Traffic Generation Cafe Monthly Income Report: March 2012

Traffic Generation Cafe Monthly Income Report: March 2012

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Why did I start publishing my monthly income reports?

Blogging is never about talking the talk.

That’s what politics are for.

It is my goal for these reports to show that walking the walk and actually bringing in income from our online ventures is possible and within reach for all of us, whatever the niche.

As you’ll see, traffic and perceived popularity doesn’t always automatically translate into cash.

I’ll show you my traffic stats, let you know what I’ve done in the previous month to improve them, what worked and didn’t work, and how much went into my bank account in terms of earnings as well as left it in terms of expenses.

Personal Update

Most of you know that my family is going through a transition from Tucson, AZ to San Francisco, CA.

Seems like it’s taking forever, doesn’t it?

It does to me, as well as my husband and daughter.

My (almost) 5 year-old asked me this morning if we could move out of this “house” (a tiny rental apartment) soon; she is “not a big fan (her words) of this place.”

I am with you, Emma.

Most of us have an innate desire to have a “home”, feel like we belong somewhere.

Feeling like “home” brings us comfort, stability, and safety, and could be considered a great starting point to conquer whatever else comes our way, whether we realize it or not.

We pray and hope we’ll find our “home” soon as well.

Meanwhile, it warms my heart to see my daughter taking tremendous pleasure in the simple things in life, like grass:

income report personal update

…and water (she took a dip in the cold waters of San Francisco Bay, fully dressed):

make money report bay pic

Remember, we moved here from Arizona desert – grass and water are novelties to her…

Every once in a while we need a reminder that THIS is what life is all about – LIFE.

Playing in the grass, running in the water, flying kites, eating with your hands, laughing…

And thank you all for reminding me of what’s truly important in your comments on my self-indulgent Today I Feel Like Quitting post last week.

Today I don’t feel like quitting.

Fight, fight, fight!

(Although let’s revisit this after I take a look at my financials for March, lol, since I have no idea how well I’ve done yet.)

March Traffic at a Glance

Let’s take a look at my March numbers:

make money march traffic

Yep, just as I thought: my overall traffic was down in March.

Let me take a look at the sources of traffic to see where it went down the most (I’ll take a wild guest – search engine traffic?)

make money march traffic sources

Not exactly a wild guess, I suppose – I knew that Google pushed Traffic Generation Cafe in rankings for many of my best keywords as a result of their latest war on… well, I am not entirely sure on what.

Blog networks? Link building? Quality content?

The vast majority of my backlinks are a result of natural backlinking, i.e.

  • I do my best to write exceptional content,
  • you say “Wow, that’s good stuff!”
  • you are kind enough to mention my exceptional content in your future blog posts,
  • your readers are grateful because you provide value,
  • I am grateful because you trusted me with a backlink and some traffic,
  • In turn, I might add you to my “Top 10 Referral Traffic Sources” for the month (like I will do below),
  • Win-win, right?

Moral: Google’s playground, Google’s rules.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Networking could just be the ticket to YOUR (and my) business success.

My March Bottom Line

Let’s get on with the best part.

By the way, as I write this post I have no idea how much I made this month yet, so I am in anticipation as much as you are.

Note: these are all paid earnings, meaning I might’ve actually made those sales in the previous month, but got paid for them in January.

Also, being in transition, I haven’t received any mail for the past two weeks, so I won’t account for the commissions that are usually paid by checks.

March Income

Here are my income sources for March:

1. Affiliate marketing


Subtotal: $785

2. SEO Contest by

  • $1000

This was one of those contests that was based solely on the  quality of submissions – a rarity in blogopshere these days.

My wholehearted thanks to everyone who shared and commented on my winning post!

Here’s the link, by the way; it’s a must-read about online scraping and what to do about it:

3. Paid Advertisement

I use Yaro Starak’s CrankyPlus to manage all my paid advertising on this blog.

  • $300


TOTAL: $2085

Difference from February:


March Expenses

After I published my previous income reports, many of you asked “What about your expenses?”

Fair question.

Here’s a list of my expenses:

TOTAL: $391 (rounded up)



Marketing Takeaway

There’s no such thing as free bacon.

Making money blogging is entirely possible, as I was surprised to learn from my own experience.

Just takes time, determination, and a lot of work.


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  1. Ningsang Jamir

    That’s quite neat Anna!!
    But you’ll surely earn more in the future considering the rate at which your blog is taking off.Good luck!!

      • By the way, Anna have you thought of making the navigation in your blog easier?It took me 4 hours (honestly) to find your first post(was curious to see your “hello world” post..hehe).
        You should consider keeping some “popular posts”,”most commented”,”related posts” etc to make things easier for us instead of the present “older post”.Thanks.

        • Ana Hoffman

          The problem is that not too many readers want to dig into archives and having those kinds of links on every page is not very good for conversion.

          I do see your point though and will give it some thought as too how I can add those kind of navigation options for those readers who do want to dig up more great posts.

          And yes… my first few posts absolutely sucked! :)

          • The present format is fine actually.It looks and feels more like your diary of SEO events.I was just being selfish when i suggested those because of the difficulty i had last time in finding the earlier posts and categories.CHEERS..:-)

  2. Mitchell Allen

    Hi Ana! I just popped in to see how you are making out with the transition. The Income / Expense Report is fun to read, too. I’m glad you didn’t quit :)

    Hopefully, the weather is a bit warmer, now?



  3. Looking at the picture of beautiful Emma sitting in field of green grass, and can’t believe I am reading march 38 as the date the photo was taken! So jealous…I can’t wait for the weather to warm up where I am, just 2 days ago we still had wet snow :((

    Anyway, just wanted to give you thumbs up for being so transparent and doing a full site income report. It’s so rare, but it’s really helpful for us to see and appreciate not only how much work goes into creating an income from a website, but also that it’s entirely possible, with enough dedication and hard work!

  4. Hey Anna! Just want to drop my first comment. I really admire people who show their income (and this is a breakdown, so double kudos). I am one of those people who really want to ramp up their earnings (am earning around 300-ish, not quite satisfied lol) and today I am convinced I can really learn something from you without all the annoying BUY THIS emails. :)

    So… I have a question. Is that revenue for one site only (this one?)

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for stepping out of the shadows, Roth; pleasure to meet you.

      Yes, this income is from this site only. Truth is it keeps me so busy I wouldn’t be able to run any other sites even if I wanted to.

  5. Owhhh… That’s was awesome, really inspiring me. I never thought that blogging really will bring that much to my pocket.
    I just wonder, no one of those income are coming from adsense that I try to utilize from my blog. Can you tell me please, what your opinion about adsense compared to all of that Ana?
    Thanks before :)

  6. Hi Ana,

    Hmm, I live in the desert and I have lived in the Bay area, an d I much prefer being warm. But being able to live where you want is very cool. I am a diligent reader of TGC, and recommend your site to other folks looking for ways to bring more traffic to their sites. Thank you for a great post, and I hope your transition to SF is very easy for your guys.


    • Ana Hoffman

      If I REALLY had my way, Michael, I’d live in San Diego – still have the water and the mountains and great climate.

      SF has so much to offer though, I am willing to put up with some rain and in the 70’s in summer.

      Thanks so much for coming by!

  7. This is a great inspiration for me. Although I do wish to make money blogging – I try and keep my goal on the content I offer and try and keep this on the backburner.

    But *sigh* it would be nice to get the extra cashflow.

    And I miss California! I grew up there.. but I don’t miss the high cost of living and the gas prices!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Just got back from your blog, Jason (left you a comment), and it’s just like you said: along with great content and the rest, it takes time.

      Chin up!

      • Ana, Thanks for the visit and kind words! (Sorry.. been a busy week!)

        I know your the expert and I’m the nub here. But…
        Have you thought of doing just an opt-in form for these reports?

        I love it when sites have actual proof of making money vs. just saying they do…. and I read your report as soon as it comes out (and other articles too!) But it would be nice to receive an email with a notification (and whatever tidbits you wished to toss into it). I know.. yet one more thing to have to do… but I think it could be a winner for you no?

        Ok… thanks again for dropping by! Gotta get back to it lol!

        • Ana Hoffman

          Great idea, Jason, and normally that’s exactly what I’d do for my list.

          Unfortunately, I have had a lot of time to work on my business lately; hope to get back to “normal” in a month or two.

  8. Your monthly income is very inspiring! I am too new in blogging hope i also can earn money from blog. Thanks Ana for sharing this.

  9. Gena Chauvins

    Ana, you have very cute kids. And it’s very open mind for you to disclose matters like your income report. I see that will grow in matter of time.

    Hope I can do this one day.

  10. Ana, it’s awesome to see your Affiliate Income break-down. You definitely have the SEO skills to build niche sites and get paid checks from Amazon, Adsense, and other Affiliate network. This is what I have been doing and have some early “success”.

    I have picked many traffic tips here and there on your blog. Keep up your great work!

    I look forward if you have any traffic tips or tricks for niche sites (like those 5-10 post ones.) That would be awesome! These days, I am creating those sites, set and go models.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Niche sites require the kind of time I don’t have, Kent – TGC takes up all the spare time I have.

      However, took a look at your report and it’s good to see your progress! I know of several bloggers who do very well with niche sites.

      Of course, with all the recent Google changes, it might be more and more difficult to maintain rankings…

  11. Hey Ana,
    Man that picture of the bay is beautiful. I’m originally from California. I grew up on the beach. My two girls though, that is a novelty to them too. Were getting ready to move back to the beach, but will probably be heading towards Florida, unless I can talk Sarah into Vegas 😉 Keep up the good work. Need to find something to replace Tweet Adder, Seems twitter is joining the rest of the boys in the way. Take care lady

  12. Wow Ana this ain’t the first time that I’ve read a ‘how much i made’ post of yours – but I must say, you’re doing a really swell job. I’m wondering how is it that I’m so far off from you in terms of Alexa rank when my Visits number to 22,000+ a month – any idea about this?

    • Ana Hoffman

      I have no idea why my Alexa rank shows so low, Sean – I know that it can be manipulated, but wouldn’t have a clue on how to do it. lol

  13. I love your monthly income report articles, they’re very inspiring! Out of interest Ana, how come you don’t use Google Adsense?

    • Ana Hoffman

      I don’t do Google AdSense because my audience is savvy enough to ignore it, Peter.

      Plus, it makes the blog look a bit cluttered.

      The tradeoff is not good enough for a few extra dollars per month.

      • Puneet

        Thanks for the income report. Hey Ana, Your daughter is so cute. Its nice to see that someone is not using adsense because she knows that her reader will not like it. Thats the guts.

  14. Hey Anna,

    Was a little confused by your traffic stats. Your bounce rate seems to be a little high considering you have such engaging content. Everytime I visit your blog I go through at least a minimum of 2-3 of your posts that I haven’t seen or I just want to re-read. I’m sure other readers do the same thing. So why do you think that is?

    BTW Congrats on the move. I love the west coast especially Cali. The weather, scenary, the people. Would love to move but the cost of living is much higher than what I’m use to.

    • Ana Hoffman

      The bounce rate is actually pretty normal for a blog like mine, Samuel.

      Much of my traffic comes from Google and it tends to have higher bounce rate than any other traffic (if they don’t see exactly what they want, they leave within seconds).

      Also I have a lot of direct traffic – people who just come by to see if I published any new posts and leave if they see that I haven’t.

  15. Hi Ana,
    Nice reading, I like honest people like you, I see every day in various blogs how They brag about how they earn 500 – 1000 dollars a day, the only thing the readers need to do is buy their program and become as successful .. ect. ect.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I am with you, Lennart.

      I would probably make a lot more money if only I bent my integrity just a bit! lol

  16. Malika Risley

    I haven’t visited here in the longest time, I came across your name in my FB page and was curious to check up on you. It’s been at least couple of years… It’s great to see your persistence and dedication! You’re such a hard worker. I admire you for sticking with it, you’re such an example for all of us. I know you must feel like you’re on the 10th sky, being that you came from Soviet Union and ending up owning your own business here in America! (hope you remember me, I’m from Saint Petersburg, Russia as well).
    I’ve ‘succumbed’ to working for the man again after my second child grew up a bit, but I can’t complain, they treat me like gold, the money’s really good and we have a decent health insurance. And I tell you, it’s so hard to make it on your own, because I know if I decide to leave, I’ll loose it all and it’s very very unsettling….
    So bravo my friend! My best to you and your family.
    PS: Why don’t you move to FL, it’s sooo much cheaper. For the price of tiny apt in SF, you can rent a large house and you’ll be near the beach, etc… FL is a beutiful place and no state tax :)).

    • Ana Hoffman

      Sooooo wonderful to hear from you, Malika – I occasionally tried to get in touch with you via social media and now that I know that you are not blogging any longer, that explains it.

      Nothing wrong with bringing some stability to the family; one blogger per family is plenty! lol

      Loved seeing you in my neck of the woods; please stop by anytime.

      Florida is great, but no work for my husband. Plus, I don’t really like humidity.

  17. What can I say? (Hello Ana) Another inspirational post that motivates me. I was wondering about your expense too. I did a income report once and also forgot to log my expenses. Makes the picture a but more realistic, don';t you think.

    On another note, I am looking for posts by you about link building with comments (research for a product). I know you did one on Kikolani (looking for it now). But when I search link building and comment on your blog (through the the search box top right hand), I get returned the 3 recent posts. Is that search box broken perhaps? Mind sending me links to those posts via email.

    Appreciate it 😉

    • Ana Hoffman

      I’ll take a look at the search box issue, Ivin; thank you for letting me know.

      As far as I understand, you are looking for posts that talk specifically about the value of comment links in link building, correct?

      If so, I can’t think of any specific posts I wrote about that.

      If you give me more info on what exactly you are looking for, I’ll see if I have anything on that.

  18. Hmmm…some people think google is hard to understand. I’m struggling with the concept of moving from a gloriously hot climate in Arizona to a colder climate in San Fran (???).

    We live in the UK where (bless it) we are getting snow again right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love green grass – but after a long winter of viewing mud and freezing temperatures…sunshine all the way:)

    Being new to the internet and the nuances of google and its traffic I have no opinion as to why you would get less traffic and wonder (and this question goes out to anyone who knows and can answer) if it is seasonal?…Everyone gearing down for Easter and searching for WARMER places to go visit instead of searching for how to do opseo etc.

    Does anyone ever go back far enough and check seasonal changes etc or is that a waste of effort?

    Good luck with the grass thing – the cold snap has just killed everything off here so it will be some time before we witness green again, just brown:(

    • Ana Hoffman

      lol, Cathi – we didn’t exactly have a choice; job relocation.

      However, even though the weather in SF is definitely a lot cooler, it still stays in the mild 50’s-60’s in winter and no snow.

      Yes, seasonal traffic changes are definitely something to consider for certain niches.

      Not so much in mine though. People who do online marketing in any shape or form tend to be very driven and actually are more active when they have more free time, like during breaks of any kind.

      Backwards, but it’s the way it is.

  19. Ana,

    I used to work in San Francisco… Amazing town. I’m jealous you now call it home.

    I’m west coaster by nature but an east coaster by disposition…

    I’m glad to see “You’re Back”.

    Ryan H.

  20. Hmmmm Ana good post! Gives me a feeling how tough these days to manage all the expenses. Too much competition in blogosphere you need to offer real unique to get yourself a good income. What is your Goal to improve the income stream?

    • Ana Hoffman

      I’ve been working on some ideas to generate more income, Ahmad – mostly by researching what other bloggers do successfully and whether I can apply similar strategies in my business.

      I’ll be referring to some of that research in my next post.

  21. Hi Ana – grass and water are great, huh!
    You wrote “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” I’ve been telling bloggers that for YEARS! “Back-up” should be engraved into the deep recesses of your little blogging brain!
    Challenge: kick up your blog a notch by doing ANYTHING other than something that is google-dependent!
    Blog On!

    • Ana Hoffman

      That challenge is right up my alley, Dave – that’s exactly what I am working on this week.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thank you, Sunil.

      I worked my buns off writing the contest post and I knew that, barring Kristi Hines entering with one of her dynamite posts and the ability to promote them, lol, I was in a very good position to win that one.

  22. This proves that it is possible to make money online if you write with passion and know what you’re doing. Nevertheless, I understand that your income flow is not constant as it varies according to various reasons. I’m not sure if it’s enough to have a decent existence, but at least it is a nice complementary income.

    • Ana Hoffman

      It’s a good start. Of course, I am not planning on stopping there and hope that my income grows each month until it does get to the level where it brings some financial peace to my family.

  23. Hey Anna,

    Impressive numbers there. I like in particular how you have a diverse spread of income from all around, and equally as important have varied places where you generate traffic from. One of the very first lessons I learned online was “with diversity comes stability”.


  24. Ankesh Kothari

    Thanks Ana for inspiring others with your transparency.

    I was looking into Yaro Starak’s new ad platform just yesterday. And read how you were the first client for the Plus plan. How good has your experience been with it? Are you planning to add more ad spots? In places like the RSS feed?

    (My big issue with it is it does not allow you to rotate Google Adsense ads in one of the ad spots. And so haven’t tried it yet.)

    • Ana Hoffman

      So far I love it, Ankesh; hands-free passive income.

      I’ve never done AdSense, so that’s not an issue for me.

      Yes, I am very happy with it so far.

  25. Wow, way to turn a loss of search engine traffic into an income gain. I feel for you on living in an apartment — it’s something I’ve done much of my adult life and have always hated!

    • Ana Hoffman

      At some point of our lives, we think we should be able to do better than a tiny apartment for our families, right?

      On the other hand, there are plenty people who live in boxes all over the world – would I still complain after putting things into perspective?

  26. Beautiful pictures Ana!

    I am sorry for noticing your daughter more than anything else on this post, though I know it was meant to be about your income report for this month. But I really don’t look at all that much, as I am so sure that you would be doing wonders, despite the little ups and downs that keep happening. :)

    I loved the part more where you shared a little of your family, and I know you are in transition, which is not an easy thing. And kids are the ones affected most by it, though Emma sounds happy to be moving to a new place, which is wonderful :)

    Always love the links you share in your posts, and most of the people sending traffic your way surely are known bloggers doing a wonderful job.

    Thanks so much for sharing, and you are doing – great :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      Actually, you are the first one who said anything about my daughter, Harleena.

      Personally, I also thought she stole the show…

      Thank you for the compliment and yes, I do enjoy sharing bits of me on my blog.

  27. Another fine break down, Ana.

    Just on you and your family visiting the bay there, I think one of my greatest pleasures has been to go to my favorite beach on my day off, have an early(around sun rise) beach front breakfast, watching the sun come up over the water. ….that was like my own personal pilgrimage…..(and battery recharge….so to speak)…..

    Ana, I know I should go check for myself….though, are your March figures up on the previous month? There seems to be less outlay…from memory…though, on the other side of the coin, I think the visitor stats are down from last month.. (Okay, I should just go and have a look..)

    As far as Google’s attack on unnatural linking(blog networks, etc) I have noticed something which may come as odd to some.

    It is regarding the so called “Google dance”.

    Since the most recent, and most influential of any Algorithm update historically, there seems to be a change in how that dance is performed.

    Normally pages(keywords) will follow a particular movement, before settling at a particular position, once a number of factors and considerations are brought into the mix.
    I have noticed of late, the way the pattern occurs, seems to have changed.

    Also, now we are faced with a “damned if you over optimize, damned if you don’t(or under) optimize” type situation, it seems our pages can be affected in ways I have not noticed before. …simple practices(not black hat –just standard page improvements) may cause the page to tank…..

    Wishing you greater success always, with your family and of course
    “The Cafe”

    • Ana Hoffman

      My overall numbers are up from the previous month, Daniel; just shifting in different areas a bit.

      Not sure I’d refer to these changes as “Google dance”; although who truly knows, right? Time will tell.

      Your sunrise pilgrimage sounds ideal…

  28. It is always good to see you writing this income report. I really don’t like much looking at income reports but yours as with anything else is unique, inspirational and even entertaining to read :) Equally, I am glad to send some traffic your way. You too have been sending some on mine. Good thing this is happening as we have to cover a bit from any Google slap that hits us. I think that you are alone.. I too have been hit a bit and I believe that we should just continue what we are doing and we should be fine (fingers crossed), lol.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I know you and I both love SEO traffic, Francisco, but maybe Google is giving us a nudge saying “it’s time to actually work for your traffic”. lol

      And thank you!

  29. Really great to see your traffic and income reports. I’m a huge fan of these at Pat Flynn’s blog as well as at yours. I’m a big fan of Steve Scott and some of the other bloggers you mention too. I liked your “Feel like quitting” post – I don’t think it was self-indulgent! :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thank you, Rob.

      Left a comment on your blog, by the way; looks like it might’ve gone into spam though.

      • Thanks, Ana, I must apologise for the behavior of my Akismet plugin! I don’t know why that happens but it’s happened before once that I know of :( . I have fished the comment out of the spam bin and replied to it.

        Thanks so much for the comment. Speak soon! :)

        • Ana Hoffman

          Glad you found it, Rob.

          I suggest you disable Akismet altogether and just use GASP – much better for spam control and no false positives.

  30. Thank you for Sharing Ana. This is really interesting to see. I have some work to do.
    Welcome to the SF Bay Area. I am south of SF by 50 minutes in Saratoga.
    One fun thing to do is to eat lunch at the Cheesecake Factory sitting outside overlooking Union Square. It is at the top of the Macy’s building.
    The outside elevator at the Fairmont will be fun for your family. Its a bit pricey to eat at the restaurant on the top, but it is a nice view.
    Looking out the windows at the top of the BofA building is quite a thrill. The windows are flush with the outside of the building.
    Riding your bikes around lake Merced or riding bikes in Golden Gate park on Sunday when the streets are closed is really gun too.
    Be sure to follow @TinuHui on Twitter. Tina is always checking in on 4square at fun places in SF and is a really nice person if you get a chance to meet her.
    My Favorite place is Los Gatos. Be sure to take a road trip and hang out downtown for a Saturday. There is a trail up to Lexington reservoir for walking or riding. Lots of high energy people hanging out having fun.
    For a delicacy be sure to have lunch at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon bay. Its beautiful, on the ocean, and fun to experience the same exquisite surroundings that the 1% do. Be sure to site where you see the ocean and golf course in the Bar area for better value.
    See ya around the town,

    • Ana Hoffman

      Sounds like all the things right up my alley, Clay.

      My husband talked me into marrying him by treating me with a stay at Fairmont and Phantom of the Opera some 15 years ago…

      It’s good to be back!

      And thanks for all your wonderful recommendations.

  31. Hi Ana
    I really enjoy reading your traffic and income reports. They are a great inspiration to me. I have only been blogging for about 1½ and there is still so much for me to learn. For me March was the best month I have ever had. Both when it comes to traffic and AdSense income. For the first time I had more than 10.000 visitors in a month :-) You and your readers can check out my Google Analytics report below in the CommenLuv link.
    See you around Ana and good luck finding your new house.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Well done, Thomas; proud of you!

      Are you planning on publishing your earnings as well, or just traffic reports for now?

      • I am very proud too Ana. I must have been listening to all the great advice I have got here in Trafficgenerationcafe :-) For now I only share traffic, but maybe sometime in the future I will also share earnings. I am only AdSense for now and am still waiting for my first payment. If I can keep up the good work from March I guess it will happen in May. I will let you know when it happens :-)

        • Ana Hoffman

          I’d love to take the credit for it, Thomas, but of course I won’t – great job!

  32. Ana, I think you are one of the best writers on the planet. Seriously. Every single post you write just draws people in and I admire that about you. The fact that most of your links come naturally will only serve you best in the long run with all these link building networks getting devalued by Google. You also seem to have great engagement both here and with your newsletter. Thanks so much for the share and I’m happy to send traffic your way. Many of my readers have personally thanked me for referring them to your site.

    And I just love your newsletter. I subscribe to so few people via email and you are one of the only ones I read every single issue. Here’s to your continued success.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Ahh, thank you so much, Lisa!

      Apparently, quality content is all I have, even though Google doesn’t think so. lol

      By the way, did you hear many AdSense publishers, like Zac Johnson, lost their accounts? Hope it won’t affect you in any way!

      • I have heard that a lot of “high profile” people have been dropped. I was just telling someone else that I never take that income for granted. As great as my income is with AdSense, I could survive without it thanks to residual income from other sources, so I always tell people how important it is to diversify. Hate to say it but these days I am always waiting for the AdSense shoe to drop. Google will do what’s best for Google… always. I always look at it as bonus money. A big bonus, nevertheless, it’s not my top earner thankfully.

        • Ana Hoffman

          I know what you mean, Lisa, and hope you can milk it for as long as it lasts. lol

  33. Glad to give you some traffic, Ana – and can’t believe that Google’s slapped your content.

    Unreal, since I know you’re the real deal in quality and giving readers what they’re looking for: true to the name, it’s about generating traffic online…so why are they penalizing that?

    Panda 3.1459 or something? Anyway, whatever their reasons, it’s sad to see it happen to quality content bloggers like yourself. Can’t say what they want if not quality content…

    • Yeah it does seem a little weird that they have slapped the content. Is it just the bad linking thingy (correct terminology escapes me) or another change that we are not all fully aware of yet?

      • Ana Hoffman

        Not quite sure just yet, Sarah.

        We don’t really know if Google is done for this round of big changes or they are still working on something they haven’t told us about yet.

        Either way, my blog should be the last ones to be punished for any SEO, considering all the low-quality sites out there.

  34. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing your reports with us, it helps to see if we are on the right track or not. It sure does take a lot of work and you are honest about that too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ana Hoffman

      There are certainly many ways to “get there”, Lisa, but I know how helpful it is to see how others are doing it and tweak yours accordingly.

  35. Really cool report and again your income level for the amount of traffic is very good, you are a very effective communicator and know your stuff. It is good to see your expenses broken down this month as well, I also do the same and list my expenses though my profit/expense ratio is a little worse because I have a writing staff which I pay to cultivate content for my site too now. Good luck on the move and I don’t blame you for leaving Arizona, I have a place up in Encinitas/Carlsbad area and escape AZ as often as possible to go there. I visit San Fran about 1x per year.

    • Ana Hoffman

      In many cases, it’s definitely worth the money to outsource as much as possible, Justin.

      Thanks for the encouragement and yes, so far we love SF! My husband is originally from SD, so we go south quite often as well.

      • My wife and I love San Diego area, the eclectic lifestyle, warmer weather (too cold in San Fran during winter) and general vibe is just perfect for us, wanted something as close to tropical island without having to get on a 15 hour plane ride or drive to Mexico, San Diego county is also just a 5.5 hour drive away.

        • Ana Hoffman

          SD is definitely my favorite spot in the country…

          Yes, SF is much colder, but everything else makes up for it!

  36. Thanks for sharing your income report. It shows us how much our mentors are earning. I would also like to publish my income report but unfortunately I haven’t yet earned so much to create it’s report.

    I hope someday I would be successful to publish my income report.

    • Ana Hoffman

      It does take time, Rahul, but is entirely doable.

      Look forward to your first income report!

  37. Hey Ana, thanks for sharing. Increasing your bottom line in a month when you’re busy moving and you get punched by Google is no easy feat, and I know that things are just going to get better in the coming months (I know you’ve got decent chunk of change coming your way from me, for promoting Marketing That Works and Write Like Freddy).

    Are you planning on sharing with your readers your plans for growing that base? I, for one, would love to hear about it… 😉

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for coming by, Danny.

      Yes, I was a bit surprised myself that I actually pulled off that kind of income considering my circumstances; feel very blessed.

      As far as increasing my bottom line goes, that’s exactly what’s on my to do list today – figuring out “the plan”.

      Will let you know!