoting.

  22. Hey Ana! Thanks for the mention, and the compliment – I like you too! Awww
    You’ve given me a whole new ladder to climb with this list!
    I do love a challenge :) Must add it to the November goals.
    I’m actually quite pleased with myself that I’m not at the bottom….but well done, the only way is up!!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Hey, I still remember the first few dollars I made online… the only way you could go from there is up!

  23. Wow I’ve never seen my name so many times in the comment section of another blog, lol! I know you’re all probably sick of me by now, but I couldn’t help but just come by and say thanks for all the love and support! Ana, you are doing amazing things with this blog – keep it up, I love your stuff!

    • Ana Hoffman

      You know, Pat, I am trying to rank this post for the term “Pat Flynn” and I think you just added the final straw that will get Google moving! 😉

      Anyway, you know you are an inspiration to all of us; you make us feel like we too can shoot for the stars and actually get there.

      Thanks for coming by!

      • See, THAT’S why people love Pat. He took the time to come comment here and show some love.

        Sorry I couldn’t resist mentioning Pat in my September report Ana. My October report probably won’t mention him, but you can never be sure.

        I’m also appreciative that you mentioned me in the post. We all gotta start somewhere and doing it transparently and with accountability is the only way I know how. Even if it means everyone has a chance to know I made $10.00 last month.

  24. Your monthly income updates are extremely helpful, mostly because they are believable. Claims on the Internet of high, quick, and easy income are common, but usually their originators do not back them up with enough detail for readers to be able to assess their credibility. Thanks for providing this valuable information.

    • Ana Hoffman

      There were plenty of reports I decided not to include in the post, Doug, because I couldn’t visibly verify their claims.

  25. Ruan | FreelanceWritingTactics

    A boy can dream, right?

    I’ll get there, eventually. It’s one thing I’m sure of and i won’t give up until I do! Thanks for the inspiration, Ana!

    Gosh my head lowers into my hands when I receive Pat’s monthly income reports in my inbox…one day I was a little frustrated with how things were going, what happened? I received a Pat Flynn income report in my inbox…

    Felt like I could unsubscribe from his list!

    Nah, he’s good at what he does and he deserves what he gets. Damn but I deserve it toooooo!!! LOL

  26. Hi Ana,

    Its a great idea to mention many of the bloggers income report here . They must be really excited to see their names on TGC.
    I have also made some money online but not a recurring one yet as I don’t blog much due to my studies & I am unable to figure out how to take out some time .
    Hope to get my Blog’s name to reach your list some day!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Glad to hear you are keeping your priorities straight, Rahul. Blogging is great, but education is more important at the moment.

  27. LOL! You had me laughing (at income reports nevertheless). I think we all give mad props to Pat Flynn for his results. However, admittedly, very few people are hitting that mark and one has to look closely at duplicatability. I do like that you gave a summary of a wide range of sites and a wide range of income reports. I think this is a really fair assessment.
    PS: We missed our phone call prior. Got time this upcoming week for one?

  28. Great article, Ana!

    I found this post to be very inspiring–especially seeing that a family blog can make money. You wouldn’t believe how many places I’ve read that those with more personal blogs should not even bother trying to make money with these types of blogs because it just won’t work. This post gives me hope that if I stick with my blog keep building and working on it that maybe one day I can make some sort of income with it. Anything is possible after all.

  29. Thanks so much for the mention! I loved seeing the other income reports too. I am glad to see that more people are being transparent about how they make money online! A great way to help each other out! Great article!

  30. Wow! This a pleasant surprise. I think this my first time being mentioned on a non-personal finance site. Very sweet!

    We were definitely excited about our record month, but we always remind our readers that it’s 4+ years in the making. Making money online is tough and has a steep learning curve – at least for me! :)

    When you finally “get it” and realize the potential (i.e. Pat Flynn) it gets VERY, VERY exciting.

    Thanks for the shout out!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for coming by, Jeff – I always find it fascinating to see how people make money in non internet marketing niches.

      Looks like you are doing a great job, plus doing something you love (read your about me page).

      And you are right; it’s easy for us to look at someone who’s making a good living online and wonder how come we can’t do the same. However, we forget that it took those people most likely years to get where they are today. We just happen to see the fruits of their labor and not necessarily the journey.

      Glad to see that yours is finally paying off.

  31. Jay Piecha

    Thanks so much for including me in this post, Ana! It’s an honor to be mentioned both on your blog and in such good company (on this list).

    I include my income reports for all 4 of the same reasons you have quoted from Jeff Rose.

    I’ve actually been making money “online” in some form or another since the late 90s (at one point was 100% affiliate income/product sales until a couple years ago), but due to a bit of life turbulence and bad mistakes, I wound up back on the “client service” side of things. Creating the blog has already been a huge motivator in taking action to transition back to passive income (especially after stating the goal publicly, and actually naming the blog after the goal lol)

    Love the quote from Sonia Simone, and the quips about PatFlynn in the intro and outro cracked me up (I feel the same lol!) 😉

    Thanks again!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Absolutely my pleasure, Jay; glad you got me to visit.

      I’ve read just about every single post of yours (good thing you didn’t have that many behind your belt). I am absolutely with you: I stopped doing consulting services about 6 months ago. I don’t want to get into another business model where I have to trade time for money.

      Thus my income is very modest at the moment, but at least I am doing something I know I can develop and grow with time.

      Look forward to seeing you around.

  32. Wow! Impressive stuff!

    I made more last month online than any other month. However, it wasn’t directly from my blog.

    I made money freelance writing and editing (websites, blog posts, landing pages, sales pages etc).

    Though this didn’t come directly from my blogs, some of it is attributed to me having a blog. I did make a couple of hundred dollars from links etc, but as you know, I don’t make much from ads/marketing etc.

      • …Through my blogs. I see what you’re getting at. My blogs are making me money, but I don’t make most of my money ON them. I hardly have any ads (I have none on a couple of my blogs) and rarely make money from reviews like you do.

        When it comes to affiliates, forget it. I’ve had affiliate links for years – for which I haven’t earned a penny. I’ve been with Amazon for 4 years and STILL haven’t made the limit of $100.00 to get paid :-)

        I’ve never sold any comluv stuff, so I took them off my blog. And you’re right in thinking (or implying) that if I didn’t have a blog, I wouldn’t make any money because of them.

        • Ana Hoffman

          Did you see that Sonia Simone’s quote “Blogs don’t make money, businesses do”?

          I think you’ve got a business on your hands, Anne…

  33. And may I be the first to not mention Pat Flynn in the comments.

    It’s definitely Pat’s transparency that I’d loved and tried to emulate in mine. But it really does help to write things down to see what’s working and what doesn’t – and it also helps to see how other people are getting on.

    My monthly totals aren’t so impressive. But then again they are more impressive than my monthly passive income totals this time last year ie. ZERO dollars ZERO cents. So what will next year hold? That’s the fascination.

    I’m definitely keeping on with my quarterlies for now. And maybe one day publish monthlies à la Pat Flynn. D’oh!

  34. Ana – great article as always. Hopefully I can make that list one day! I dunno if I’ll ever hit the Pat Flynn level of making money online.

    I do finally have a business plan and a direction to go in and it is now starting to pay off. For me it is taking time, focus, and getting half a clue on how all of this works in order to start seeing it though lol.

    My biggest pitfall? Time. I wish I had more of it to focus on blogging!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Ahh, don’t we all wish we had more time!… Unfortunately, the only way it happens is when we are dead. lol

      Just got back from your blog audit; you are moving in the right direction!

  35. Wow, $10000 a month from Dollars and Roses ! That’s EPIC !!! It seems, affiliate marketing is the main source for most of the blogs !
    Really liked the quote — ” Blogs don’t make money – businesses do.” True fact.
    Wish I can be on your list in the future Ana :)

    Good Luck to all the bloggers ! :)