Christmas Sale in February: Save $70 on Premise (this week only)

Christmas Sale in February: Save $70 on Premise (this week only)

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premise on saleNow that the holiday season is over, we worked off those turkeys and pumpkin pies at the gym (and no, I am not speaking for myself), caught up on the humongous credit card bills (good luck with those!), it’s time to put our money where our future is – in our businesses.

And good thing that sales are not for Christmas only.

Just got an email from Brian Clark of about his special sale on Premise ($70 off, to be precise) and wanted to pass it on to you.

Here’s what Brian had to say:

“2013 is going to be a revolutionary year for writers, copywriters, and content producers of all kinds.

The opportunities ahead are truly staggering … if you know how to take them.

Thing is, writers are rarely great coders and designers too.

Scribe has helped to get your content marketing working, but building custom landing pages, membership sites, logos and icons, and private forums online usually means it’s time to hire a designer and/or developer. Right?

Not anymore.

Now you’ve got a do-it-yourself solution for all the above, everything you need to profit from the digital revolution we’re living in.

I’d like to introduce you to Premise, our complete sales and lead generation engine for WordPress content publishers like you … (aff link)

Beyond custom landing page design … beyond copywriting advice from inside WordPress … and beyond ongoing copywriting and conversion optimization seminars, you can *also* use Premise to:

- Build rock-solid membership sites with WordPress
- Create custom landing pages, complete with graphics
- Take recurring payments with automated access management
- Automatically drip member content out over time
- Securely sell ebooks, software, and other digital downloads
- Learn conversion strategies that work via ongoing educational seminars
- Confidently create private forum areas with bbPress and vBulletin
- Quickly set up password-protected content libraries
- Write better copy with our integrated copywriting assistant
- Easily build check-out pages for PayPal, Authorize(.net), Braintree, 2Checkout, and Stripe (with more coming soon)
- And much more than we can list here …

Premise is a complete digital sales and marketing system for WordPress, and it works with *any* WordPress theme or framework.

Until Friday 2/15 at 5pm PST, we’re offering you our Premise software for $95 instead of the normal $165 price.

To get Premise at this special price, you MUST click this link: (aff link)

NOTE: You’ll only be able to get the $95 price for Premise by using the link above.

You can click it and explore the entire Premise site to see its features up close, but make sure you’ve clicked that special link first. (aff link)

Writers and content producers don’t need to worry about WordPress development these days — you just need the time and focus to *write*.

Premise goes a long way toward getting you there.

I hope you check out Premise and prove that statement correct by creating (and selling) something great online.


Brian Clark
Founder and CEO
Copyblogger Media”

I’ve been wanting to get Premise for a while now, and this sale seals the deal; I am off to get mine.

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  1. Thomas

    I’m trying to get the deal, but when attempting to pay, the page lists 165 as the price. I believe the deal is supposed to be good until 5pm PT (US) today, so since it’s 3:30PM ET right now, there should be “plenty” of time?

    Something wrong with the affiliate link?

  2. Darnell Jackson

    For professional results use the right tool for the job.

    If you compared the time it would take you to find and test the same functionality using several plugins strung together you would quickly see how much money you’ve saved.

    You would also save yourself a huge headache in the process.

    Time > Money

  3. I can confirm that Premise is a great software.

    I’ve made tens of landing pages with it, and it works well other than being really simple to use.
    It helps you to write great landing pages too: it gives you instructions to write your landing page in a way that convert.

    And we should also talk about the content that are inside the Premise members’area: there are hours of video and audio seminars, other than many useful PDFs.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thanks for the feedback, Mauro; even though I’ve never tried it before, I know enough about it, plus the awesome deal, that screams “Buy me!” at me. :)

  4. Christmas offers never seems to get over. This is a very tempting offer of saving $70 as Premise is really great. Although I will not need it now I shall share the informations with all my friends.

  5. Premise is really awesome.
    1 amazing thing that I would love to highlight is the resources that they give us for free.
    These seminars can help you take your blog to the next level. I think these alone deserves more than the price.