How to Milk SlideShare Homepage for All the Traffic You Can Handle

How to Milk SlideShare Homepage for All the Traffic You Can Handle

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Slideshare homepage trafficDid you know you are missing out on a HUGE source of traffic?

This source gets about 60 millions visitors per month, has an Alexa Rank of 174, and is referred to as “The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing“.

AND you can get featured on its homepage without selling your soul.

This means that you can get lots of traffic.

There isn’t a real competition there, so you don’t have to worry about that.

This website is SlideShare and it’s one of the most undervalued social media platforms in the world.

Let me show you why you’ll love SlideShare.

Enormous Traffic Potential

views from SlideShare

This snapshot is of one of my presentations on SlideShare.

As you can see it received 31,436 views.

And the best part?

About 30,000 of those views came in in one day.

It received so many views because it was featured as Top Presentation of the Day by SlideShare.

Interestingly, when I was featured, I had neither a big following, nor a popular blog.

You can get featured on SlideShare homepage too.

What I Achieved with SlideShare

Before we go on, let me show you some numbers.

Take a look at my SlideShare channel, which currently has 5 presentations.

Each one has more than 1,000 views.

Two of them were featured as Top Presentation of the Day and one more was featured on SlideShare’s homepage in the Featured Presentations:
Top Presentations of the Day - 1

Top Presentation of the Day - 2


How to Get Featured

My experience taught me that you needed about 900-1100 views to get featured in the Featured box and 1200-1500 views to get featured as Top Presentation of the Day.

SlideShare featured

Update from Ana: since this post was published, Mauro and I have learned a thing or two about Slideshare and how to be featured on its homepage (the answer might surprise you).

You can find more information about it in this post: Slideshare Traffic Case Study: From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days

Even though I don’t have any hard data to support my hunch, this is the conclusion I arrived at from experience.

Both “Top Presentation of the Day” and “Featured” will send you lots of website traffic.

However, there is a big difference between them.

With Top Presentation of the Day, you’ll get a five-figure number of views, while being featured will fetch you a four-figure number of views.

For this reason, our target is to reach the 1500 views in one day.

It may seem a tough task, but it’s not so hard if you know some “tricks” (and if you make a great looking presentation).

The Most Important Factor to Get Featured

Your presentation has to be great.

Don’t worry: it’s easy, if you follow some simple concepts.

You don’t need awesome content, but if you have something juicy, it’s even better.

The one thing that you can’t skip is the design.

If your presentation doesn’t look too good, there is no way it’ll get featured.

Some of the best guys who teach how to make phenomenal presentations work at Slides that Rock.

Watch their slides, follow their advice, and you’ll make great presentations.

Here are some simple guidelines:

1. Use Big Images

Beautiful images usually cost a pretty penny, but if you know where to look, you’ll find great images for free.

These are two interesting sources of stunning Creative Commons images:

Images are the cornerstone of your presentations.

They have to be wonderful and they have to be BIG.

Small images don’t work as well, as you can see from this example:
Image Example

If you can communicate emotions with your images, it’s even better.

2. Less Text Per Slide

Remember that your presentation is a presentation, not a book.

Include only key points in your slides.

It’s best to break down lengthy ideas into several slides.

Text Example

3. Don’t Use Bullet Points

Bullet points in a post are great.

Bullet points in a presentation are boring.

If you need those bullets, insert a bullet per slide.

Bullet points

4. Choose an Appealing Font

We see standard fonts everywhere, so they don’t hit us anymore.

Try other fonts, but don’t use unreadable ones.

Font Example

5. Bonus Tip

In order to get featured on SlideShare homepage, we need to go one extra step: find a memorable cover shot.

Your first picture is the only picture that people see before they open your presentation, so you have to choose it wisely.

Increase Clicks

Get Help from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

If you carefully examine SlideShare homepage, you’ll notice the following right under featured presentations:

  • Hot on Facebook
  • Hot on Twitter
  • Hot on LinkedIn

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Your presentation can get there pretty easily and once it makes it, it will get many additional views.

Naturally, if you have a great cover picture, your presentation will stand out and get extra clicks.

I don’t know exactly what the metrics are to have your presentation there, but if you promote it with all your social media power, there’s a good chance you’ll get there.

That’s the very least you can do to make it to the homepage.

IMPORTANT: focus on one social media network at a time.

Facebook box will get you the most of views because its location right under the featured box.

In my experience, Twitter is the easiest box to get featured in.

Timing Is Everything

WHEN you upload your presentation is critical.

If you upload it in at the wrong time of day, you’ll miss out on a big chunk of potential views.

You don’t want to split your views into two days; you want to get them all in one.

Upload your presentation about 20-24 hours before SlideShare changes its Top Presentation of the Day.

I noticed that SlideShare changes its Top Presentation of the Day at about 12-2pm EDT (8-10 pm EST).

Upload your presentation at 3pm EDT (11pm EST), so you’ll have about 20 hours to collect your views.

How to Direct Traffic Back to Your Blog

If you skip the following part, you won’t get much traffic from SlideShare.

Insert a call to action at the end of your presentation.

Insert a link back to your blog in your last slide.

SlideShare call to action

It’s a little known fact: you can add LIVE links into your PowerPoint presentations.

You can’t have live links in the presentation description (like on YouTube), but you CAN have them in the presentation itself – go figure.

Also, given that many people don’t know that those links are live, you should also include your blog URL.

This way, if your viewer doesn’t realize the link is clickable, they can at least type your URL in the navigation menu of the browser.

Your Turn

Getting traffic from SlideShare is one of the most under-utilized traffic strategies.

If you have any specific questions on how to make SlideShare work for you, just ask in the comments, I’ll be happy to answer.

Also, I want to help you to make a great presentation: tell me your idea and I’ll do my best to help you with it. 😉

Mauro D’Andrea

Mauro D’Andrea is the founder of Blog Growth, the fresh blog that treats internet marketing in the complete way. Take his free guide Increase Your Conversions and turn your blog in a successful business.

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  1. himanshu

    Creating awesome presentation is really difficult especially if you are doing it for the first time. Got some courage to make my first loving slideshare presentation.

  2. Great post. Very informative and procedure oriented. Nice tips on how to maximize traffic. The little things, like timing, can make all the difference. I’ve used SlideShare a bit, but never really focused on it. Should get much better results now.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I’ve been experimenting with uploading my Slideshare presentations on different days, Joe, but so far haven’t found much rhyme or reason as to when they get more reach.

  3. Dave Thomas

    Interesting topic about SlideShare Ana, When I visited your profile and checked some of your slideshows I really like it. Though, I do not try this for now but I appreciate your presentation how this SlideShare works to get traffic.

  4. Hi Ana,
    This blog is simply amazing that how use the slideshare and how much reputation can create using the slide share and with generated traffic in high peaks.

  5. ana what i am going to say is i love you. thank you so much for the post just recently stumbled upon it and i wondered if it would be a good source of traffic. this post definitely confirms my expectations thanks once again.

  6. Hi Anna
    just tried 3 slides on slideshare and withing a few minutes they were on first page Google for the key words selected, nearly or even equal to Youtube in attaining position on G.

  7. Ana… you are so good I could just shoot you! Okay, that may sound a little crazy, but let me explain some things & I promise you’ll get why I say this and you will smile at the end….

    I’m very new to blogging & internet marketing. My previous career was in sales & management held in traditional positions. I’ve always enjoyed sales but my creative side was drawn to creating and implementing marketing campaigns. I find internet marketing to be a good fit for my interests & skills.

    Late last year, I decided to ditch the rat race and to earn my living online. I just launched my first blog this past March, and I am constantly checking for helpful references to help me make it a success.

    All my research & digging for information had led me to your site. Wow! Your material has been ever so helpful – probably THE BEST resource I have come across. My sites are only a few weeks old, but I am seeing growth. Some of which is a direct result of implementing your ideas.

    With the cornucopia of stuff I am doing to make my sites successful – you know, writing content, building backlinks, posting on all the social media…etc… now you ‘ve thrown out another stupendous idea. Ah! I’m already such a busy bee and now here’s another shiny new thing to attract my attention. SQUIRREL!

    But really – I don’t want to shoot you – Ana, I’d hug you if we were ever to meet 

    Thank you so much for sharing your quality ideas in a format that is always a pleasure to read.
    All the best, Rose

    • Ana Hoffman

      Loved it, Rose; thanks for making my morning.

      All the best with your sites and look forward to seeing you around!

  8. Hi Ana, just read this post and watched your video on converting posts to PDFs. I just wanted to say thanks for the tips, it sounds like a great way to promote your content and get traffic to your website. Thanks!

  9. Hi Ana,

    This was simply an awesome post, and something that’s coming up in a big way. I’ve seen so many people come up with SlideShare and it does sound promising. I’ve seen a few of yours and they grab attention for sure.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips with us, which I’ve just bookmarked for the time I get started to make mine. You couldn’t be more right :)

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  10. Blanca Mathews

    Hi Ana, I just drop by to your blog and found this topic interesting. I got useful ideas. Though I have not tried SlideShare but want to try this one so will know the outcome. Thanks for sharing this one.

  11. Thanks for the excellent tips and the inspiration. I am now planning to give this a go.

    This reminds me of back in the “good ol days” when we used to pop stuff on the home page.

    I have a question about the Slides that Rock folks. It definitely looks like they have some awesome slides, however it looks like they are looking to be hired to make the slides for people? Which is cool, but you mentioned that they teach people how to make slides? Did I understand this correctly? Because I am defintely going to need some kind of help.

    Thanks again! :-)

    • Ana Hoffman

      That would be difficult, Kathleen.

      Doesn’t PowerPoint come with Microsoft Office? I think buying a copy might be your best bet.

      Alternatively, you can do some research to see if there are free options online you can use.

    • Hi Kathleen, I don’t have PowerPoint :)

      I made all of my presentations with OpenOffice which is free- it’s like PowerPoint, but free.
      You can easily find it on Google and download it.

      • Ana Hoffman

        Thanks for the suggestion, Mauro; I never had the need to look since I do have PP.

  12. Hi Ana & Mauro,

    I enjoyed this post and have a question. Can you use Slideshare only for technical or marketing websites or can you use it to promote things such as healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, or how to love and live fully?

    Just wondering cause I see you are both technical and marketing bloggers. I would love to utilize this to promote some of my own interests with link back to my site.

    Thanks for sharing this. Sally

    • Hi Sally,

      I guess it can work, but it’s not as effective as technical or marketing presentations.
      Anyway, if you approach the right angle, you may get interesting results. For example you could make a presentation on how to organize well your working life together with your private one.

    • Ana Hoffman

      That’s the beauty of Slideshare, Sally – it’s anyone’s platform.

      And it’s owned by LinkedIn, which makes sense, right?

  13. Great read indeed, thanks Mauro for an excellent piece! Never thought Slideshare could be this useful as I am not a frequent user of it. Turns out I should try my hands upon it soon because its simple and effective if your instructions are followed thoroughly.

  14. This tip is really awesome :) I didn’t know you can manage to find the best time to upload for most exposure on Slider. Probably the killer slideshare tip of the year :) Thank you so much.

  15. Great read Mauro!

    I didn’t know Slide Share could be so powerful. Getting featured anywhere is a tough job since thousands of people are already using it to gain traffic but I will surely implement your tips.

    One question – do the chances of getting featured increase if you are a paid member? Just curious to know.

    ~ Chitra

  16. Great read Josh!

    I set a Slideshare account a few weeks ago. I found this to be very helpful and I will defintely be using this for my business. I am in the process of writing an E-Book. This would be a great platform to use to promote my E-Book and website!

    Thanks for sharing this information!

  17. Jeremy Page

    Slideshare is great, my slide yesterday was a “facebook’ featured slide and it garnered 900+ views…its a start :)

    Crazy, I have read everywhere that you cannot get a link in the presentation description but I have found an exception:

    Literally all of Rob Fore’s Slideshare documents and presentations have a hyperlink in the presentation description.

    Is this a pro feature or a cool loophole?

    Anyone have an idea?

    • Ana Hoffman

      As it was mentioned in the post, Jeremy, Slideshare does allow active hyperlinks in presentations.

      • Jeremy Page

        Presentation DESCRIPTION. Not in the presentation.

        This post stated, “You can’t have live links in the presentation description” and I am telling you that I see a Slideshare user that has hyperlinks in the descriptions.

        His name is Rob Fore, look it up on Slideshare.

        I would like to know how to get links in there if anyone can discover how he is doing this…

        • Hi Jeremy, I have never seen it before.

          I used SlideShare Pro, but it didn’t allowed me to do it. The same applies for my peers who have it.

          I’m guessing two chances:
          1) The Platinum Plan of SlideShare allow you to do it (they say that you may insert link, but they don’t say where).
          2) There’s a side way to get it…maybe the descritption read HTML.

          I have to indagate further.

  18. I hear from my friend who use slide share to get genuine traffics but i haven’t use it yet. I’m glad that i stop by and read your post for it will help solve my blog problem. I guess presentation is better than just doing blog alone.

    Thanks for your post :d

  19. Well i was having no idea about the slide share.I am now aware of it & your post looking very useful to me now.I am gona check on your blogs now everytime :)

  20. I haven’t used slideshare yet, but this post has really encouraged me to do one. My first one may take loads of time and may not be very good, but at least it will be a start and the next will be easier.

    I’m on a semi-blogging break at the moment, Ana (only actually blogging on one of my blogs and trying to sell 2 of them). So am not around on the internet that much. If I don’t see you again before Christmas, have a great time with your loved ones!

  21. I had started working on creating slideshare presentations and linking them to my blog. I also got a few hundred clicks and then I took it easy. But I just learnt how to get featured and that, IS AWESOME!

    I think I am going to work this weekend to create a short attractive presentation to try this technique and let me see how much traffic does it fetch for me. Just a trial :-)

    Anyways, thank you for yet another awesome post. Since I landed on your website, I have learnt some great things about SEO and traffic generation. This is indeed a terrific blog to visit often. Thank you again!


  22. I’ve heard great things about Slideshare, and I’ve wondered how hard it was to get featured on the front page. If it only takes 1,000 views or so, that doesn’t seem to hard. I think it might be time to work on a presentation this week and publicize it.

    As a random aside, one of the things I like about Slideshare (as a teacher) is that you can sync audio to the presentation. Great for informational presentations (class lecture, test review, etc). Any idea how audio would effect engagement and shares if you’re producing a presentation to promote a website?

    • Hi Brian, I don’t know about the audio, but personally I don’t like to insert it: if I have to insert an audio, I’d prefer to make a video instead of a presentation.

      Anyway, if you think it’s an interesting option, you can make some tests and see how it perform.

  23. Hi Steve, my last but one presentation got about 60,000 views in one day, so we are not kidding :)
    Of course not all of them will come to your blog…but I’m working to discover how to get AMAZING results SlideShare…and I’m on the right road.

    Well, it depends.
    Anyway I guess that 30-70 slides are the most common in the “Presentation of the Day”.

  24. Kent Chen

    I must really say that this is mind blowing! I have been using slideshare for a long time but I’ve never got that much traffic. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I must pay attention to details now! :)

  25. Thanks for this! I bookmarked this and I’m going to study every link in here.

    I heard of SlideShare awhile back, but even though I was being told “it’s awesome” I WAS NOT being told how to make cool slides, or how to get a lot of views. I could see the potential, but the source I heard about it from kind of went “it’s over there – have fun.”

    And right now, I only know how to make slides that won’t make you gag. I don’t know how to make epic slides. 😉

    So having the extra resources that you linked to here, and the examples you provided is great. That got the wheels turning. :)

    Thank you again, and I hope we see you around TGC again!

  26. Cristian Balau

    I doesn’t seem to be that much work in getting featured on SlideShare, the potential traffic can be worth the effort.
    This is the first time I hear about SlideShare, first time I hear about a slide hosting service in fact. Nevertheless seems very interesting and I already have something in mind for one of my websites. Thank you again for the tip!

  27. Hi Ana, great blog post. I have used slideshare and gotten some good results from it too. It’s definitely a uesful resource for more traffic.

  28. i have been using slide share but what i shame i was not using the key points like call of action , i was not taking care of posting timinings, my images are not too much large usually. Thank you for correcting people like me who cannot use a resource fully.

  29. Excellent post. Just starting using Slideshare again. I picked up a lot of useful tips from your post. Now you can also embed YouTube videos on Slideshare which is cool when you have a video capture of your presentation and then link back to your slideshare from your YouTube video description to drive views. Embedding presentation in a high traffic blog or webpage would do the trick as well. I am going to make it a goal to get on the featured list perhaps with a guest blog on an awesome site like TrafficGenerationCafe :-) @eBizROI

  30. Anna,

    Thanks for the great post. I have been thinking about giving slideshare a try and after reading your post I realize that I would have gotten it all wrong. So glad I came across your post before I decided to actually give slideshare a try.


  31. Mauro.

    Honestly mate, THAT was one of the best posts I have read in a long time. Refreshing to find a post that lays out the steps, processes, hints and tips in such a way that I can just follow along and repeat myself.
    Have been creating some slides and videos lately for a new project and you have just saved me a tonne of time and shortened my learning curve considerably!
    Thanks again for such a brilliant piece of content, and thanks Ana for having him :)
    Totally sharing this with – EVERYONE

  32. I don’t have much to say Ana, but i can’t just read all these and go without telling you that your post Fabulous.

    Please keep giving us things like this.

    Thanks for the share.

  33. This is awesome. I’ve been living under a rock, and had no idea about this tool.

    I’ve spent a few hours browsing… absolutely get the potential of this. Superb.

    Sorry for being all emotion and no logic – I’m just really excited :)

    • Hi Austin, I’m glad you liked it.

      It’s normal: the first I was featured on SlideShare’s homepage I was super excited because I knew I was discovering something big :)

  34. Amazing- I can’t believe I have never even heard of this site. Thinking I might take a few of my more popular YouTube videos and rework them into slideshows. Thanks a bunch for the info!

  35. Love the level of detail you provide in this article. For instance: “Upload your presentation at 3pm EDT (11pm EST), so you’ll have about 20 hours to collect your views.” That’s very helpful.
    btw: since slideshare is a featured app on Linkedin, you can embed slideshare presentations in your linkedin profile.

  36. Yo Mauro!

    It Rocks! Great article and thanks for sharing the goodies about design and SlideShare. We are honored to be included. Thank you! Rocking!

    Keep saying no to crappy slides!

    Go Rock!

    • I’m glad you liked it!
      You are welcome.

      I had to include you: you taught me how to bring my presentations to the next level 😉
      You are doing a really great job with your presentations!

      Keep Rocking!

  37. Thanks Mauro for the step by step method on slideshare. I’ve been reading about it more often lately but did visit the site several times prior. As a matter of fact, I was just reading anther post about it on Social Media as a marketing tool to use.

    So basically you put together the slides on Power Point and just upload it to slideshare?

    Thanks again!

    • You are welcome Niveen 😉

      You put together the slides on PowerPoint and you upload your presentation, but you also need to promote it at your best (ask to your friends to share it, insert it on your blog, share it on social media and so on…).

  38. Carolyn

    I’m reading more and more about slideshare, so definitely need to spend time working out how to produce great presentations. These tips are a great start. Thanks Mauro.

  39. WOW Such a great tips to get traffic and increase our pageviews. I think i need to work on SlideShare more to get into with it. Thanks for bringing attention to use it more to get better results.

    Love your post and your blog :-)

  40. Chimezirim Odimba

    This is the second time I am reading something about the power of Slideshare within the space of an hour. That means I need to pay attention to it.

    Please, Mauro, what is the clickthrough rate like for a typical presentation? You know all those views on Slideshare mean little to most of us if we can’t get them over to our sites. Please, share!

    • The clickthrough rate depends on many factors:
      – the utility of your message to who watched
      – the strength of your call to action
      – where do you insert your call to action

      There can be huge differences for each presentation.
      In my experience you can go from 0,5% to about 10%.

    • Hi Annabel, it’s a great idea!

      There are many people who do great on SlideShare, but they don’t use it to drive traffic.
      I think that we have a big opportunity there and we shouldn’t miss it (soon or later SlideShare will become too competitive).

  41. Thanks for sharing Mauro. I had never heard of Slide Share before but I am heading there after I type this comment. :)

    It sounds like a great way to get some traffic to your site even though it looks like there will be a slight learning curve in the beginning.

    • Hi Justin, it’s pretty normal: very few people talk about it.

      Totally! It’s great that even after the peak of views, there will be others. So you’ll get some passive traffic to your blog in the long run.

  42. Thank you Mauro for the great advise. It sounds like a great possibility to have your message seen and at the same time connect the viewer back to your blog or website.
    I was wondering about the last slide with the clickable link. You could add a nice arrow that tells people that this is acctually a clickable link.
    Thanks again!

    • You are welcome Jacqueline!

      You are right: SlideShare give us the chance to get two birds with one stone.

      Of course! I used that idea in other parts of my presentation but I have never thought about that. Even though I’m a big fan of the arrows XD
      It’s a great idea, thank you! I’ll try it next time and I’ll share the result 😉

  43. SlideShare is freaking awesome. I don’t use it as much for my main blog, but I do have a niche blog where I just posted a couple of PDFs that have received thousands of views without me even touching them…pretty much completely passive exposure.

    I’m going to do a little shameless self-promotion here, and include a link to a write-up I did about SlideShare:

    Essentially you can get some extra eyeballs on your content without really doing any extra work.

    Of course, I was focusing on just uploading PDFs – but it’s a platform centered around presentations. So I should really focus on those a bit more.

    Plus I never really even attempted to get featured. Might be worth trying now…especially with your tips in my back pocket :).

    • Hi Eugene!
      Thank you for sharing this.

      I agree with you: one of most interesing aspects of SlideShare is that it will send you passive traffic.
      Also, you can use its power together with Google’s one: presentations on SlideShare rank pretty well on search engines.

      Of course, you can give it a try. If you want to talk about this further, just tell me 😉

  44. Love this idea. Smart, effective and simple to execute. The hard part is developing a good presentation, but it appears to me it is worth the time and effort.