How to Tweak Your Way into Profits

How to Tweak Your Way into Profits

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Do you know what the main difference between the sites that make money and the ones that don’t is?

The marketers who make money were able to figure out how to focus on the 20% of things that make up 80% of their income.

It’s that simple.

Most bullets on your to-do list today won’t make a difference to your bottom line.

Only very few will.

So why not discover what those are and focus putting them into practice?

Here are some examples of what you could do today to increase your bottom line tomorrow.

When Visibility is the Key

Most websites I visit on a daily basis don’t make any/much money because they are not directing their readers to their money-making pages – that simple.

A couple of weeks ago, I made a small tweak to my sidebar that resulted in an increased traffic to my money page: my internet marketing tools page.

I added the “Little Black book” image that’s sitting at the top of my sidebar right now, linking to my tools page.

The results:

add an image to make more money

The week before I added the image, I got 18 clicks to the page; mostly through the navigation link located at the top of my header.

Last week, that number was 5 times more – 85 clicks.

tweak your stats to make more money

That’s not all though.

Last week, I made another tweak to the image that took me about 30 seconds to implement.

I moved it from below the sidebar optin form to above it. Now it’s sitting above the fold.

That little change gained me another 35 clicks.




The screenshots above were taken with Google Analytics, by the way.

A very simple and free way to analyze how your readers interact with your site and what can be improved.

I actually got a few more tweaks in mind after I took a look at my stats.

You can find yours in your GA under “Content” => “In-Page Analytics”.

Or watch the video in this post to see how I use it.

Traffic Monetization Page by Page

Not all traffic is created equal.

Like Lisa Irby noted in one of her latest posts:

“My static site actually has 25% less organic traffic than it did this time last year. That’s the bad news.

The good news is my income has not dropped proportionately because of diversification.”

Income and traffic don’t always grow/drop proportionally.

Some of your pages might be getting more love from the search engines.

Some of them might be bringing a lot of referral traffic from another blog.

If you find a page that’s getting a surge of traffic, it’s important to make sure your monetization methods on THAT page are geared towards those specific visitors.

My Promote Your Blog Page

I’ve created this page on my blog a long time ago (it was one of the first pages at TGC, as a matter of fact).

That page serves only one purpose: to be a greeting page for most of my Twitter traffic.

I use it as a part of generating Twitter traffic with the help of TweetAdder – an automated software that generates thousands of followers over time.

Learn more about how I use Tweet Adder in my business.

All kinds of people visit the page: offline business owners, niche site affiliates, various online site owners, internet marketers, etc.

I always focused on turning that traffic into long-term readers by providing a way to join my exclusive email list, as well as deep links to other TGC posts that might be of interest to them.

Of course, some of them stayed, but even more left – the nature of our business, right?

It never occurred to me to add another tweak that was of direct interest to that specific traffic, as well as a direct monetization technique, until John Shea pointed it out to me.

As a result, I added another subheading to that post explaining to the visitors how I used Tweet Adder to bring them to my blog and linking back to the software with my affiliate link.

Took me about 30 minutes to do it (my brain was half-dead at the time).


I created a special tracking link to see how many people actually visited Tweet Adder from that page in my Thirsty Affiliates affiliate link management database.

In the last couple of days since I added the Tweet Adder links, I got 13 direct clicks to the software page.

I also included a link back to my Tweet Adder review in the post and I am sure some of the traffic went through that page to get to Tweet Adder.

Thanks for the tip, John!

Last week, I challenged my email subscribers to come up with their own monetization tweaks that can be implemented quickly (i.e. shouldn’t be a project) and have a direct impact on their bottom line.

Many of you responded to the challenge on Traffic Generation Café Facebook page – THANK YOU.

I’ll mentioned a few of your ideas in this post; both the ones that worked and the ones that are in the works.

If you feel like you missed out on the opportunity to network, brainstorm, and be mentioned at TGC, you are right – you did miss out.

Don’t let it happen again.

Join Ana’s exclusive email list to be in the loop.

Like Traffic Generation Café on Facebook and brand yourself as an expert in your niche.

Missed Opportunities

Speaking of monetizing your site page by page, here’s a comment I got from Lisa Melia:

“1500 views on a post of mine today that had cute pumpkin carving ideas – did I have the brains to include a link to a carving kit even though I saw the stats rising daily??”

We are all guilty of that.

After all, it’s only money we are talking about…

Sounds like so much work…

  • See which pages bring traffic in Google Analytics…
  • Think of a way to make money off that traffic…
  • Add a few paragraphs with affiliate links or an ad to target that traffic…
  • That’s anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes of work…

I am tired of just thinking of doing it…

SNAP OUT OF IT! Focus on what makes money and you WILL make money.

New Approach to Affiliate Marketing

This brilliant idea of taking affiliate marketing into your own hands comes from Arturo Munoz of

Here’s what Arturo does:

I reworked the logic flow of my offer fulfillment process for one of my best performing pages.

“Huh,” I hear you say?

Simple. Now keep up with me…

I have an article (

It points eventually to an affiliate video.

In earlier days, I’d just create a link and send my visitors directly from my site to my affiliate’s site and hope they’d buy there. Not anymore!

Today what I do is the following:

1. I set up a small form at the bottom of my article and squeeze visitors into it with my copy.

build your list

2. The form feeds my list.


If you haven’t started building a list yet, you are missing out on a fundamental benefit of having a loyal customer base.

Start building one today.

Aweber is the best email autoresponder I have even used, and I am not the only one. Many A-list bloggers I know also use it for their businesses.

Aweber offers a $1 trial month for all new customers.

You’ll have access to all features a paid account is entitled to: unlimited lists, email campaigns, automatic follow-ups, broadcasts, and many, many more. If after 30 days you don’t like them, just let them know and Aweber will give you your $1 back. Guaranteed. $1 Aweber Offer

3. My list feeds my autoresponder.

4. My autoresponder sends an email to my subscribed visitors with the link to the page where I’ve embedded my affiliate’s video IN MY SITE.

set up affiliate funnel with video

Note from Ana:

I noticed, Arturo, that when someone confirms their email, instead of redirecting them to the video page, you make your visitors jump through yet another hoop of going back to their inbox, opening the next email, and going to the video page through that email.

Your visitors might convert even better if you cut out this extra step.

5. The video pre-sells within the context of MY SITE.

6. Then, if the visitor is by now really HOT because of my article, my email and the affiliate video on my site, then that same video gives him the option to move on to my affiliate site for the final pitch.

7. If anyone doesn’t buy from my affiliate link, I’ve not lost that visitor.

This person is now in my mailing list and I can market to him to produce revenues in the future.

Most of these people convert. They’ve been pre-sold enough by the time that they make it to the affiliate site.

It all flows seamlessly, systematically, and automatically.

More traffic to this one page only means more automatic revenue generation.

So I focus on driving as much traffic to it as I can and tweak it to optimize it for pre-selling to a very particular type of audience – the one most likely to buy my affiliate offer.

Build Email List Faster

Test, test, test…

You already heard my spiel about the importance of building your own email list.

Here are a few tweaks my readers made on their sites to increase the effectiveness of their list building.

Add PopUp Form

Walter Akolo made a simple, yet very effective change:

I took a few minutes to include a popover sign-up page on my site. Worked wonders.

popup optin form works well

Tweak PopUp Form

Here are some practical improvements Eric McLaughlin made to his site as a result of testing:

The two things that I tweaked that have made a difference were:

1.    Adding more recent post links in the sidebar.

My bounce rate went down and the total time on my site had increased by almost a full minute when I did this.

2.    The second thing I did was increase the time for my float in form from immediately to 8 seconds.

This increased my opt-in rate the day I changed the time delay.

Yes, popup forms always cause controversy, but they DO work.

The trick is not to slap your visitors with one the second they step on your site.

Let them read your content first. Get to know you a bit. Build trust.

Then they are much more likely to opt in to your list and continue reading.

My Aweber popup optin is set to pop up after 90 seconds on my blog and only every 7 days.

More Thoughts on List Building

Here are my Skinny Notes on list building to give you a kick in the rear to start your own list or actually take your time to build a relationship with your list.

1.  Consider list building your new SEO strategy.

Your list won’t drop you from the rankings, cut your traffic off cold turkey, or make you cringe at the thought of the next algorithm change.

It won’t ban your Twitter accounts or shut down your Facebook pages.

2.   I doubled my list building since the recent redesign.

Placing your optin forms in strategic places is the key.

Don’t annoy your readers, but give them ample chance to subscribe.

Point out the benefits of joining your list.

3.   Treat your list well.

It’s not your cash machine.

Use your emails to build up your readers and their businesses.

4.   Your list will treat you well right back.

Yesterday I found a great deal on a premium WordPress plugin bundle.

Less than $10 and 5 minutes later, I was playing with my new plugins on my blog.

I liked them.

I sent an email to my subscribers letting them know about the deal.

A couple of hundred dollars later, I am still getting notifications of new sales from JVZoo and “thank you” notes from my subscribers who purchased it.


Start building your list today.

Or don’t. Either way. It’s your business.

More Make Money Tweaks

As you’ve seen so far, the simplest things can produce the best results.

More ideas from you, my readers:

Add a “My Services” Page

Got a skill others need? Got approach by readers about consulting or other services?

It’s time to add a “My Services” page.

Like Ryan Mendenhall:

“Nothing right now on my site directly makes me money.

So, I’m going to fix that. I’m going to add a services page.

It IS my desire to build a scalable business, so like you said in your email, I am working on a “completely new income-driving model” that will allow me to grow beyond working for an hourly wage.

But for now, I’ll toss up a services page at”

Or Karo Itoje:

“One thing I’ll like to implement real soon though is to set up a service offer for a certain group of people.

Ana, did you know all this talk about getting more and more traffic is not really necessary when you have a few clients who can make the whole business trouble worth it at the end of the month?

I never thought I’ll be coaching, but someone requested recently and I accepted.

We’ve had 2 sessions and 2 or more to go.

The income really came in handy. I charged per hour.

But the best part is that my student is instigating me to offer my service to the public on my site saying he’ll give me a “great testimonial” and I will because it happens I love it!

Consulting is not my personal favorite – I prefer to hide behind my computer rather than talk to people directly.

But it CAN be a great income generator.

PayPal Donations

Here’s another simple way to monetize your blog.

Does it work?

It didn’t for me, when I tried it in the earlier stages of TGC.

But it might work for YOUR niche.

Like Alexis from Troublesome Tots says:

Unlikely to move the needle, but readers keep ASKING me to put up a donation button (I think that’s a good sign?), so I’m going to do it & offer both Amazon and Paypal options (60% international readership).

I have low expectations, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Update from Alexis 12/12: 

So in 1 month I’ve made $200, which is great in that it’s not -0-, but not super conversion if you consider that I get 60K uniques per month.

Admittedly I don’t really push the donation thing (it’s in my main menu, but I don’t highlight it anywhere else on site).

I changed the amount from $10 to $20 mid month which doesn’t seem to have made any difference in the volume of donations.

Is $200 a month successful? I’m going to consider it so. Guess we’ll see what happens over time!

$200 in a month is definitely much better than my $10 total over a span of a couple of months.

Just goes to show: you need to test everything!

Marketing Takeaway

The simplest things.

Make the most difference.

20% effort.

80% outcome.

What are you doing TODAY to tweak your site?

Always tweaking,

traffic generation cafe

traffic generation cafe comment below

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  1. Hi Ana,

    Great site. I am loving the new design. A while back you wrote a post or mentioned something about a triangular marketing tip involving Facebook, YouTube and Google. It may have linked through to Ryan Diess site?

    Do you have the link to that blog post on your site? I can’t find it.

    Congrats again on the new site.


  2. Hey Ana, Ryan from Mendenhall Creative. I wanted to give you an update. I finally posted yesterday my first service, Pinterest Marketing. We're in the middle of a case study right now. We've already generated over 40k REAL pins to a blog post in just 2 weeks. That's brought in over kk visits to that post so far. Pretty fun! Thanks much for your invitation to focus on the 20%! While I've got some changes I'd like to make, here's my service page:

    • Ana Hoffman

      Glad to see you adding the page, Ryan. Pinterest is certainly quite underutilized right now; good to see you getting great results from it.

  3. I just had one of those “omg why am I so thick” moments! Right from the birth of my blog I decided to only promote products I used myself or firmy believed in…..These turned out to be mostly blogging related tools….

    My readers come to my blog for free ways to make money online – THEY DON’T EVEN GOT NO BLOG! D’OH

    sheesh, right so off to tweak it is, I am :) I’m thinking bluehost for those considering blogging and the John Chow work at no home method.
    Face palm me now – I’m obviusly incapable of doing it myself!

    Thanks for getting me thinking about this Ana.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I won’t be the one to throw the first stone, Lisa – I’ve had plenty of such Duh! moments myself… Sometimes, common sense is just not that common. 😉

  4. The constant with improving virtually anything is committing to testing and experimenting with new things.

    The key is to focus on those profit-generating activities. Everything else falls into place. Once you figure out your PGAs, you have to get crazy about testing what works and what doesn’t so you can optimize these activities to increase profits.

    For me, my focus is two fold. traffic (lead generation) & email marketing (nurturing/customer retention). Mastering these two areas fuel everything else to the point where it’s a simple as playing a numbers game.

  5. Jim Zboran

    “Tweaking” has been the grand theme of my life, lol. Excellent strategy, Ana. And excellent post. Thanks for the many ideas you shared in this post. (8 hours average on a blog post? Now I understand why they’re so packed with actionable ideas…)

    Loved the idea of the “black book” and also the idea about capturing leads to a list before sending to an affiliate page… so I’m going to get back to tweaking! Just wanted to say thanks :)

  6. Ana,

    I’m always testing things on my site – just to see what converts more.

    Recently I found out many of the visitors were unaware that I offered ‘blog maintenance’ services.

    I was surprized….I offer that in my menu navigation! “Are they blind?”

    Anyway…I’ve now added a new little ‘ad’ with my little ‘mascot’ in the sidebar. A few more conversions…just in a couple of weeks!

    Tweak and test…that’s what we have to do!


    • Ana Hoffman

      Isn’t that something, Andrew? Just when we think it couldn’t be any more plain, our readers tell us that it’s only obvious to us. 😉

  7. Thank you Ana for another great article. Yes with little bit of tweaking on my blog has changed the results which was not hard to do.
    Finding what is right for your blog and implementing and testing can give great results.

    Your blog re-design is great example of that which is giving you good results.

  8. Ana,

    Great list of tips for increasing monitization of a blog. You are right most things are just simple tweaks that don’t take much time or effort. I think many times we just don’t see what needs to be done on our own blog with out really taking a good look.

    I will be implementing some of your tips and will be back for more.

    Thanks for such a great list.

    Dee Ann Rice

  9. Hi Ana,

    Great post as usual…and lots of info to learn and apply. I managed to increase my subscribers from 0 to 595 (as of this minute) in exactly 2 weeks using a great marketing tool system. I’ve also added a popup to my blog and many call to action links which helped a lot. What I’m missing though is an immediate sales funnel that educates them about my products and how I can be of a help to them as Arturo was mentioning. If they decide to jump aboard, great…if not, then I won’t lose them as part of my email list subscribers but I’ll have an educated potential customer now….

    The marketing funnel is always a fun work in progress =)

    Thanks again ~ Niveen

  10. Muhammad Talha

    Thank you very much for this awesome stuff to read and work on.
    i am your first time visitor and i am gonna subscribe your blog because i can learn a lot from here.

  11. Karo Itoje

    Here are some points I picked out:

    Get more views without increasing traffic with simple tweaks.

    Make more money again without increasing traffic.

    Infographics convert better than just text.

    Now my 2 cents…

    Also use your top traffic page to direct visitors to some quality content pages that don’t get traffic.

    I was exploring the idea of using tweetadder and then creating a greeting page for visitors from Twitter but my concern about doing that is that all tom dick and harry will find the page. So how well really does such visitors convert? Everybody online needs traffic so it may convert averagely well for you Ana. But what about people that are in niches that don’t welcome such general crowd?

    I agree with the affiliate marketing strategy. In a private forum I belong to, Paul had said it over and over again NEVER to send visitors directly to an affiliate site without first collecting their email addresses. It’s just the doing part that is always the problem. I mean I have to create autoresponder for it and there’s so much to do at the moment. But I’ll get to it eventually I’m sure. It’s just about making it a priority.

    I love to use popup on my site but I use Mailchimp and not Aweber. That’s the problem.

    Thanks Ana for adding my message about servicing offering.

    The truth is I’m still comtemplating whether or not I really want to offer coaching publicly on my site because it’s not so simple. I think I enjoyed it because my student is one that is so determined to succeed. And he understands that patience is necessary. But what if he didn’t, will I have enjoyed it? I doubt it.

    Another thing is you have to be patient with people to offer a service, especially if it’s about coaching someone because people’s understanding process differs. The first coaching I had with my student took more than 5 hours and did you know that at the end of the day he told me he didn’t really feel there was any difference in his understanding before and now after the more than 5 hours coaching? I almost felt frustrated. But I knew I had to be patient with him. And now he calls me the “Perfect coach” :)

    Yet another thing is if you offer coaching per hour you need to know that email consulting will come along with it and you can’t charge for that. After coaching as expected your student will work on what you’ve taught him/her and send follow up emails to you usually asking questions you need to reply to. I have spent more than an hour sometimes replying to his message. So you need to be ready for all this to be able to have a happy student at the end of the day.

    I think the solution to that will be to charge more per hour and state it that email consulting is included. The higher your fee the more serious minded students you’ll get anyway. And that’s important.

    And as you said Ana, I prefer to hide behind my computer too. But more importantly I like passive incomes. My goal online is to work really hard for some years after which I can start to work really less while income keeps increasing. So coaching doesn’t fit into that plan. So even though I go ahead with it, it likely would be temporary.

    I added a Donation button on my site one time. And later removed it. But one person was kind enough to make a $2 contribution :)

    Paypal donation usually work for self help sites not make money niche sites.

    • Ana Hoffman

      As far as TweetAdder is concerned, Karo, I always try to target my Twitter traffic as much as I can, but I still get plenty of followers who are more than willing to get a link from that post and never to come back.

      That’s why TweetAdder addition works so beautifully in that post. Even if many of those folks have no intention of coming back, I at least stand a chance to make aff commission off them before saying Goodbye for good.

      Funneling traffic through your own pages before sending them to an aff page is always a great idea, of course, but I know what you mean; it’s not always easy and quick to implement and in the end, I’d rather send them to the product sales page than wait till I create my own. That might be a long wait. lol

      Definitely agree with all the other points you made.

  12. Anna,
    Check me out – I got mentioned at Traffic Generation Cafe! WOO HOO!

    I’m struggling with some CSS issues that are messing up my button placement but will get those up later this week (power outages threw me off schedule) and will definitely let you know if anything happens with the donation buttons. Or not.

    I’m also with you about list building. I’ve had a nice amount of interaction on FB but now with the oh-how-I-hate-you-FB “promote your posts” push I’m finally recognizing that while FB is a necessary evil, that can be my leading way to connect with people so I’m going to put more emphasis into list building and management.

    Thanks for including me in your great post!

  13. Bernie

    There’s a section about not including a link to a pumpkin carving kit on a blog post that did well.
    Using google adsense does that automatically so if they were using that (which is quite common) then they possibly already got the benefit of that done automatically.
    I also use Chitika on a site I have which shows available products and allows you to send keywords in the javascript so I modified it a bit to sent the page title as keywords so any page would automatically show relevant products.

  14. Ana Hoffman

    I do put a lot of hours into everything I write, Peter – on average, a post takes me 8 hours or so to complete.

  15. interesting post Ana. some of these are very effective indeed. other than RSS, do you give readers another option to get notice of new content on your blog?

    I ask because currently I am using my email list as an update mechanism. I realize that Feedburner provides this capability as well but I am reluctant to use it for various reasons, especially with the recent rumors and things Google is doing to it. the writing on the wall is getting clearer by the day.

    that said, I also realize that the list can be leveraged much further and greater that I am not benefiting from today. providing exclusive content + blog updates through the same email list inundates readers and overwhelms them.

    putting yourself in a similar situation, what actions would you take to ensure you are able to update readers of your content rather than having them proactively visit your site or sign up through RSS (which most internet users don’t know about or don’t do / and also given the future of Feedburner is volatile) and at the same time leverage your email list for exclusive content and potential monetization.

    I have consciously decided NOT to sell to my email list, but that’s a personal decision. in the event that decision is changed, a big if, the question(s) above become more relevant.

    a couple other points to add to the discussion:

    1) resource page: I have had this on my blog for several months now. it is one of my highest converting and most profitable pages.

    2) donations via paypal: I have not tried implementing this on the blog, and will not, but it’s doing very well on some of my niche sites, especially those in the subjects of arts/crafts, hobbies, traveling and culture.

    looking forward to your thoughts on the questions above

    • Ana Hoffman

      I do agree that sending blog updates to the list on top of any other emails is a bit overwhelming, Sunil.

      Two possible solutions:

      1. Send a “readers’ digest” email at the end of the week, highlighting all published posts.
      2. When you send out an email that doesn’t have any call to action (simply informative in nature), include a few recent posts in PS.

  16. Hey Ana,

    Great article you have here! WOW lot’s of testing and tweaking I love it. And you are absolutely right EVERYONE should start building their list.

    You have traffic on demand at that point. And it can be as easy as starting with a pop up optin form as you mentioned and go from there :)

  17. Hi Ana,

    That’s amazing, Just a little change can make huge monetizing difference. Really great experiment, I would love to try it on my upcoming blog.

  18. Hi Ana,

    Thanks a lot for including my tweak in this list. I totally agree that some of these little tweaks can actually give you great profits and increase your followers.

  19. This is great advice Ana. I do tweak my pages, my posts and things I do to make money. But one thing that I have been thinking about lately, and you are some of the reason for that, is adding a popup.

    I don’t like popup at all, but I know how effective they are. When I used them, a long time ago, my signup rate was a lot higher than right now. What’s your take on this? I see that your using one that shows up after 90 seconds and only every 7 days.

    That might be worth testing, and hopefully me regular readers won’t get irritated :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      I understand and agree, Jens: as a reader, I dislike popups; as a blogger, I know they work.

      The only thing I’ve tested with a popup before is shaded background vs no background and the former won.

  20. Ana, I love that little black book! I finally got my professional course out there, published, and have begun promoting it a bit (say yay, because it took me over a year!) There are so, so many great ideas here. I promise and swear that I am going to finally do something with my list…at the mo it is simply a feedburner weekly email of the blog posts – that, and feedburner itself, must change! Thanks for the kick in the youknow :)

  21. Hi Ana,
    Well detailed post indeed. Talking of list building, what do you think of getresponse?

    Its no doubt that list building is one of the best thing that any serious I.M can do for him self.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I tried GetResponse quite a while ago, Theodore. I don’t remember why I didn’t like it at this point, but whatever it was, it pushed me towards Aweber.

  22. (I hope you don’t get this twice. I had to re-type due to an invalid email address message.)

    How do you mange to crank out so much awesomeness in each and every blog post?

    I actually (Ahem) borrowed your Rolodex strategy and created a Toolbox on my blog. It’s such a great idea and I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. It makes perfect sense as people are naturally curious about what tools you use, etc.

    I’ve found that with list building, I get much better monetization results with the autoresponder. I do send one-off broadcasts, but nothing like having a sales machine on auto-pilot while you do other things.

    While I do agree list building is a must, it’s hard work. Marketers often claim “The money’s in the list” but that’s not true for most people (especially in the beginning) as it takes time to perfect your strategy.

    I never had an issue collecting emails. In fact, I had the opposite problem. I had thousands of emails on my list but horrible conversions and open rates. My list was actually costing me more than I was making because the fees increase with your email count.

    So yes, definitely build a list but really take the time to experiment, find a balance between selling/informing and learn how to engage people.

    Ana, I think your emails do a good job of that. Your writing just draws people in and you’re one of the few lists I belong to where I open every email.

    • Ana Hoffman

      It’s all good, Lisa; I didn’t come up with a concept myself either. lol

      I do agree with your thoughts on list building. It’s not as easy as slap a few autoresponder emails together and wait for the profits to roll in.

      However, it DOES produce results and great ones.

    • Lisa,

      I agree with your point about autoresponders being more profitable than broadcasts. However, both work in tandem with each other and serve a purpose.

      Autoresponders are like a long-term investment (the tortoise), take some time to optimize it while feeding it leads and you’ve got a consistent revenue stream.

      Broadcasts are quick/short term ones (the hare), you simply press send and get paid. Like all things it’s about finding balance.

      The money is in the list thing is only half true. The money is there, but only if it’s highly responsive.

  23. Hi Ana,

    On one of my blogs I had just one post which was making me money every alternate day. I was actually using Viglinks & was quite unaware of the fact the post was affiliated automatically by them & that post made my first money online so thanks Viglinks.

    Just wanted share my experience. I am just waiting to get over with my exams & start blogging actively again.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Glad to hear Vigilinks worked for you, Raul. I personally use Skimlinks on this blog, but in a very limited capacity.

    • Viglink is a great tool, but I rather don’t use it since it will flood your website with lots of affiliate links. I don’t want to annoy visitors like that way :(

      • Great point Robert. I wish they had facility of limiting the links on a page.

        But the flood of links happens only when you write a List kind of post where you mention a list of products & works in your advantage.