Monthly Income Report: October 2012

Monthly Income Report: October 2012

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The most successful investor was Noah. He floated stock, while everything around him went into liquidation.

The most successful female investor was Pharaoh’s daughter. She went to the Nile bank and floated a prophet.

I saw a bank that said if offered 24 Hour Banking. But I didn’t go in. I didn’t have that much time.

A long term investment is a short term investment that failed.

Always play with other people’s money!

The market is weird. Every time one guy sells, another one buys, and they both think they’re smart.

If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars.


Now that we had a laugh about money (sometimes, that’s ALL we can do, right?), let’s get down to business.

How much has Traffic Generation Café made in October and what do I need to do to increase that income in the future?

As you’ll see, traffic and perceived popularity doesn’t always automatically translate into cash.

I’ll show you:

  • my traffic stats,
  • what I’ve done in the previous month to improve them,
  • what worked and didn’t work,
  • and how much action my bank account saw in terms of earnings as well as expenses.

Monthly Traffic at a Glance

Did you know that green is

“…a color, the perception of which is evoked by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of roughly 520–570 nanometres.”

Wow, I have no idea why I just spent about five minutes looking up the definitions of green color and the emotions it evokes…

No wonder I don’t get anything done… 😉

For the purpose of this post, green is the color of MORE TRAFFIC; and that alone makes it my favorite.

traffic generation cafe stats

There was a lot of green in my Google Analytics in the month of October.

It looks like all the metrics improved significantly.

I got a healthy amount of search engine traffic, great amount of direct traffic, and a surprisingly low percentage of referral traffic.

traffic generation cafe traffic sources

Speaking of referral traffic, it might be so low because my direct traffic happened to be high in October.

Digging further into my referral sources, they all show great improvement across the board.

traffic generation cafe referral


I’ve done several things to improve my traffic from Facebook.

  • Tried to post 2-3 times per day.
  • Used more photos and fewer links (like this).
  • Started discussions on various topics (like this).
  • Emailed my list about those discussions once or twice, asking them for feedback.
  • Tried to have more fun with it (like this).

I also finally added the Facebook widget back into my sidebar, which of course significantly increased the likes.

On top of it, I got this great plugin that’s making it shake every once in a while, drawing readers’ attention.

I’ve been inundated with “What do you use to make it shake?” questions since I started using it, so here it is:

It’s a simple plugin called “Sore Thumb“.

It allows you to make all kinds of elements within your blog (sidebar, posts, pages, etc) move in whatever manner you’d like them to.

Last time I checked, the price was still about $7.

Get yours here.

Things I’ll be working on in November:

  • creating better tabs to increase traffic and conversions;
  • exploring new ways to increase likes;
  • increasing my EdgeRank, which will allow my posts to be seen by more people.

I am also thinking of returning Facebook comments to TGC – in addition to the CommentLuv enabled native comment system, of course.


The most important thing I did to increase my Twitter traffic in October was becoming more active at Triberr, JustRetweet, and ViralContentBuzz.

You can read more about it in 3445 Words on How to Promote the Ish out of Your Blog Posts.

There have been many requests for me to do a Triberr tutorial; I’ll see if I can do it in the near future.


Just published a post about this strategy; read it here or watch my video on How to Increase Traffic with Visibli.

If you followed comments on that post: I did ask Visibli team if the outgoing links could be opened in a new tab. Still working on getting the answer.

Thumbs Up to These Blogs

I really appreciate everyone who mentioned me in any shape or form last month.

The following 10 blogs were my top blogging referral traffic sources:

  1. Lisa Irby |
  2. Ileane Smith |
  3. Kim Roach |
  4. Kristi Hines |
  5. Yaro Starak |
  6. Francisco Perez |
  7. Ian Belanger |
  8. Kenneth Byrd |
  9. Mitz |
  10. James Hussey |

Special THANK YOU to Lisa Irby and Ileane Smith for giving me some tips on getting my new YouTube channel off the ground – you rock!

Last Month Bottom Line

Let’s get on with the best part.

By the way, as I write this post I have no idea how much I made, so I am in anticipation as much as you are.

Note: these are all paid earnings, meaning I might’ve actually made those sales in the previous month(s), but got paid for them just before publishing this income report.

Also my new goal for Traffic Generation Café is to focus on developing passive (relatively speaking, of course) income sources ONLY.

I am not trading my time for an hourly or fee-based wage, in other words.

So things like consulting or freelance writing are completely off my list; whereas, affiliate marketing, banner advertising, etc. are in.

My Income

Here are my income sources for the past month:

Affiliate marketing

TOTAL: $863

Difference from the previous month:


My Expenses

Posting gross income doesn’t really do us any good – what if my expenses put me in the red no matter how much money I made in the previous month?

With that in mind, let’s see how much running Traffic Generation Cafe cost me:

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links to the products I love and use for my own business.

I appreciate your patronage, should you choose to purchase any of them through me.

TOTAL: $189

Additional Purchases

October was the month of testing, testing, testing.

I purchased quite a few plugins to see if I can boost traffic and conversions.

Some of them worked. Some didn’t.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Acme Traffic Plugin Pack – $10 (worked)
  • Anchor Text Assassin – $8 (not bad, but I don’t think I’ll be using it)
  • FB Review Engine – $18  (you can see it at the end of Empower Network post; it’s currently conflicting with something else on my blog – the jury is still out)

I am in the process of testing a few more.




Oh, Boy…

Now I am not so sure I want to publish this income report… :)

Two reasons:

1.   I don’t want to discourage any of you who believe that you can turn blogging into a full-time income career.

Because you can.

However, it does take time. And there will be many ups and downs.

This is my down.

For instance, last year about the same time, I made around $3,000 per month.


another monthly income report

2.   I don’t want to hear any more well-meaning “You should do it this way” comments from people who haven’t made a dime themselves.

I know there are many ways I can increase my income.

Unfortunately, we all have to do with what we have (or don’t).

In my case, the problem is time.

I’ve got about 3 hours per day to work on my business and it’s not nearly enough.

Not much I can do about it at the moment though; so I am trying to turn lemons into lemonade.

Anyone’s got a great recipe for that? 😉

how to make money from lemonade

Marketing Takeaway

There’s no such thing as free bacon.

Making money blogging is entirely possible, as I was surprised to learn from my own experience.

Just takes time, determination, and a lot of work.

If you feel that Traffic Generation Café provides great value for your money (he-he), you can do three things to keep me going:

  1. Read Traffic Generation Café with friends: like it on Facebook, join me on Twitter, and other networks, and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!
  2. Mention my blog posts on your blog. You’ll provide your readers with value and get a visit from me.
  3. When shopping for any marketing tools, please take a look at my internet marketing tools page. If you don’t see the product you’d like to buy, send me an email and I’ll let you know if I am an affiliate. You’ll also get on my good side doing that.

Off to squeeze some lemons,

traffic generation cafe income report

traffic generation cafe comment below

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  1. On the up side you didn’t have to sell your soul promoting products that don’t work or that you don’t believe in. While selling your soul can dramatically increase your income it adds a lot more to the expenses column too :)

    And for all the people giving you advice on what you “should” be doing to make money… simply reply with “Thanks for the advice… I’ll be happy to take a look at it as soon as you post your passive income and expenses for the month here so we can confirm you know what you’re talking about.”

    That should get rid of most of them :)

  2. This is one of the most believable income reports I’ve seen on the Internet. Mostly because the post reflects your personality. And then because you make it clear that there are ups and downs to this blogging career thing. And it definitely is a time spend.

    But, worth it.

    Thanks for sharing your wins, fails, setbacks and progress. Very inspirational :)

  3. Hi Ana, i recently started out a new affiliate site and hope i’ll start getting sells. I am planning to promote it on social media like twitter and facebook for targeted traffic. Hope i’ll get success soon. Anyway thanks for this article it is an inspiration for the new comers.

  4. Hello Ana,
    I ended up on this page via Twitter, so twitter really can work to get you traffic!
    My knowledge about twitter hovers around zero, (hence my surprise).
    As I read this post I see your alexa rank is 12,942 which presumably means you know how to get boat-loads of traffic to your site, it’s just the simple task of getting them to spend a few dollars with you – ‘joking’.
    I have to say this does surprise me and the reason is: I have gained more value from the information on your site than most of the -WSO’s- I have bought over the past couple of years all rolled into one…!!!
    This post is a good example; most would be internet marketers are lead to believe by the so called guru’s, that all have to do is give them a dollar amount with the ubiquitous -7- somewhere in it, fill in your pay-pal account email address into the box, move to the beach and wait for the millions to start pouring into your account.
    >> It is like a breath of fresh air to see such honesty; and a wake-up call for all those people who really believe there is no work involved in making a living online.
    Warm regards,
    PS. I just signed up for the Danny Iny course you recommended, so your financial future is now assured.

    • Ana Hoffman

      At least you do know how to click a link, Michael. 😉

      It’s not easy to make money online for anyone; those of us who are not willing to sell our souls to the devil to make a quick buck have to work at it even harder.

      Not impossible, just takes time.

      And certainly very kind of you to check out my link to Danny’s course; I am going through both of them at the moment and making a few discoveries.

      Thanks for visiting my neck of the woods; see you back soon.

  5. suraj

    You doing well in affiliating marketing. I tried many affiliate, but never got any sales. Google adsense is a primary source of income for me.

  6. Just found your blog from a google search and love what I have found. I once was doing much better with affiliate marketing as well and after google changing things so much I am taking a different approach at the game.

    You are definitely on the right track and right off the bat I would have assumed you were making much more monthly because of how well your site is set up and how professional your posts are. I have been coming across many bloggers who aren’t making as much as they should and it is discouraging, but obviously it is working, so stick to it. I will be reading through your posts when I have the spare time this week :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      Truth is I don’t focus on making money as much as I should, Tony. Another blogger might turn TGC into a cash machine, so don’t get discouraged.

  7. Nice going Ana, keep it up. I see you guys talking about Google updates and all that, strangely for me it didn’t have much effect, just some increase in organic traffic. I guess posting unique content and having just a few banners/affiliate links made that not sure though.

  8. Mr.X

    3 Hours isn’t bad for such generating such an income. It can double by giving it more time and focusing on the right content marketing strategy. Blogging is indeed a career option for those who have the temperament.

  9. Well done as always, Ana. You have a lot of *cough* GUTS to post these reports. (I was going to say balls, but that’s not really applicable.)

    People need to see “the other side” of IM. We need to see something other than the “OMG! Look how much money I made!” posts and sales letters that are a dime a dozen. It’s like my post on failure – I’ve gotten quite a bit of positive feedback on it. There is a big difference between being a doomsayer and being honest.

    Even though my IM income is far from steady right now, every month is a learning experience as I get closer to what I really want out of my sites, and I never find your reports anything other than highly educational – anyone who is discouraged by these needs to get their head in the right place.

    Plus, you admit that you have a lot more things going on than just your biz. So it is easy to see that with your smarts you could EASILY be making a whole lot more if you had more time, and once you know that, these reports become even more educational.

    Example: I have nothing else right now other than unpacking into a new house because my other half left the state for a new job. *pouts* So since I have no kiddos yet and must keep myself sane in the face of him being gone, I have dug myself even deeper into my business, and seeing what works for you is great, because I can pose the question “What could this do for MY biz, considering I have as much time as I want to work on it?”

    So, thank you as always for your honest report, and the humor that you inject into it. Keep up the good work, and we’ll all be here to keep you feeling popular. :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      I’ve given a lot of thought as to why I make what I make, Lindsey, and my final conclusion is the fact that TGC is more of a hobby for me than a definite need to generate income. If it were, I would’ve found ways to actually make more money from it.

      As of right now though, I am enjoying the luxury of being a wife and a mom first. Sometimes, I wish I were in your shoes though, where I could just dive into my business and make something spectacular out of it.

      • Hi Ana,

        thanks for that.
        But then, by the same token, why were you surprised when your traffic took a dive? In Sept you traffic was roughly halved and now it has increased by a factor of three; in both cases overnight.
        So rather than Panda/Penguin would it be just a case of “the ways of Google are mysterious?”
        My organic traffic dropped about 10 days ago by about 30% and I am trying to understand whether it was me or what…

        • Ana Hoffman

          Good point, Andrea – the best answer is human nature. When things are great, we don’t always care why; when they go down, we immediately want answers. 😉

          In September, my traffic went down right after an EMD update, from what I remember; that’s why I was surprised.

          What kind of traffic went down on your site: search engine? other source?

          • It was organic/google that went down on Dec 1st and has stayed there since. I thought it was because I had moved some banners around, but when I put those back it didn’t make any difference…

  10. Hi Ana,
    It is sometimes difficult as a mum to make more money online cos most of our time are spent on looking after the family. You are doing well Ana, I can vouch you are doing much better than myself.
    Thanks for being honest. At least it is all what it requires in affiliate marketing.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Guys just don’t get that, do they?

      My business is not nearly close to being my priority… Thank you for encouragement, Sumbo!

  11. Ana, I actually really like this because I feel like we don’t hear enough income reports from people around this level.

    My income is right around where yours was this month (although I’m selling my own products rather than affiliates) and sometimes I actually find it discouraging to only see people publishing income reports when they have huge numbers like $10K+/month. I wonder, “Is anyone else at this somewhat-successful-but-not-yet-MEGA-success stage like I am??”

    Your courage in posting this month’s report helps me see that yes, there are others out there who are still experimenting, improving, working hard in the effort to reach the “big time.” (Hopefully a few years from now, we’ll be the ones publishing the huge income reports ;-))

  12. Sharon Akinoluwa

    Hi Ana, I just want to let you know you are doing a great work. The income might be lower than you expected, but I want you to know that the privilege to touch and impact lives could be more rewarding and fulfilling. It has eternal reward. Keep up with the good work and please do have a great day. You are a blessing indeed!

  13. Hi Ana,

    Your blog is of the highest quality so im sure you will be back up to what you were at last year in no time (Wish I was making the kind of extra income you are making 😉 )

    Love how open you are with us readers and your positive attitude all the time its what keeps me returning 😉

  14. I always read your monthly net income report.. It is really the time what matters! I also make no money when my exams are going on. My monthly income is around 100$ only.

  15. Ana, fabulous post. Very well structured and detailed.
    I love grabbing some cool tips on social marketing from around and your post is really loaded with them. Thanks.

  16. Tanisha

    one thing i do know is that affiliate marketing is by far the did a great job here Ana… this is the best this is a great career and be around for a very long time….. recession proof thx

    • Ana Hoffman

      I know we are supposed to create our own products, Tanisha, but making money off another person’s hard work is so much more fun! 😉

  17. Ali | Writers Blog

    At first, this is what I thought “why would 40+ people comment on just an income report” and now I’m doing it myself 😉 I also have this moan that I can’t give enough time to my blog, as my writing assignments and, to some extent, the daily chores keep me occupied. If it’s not personal, may I ask what keeps you busy? Do you have another business or something?

    • Ana Hoffman

      Life, Ali, is what keeps me busy…

      Family, house, etc. – the stuff that we want to enjoy by making more money, but end up taking away the time to enjoy it to make money.

  18. Very, very transparent disclosure of your October site income, Ana…

    Congrats on getting all those important stats ‘well in the green”…

    At first I was a little surprised by the drop in earnings, considering the healthy traffic numbers, then I read where you were testing new things out through October, and that explained everything…

    Also, that you have time restrictions, so you can not really go around spreading yourself too thin..

    The fact you are keeping it so real and including both the Great months, and the lean months, is something many people will appreciate…

    Hope the experimentation goes well, and you find the perfect Family time/ work/ life balance that works best for you….

  19. Chaz Key

    Found you by accident. I was spying on optin plugins, they had a link from a testimonial you did. I have to admit, I love your funnels! Awesome how you layout proof and show real results.


    • Ana Hoffman

      Glad you came by, Chaz.

      By the way, the popup you have on your site is trouble: the close button is for some reason hiding behind the browser window, so it’s impossible to close.

  20. Hi Ana,
    I really appreciate your honesty and openness.
    I haven’t been to your blog in a while but I love the new look (I’m not sure if it’s new or maybe it’s because I haven’t been here in a while).
    Quick question, what plugin keeps your opt in box in static. I noticed that even though I am at the bottom of your blog, the opt in box is still there.
    Thanks Anna for all you do.

  21. Hi Ana,
    I just discovered your website and must say that I am glad I did.

    I browsed through a number of posts and I really have to say: You have your unique voice, your writing really stands out from the crowd. Keep up that wonderful work, it really is exceptional!

    I am sorry to hear that your income doesn’t match the value you provide: I, too, think that you should not solely rely on affiliate marketing. Products & membership sites are what normally turns bloggers into entrepreneurs that live off their websites.
    Your traffic is great already, so maybe think about focussing more on converting your existing visitors into actual customers… Facebook and the such rarely make any money at all.

    Please don’t mind me giving you any advice, who am I to do this without having anything to show for yet. But I do this because I really don’t want you to stop working on this great site!

    I’ll make sure to leave some affiliate commissions in the coming weeks!


    • Ana Hoffman

      Welcome, Al!

      I think I might have to make a deliberate decision in the near future: do I want to be just a blogger (nothing wrong with that, of course) or do I want to turn into an entrepreneur.

      That’s something I’ve been thinking about lately…

  22. I am not totally surprised with your income Ana. Since you say that you are ONLY targeting on passive income streams like banner ads and affiliate marketing, I’m sure the hours you put in now will help you build a solid base for the years to come – this means even though you don’t see a direct translation of traffic to money today, it will be quite soon.

    Coz, if you sell your services (consulting, etc.) you could easily harvest hundreds of dollars for a few hours in exchange – and I’m so sure that it won’t be a problem for you to “get” clients – you’re already famous. But given that your life schedule doesn’t allow you (probably?) and also because you only have about 3 hours a day to put in your biz, consulting-like deals could be a pain.

    Bottom line – I think you are doing good and fine.

  23. I’ve commented before Ana but just wanted to add something. I really like what Alex, Farnoosh and Andrew said about creating more streams of income. I’m quite cognizant that you deserve more than this Ana.

    What i always love about you is your transparency and thats exactly what keeps me coming back. Keep it up dear.

    Please think about all the comments above and may the good lord be your strenght as you implement any of them.

    Enjoy your weekend Ana.

  24. Glad I’m on the list of traffic referrals, personally I’ll continue plugging your site so long as you have those 3 hours to rock some great content (which you have yet to disappoint). All told, I don’t know anyone who’d shake a stick at an extra $800-$900, it’s great to see you in the positive, poised for more success to come.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Much appreciated, James…

      I can’t believe I still haven’t read your CJ ebook; sounds like I’ve got more ways to increase my income at my fingertips, yet don’t have (or find I should say) the time to read it.

  25. Gibson Goff

    Ana, you don’t need money to be one of the richest people I know – you already have such a rich life!

    Knowing that, here’s how I read your income statements: Ana made blah-blah blah with (copy what she’s doing). She made an additional blah, blah with (quick, more good intel from Ana!)

    What others may see as a statement of P/L, I see as a treasure trove of ideas from an already proven, mover and shaker. Keep up the great work, Ana. And thanks again for the great ideas! :-)

  26. Ana,

    You are a trooper for posting no matter if you make $3000 or $500, we all appreciate you doing this for us so we know this can be a hard struggle and you are going to help us figure out what went wrong.

    I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Visibli. I love it. Actually, when I first used it I hated it. I was getting no traffic and I believed it was cumbersome. But I stuck with it because you always say to test. I changed it a bit and started getting some traffic from it. So thanks a bunch!

  27. Hi Ana,
    Your October income is not bad you know owing to the fact that you covered your expenses.

    One thing I’ve discovered is that most of the big boys in the industry operates many blogs ranging from Niche to Authority sites. The last time i read your I.R, i asked you if all your earnings comes from TGC alone and you said yes, my question thus is, why don’t you wanna run other blogs?

    I know this will boost your income. People like Pat, Darren Rowse, Matt Wolfe, Sunil etc, has more than one blog.

    I have one currently which has not started giving me some dough, but I’m planning on setting up more 3 blogs ones this one stands.

    Thanks for sharing and wishing you more fruitful months Mate.

    • Ana Hoffman

      As I pointed out in the post, Theodore, it’s not about being unwilling; it’s about lack of time.

      You can only imagine how much time running a blog like TGC takes..

      • Chimezirim Odimba

        Hi Anna!

        I love your openness. I enjoy your blog and faith…

        Can I work for you for “free”? Seriously, I can give you a bit of my time for a short while. I think the minimum that’s acceptable for someone giving as much value as you are is $10k per month.

        No, I am NOT a newbie seeking attention. I have fought in tough niches like insurance (won and lost). So why am I doing this?

        1. Many people have lost their sources of livelihood due to the recession and have turned to the internet to rebuild their lives. I know that many of such people out there might be discouraged by this report without taking into consideration the whole facts — You are NOT monetizing enough and you don’t just have the time to implement what you know.

        2. You are an authority and people will use what you earn as a benchmark of what’s possible (Again without considering the whole facts). That’s NOT good for my business.

        3. Wouldn’t it be great being on the good side of a top blogger?

        I hope I will get an alert when you respond to this — I can’t box for subscribing to post’s comments.

  28. Anna,
    I have officially made $20 with my donation button. Then I went to starbucks and got a treats for myself and two boys. Bringing my net to $-2 😉

    I think you’re actually doing quite well. Your traffic jumped enormously, and that alone is a huge accomplishment. Also you only have 3 hours a day (I envy you – I scrape out 20 minute windows here and there!) which means you’re actually netting about $10/hour. Now I know in the Bay Area that is a laughably low amount HOWEVER I would consider that your short-term gains. With the traffic numbers you’re now getting, in addition to the cash, you’re also building audience and influence which can turn into long-term gains.

    Also if it helps you made WAAAAY more money than my $20. So does that help you enjoy your lemonaid any better? 😉

    • Ana Hoffman

      $20 is double of what I EVER made with my donation button, Alexis. 😉

      And thank you for the encouragement. It’s always so easy for us to focus on what we still don’t have or haven’t achieved yet instead of counting our blessings.

  29. Ana,

    As always as the comments from the Podcast we did shows, it’s your transparency and honestly that continue to bring visitors back.

    If you’re doing as much as you are with only 3 hours a day imagine what you’ll be able to do!

    All the best!


  30. Hi Ana, it’s so courageous of you to share your income report along with all this other invaluable information – thank you! And for what it’s worth: I know how you feel about a low month. I had so many months when I was struggling after I quit my 6-figure easy job. I didn’t miss my job for a second and it didn’t make me doubt my destiny as an entrepreneur but now 18 months later, I’ve turned it around so much that I’m hiring my hubby out of his 6-figure job to come work for me full-time. My lessons:
    – Affiliate products are OK but having your own products rocks much more. It builds your brand, shows you have something of your own to offer and you keep all the profite.
    – Niche blogging – for me, green juicing has been a huge boon. And going about it in different channels such as books, programs, etc.
    – Business coaching.
    – Online classes
    – Kindle books, Amazon sends me a 4-figure check every month. Keep writing, one of your books will do well.
    – Advertising, another 4-figure income that I love LOVE because I do it on my own terms – no flashy ads just subtle text ads.
    Those are some of my income sources, and the way I look at it, you can have countless streams, whereas a stupid salary is so limited. Wish I’d gotten wise earlier but alas, we get there when we are good and ready. Wish you a stellar month in November.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Great to see you back in my neck of the woods, Farnoosh!

      It’s not the ideas I am lacking; it’s the time to implement them. Somehow I need to get a grip on my priorities and start paying more attention to things that actually bring in income.

  31. Interesting. What i don’t understand is why someone with your ability and skill set is so focused on just the blogging? Blogging this way to make money is just one of the hundreds of options you have…

    For instance, you could run this at full capacity as you are now and still have additional time to start another website which directly makes sales or does not rely solely on high traffic and chance?

    Even a donation box on the sidebar of this site wouldn’t go a miss? As of course… another really interesting read – yet i have not paid for the excellent service you provided?

  32. Hi Ana. Thanks for the mention. I see what you mean when you say the traffic and perceived popularity does not always translate into money. It is however IMO an important factor for long term gain. Like you said, just need determination, hard work and lots of patience. Sometimes, it is just a question of “finding” one form that will hit the jackpot 😉

    • Ana Hoffman

      I agree, Francisco; I do think it’ll pay off in the long run. Off to train for the marathon! lol

  33. Ana,

    Every business has lean times and the fact that you have still made an income while only working 3 hours per day is excellent.

    One idea that helps me…it may help (we are all different!):

    I have a white board and at the top of the white board each month I add a figure of how much my target income is.

    Then each time I create some income, I cross out the target figure and add the new figure.

    For instance:

    $5000 (income $300)
    $4700 (income $50)

    And so on.

    It seems to spur me on to take action.


  34. Alex

    Ok now that I’m done telling you how wonderful you are, allow me to share how I think you can be even more wonderful…(read: wealthier)

    Membership site!!!
    Why are you not leveraging the fact that you are ANA HOFFMAN.

    I think it’s fair to say that I know what I am doing online…. BUT if you offered a community/forum type membership site that allowed me direct access to your secret tips and tricks and allowed me to interact directly with you, and in turn your peers, then that would be something I would pay for. $10 a month gets me Aweber (well it used to) and it gets me syndications with various services. I’m happy to spend this money each month – and I KNOW I speak for many people when I say that giving that to YOU for the right to access the “queen bee of blogging” freely would be something I would. It even think twice about.

    I think if you created a great membership site with a format like FB and Triberr you would get at least 50 people happily paying $10 each to be a part of that. That’s $500 extra – just for starters!

    Think about it… There are hundreds of ‘social networks’ from FB itself to Triberr, to name a few. Why not stand out from them by actually charging!? The irony is that people would be intrigued, and the fact it was a fee meant you know you would not be drowned in noise… Making the membership worth every cent!!

    Think seriously about what I am saying gorgeous, you’re too valuable to continue to be ‘free’ … Start thinking like Corbett ( but don’t be like him!! Lol)

    Let me know when the site is ready, ill be your first member!

    Ps: apologies for the spammy looking keyword :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      Actually, I’ve got one in the works, Alex.

      I’ve been thinking about it for almost a year now and two days ago decided that it’s time to stop thinking about it and making it happen.

      I don’t have a clear direction yet (since I am really not sure what I am doing for a change), but it’ll come together, I am sure.

      Thanks, love!

      PS At least I’ve got one thing over Corbett – I am easier on the eye. lol

  35. Alex

    Your transparency is admirable and your work ethic evokes a respect that is beyond words.
    Really Ana, you are the measure by which all online marketers and bloggers should be (truly) judged.

    Thank you for consistently making the blogosphere an honest and thought provoking place.

    – Your friend Alex :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      I truly appreciate it, Alex…

      PS There’s no URL to connect your keywords to; want to add it?

      • That’s odd?! Thanks for pointing it out – maybe something to do with the iPad, because neither comment has a keyword or a URL attached.
        Never mind, the keyword I left was spammy anyway, didn’t feel right leaving it on your site….
        I’ll just take the usual thanks … Amazon Plugin to my blog :)

        Thanks –

        PS: If you want to bounce any ideas off of me, or just want to talk – hit me up on Skype anytime, always good to get an outside look at things sometimes :)

  36. Hi Anna, Good to see that affiliate marketing is working as a great source of revenue. However, your net income is way more than what you have listed in affiliate income. Where does the rest come from? Regards

    • Ana Hoffman

      Hey, Pritam: it was late last night when I was working on the post and I happened to hit the publish button way before I actually finished it. 😉 That’s why you saw such a difference in numbers.