MarketMeSuite: My Best Hands Free Link Building Strategy Revealed

MarketMeSuite: My Best Hands Free Link Building Strategy Revealed

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One of a kind…

It’s no secret that if you want to be anyone in blogosphere, you need to use social media to connect, share, network, and “shake hands”.

Whether you love it or not (I am the latter), you’ve got to jump on the bandwagon or else.

I am one of those people though who always tries to find the extra benefit in everything: that scrumptiously perfect red cherry on top, that trump card.

After all, if you are going to waste spend your time doing this whole social media thing, you’d better make sure you are greatly benefiting from it in terms of relationships, connections, and yes, one way quality backlinks in my case.

MarketMeSuite: My Trump Card

Yes, everyone who uses Twitter these days, uses some sort of social media dashboard to manage their Twitter activity.

And there’s definitely a multitude to choose from: HootSuite and TweetDeck are the ones that come to mind first, but there are plenty others that are trying to claim their share of the market.

So what’s the point? Am I going to try to sell you on  MarketMeSuite as a platform of choice?

Not at all.

Not unless you are the kind of person who doesn’t like killing two birds with one stone.

Or the kind who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it too.

Or the kind who stands on the peer waving goodbye to the fun boat.

I am not going to compare the different dashboards, because there is one thing that MarketMeSuite does that NO OTHER dashboard comes even close to: link building.

Link Building with MarketMeSuite

First of all, allow me to introduce my two highest linking sites according to Google Webmaster Tools: Facebook (#1) and Twitter (#2).


marketingmesuite link building on facebook

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So, good ole Facebook has close to 4,000 links going to my home page, which I never link to intentionally – I always link directly to my posts or back to my Facebook page.

Let’s take a look at Twitter:


marketingmesuite link building on twitter

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About 1000 links to my home page.

And that’s coming from Google, mind you, that is notorious for not showing you ALL the links going back to your site!

How Does MarketMeSuite Do It?

“How” is really not the right question here, since I have no idea how MarketMeSuite (MMS) staff managed to work with both Twitter and Facebook and get their program to BRAND all your social media output – both tweets and shares – with a link back to your blog.

But let me show you what I mean.

On Twitter:

twitter traffic generation marketmesuite


You see that red box? That says Traffic Generation Cafe. Yes, with a link back to my blog.

It doesn’t say “HootSuite”, or “TweetDeck”, or “TwitterFeed”… It leads my traffic and search engine bots straight to my blog, counting each one of those links as backlinks.

Are they NoFollow? Sure they are. Does it matter? No!

Google is all about “natural” link building pattern and that includes NoFollow links, so those links should still have a place in your overall link building strategy.

And on Facebook:

marketmesuite link bulding via facebook signature


Once again “” goes straight to my blog.

As far as I know, MarketiMeSuite is the ONLY application that allows you to brand yourself and link back to your site through a direct link in your signature.

Is That All MarketMeSuite Is Good For?

Even if this was the only usable feature of MarketMeSuite, I’d still use it!!!

Hands-free link building opportunities like these don’t come around very often.

But yes, let’s take a look at the other MMS features that I use and love:

  1. Number one would have to be their customer service. Have a problem? Have a question? Suggestion? In the beginning, I used to bombard them with all sorts of questions and requests, and you know what? they politely handle every single one of them.
  2. It allows me to handle 6 Twitter accounts, 1 Facebook account, 4 FB fan pages, and 7 FB groups. All in one place. I am sure it would let me handle a whole lot more than that, but I don’t think I can handle any more accounts. :)
  3. I can automatically ping everything I share through MarketMeSuite to (which reminds me I need to do it more often – more backlinks).
  4. I automatically retweet content from some of the best blogs around via RSS feeds, thus providing valuable content to my followers and networking with the blog owners.
  5. I can see all of my Twitter lists for each and every account.
  6. Follow, unfollow, check klout scores, block, reply to all, send direct messages, add to lists… this is where I get out of breath and you get the point – there’s nothing you can’t do with MarketMeSuite and a lot you CAN do with it that you CAN’T do with any other social media application.

MarketMeSuite Marketing Takeaway

Many of my readers love and use MarketMeSuite on a daily basis. Some have tried and decided it was not for them.

As with anything in internet marketing or in life, for that matter, one size doesn’t fit all.

However, MarketMeSuite is a perfect fit for Traffic Generation Cafe and my busy social life.

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  1. Hi,

    never heard of this tool before. Thanks for explaining it, as it seems to be a fantastic tool to get more visibility on the web. Social media is really getting important for SEO and with this little tool it should become more valuable.


  2. Hi Ana,
    This is a great article. I went to view MarketMeSuite website and I watched several videos on how to use it. The videos had so much stuff on them and the print was so small that I really didn’t get much out of them. The number of bells and whistles is kind of mind blowing. I guess I am just going to have to dive in and try it, but to me it looks very complicated. What video do you recommend to learn how to use MarketMeSuite? I just want to get those Twitter back links you have discussed, at least at this point in time. I have been using some of the other back link generators and I think a few links are being registered by the big search engines for our site.

    PS – I can’t seem to get your SEO report? You will probably think I am technologically challenged if you have read this far. I am really somewhat computer savvy and I use some fairly sophisticated dentistry equipment every day. However, I need a little help with the (1) MarketMeSuite and getting your (2) SEO report. Thanks.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I emailed you the report, Cynthia; hope you got it.

      As far as MarketMeSuite is concerned, they have decent videos explaining the details; that’s how I learned it. That and poking around. LOL

      Plus it’s free, so if you don’t think it’s a good fit, oh well.

  3. Hi Ana & Tammy,

    We are trying to “Brand” our tweets with the new free version of MMS and it does not seem possible. Has the product changed?


  4. Hey Anna..I have been thinking about using MMS for a while now but never got around actually purchasing and using it. However you have managed to convince me about that now. The SEO benefits of MMS are awsome. I shall purchase it asap. I also referred my friends to this post. Thanks so so much for this write up.

    • Ana Hoffman

      You’re welcome, Indrashish. It is a great program with excellent features and yes, it has amazing SEO benefits.

  5. I have been using and loving hootsuite, but you are right, just for the backlinks alone, it is worth the switch. It annoys me when software steals backlinks. I used to use a service to syndicate my blog to facebook until I realized that they link was pointing back through them and discontinued the service.

    Going to check out marketmesuite and give it a whirl. Thanks for the heads up Ana.

  6. Jim, no – I would not give a fake review. I would however still do a review on a product and honestly state how I felt about it with it’s advantages and disadvantages for you to make a fair and informed decision. By being honest, I don’t feel bad if you buy the product AFTER reader both the pros and cons on my review. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Nice rant 😀

  7. Joey


    I came across a scathing (bad) review of MarketMeSuite ( where the reviewer said “This is definitely the worst product I have ever tried and I would never recommend it to anyone I care about.”

    I was very interested in this product until I came across her negative review. I’m curious as to your take on her review. How does your personal experience using the MMS compare with the negative aspects of her review?

    • Hi Joey,

      That post is really the bane of my existence. It’s filled with so many half truths and some downright libelous remarks that if we were a bigger company we’d probably have had some high powered lawyers issuing a cease and desist by now.

      As Ana said, unfortunately she had some trouble in between versions, which we apologized for, but rather than work with us to make it better, she decided to leverage it for her own personal gain and traffic. She had barely logged into the newest version when she wrote that post.

      It makes me sad that people are still finding it and that it ranks so highly, but all we can do is comment on posts like Ana’s and hope that you’ll give us a try :)


  8. Thanks for the honest review Ana. I was however disappointed to discover that they do not have a PayPal payment option even though they advertise it on their pricing page.

  9. Great question, Wayne.

    Let me see if I can answer it from the user’s perspective and then Tammy can jump in if she wishes to.

    Yes, you are right, in the new Twitter you can’t see where the tweet came from unless you expand the view.

    However, most people don’t use Twitter directly any longer; we all use a social media platform of sorts, like MMS or Hootsuite. Those platforms do show where the tweet came from, so your followers do see your branding. At least that’s the way it is with MMS.

    Backlinking: nofollow links still count. They may or may not pass authority (there are still debates on that and only Google knows for sure), but we still need nofollow links for our linking to appear “natural”, particularly links from social media.

    Also, I’d love for you to read this post of mine that talks about the difference between PageRank vs SocialRank:

    As for ComLuv – I am using the unreleased newest version of the plugin, which allows my readers to pick their posts like that. I believe the plugin will be publicly available pretty soon.

    • Hi Wayne!

      The look of NewTwitter has moved the branding, but it’s still very much there. Also, watch that `tweet details’ space b/c Twitter seems to be trying to get people to focus more on it, showing more tweet stats, people who are @ mentioned in it and their recent tweets. seems they are trying to make it a more visited place :)

      Hope to see you as a user soon.

  10. Hey Anna, I’m glad that you have had a better experience with MMS than my very poor one. Its always great to see contrasting experiences and what others are getting as takeaways from a tool.

    In your link metrics, are you able to drill down and separate the links that came from this tool from other links that are shared on twitter or FB that contain your blog post url?

    If I hit the tweet button on this post, your going to gain a backlink, but are you able to successfully drill down far enough to separate that from the links that belong to the origin URL in twitter or signature line URL on publicly visible FB pages?

    • Hi, Kim – actually, it’s not that difficult to separate the links that come directly from MMS vs just regular tweets.

      Only MMS tweets links directly to my home page, all the other links lead to my various posts.

      So my ratio is about 80% of direct links to 20% of post links, since most of the content I tweet about is not mine.

      Yep…. it clearly works for me. :)

      Thanks for coming by!

  11. Hey all, just wanted to let you know we’re working on an update for the first week of June. If you haven’t heard of PeerIndex you will in our next update :)
    ~Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite

  12. Oh please don’t link to that horrible post. We tried and tried with her and what can I say, some people you just can’t win with. Most of that post bordered on libel, but c’est la vie, take the good with the bad.

    ~Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite

    • Jane

      Hi Tammy,

      Just an update, 1 hour, after purchasing and updating MMS, I just LOVE it. I just watched your tutorial and did all the initial set up side by side for my accounts and wow, I am impressed. Now I regret that I have purchased only 1 month license.

      Since the MMS girls is here, a quick question to you: Can I immediately upgrade to 1 year subscription? or should I wait for 1 month to complete and then upgrade?


      • Just in case Tammy doesn’t get your comment, Jane – I would wait for a bit. Tammy told me they might be rolling out their lifetime membership soon; that’s their best plan.

        Glad you love it so far!


        • Hi Jane,

          Ana.. shhhh! Our current users *may* get a special email sometime next week giving them a chance to own our coveted (and not available for public sale) lifetime option.

          But to answer your question, Jane, yes you can upgrade at any time. It’s in account settings. Alan (our CTO) is making one tweak to that page so if you wait til around 9am EST it should be ready to roll!

  13. Hi Ana,

    Market me Suite is one of those tools I love when I’m using it and I wonder why I haven’t used it more. I need to put it in my start menu or something so I remember to open it up every day.

    Your review was fantastic. Taught me several things I didn’t know about MMS! Great job, Ana!


  14. Hi Ana,

    This sounds like a very interesting system. But, looking at the website and the tutorials I couldn’t see if it’s web-based or not? I’m using a Mac, does it work for both Mac and PC? And, in order to have team members, does both have to sign up and pay?



  15. Missy (The Super Blogga)

    Hi, Ana:

    Do you know if the service is retroactive? Meaning if one has been tweeting for the past three years and has amassed a large tweet profile of 6,000 plus tweets – would adding in this service make all those back-links to ones site?

    Sounds like an interesting and exciting service. Would love to hear more.

    The Super Blogga

    • No, it won’t be retroactive, Missy, but wouldn’t it be something? :)

      It’s only about $5 per month; I would highly recommend you see for yourself what all the noise it about.


  16. Nice service, I wasn’t aware of it until now. For sure I will give it a try to see what it can do for me. Thanks a lot of sharing the info.

  17. Hi Ana,

    This is really important tool in your link building strategy. I’m currently using TweetDeck for my updated on twitter and facebook but I think I’ve got very important tool to use.

  18. I use MarketMeSuite as well and love it! It’s so much better than Hootsuite! I agree that the branding is pretty darn cool. I actually wrote a review on it on my site too.

    • I agree; I’ve tried other dashboards before and MMS beats them all. I also love the way they listen to suggestions; I feel like I have a straight line to the developers. :)

      Thanks for coming by, Stacie – loved your blog, by the way!

  19. Hi Ana,

    First heard about this tool from Mavis Nong so good to read another review and in particular to hear why you think it leads the pack.


  20. I looked into this a few months ago, Ana, but they didn’t have a trial or free version to test out so I passed. It was about the time that Twitter removed the third party app links from tweets, so the personal branding seemed less appealing to me. I still see these links in third party applications though so I guess it’s not completely gone.

    I wonder if Facebook will follow suit and remove these links? Have you heard anything about it?

    • Hi!

      Just for the record branding is still alive and well – it shows a bit differently in #newtwitter but still there just the same.

      On facebook, signatures are part of the post, so it works a bit differently.

      Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite

      • Sorry, Jenni – they still don’t offer a free trial, but at under $6 per month, I feel like it’s a steal as is.

  21. Devesh @ Premium WordPress Themes

    Hi Ana,

    Interesting Post. I’ve hear many good and bad things about this tool but never tried it myself. Thanks for sharing this awesome post about MarketMeSuite.


  22. Ana,
    I started using MarketMeSuite earlier this year. The main reason I decided on MMS was the one feature that you mentioned – the branding feature. It gives me alot a backlinks that normally I would not have. I think you are right, I have not seen any other software that does this. Good Post.

  23. Ana, you definitely sparked my interest in this product as a way to boost online visibility and reach for my business. Thanks for bringing MarketMeSuite to my attention. I especially like the hands-free part, which is a must for me to get value from it. If I buy it, I will definitely use your link. This was a great post.

    • It’s my pleasure David. It is definitely an excellent tool and affordable too. Thanks for stopping by.

  24. Zero Passive Income

    Wow this tool seems really powerful. Does it have a feature to follow and unfollow friends based on criteria that you want?