Why Traffic Generation Cafe Is Shutting Down…

Why Traffic Generation Cafe Is Shutting Down…

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christmas at traffic generation cafeIt’s true. I’ve had enough.

Too many loyal readers. Too many comments. Too many praises. Too much success.

My ego is so inflated that it can’t take any more – it needs a break!

Yes, I am shutting down Traffic Generation Cafe… for a well-deserved Christmas break. LOL

Did you really think I was throwing a white flag? He-he.

Why Am I Doing It?

1. ‘Tis the season!

…to spend time with my family, friends, and to celebrate the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ – can’t be a better reason than that.

2. Time to get to my to-do list!

Right now, the day-to-day tasks of running Traffic Generation Cafe are taking up all of my time, leaving little room for projects I’d like to work on.

Here are just some of my goals that I’d like to achieve during my break:

  • Revise my free SEO report: with the recent departure of Yahoo!Site Explorer and other tools rapidly changing their formats and usefulness, my report is due for a major overhaul. If you are on my list (and you should be!), you’ll get the fresh copy as soon as I am done with it.
  • Write a premium report on link building: since link building is at the core of your successful Google rankings, I see a great need for a simple guide that will explain how to do link building from A to Z.
  • Give TGC a design lift: Ian Belanger from IMGraphicDesigns is helping me to update my blog design – nothing major, just freshen it up.
  • Research new internet marketing tools: I am on the hunt for new and improved tools to help me run TGC more efficiently in 2012. If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

And those are just the biggies…

But don’t you worry, even though I am not planning on publishing any posts till next year (wow, sounds like a long time, doesn’t it?), I’ll still be around to talk to you via comments, email, etc.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And to all of you near and far, I wish you joyous and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Let’s make 2012 OUR year!

How are you planning on growing your business in 2012?

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  1. Been to your blog many times in the past three weeks and just saw this post. As I was beginning to come here regularly, I was shocked to see the title. I actually couldn’t believe it.

    Glad it was just for the holidays.

  2. I was almost about to get a heart attack! I actually read the first few lines, stood up, got another cup of strong coffee and came back sitting down, forcing myself to read carefully, “maybe I’ll get to understand why this brilliant blogger is making such a ridiculous decision…”

    Hahaha!!! Well done, haven’t enjoyed a cup of coffee like that in a long time after I read a bit further…LOL

      • Yeah it helped a lot I must say!

        Funny though, when I received your email stating that you have replied on my comment, I got another laugh, actually more like a naughty (in a sweet way) grin when I got to the part that says, “3 comments in you’re in”, with the backlinks and stuff, as I thought by myself “man, I hope this woman realizes what she has just let herself in for!!”

        I have always been addicted to good informative reading, and recently discovered that I actually like the writing part even more, so be warned, you’re going to hear from me A LOT, as I want to learn everything you know, and I ask questions if I don’t understand. No “great info” or “thanks mate” stuff from me, nah ah, not me…lol

        Thanks, will talk soon. Need to go find other authors willing to have me review their publications and advertise them on my new site! So excited! :)

  3. Ouf! For a moment I thought it was true…I would be unlucky because I discovered your blog today. Fortunately it was a joke!
    Happy new year and all the best for you and your familly :)

  4. Just wrote an Alexa review of Traffic Generation Cafe and then wrote a blog about it. See below for the link. Sincere gratitude for your help and hard work, Ana.

  5. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, Ana! You almost got me :) It’s nice to know that you’ve taken the time off to be with your loved ones this season. I am looking forward to more helpful posts from TrafficGenerationCafe. May the coming new year bring you more success, Ana. I wish you all the best!

    P.S. I really love your site’s Christmas theme :)

  6. Hey Ana, everyone deserves a break and what better time than Christmas, the time we reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ and all that curtails.

    It’s a time to put grievances behind us and to spend time with our family.

    Love the Christmas feel of your blog. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a prosperous NewYear.

  7. Happy holidays Ana.

    Brilliant title. I was thinking that it was April fools or something in December :)

    I have learned a lot from you this year, and I know that I’ll learn even more during 2012. This only shows how awesome quality you’re offering and the high quality is what makes you successful.

    And thanks a lot for all you support and the comments on my blog.

  8. Congratulations on an incredibly successful first year for your site, Ana.
    Almost had me with that email, then, I thought, Nah!

    Apart from your ” Frosty the Snowman” and other Christmas trimmings, I noticed your sites theme has changed color as well. Or is it just me?
    Whichever way, it does seem quite appealing on the eye.
    Best wishes for greater success for the years to come.
    May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, and all the best in health , wealth and happiness for the new year.

    Best wishes,



    Have a restful and joyous break! Looking forward to the revision of your SEO report, and sharing it! I also look forward to that link building info. I am revising my link building right now. I always listen to your advice so I know it will help me.

    And love that snowy theme!


    P.S. I won’t be sore if you didn’t reply to this comment, I would rather you spend time with your beautiful daughter.

    • Very kind of you, Allie, and Merry Christmas to your family as well.

      I hate watching TV, so what else is there to do but sit with my laptop on my lap in the middle of hte night? LOL

  10. Ali

    Lol. (Being a regular reader) it was a shock, Anna!
    Happy holidays, Happy New Year and Merry Xmass :)
    And I love your theme. Hope you have a good time.

  11. Hi Ana,

    Wish You Happy Merry Christmas To U and Your Family,
    Thanks for the contribution you have done on 2011 and we wish you to continue 2012 with more stuff

    Cheers :)

  12. Hi Ana,

    If I can give you one recommendation, I haven’t seen you on Triberr yet, it has been such a great addition to my blogging and twitter outreach and community building.

    And if you’d be in a tribe, I would love to be in your tribe to share your amazing posts!

    P.S. Let me know if you need an invite to join Triberr.

  13. Like everyone who check this article out before me was stunned and sad at the same time but realized that it was just a joke. It is good to know that you’re only take a mini break cause of the holiday which we all need and deserve.

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year Everyone!!

    • When I read the title I just got surprised and got sad also that TGC is ging to shut down.. But when I read the full then come to know that its Xmas break. By the way ana I want know how you got the snow effect. I want to know, can u please help me out.
      Merry christmas to you , kids and all family.

  14. Ana, all I can say is “phew…that’s a relief”. :)

    Thank you so much for all of the valuable information you shared; I’ve learned so much from your wisdom. I know 2012 is going to be an even more amazing year for you!

    What’s in store for me in 2012? Am currently in negotiations with some pretty major contracts, which is very exciting.

    Have a wonderful break with your family and friends!

    God bless, Annemarie

  15. Merry Christmas,

    I look forward to checking back and seeing the new look. This is one of my favorite sites to visit.

    John Gaddis

  16. For a second I really thought you were throwing in the towel here Ana. I am glad you aren’t though. TGC has been a great resource for me and I have learned a lot form you and your guest posters. I would hate for it to go away.

    Any way, I wish you and your family and all of your other readers a happy and merry Christmas.

  17. Ana, your title definitely grabbed my attention! I was immediately disappointed that you were shutting down! I love reading your posts. You give great advice!
    Hope you have a great Christmas and will look forward to reading your posts in the new year!


  18. Haha, you got me there for a second, Ana! I even told a friend of mine, ‘Oh no, one of my favorite sites is shutting down..’ and then finished it with, ‘..never mind!’.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!


  19. And a merry Christmas to You too! I actually did an animation Christmas message on authopublisher and mentioned you. Would LOVE a comment. Also, spill the beans!!! Where did you get that awesome Christmas footer? (and background)

    • I am off to check it out right after I tell you that it’s Wibiya bar app, Ivin. Pretty cool, huh? I just had to have it!

      Thanks for coming by and Merry Christmas!

  20. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you too… For just a second I thought what a good site to buy for potential buyers :D

  21. Scholar Mel

    I was too smart to fall for this but I still clicked on over from Google Plus :-)

    Enjoy your Christmas break with your family and friends.

  22. Ana,

    I must admin…you had me at that title! Haha…anyway sounds like you deserve a break. Running a successful blog, always on the lookout for the best and latest traffic strategies is a full time job I’m sure.

    I’m definitely interested in the A-Z link building report as I’m going through some of that training right now. And I’ll be jumping into your list for sure. I thought I already was…but not sure.

    Thanks for always setting the bar right where it needs to be as far as marketing and traffic…nice and high.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

    • If you were on my list, you’d know it, Ken. LOL

      I am even more determined to write it now; there seems to be a great need for a simple step-by-step no fuss report on this.

  23. Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwuka

    LOL! Funny ish, Ana. I almost predicted this. :-D

    Here’s me wishing you a merry xmas and a happy new year.

    As for plans for growing my business in 2012, I’m still writing my budget and plans but when I’m done, I’ll hit you up with it.


  24. Hi Anna,

    Happy Christmas. I just wanted to drop you some Words of Encouragement here (lol. Something that I would never have been able to do before I started reading your blog.

    I want to commend you on your personal style and the real and honest way that you communicate. I feel like I have a friend who can help me when I work on my own projects.

    I can’t wait to read the new SEO report and to learn more about link building. Let me know if you need any beta-readers?

    Thanks again

  25. Hi Ana,

    I want to commend you for an intriguing headline. Not only i read this with enthusiasm but tempted to leave a comment on it. Your blog has been an inspiration for many, i guess most of us heartbeat stopped for a second when we read the headline :)

    Have a good break. Enjoy your holidays. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  26. Shutting down your blog? You got me there with such an attention grabbing headline. Wishing you all the very best Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

  27. Ana, What a shocking topic title! Everyone needs a break. We take one here too, but we have to be “on call” for emergencies. Fortunately, we rarely have them, which we like to think is due to the quality of our work. Since your posts are amazingly good, you should not have any emergencies to deal with either.
    I really like the idea of you put together a synopsis on link building, what an excellent contribution to your readers.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Cynthia

    • I hope there won’t be any emergencies to interfere with your break this year, Cynthia. Are you working on your site while you are off?

      Merry Christmas!

      • We are just going out the door for staff dinner. Will probably be in one day next week to work on our site, but otherwise we’ll be up in the snow.
        I think it is great how you respond to everyone’s posts. Also, enjoy reading some of your commentors’ blogs.
        I am going to be eagerly awaiting the link synopsis. Cynthia

        • Hope it was a great one, Cynthia – worth driving in the snow for. LOL

          We just got to CO for our Christmas vacation; drove in a blizzard to get here…

  28. I read somewhere that the best way to get your post read in its entirety is to lead with a bold (shocking) statement and your title did that in spades. I’m sure your readers can let you take a festive break so go enjoy it and come back fully refreshed for a fantastic 2012.

  29. Rachael Slorach

    Make sure you take some time to veg out too! You deserve a break from all forms of work. Merry Christmas!

  30. Thank God you’re not closing this website :)

    Good luck with your projects, but don’t forget to stay as much as possible with your family.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  31. I’m thinking about doing the same for next week which would mean my first missed Friday post in almost two years. But I’ll be out of town the whole time and would rather just enjoy it. Merry Christmas Ana! :)

  32. Glad to read you really aren’t leaving but just taking a well deserved break! Enjoy the Holidays and I look forward to your next post in January!

  33. Bo

    Now that is a very good example of an attention getting Headline. One of the best I have seen in awhile. Maybe you need to write a report on writing headlines that grab you.

    Enjoy time with your family and don’t spend all you time working on the reports it is supposed to be time off not time off to work more. LOL

    We wait with anticipation your return next year.

  34. Haha Ana, You got me!

    I hear you, it’s a good idea to place your blog on hold so that you can catch up on other projects that need your attention. Talk to you next year.

    Merry Christmas to You! :)

  35. Scott

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    So glad you are not shutting down…..great tagline to get your readers reading your post :)

    Hope you have a great couple of weeks!

  36. Happy Holidays! We love your blog and all the awesome tips you and your guests posts! Hope you have a wonderful break and can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for all of us! Keep up the great work! We can’t wait to see your new design! :)

  37. Hey Ana,

    Well the headline in the e-mail did make me jump haha but I’m glad it was just a joke.

    I’m sure you’ll embrace the time with your loved ones and I know that you’ll come back refreshed for the 2012.

    Merry Christmas and have an amazing new year, take care! ;-)


    PS. Backup Creator is a great backing tool although it doesn’t have scheduled backups, meh! :P

  38. Rod

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and if I may inflate your ego a bit more, that title was amazing. Well done!! :D

  39. Blessings Ana…yeah…well done you. High five and massive hug from SE London. Enjoy your time -out/time-in with self and family. I have only known you a short while yet am glad our paths have crossed. Take special care of self and rest will follow.

  40. Great intro – jumped over here from G+ so rock on lady :) And yes – please, please enjoy your holiday with your family and loved ones!

    Happy Vibes!

  41. Dr. Bob Clarke

    Enjoy your well deserved “break” Ana… I always come back feeling refreshed and energized when I take a break.

    Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

  42. Ana,

    That has to be one of the most EFFECTIVE email subjects of all time, and you pulled it off with class! Nice job lady! I liked it so much had to put my own spin to it with my list. Merry Christmas to you and your whole family, be safe ;)

    • Agreed, it got me to open it. I thought Ana might be crazy to just completely shut it down, which made no sense at all, since it practically works on autopilot. But it does not seem like much of a break really, if Ana is working on all four of those projects! LOL BTW, comment luv used to pick up my twitter feed, but it does not seem to recognize it anymore?

      • It hardly runs on autopilot, Joe – I talk to over 100 people per day on my blog, plus all the posts, promotion, etc. LOL

        I am not sure why CL doesn’t take Twitter feed…

  43. Merry Christmas Ana. All the best to you and your family as you celebrate the birth of our Saviour!

    I’m looking forward to learning more from you over the next year, but this break you’re taking gives me a chance to catch up on more of the great stuff you already have here at TGC.

  44. Merry Christmas, Ana, to you and your family from Sami and I. Enjoy the Holiday Season. Here’s a toast to a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

  45. Funny Ana – your sense of humor is one of the many reasons I read your blog. Nearly had a heart attack when I read the first two lines – kidding.

    Although I love your simplistic design, TGC could do with a slight make over. Definitely agree about exploring new tools. I have a few goals similar to yours…

    1. Pay for a very expensive blog design.
    2. Spend lots of money on social media automation tools.
    3. Write a free report to give away on my blog.

    Look forward to your posts after Christmas!

    - Jamie

  46. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.
    Even though I joined your blog in the later part of this year, but I must say, I have enjoyed every post and all of your tips to date.
    Thank you

  47. Happy Christmas Ana – in between all your work I hope you have some lovely family time… it’s sooooo great watching little ones discovering Christmas. See you back here in the New Year. Fiona

  48. Merry Christmas Ana from the West(est) border of Europe, enjoy holidays, I am sure they will end up in great ideas for the upcoming year. Thanks for your content :) !

  49. Those sound like good and challenging goals. I have been writing content for others for a while and this year I have challenged myself to writing and promoting at least 5 nonfiction books and 3 fiction books for the Kindle program.

    Of course I still have to fit my clients in first, after all, bills still have to be paid, lol. But I’m looking forward to 2012 and wish everyone a Happy Holiday!

  50. Wow! You are going to be busy. I was just hoping to clear out my basement during my week-long break. Well, that and hopefully write a few travel articles too. I will make some time for a little introspection…to review this year’s successes and plan for more in the coming year. Have a wonderful holiday season…..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Thanks for all that you do, I look forward to learning more from you next year.

  51. Hi Ana
    You just proved to all of us how much a good Post Title means for a post. For a second you really got me there ;-) I will have to work on my post titles in the year to come. I can for sure do better on that part.
    A big Merry Christmas to you and your family Ana :-D

  52. Scott Tinnell

    Ha, ha, ha

    Very funny, after I got over the scare!

    I absolutely agree with your assessment of the updates. I am looking forward to all of them. (except your blog, it is very good now)

    Thanks so much for the well wishes Ana. May you and family enjoy much peace, happiness and prosperity thru the holidays and for many years to come!

  53. Sye Rodriguez

    Hi Ana.
    I have to admit you got me. I immediately started to wonder what kind of situation had come about that would stop you from doing your work on this site. Glad you’re still here and just taking a break.

    I like the idea of learning more site linking methods, as you said you want to include in your revised SEO report. I think that’s one of the most difficult things to know how to do well.

    Merry Christmas Ana

    • Thanks for coming by, Sye!

      I agree about link building. It’s hard to find good info that makes sense and gives a link building plan of sorts, and I plan on changing that.

      • Sye Rodriguez

        I’m glad you plan on offering some good solutions to link building. I would be happy to pay for quality information like that.

        I wonder if Article Marketing is a good way to build links. I’ve recently been reading a little bit about sydicating articles and having other bloggers pick them up.

        I would love to know how to find other bloggers who want to get articles I write on their blogs.

        • Bulk article submission still does work for generating link quantity, Sye.

          They are not great links, but they do help search engine rankings.

          When your article gets syndicated though, it really doesn’t help you much because Google will most likely see it as duplicate content.

          • Hey Ana.

            Thanks for your response as usual. This is an interesting topic. Maybe we can get some clarity out of this discussion.

            I have been reading about article marketing recently and spinning articles. I read about 2 opposing points of view.

            One side says duplicate content is no good and hurts your rankings.

            Another side says people duplicating your content is really good for your rankings.

            Some people in favor of Article Marketing say you should never post content on an article site or another blog that you don’t already have on your website.

            What this side proposes is, this method is true syndication, like any major media would use.

            You write your story. You post it on an article site or on blogs of those who want content.

            You’re links are connected to your post, so you get backlinks, plus you are credited for having the original unique content.

            I hope I made it clear what I’ve been reading. I have not experimented with this so I don’t have the practical experience to say if it’s true.

            What do you think or know about this?

            Thanks again Ana!

            • Sorry for the late reply, Sye.

              As far as duplicate content is concerned, neither one of those points of view is correct.

              Dupe content is not good for you ranking, but neither can it hurt your rankings. Google doesn’t penalize site for duplicate content; it just indexes only one version.

              You can see more on the topic in this post: http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/duplicate-content/

              I used to post the same content I had on my blog to different article directories, but with the recent Panda update, I no longer do that.

              Now I write original articles for the bigger directories and then spin them to post to smaller directories/autoblogs just for sheer quantity of links.

              Hope this makes sense.

  54. Ana, subject lines in Gmail have no sense of humor…in the split second for my brain to register that you had to be pulling our legs, I was dismayed.

    But, all is forgiven! Have a super-duper holiday and break! :)

    Thanks for all of the lessons learned this year.



  55. Glad to know you are a dedicated Christian, Mom, and wife! We all need to keep our priorities in order! I do appreciate the Comment Luv Premium plugin as I am getting some great traffic and the community that is coming together on my blog will help many people in 2012! The saying that if you help enough people get what they need, you will assuredly get what you need is so TRUE!

    Merry Christmas!

  56. Good for you Ana! That’s what I’m doing too :) This little newbie is exhausted from running my little blog and learning so much in this last 5 months.
    Today I’m going to learn how to backup my blog and update WordPress..HA..I know..baby steps..wish me luck :)

    I won’t have much time for doing extras but that’s ok.

    May the Lord richly Bless your time off !
    Shari Lynne

  57. :) That was a good one. I was like..what?!! :)

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of God’s Blessings.

  58. Hey Ana!

    Classic intro! :-)
    Thanks a lot for all the incredible value you gave this year – and thanks for keeping up the conversational tone. I really love reading your stuff!

    Have a great holidays time and be blessed!

    Greetings from Germany,


  59. Hi Ana,

    A well earned break! Relax and enjoy the season! I agree with you… celebrating the birth of Christ and remembering his amazing sacrifice for us is what Christmas is really all about. :-)

    *Side note on a possible Internet marketing tool – ish ;-) or more of a tip that might interest you below*

    You may have seen this info before but if not…


    It shows you how to get a Blog on to Google Currents. Not something I have tried yet but I thought it might interest you.

  60. Very nice INTRO, Ana !!!
    I smiled reading the post…


    I wish you Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    And best wishes for success and above all health, for 2012 !

  61. I will be taking a bit of a vacation away from my online world as well, not as big of one as you … but still. :-)

    And we are celebrating the season as well. And the birth of Jesus. So you have a very Merry Christmas and I will check in when you are back online!

  62. Hi Ana, You managed to shock me there for a while with that title :) However, deep inside me I thought it had something to do with that much deserved break you need.

    You have done a fantastic job in 2011 and helped so many (including me) that I am sure 2012 will be even better. Here’s to a happy holidays for you and your family. We’ll see you around soon, that’s for sure :)

  63. You sure are funny Ana! And you sure catch my attention :-)

    When I read your email subject line as it came in, my eyes boggled, my brow frowned, and my face flushed with “Oh No! What?” I dropped what I was doing…

    And then I read your email – phew, thank goodness, relax now!…

    Congratulations on your awesome Success this past year Ana! And I wish for you even greater and bigger things in the New Year 2012.

    Do take some well earned and deserved time out for YOU in the meantime, and enjoy precious time with your Family and Loved Ones.

    Have a Merry Christmas, fabulous New Year, and super awesome 2012.

  64. I was shocked for a while seeing the title !! Its good to know that you aren’t throwing a white flag :)

    Anyways Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ana !!

  65. I am looking forward to seeing your premium report on link building, i have stummbled across your site quite alot but only just became a subscriber as i am noticing more and more that the news is being shown here before filtering out ot other sites. so instead of being slow on the uptake i can hopefully be ahead of the game

    thanks :)

  66. Go for it, Ana! I’m glad I did the same back in the summer for the whole month.

    We need to recharge our batteries from time to time. I’m not so sure about your break though as you’ll still be “working” on some projects. I unplugged completely and it did me a world of good :)

    Congratulations on your much-deserved success this year and I wish you all the very best in the new year. I know you’re going to rock it! :)

    Hugs to ya,

  67. My heart sure did miss a beat when I read the title of the post Ana!!

    Yes indeed, you do deserve a nice long break, though I wish you would not work at all and simply take some well needed time off with family and friends :)

    I also plan doing just that as my dad would be visiting us for Christmas and New Year- so may be one more post on my blog and I am off till next year, though of course with more goals to achieve.

    Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.