SEO Is Dead. Link Building Is Dead. Your Pony Is Dead.

SEO Is Dead. Link Building Is Dead. Your Pony Is Dead.

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Link building is dead.

SEO is on its last leg.

The tricks to beat and spam Google no longer work as well (dang!). has dropped “SEO” and turned into

SEO agencies are bound to start closing their doors any day now.

Unless, that is, they are hired by the same clients they’ve built bad links for to remove those links.

SEO is dead and THIS [insert whatever latest and shortest way to becoming an online zillionaire overnight is] changes everything!

And Google is…

google is evil SEO is dead

SEO is dead.

It must be.

Some 29,000 posts on the topic can’t be wrong, right?

seo is dead google search

Of course, it’ll be 29,ooo + this one now – the tipping point, I am sure.

Overwhelming frenzy.

And oh yes, your pony is dead. (?!)

Mass hysteria.

Even Eric Ward and Rae Hoffman agree.

Last I heard Eric might’ve quit link building altogether and gone fishing.

Let’s take a look:

SEO Is Dead; What Now?

No, I didn’t write this post to jump on the “SEO is dead” mass hysteria bandwagon.

Not that it would be a bad move.

Mass hysteria drives hordes of traffic.

I simply liked what Eric Ward and Rae Hoffman had to say in their respective posts.

Plus I am addicted to Slideshare.

Plus I have nothing better to do.

No, that didn’t sound right…

Plus I have nothing better to do it’s THAT important for us to run the [search engine traffic] race while keeping our eyes on the prize.

Build a better business, NOT search engine rankings.

google wants to ranks popular sites

generate traffic seo

And if it was the pony that made you read this post, then here’s what happened to it:

seo is dead one-trick pony

Yep, that was straight from the horse’s mouth…

Now what?

Now we discover more/better way to drive quality non-Google/Google traffic:

Increase Website Traffic: The Ultimate Blueprint to More Profitable Web Traffic

SEO Traffic 2014: Your One-Stop Reference Guide for Non-SEOs

202 Bite-Sized Tips To Insanely Increase Your Blog Traffic

Slideshare Traffic Case Study: From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days

How to Increase Website Traffic One Perfect Bite at a Time

How to REALLY Create a Popular Blog From Scratch


Happy website trafficking,

traffic generation cafe comment below

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  1. koko

    Link Building is Dead, SEO is Dead, SEM is Dead, Content Marketing is Dead… I think what all these statements really are trying to say is, “Scamming search engines is dead.”

    All relevant strategies that increase the quality of ranking factors in favor of your site are still alive and well.

  2. Brent Jones

    I love that you did this article. I’ve been reading so much junk lately about SEO being irrelevant. Nice job and I appreciate the “subtle” sarcasm. :-)

  3. Ok Ana
    SEO is dead. That is it. I quit. I am removing all my links from the web and hiding under my bed covers!
    Really. Dead. I don’t think so. But some people will be dead in the water that much is true.
    Lucky I don’t yet spend too much of my day worrying about link building.
    But it has dashed my dreams of a link building empire! Imagine the little minions I could have hired to help.

  4. Daniel Mihai Popescu

    Very accurate article, Ana, especially the links you are sending people at the end of it. I also like a lot your new site design. A lot of changes underneath it as well. It became also a definitively “nofollow” (the only thing that makes me sad about it)…
    I like it better, anyway, so I have decided to give it one more try and follow you on Google Plus.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Well, thank you, Daniel.

      When you have as many comments as I do (26K+), nofollow is a must.

  5. Manny

    Hi Ana

    Recently i have made a big mistake by changing permalinks of my blog that was about 1 year old and having more than 300 posts. Now i have lost most of may important backlinks.

    I need your expert advice about how to recover from this situation asap.

    Thanks..! awaiting your priceless suggestion

    • Ana Hoffman

      Usually, a 301 redirect will “forward” all the SEO to the new link. I don’t know of any easy way to do it; personally, I use Redirection plugin at TGC for all redirects.

      Let me know how it goes, Manny.

  6. I’ve not done much SEO myself but from what I’ve heard all around and have saw happen, if you just foucs on the basics, you’re good. There are plenty of tools out there but from what I’ve seen, many are just distractions from the bottom line.

    I’ve been using WordPress SEO by Yoast now but also found a new one I’m trying out: SEOPressor… some think it’s good and others believe it’s a complete waste of time and not worth the money.

    I think in the end it just comes down to providing excellent content + basic seo + getting to know people on social media and really making connects through content.

    It’s a big circle to me but to keep focusing on just seo alone certainly won’t do any good.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Basically, Google wants us to promote our content as if Google didn’t exist – and while doing it, we’ll be building valuable SEO foundation, and of course, that includes all the things you mentioned, Eric.

  7. It’s true! SEO is dead. But it’s unnatural SEO. If you are using Natural SEO. You don’t need to worry about anything. If you have quality content, you are using natural link building and know proper use of social media. You can still rock. What you say Ana?

  8. Your post is very well presented Ana!!

    SEO is a moving goal post to be sure. I think we have to continually diversify our traffic sources. And I hate to think of the amount of epic content out there that is just waiting to be discovered!!

  9. Ana,

    I think you are fantastic with creating a fantastic piece of work with SlideShare. I really enjoyed this post. So many truths and so much BS out there in the Google universe. Yes, we must focus on building a solid, valuable business. Keep on inspiring.

    Stacie Walker

  10. John

    R.I.P SEO. It did serve us alright for many years and we can’t easily forget its services. The death of his sister ‘Link Building’ too is regretted, though I wasn’t much interested in her and not did play with her much.

    But my pony still lives. It’s got a new dish to survive, and that’s called ‘content’. And, he seems to be content with that. :)

    Oh! SEO isn’t dead yet, but breathing its last! How ruthless of Moz to drop the name of what actually made them what they’re now, anyways, it’s their wish! But that’s how the world is, looks for new opportunities, salutes the rising sun, and doesn’t even take a glance at the dying superstar of yesteryear’s. :(

    Glad to know that the SEO agencies will still have business. I’m sure they’d glad that they installed so many ‘mines’ in the web, that even clearing them will make them a fortune!

    Rae Hoffman (Is he related to you in anyway?) and Eric Ward are awesome guys! They read my mind and stole my thoughts!! But I’m not going to sue them. :)

    Thanks for letting me know and sharing this information, Ana.

  11. SEO stands for search engine optimization which means optimizing your content to rank highly in sites that use search engines. If you are going to get traffic from sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on you need your content to rank highly.

    This means you need to optimize your content on those sites for their search engines. It’s been going on long before Google and while Google did dominate the industries focus for a long time the industry did exist long before Google.

  12. Hi Ana,

    Your post is really great. SEO and link building is Dead but not fully. It’s still work. Now SEO game have changed and place taken by Social signals. It is a new way to get ranked and drive organic traffic quickly.

  13. This post had me cracking up! I mean I couldn’t resist the catch title of course.

    Totally agree with you and loved both of those posts you detailed. I also love how you made this post not only a blog post, but a slideshare, and Pinterest posts too. Blog promotion 101. :-)

    Its been a while since I’ve been to your site, although I’ve always loved it. And I noticed that your homepage is broken, says it has redirect loop. Thought I’d let you know. I also see that you now use G+ comments and no CommentLuv anymore. Why is that? I remember you as being one of THE biggest promoters of CL in the past.

  14. I couldn’t have agreed more Ana,
    A lot has already been written on this subject and its becoming more interesting. What i will say is that SEO is no longer what it used to be.

    Focusing on SEO alone to in order to build a popular site is pointless because you will soon get your ass kicked.

    I guess the main thing is to focus on quality and the search engines will find you on their own. Its time we start diversifying our traffic source because anyone that is still believing and trying to impress Google will be wasting his time.

    An awesome slideshare presentation Ana, thanks for sharing :).

  15. Hi Ana,

    As always, a lovely post, and the Slideshare was awesome :)

    Makes me wonder how you make the slideshares so interesting – need a post on that too someday! I enjoyed the all that Eric and Rae had to say. Yes, perhaps SEO is dead, but not all of it and if we are careful and concentrate on writing good content, we’d do fine. Using variation helps I guess, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)