One Way Link Building: How to Find the Best Links Every Time

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one way link building mapMost SEO’s will tell you that one way link building from quality “linkable” sites is the single most important factor of a successful SEO campaign.

And I am not the one to disagree with it.

I strongly believe that building a variety of links from quality and preferably high PR pages is what will make or break your efforts to place your website on the first page of Google for your desired keywords.

This post is all about the “HOW” of link building.

You are looking for a treasure, and I am about to give you a perfect map that will lead you right to it.

Use the searches below to find the best sites in your niche to link from. Just copy and paste the entire code into a search engine search box, insert your target keyword where it says “add your keyword” (duh! :) ), and prepare to be amazed at what you find.

Side note: I do realize this might look Greek to most, so here’s a great post by Ashley Faulkes that breaks down the steps of creating these search strings.

One Way Link Building with Authority Codes

One Way Link Building with WordPress Blogs

• inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
• inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
• inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
• inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”

(I do most of my link building with these commands.)

One Way Link Building with ExpressionEngine Blogs

• “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
• “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
• “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
• “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”

One Way Link Building with BlogEngine blogs

• “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
• “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
• “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
• “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”

Why BlogEngine and ExpressionEngine blogs? For some reason, these blogging platforms are especially popular with academics and government agencies, which a lot of times translates into high authority and PR.

The reason you should add your keyword to the searches is that you are better off linking from related sites. If you can’t find any sites to link from for your specific keyword, just widen your search, i.e. from “tractor parts” to “tractor”. (did I just give away my most profitable niche? :) )

One Way Link Building with Directories and Submission Sites

•    intitle:add+url “your key word”
•    intitle:submit+site “your key word”
•    intitle:submit+url “your key word”
•    intitle:add+your+site “your key word”
•    intitle:add+site “your key word”
•    intitle:directory “your key word”
•    intitle:sites “your key word”
•    intitle:list “your key word”

Most directories will not give you high quality links, but they are good to for straight URL links, like – yes, you need these as well to appear “natural” when doing your link building. It’s especially true when building links to your home page.

One Way Link Building with Forums

•    “Powered by SMF” your keyword
•    Phbb your keyword
•    “powered by IPB” your keyword
•    MyBB your keyword
•    “powered by PunBB” your keyword
•    “Powered by Phbb” your keyword
•    “Powered by vBulletin” your keyword

One Way Link Building with Squidoo Lenses

• “new links plexo” “add to this list”
• “your keyword” “add to this list”

Many don’t realize that many Squidoo lenses have high PR and most of them are DoFollow (not that I think it matters that much.)

Link Building Marketing Takeaway

I am sure you are itching to try these out, so I won’t hold you up much longer.

One last thing though: I want to know what you think about these codes and link building in general.

Do you believe that link building will remain a strong factor in determining your SERP standing? Comment below.


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  1. First of all i have to say Hi :), then i have to sorry for my broken English.
    Link building is and WILL be important in future – in my opinion ofc.
    Footprints you have posted Ana looks very useful, i ill try them for sure.
    As rematch i can tell you that i`m using default Google footprints(the ones on left side when u press more button on google search view) to search thematic, useful high ranked in SERP: forums(discussion category), blogs .
    Its always good to register there and take a part in conversations, first- you prove community that you are authorized in this area, second-you can always create link in profile, signature, and the last one you most important you can create good source of thematic, niche related traffic.


  2. Love your style and sense of humour Ana. You share plenty of really useful information and it’s appreciated. Some of the codes I haven’t used yet so keen to give ’em a try.

  3. Hey Ana,

    This seems super useful and I appreciate you posting these!

    Unfortunately, however, when I’m trying to build links using these, many of the sites that show up won’t actually let you post a link for your comments. Am I missing something here? Or is it just trial and error and continually combing through site after site? Perhaps I just need to put in the time.

    Anyway, thanks again.

    Bob Siddoway

    • Ana Hoffman

      It’s been a while since I double-checked these codes, Bob, to see if anything changed. Sounds like it’s time.

  4. Hi Ana
    Just read your free report which is worth much more than I paid for it.
    One question. In light of The Penguin Parade are the link building strategies in the report still current? Or are you planning a post-Penguin update?

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks, Karen. :)

      I am currently halting all my link building, other than working on encouraging my readers to link to me more.

      I am writing a short ebook on all the recent changes, how they affected us, and what to do to survive.

      Hope I’ll stop dragging my feet and actually finish it soon.

      • Hi Ana,

        What a great share! Yes I was itching to try these out, but then I read your reply above! Now I can’t wait for your report. That said, I did find this post very helpful AND will share with my own readers. Count that as one more link well earned!

  5. Jamie

    Hi, ana, have finished read your freebies ebook, i really likes the way you put the information. Very funny but educative as well. thumb up !

  6. Hi Ana, aren’t these way-out links a damage to your ranking? how does it work? that is how I know to get bad rank.. having links going out ?? thnx. .sweet article by the way…

    • Ana Hoffman

      This post is really about linking TO your site from other sites, Alex, but to answer your question, it’s only natural for any site to have links out to other sites; that’s the very nature of blogging.

      To not have any outgoing links is usually an indication of an overly SEOed site.

      So yes, do link out to other sites; and add rel=”nofollow” tag to the links if it makes you feel better.

  7. Ricky

    Awesome, thanks for sharing. I need all the pr I can get. I really appreciate you for sharing this. The search query strings you posted worked fabulously. Thank you so much.

    Thanks again,

    Ricky Strode

  8. Jonathan

    Hi Ana,

    Thanks for the link building suggestions. I really believe they’ll help me. I’ve been reading your site for ages through nothing but organic searches and I’ve only just joined your e mail list now. I’ve just finished reading your SEO report and I can’t believe the the simple things that I’ve been doing wrong due to the fact that I was arrogant enough to believe I couldn’t learn from ‘another free ebook’. I believe you’ve saved me a huge amount of time and work with your tips and I look forward to using them in my new projects and to relook at my ‘failures’ and fix them.


    • Ana Hoffman

      That’s the best thumbs up I was given in a long time, Jonathan – thank you and glad to hear my book helped.

      Would you mind if I use your comment for a testimonial of sorts?

  9. Farhan

    Hi Ana
    This is my first visit to your blog and i like your thoughts on link building. I have a question what is an unnatural link? Is it the link with a blog comment

    • Ana Hoffman

      I find it peculiar, Farhan, that you are asking a simple SEO question while linking to an SEO services page from the comment.

  10. Hi Anna
    Love your emails (hope the move went OK) and find your site full of interesting tips and ideas. We’ve been playing around and haven’t really started off page seo so far and have still managed first page of Google just using opseo (managed 1 and 2 on Google for a couple of days) so we are going to ramp it up and see what happens.

    Many thanks and will keep you posted to how we get on.

    All the best


    • Ana Hoffman

      It looks like you are competing for a low competition keywords, Cathi, which is why it’s much easier to rank just on the content alone.

      Good job!

      And yes, the move is ongoing… lol; thanks for asking!

      • Hi Ana

        That’s the thing that was really hard to get my head around…the global searches are low but the pages on google for that term are 20 million +, so I am not sure whether I should be scratching my head or patting myself on the back.

        It makes me wonder what 20 million + other pages are doing that is so easy to rank above. Can’t imagine what implementing your ideas will do to my sites page one stability…going to find out though…wicked grin!

        • Ana Hoffman

          When Google lists 20M pages for a search term, they are listing all sites that in any way, shape, or form mention those words in their content/titles/etc and not in any particular order.

          So you are competing against people who are not really competing for the keyword, Cathi.

          A better test is to type “get rid of butt fat” in the search box or do a intitle:get rid of butt fat search. When I did those searches, only about 100K pages came up; that’s more or less your true competition.

          And, by the way, you are still on the first page! It’s just that this keyword might not bring you that much traffic if not too many people actually search for it…

  11. Paul Ascalon


    What can you say about Market Samurai’s change in their algo recently. They no longer source out their competition SEOC data from Google. They get it from Bing. I own one, but now I don’t know if its still reliable or not.


    • Ana Hoffman

      My computer is in the shop right now, Paul, so I don’t have access to MS.

      However, from what I remember and from everything I’ve read I don’t have much concern about the data being unreliable in any way.

      After all, Bing is a solid search engine, plus they now merged with Yahoo, which of course owned the Yahoo! Explorer that MS used to use for the backlink info.

  12. Thanks a ton.. I have read your report just now. I was thinking of purchasing a software to get one way links and I saw this article. Thanks

  13. Hi Ana,

    I have a question in regards to quality of links. I recently had someone do some backlinking for me. When he sent me the report basically all the links he had gotten me are like forum member profile links… If you look at the bottom under bio there are 3 links under keyword “Learn to dance” which is the keyword i asked. Are these links legit? They are do-follow, I checked. And the home page rank is quite high. I just want to know if those Member profile bio links are any good for SEO?

  14. Hi Ana,
    I believe that link building plays a very important role on a website ranking. The thing is that this is the first time I read that I have to pay attention specifically on which sites, blogs, forums I build links in order to get the best result. I didn’t know that these sites must use the same keywords as my desired keyword.
    I know that I am a beginner and I read many sources to understand how all that stuff works. I had no idea about this type of codes in order to find where I have to go and post my comments.
    I will apply these tips from now and then…
    that is a lot of work, isn’t it? Nevertheless i cannot understand the result of the One Way Link Building with Forums…pfff
    I mean if I put in search box this code: “powered by IPB” a keyword…
    I don’t get forums as a research result.
    Do I do something wrong here? I apologize if the question is too easy.
    Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Now that I’ve been doing this of a while, Lenia, I think relevance is overrated.

      Since you are in SEO and internet marketing (forget that it’s in Greek), when you search for relevant places to drop a comment, I’d just use “marketing” as your keyword.

      If you use a keyword that’s too specific, then it might not have any results.

      • Hi Ana,
        I really appreciate your help and answers. You provide such valuable information here and you help me a lot. Many thanks!

  15. Hi Ana!

    Yep, it’s me again…LOL! Just wanted to let you know I just finished your SEO Report, and all I can say is WoW! I have been looking for some good practical advice on this for a very long time, and today, well actually a couple of days ago already when I donwloaded your report, but today I finally made the time to read it, and I was blown away with the helpful tips and advice.

    I will be putting my Market Samurai as well as Keyword Elite to good use right away and start off with the SEO and then move onto quality link building.

    Thanks a mil!

      • Awww thanks a mil Ana, how thoughtful of you!

        Hahaha, yeah, gets lonely at times, but (don’t tell too many ok?) I’m still busy with a lot of experiements with my design and development, and I wouldn’t want too many people “judge a book by its cover” before everything is quite done. :)

        I’ll keep on keeping on though, as I’m sure and confident (more excited than anything else) that Ebook Tutorials will become a huge success in future!

        Thanks again!


  16. I think your ideas are wonderful,
    I did similar things when I started – but never got to all this combinations!!

    As I keep adding new products – will keep trying a bit of that again.
    Google already give less attention to directories and more to traffic behind the links. So if it a stupid list that no ones read it – may not worth the time to have a link from there.

  17. Bob

    Hi Ana,
    I found you today by listening to Leslie Samuel’s podcast.
    You were great!

    This is the first blog I’ve ever seen where the comments show the most recent at the top.

    And thanks for the link codes.


  18. This is the best list I’ve seen thus far…I’ve been using code that has more characters. The returning results are ok, but your list is more targeted to many different areas, which will return a wide variety of different links. This is a really good list Ana! Thanks!

    Your site is very informative! I’ve been on here nearly an hour lol taking notes for my new blog I’m working on too make sure I set it up properly for the SERP’s.

    Thanks Again For all you do!


  19. I found very useful information from your post on how to find best links. I appreciate your nice presentation of search codes that helps to find the sites easily. Thanks for your informative post.

  20. Great tips I have been searching for this kind of “exact how to” on link building for a while. I have jsut signed up for your e-newsletter and I VERY rarely do that anymore as so many “hawkers” out there. Cheers Dave

  21. Adam Clarke

    This is a great strategy, I have been using authority codes since the beginning of my seo career. I am a little surprised in your 7 steps to complete search engine domination report you haven’t mention, (or even linked to with an affiliate link ;), commentluv.

    • Ana Hoffman

      When I wrote the report, Adam, there was no CL Premium. I think my report is due for a makeover…

  22. interesting tips Anna on link building. I have even got your 7 Steps report and is indeed very useful. i do circulate your blog details to others as well so others can also benefit. Thanks a lot.

  23. Ana Hoffman

    Truth about Do and Nofollow, Thomas is that we need both to show Google a natural link building pattern.

    That said, if I had a choice between two types, I’d definitely take dofollow.

    Makes sense?

  24. Lisa

    Thanks so much for this. I have been trying to get my blog on the first 3 positions of Google, and with what you have shared here, I truly believe that I will be able to.

  25. Ana,
    This post seems to be pretty popular just based on the number of comments. This topic truly fascinates me.
    I have yet another question for you which I’m finding increasingly more difficult to deal with.
    Let’s assume that we are writing comments for the sake of adding to the discussion, continuing a conversation, or asking a questions. However, let’s be honest, we need to keep our site in mind. In order to benefit the site, I think it is reasonable to say that one could write hundreds of comments a month. My difficulty is trying to keep up with all the conversations I have started and initiated. Is there a good method to do it? Not all blogs offer you to receive emails with follow-up comments, and it looks like a never ending task to go back to all posts where I have commented before.
    Thank you for your always educational help!

    • Let me tell you how I do it, Tom.

      The only reason I ever go back to the comments I left is to make sure they were published (I have a little thing with Akismet and they like to throw my comments into spam).

      If a blogger doesn’t provide a way for you to keep up with comments on their blogs, it’s their loss. Don’t feel pressured to go back to see if the conversation needs to be continued; it rarely does. It’s counter-productive.

  26. Over the last several days I have played a lot with your search suggestions. It is all well, but I need some time to live, too.
    What’s your take on outsourcing such tasks? Partly I’m concerned because I don’t want strangers comment as my alterego, but on the other hand I need more traffic and more time to run the business. Do you support outsourcing such tasks? If yes, is there a company you would recommend?
    Thank you: Tom

    • Tom, there are companies that offer those services. Although I do my own, some of my contacts do make use of professional copywriters who do this manually for a fee. Like you say, it has to be done and you don’t have time. You simply give them your list of blogs to comment on and guidelines and they do it for you.

      I’ll send you an email with some additional details.

  27. Hi Ana,
    I’ve been playing around with the above posting methods. I am finding a huge number of theoretically very appealing sites. For obvious reasons, comments need to be approved before they go up live. However, I’m finding that many of these blogs have earned a high PR, but are no longer maintained. Do you have any suggestions on filtering these out? I guess just because the last post is old, it still doesn’t mean that comments are not monitored.

    • Very good point, Tom.

      That’s actually one of the first things I do when I get to a new blog – I go to their home page to see if it’s still maintained. If it isn’t, I don’t bother.

      It takes too much time and effort to read a post and write an intelligent comment just to never see that comment appear since there’s no moderation.

      It does take a while to weed out the riff-ruff, so I usually keep an ongoing list of blogs that are good for commenting and go back to them regularly.


  28. john

    I have just started using these codes myself and I am very happy with the results. Thank you very much for the information.

  29. Sandy

    Thanks for these action packed ideas Ana. I had put today aside for pulling my own ideas about backlinks together, so this post is spot on.

    One question…it’s a kind of “But Ana?” question…


    I thought the best quality links were in context links in the body of a blog or website? Aren’t most of the links built with these methods blog comments where one’s name is commonly used as anchor text and forums where mods are less and less tolerant of links in sig files and profiles?

    Last time I looked hubs were do follow when the hub score gets to 75, so they may be useful too.


    • Yes, Sandy, you are absolutely right.

      The best links come from content on high Authority pages.

      However, that’s not going to happen. :) Much anyway.

      I do believe commenting links are being discounted but they still do count.

      What I do is make a list of high authority dofollow blogs and make friends with blog owners. That way commenting with my anchor text is not a problem.

      Hope this answers your question.


  30. TJ McDowell

    With the ExpressionEngine and BlogEngine blogs that you mentioned, do you just use your keywords as your name or how are you making sure that the anchor text includes your keywords?

    • I suppose you do with those as you do with any blog, TJ. Every blog is different and every bloggers has a choice to approve your comment or not based on your choice in the “name” field.

  31. Hey Ana,
    Really great post and apologies if this is a silly question.
    I’ve only recently got into seo (never heard of it until recently).

    Question is – how can I tell which blog/forum comment boxes support html hyperlinks and which don’t? I used your guide to find suitable websites but then my first attempt looked silly as the link didnt appear as a proper hyperlink – just plain text :)

    Any help would be appreciated and keep up the great work. Nice to stumble across such a great source of info.

    • Joan – never ever try to add a link within your comment. What you add to the “Name” field is what becomes your hyperlink, because it connects to “your website” input.

      You did just fine with the link in this comment; however, I did take it out since you are already getting a link for your name, plus CommentLuv link. :)

  32. I stumbled onto this site this morning and have spent hours bookmarking pages and trying new tips. This post is particularly helpful – It’s great to find some fresh ideas and information for building one-way backlinks. Thanks for all your hard work, Ana!

  33. Carla

    Hello Ana,
    You are truly an inspiration and everything I have read so far has been a tremendous help. Thank you so much.

    Have a blessed and Happy New Year.

  34. WineDineDivas

    Thank you Ana for sharing your helpful informations, and hope to have more success with your tips.
    Wishing you Happy Holidays!
    Judit & Corina

  35. thanks for sharing this one, i had a hard time looking for some link building techniques and information and im very glad id bump into these :)

  36. Ana, you are DEFINITELY my new mentor! In just reading three of your articles, I just cleared up the cobwebs on SEO strategies I’ve been trying to figure out for MONTHS. My niche is in some serious trouble now!

    I can’t wait to dive in a little more in depth on your blog over the weekend!


    • Wow, Thanks Jamie. I’m glad I made another follower out of you. As to your blog, I know you will figure that out. It’s a learning progress so just be patient and don’t give up, you will surely get there.

      All the best,


  37. Hi Ana,
    I’ve had “build links with comments” on my to-do list for months now, but I haven’t done it because I was a bit confused as to how to find appropriate blogs to comment on. This post really cleared that up for me. Thanks for providing such high quality content for free.

    Every time I’ve been to your site, I find myself reading more than one post. I love how you link the different pieces of the puzzle together with different blog posts. I’ve been doing this more and more with my own blogs. Thanks for the great example.

    • Hello Lesa,

      Wow, glad to hear that you’ve been learning a lot from my blogs. I appreciate your compliment. You can visit anytime for more free info.

      Take care,


  38. The best backlink blog post I’ve read and whilst I’ve tried using some of the commands successfully I’ve been less sucessful in actually generating the links – but I’ll keep going.

    When I worked for agencies we relied heavily on paid links and now I’m working for myself I’ve been trying to pursue a link strategy without buying links – but it seems tougher than I thought it would be – particularly as it seems ‘no follow’ is the standard practice for any decent PR blog.

    Any thoughts on the split between ‘free’ links and paid – is there a range which you believe is optimum?

  39. Jordan Schultz


    I just want to tell you that I love your content. It’s so easy to follow, and it’s been helping me out a great deal over the past month or so. I’ll be sure to let you know when I start getting top rankings in the search engines.

    Jordan Schultz

    • Hello Jordan,

      Thanks for visiting my site often. I’m glad you find my blogs informative. Yes please update me of your status, I would love to hear that soon.

      Have a nice day,


  40. Hello Jayne,

    I’m glad you gain some helpful insights from this post. Building links really takes a lot of effort but I know you can do it.

    All the best,


    • I use MarketMeSuite for that.

      The reason: if you look under all my tweets, where in your case it would have a link back to Tweet Deck (right?), mine will show a clickable link back to Traffic Generation Cafe.

      “The world’s most average blog”? Love it. I am more and more impressed with your copywriting skills, James; I think you and I need to talk barter.


      • Thanks for making me smile, Ana – but I don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re the pro. I’m still learnin’.

        Which is why I’m hooked like a fish. It would be an honor and a privilege to work with you.

  41. Hi Ana,
    Love your blog & another great post, but I’m confused here. Just call me stupid! But when I find/search a blog with my keyword how do I utilise that? Should I post a comment with a link back to my site or include my keyword/anchor text?

    Keep up the great work.

    • Great question, Kevin; glad you asked.

      Yes, the point of this exercise is to create links back to your website.

      As you I am sure know there are 2 ways of doing it with comments: one is to use your keyword in your name field and thus create anchor text when you enter your website. Many bloggers will send your comment into spam though if you use only your keyword instead of your name.

      The second option of course is to somehow “weave” your keyword as anchor text into a comment – better way, but your comment stands a good chance of ending up in spam because of it.

      Either way it’s tricky, but well-worth the effort.

      I hope this answered your question; if not, please shoot me another comment.


  42. Bryan

    Hi Ana,

    i have to say, and i hope im not the only one because i’d be very embarrassed if i were, but im thoroughly confused as to how this works. maybe im a little slow, or its just the fact that ive never done link building before. you say to “copy & paste the entire code …” do you literally mean “ inurl:blog “post a comment” …? and if so … where am i pasting it? or does something else go in place of that? if so, what? sorry to be so ignorant to this.

    any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


    • Not at all, Bryan – I had all the same questions the first time I saw these codes.

      The answer is: yes, you copy and paste the ENTIRE code the way it is with the only exception of replacing “add your keyword” with your actual keyword.

      Let me break it down for you (it might make it easier once you understand what all parts mean): – this part means that you are telling the search engines to search for .com sites only.

      inurl:blog – that part of code tells the search engines to look for blogs only.

      “post a comment” – this will narrow the search down to only those blog that allow comments.

      -”comments closed” – tells the search engines to exclude the blogs that closed the comments (this the “minus” sign).

      -”you must be logged in” – excludes the sites that require to log in before posting comments.

      “ADD YOUR KEYWORD” – this is the only part you change to your own keyword.

      You paste the entire code into the search box of any search engine.

      Please feel free to ask more questions if this doesn’t make sense.


      • Ana, your reply here is phenomenal. Many “Guru’s” don’t like to take the time to explain the in between information, which makes it incredible difficult for a newbie to make the transition. Not only do you give a ton of hard to find great information on this post (and all your posts) but to take the time and really explain it, like you did in this comment is just beyond awesome!

  43. Hey Ana, what a great time saver. With links being such an important part of SEO these are a huge help. Thanks so much for sharing 😉

  44. Hi Ana,

    I just found your site today and the post title really grabbed me. After reading your post, it is the best post I have come across on the subject. Once I put this into practice, I will link back to this post on my blog so my readers can benefit from this great resource.

    On a side note, I noticed that while you have many comments, shares, and tweets, there were zero Diggs (this is odd!) so I gave you your first one.



    • Glad you found me, Zach. :)

      I guess my blog readers are not big on Digg, huh? Glad you got me started on that one.

      Let me know how your blog linking goes.


  45. Gosh Ana, have you revealed your secrets to link building or is it just one of them 😉 I think this one way backlink codes you have are very useful for my backlink purposes. I haven’t actually tried it yet. Got to save this somewhere and make a note of it.

    Oh yeah, can i quote you in a future blog post? I might wanna use some info that you have here.

    • I think I’ve got a few up my sleeves, Bryan! :)

      You can absolutely use any of this info; sharing freely is what it’s all about.


    • You are very welcome, Sherryl – I think we ALL have a long ways to go no matter what stage we are in.

      The industry is always changing and we have to stay on top of it!

      On the other hand, that’s what makes it so interesting.


  46. Aaron

    Not only is this a very useful and helpful post, for me it’s new. I just tried out one method with one term and found a bunch of blogs that I had never visited before. Thanks for the great tips.

  47. Ana what a list of goodies you are giving away. That could be packaged and sold but you are the real deal when it comes to attraction marketing thanks for sharing.

    Steve Shoemaker

  48. This is a really really good article Ana.
    I think you have definitely proven to be one of the Bloggers who DO SEO and not one who TALKS about it a lot.
    I got some really great tips from this post – and I honestly thank you for not only giving me some great insight, but also providing an awesome resource all in one place.
    Definitely linking to this in the future :)

  49. I’ve added to the list – before coming here I thought – yah. I know those already (*yawn!*)…nope! Taught again…well done! And thanks.

    I’ve used ComLuv search operators for the 1200 links in 45 days at my blog (when it began) – really helped Alexa, but no other links means that my anchor texts are my verbose titles.

    Anyhow, this good stuff as usual. I’m waiting to see when your idea basket runs out….???! How do you do that?

    • Ha-ha, don’t judge the book by its cover?

      Let me know when I start boring you, James; that’s how I’ll know I need to refuel my idea supply.

      Good to hear from you.

  50. Kathy

    Great example of how to find quality link sources by exploiting footprints left behind by certain types of domains, web pages and content management systems. These are the kinds of tools that make link building much easier.

    • Absolutely, Kathy. The information is out there and these codes just make it easier for us to find it.

      Thanks for coming by!

  51. Ana,

    Brilliant content as always! As if I didn’t already have enough on my plate…now you’ve got me thinking about link building!!! :)