Triberr: Your Step by Step Guide to Being Heard

Triberr: Your Step by Step Guide to Being Heard

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Triberr sends over 2 million visits every month to the member blogs.


And these are not big blogs either.

Triberr is built for small bloggers and small blogs, which is more or less 99% of blogs in the blogosphere – blogs that previously got little or no website traffic.

There are ton posts out there that talk about the effectiveness of Triberr to drive more website traffic:

But, in the words of Dino Dogan, who founded Triberr along with Dan Cristo a couple of years ago (I am a bit fuzzy on the exact date), here’s the thing:

Triberr is not really the one driving traffic. Triberr is only a tool.

It’s up to each and every one of us to build quality tribes, and write quality content. Triberr is simply a platform that helps you leverage existing relationships you have with bloggers, and build new ones.

I’ve been using Triberr and recommending it to other bloggers almost since its inception.

It’s about time I actually published a post on what Triberr does, what it doesn’t do, and how to use it to establish your blog presence.

What Is Triberr?

what is triberr

(from Triberr FAQ)

At its core, Triberr is a platform to manage groups called Tribes.

A tribe is a group of people, typically bloggers, who write about the same topics.

For example, if I were a food blogger, I’d look for a tribe that consists of other food bloggers.

find triberr tribe

More examples of common interest tribes built around a specific subject, topic, or a niche:

  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Gardening
  • Pets
  • etc.

Examples of shared values are tribes built around a specific set of core values:

  • Democrats
  • Republicans
  • Environmentalism
  • Sustainability
  • Education
  • etc.

Examples of a tribe built around a location is a Tucson Bloggers tribe, which includes bloggers from many subject areas (food, marketing, real estate, etc.), all of which are focused strictly on one location. In this case, Tucson.

Example of a tribe built around posting frequency is when everyone in the tribe posts once per week. Bringing someone who posts several times per day would create a sharing imbalance in this tribe.

Example of a tribe built around an event is bringing everyone you meet at a specific event into a tribe built specifically to stay in touch (in a meaningful way) with bloggers from that event.

Once you’ve identified a tribe to join, you can start by “following” the tribe.

When you “follow” a tribe, you are joining the group as an observer. This means you can see and share blog posts from the group, but they can’t see or share your blog posts. This is like an introduction period.

As soon as you follow a tribe, newly published posts from other tribe members will start to show up in your tribal stream:

Triberr stream

You’ll have the option of approving and sharing those posts.

After you’ve interacted with the tribe through sharing, commenting and engaging with members, the Chief may decide to promote you to a full fledged tribe member. As a full member, your posts will appear in the Tribal Stream of other tribe members for them to share, comment and engage with.

You may choose to create and run your own tribe, in which case you will have the ability to invite, promote or remove members and followers at your discretion.

I realize that this very short summary of Triberr wasn’t exactly “value-added”, so I took my time to put together this Slideshare presentation to walk you through establishing your own Triberr presence step by step:

Loved it? Embed this presentation on your blog

(just copy and paste the code below)

Use this presentation step by step to establish (or re-establish) your Triberr presence.

For more Triberr tutorials, visit Triberr knowledge base.

You can also check out Triberr community forums (Bonfires) for the latest buzz and to start searching for a new tribe or new tribe members.

Also, listen to my interview with Dino Dogan where he tries to explain…

Other Triberr Uses

I am all for multitasking.

The more I can do with fewer tools, the better.

Here are just some ideas to how to maximize your time on Triberr.

Use Triberr as a Content curation tool

Whether you do link roundups or comment on other blogs for branding and traffic or simply want to keep up with great content on the web, Triberr can help you to kill all those birds with one stone.

Use Triberr as a Google Reader alternative

Similarly to using Triberr as a content creation tool, you can use it an alternative to the dying Google reader.

Use Triberr to Find Content for Your Blog

Are you familiar with Tumblr reblogging feature?

Well, Triberr has its own reblogging – a feature that allows you to reblog (republish) another fellow Triberr member’s post with a click of a button.

As a result, you get great fresh content for your blog (and no, this is not considered duplicate content – see what duplicate content really means), the original blogger gets exposure he/she otherwise wouldn’t have had and you both share increased engagement via Triberr all-in-one commenting system.

More on the reblogging feature:

Triberr Reblogging in Action:

Let’s say you are Adam Connell and you just wrote a brilliant and very detailed post: Building Reader Engagement Is Difficult, Or Is It? [25+ Tactics, Tools and Examples]

Next thing you know, your post is reblogged by Dino Dogan at 25 Tools, Tactics, and Examples for Building Reader Engagement.

You think that would help your post to find a new and much broader audience? You bet.

Plus, since Adam uses Triberr commenting system (see more on it below), he got a lot more comments with no extra work on his part.

You think Adam is a big fan of Triberr? You bet.

“Triberr is the reason why after just 5 short months the average number of tweets on my posts are over 75 and go upto over 220.

Triberr has also helped me connect with like minded bloggers, increase comments on my posts, increase Twitter followers and build traffic.

The beauty of it, is that it took minimal time and effort to do – there is no other tool that comes close.”

~Adam Connell,

Use Triberr for Guest posting

This is a way for you to turn around the reblogging feature we just talked about and use it proactively to find Triberr members’ blogs that might want to reblog your posts.

Waiting for someone to notice your awesome content is not nearly as effective as finding blogs that are a perfect match for your post and suggesting to the bloggers to reblog it.

As you can imagine, you need to proceed with caution here – building relationships first and asking to reblog later is the best way to go.

Use Triberr Commenting System

Yes, Triberr has its own commenting system.

You can easily implement it on your blog with Triberr plugin for WordPress.

Why would you want to do it?

I am usually not in favor of using third-party commenting systems, but Triberr commenting is different.

First of all, it doesn’t replace the native WordPress system – it can be used in addition to it.

And here’s where Triberr commenting is brilliant: it syncs comments no matter where you post it.

For instance, your blog post shows up in your Triberr tribe’s stream.

Someone comments on your post from Triberr stream – that comment shows up on your blog post on your blog as well. If someone reblogs your post, that very comment will show up on that reblogged post as well.

Time-saver? You bet.

From Dino Dogan’s Time Management Platform For Bloggers post:

triberr commenting

Use Triberr to Share Different Content

Here’s a tip: your blog is not that only feed you can share on Triberr.

In theory, you can share your content hosted on any third-party platform on Triberr.

The “good to know’s”:

  • Think of sites that host valuable content written/created by you; good examples are YouTube and Slideshare.
  • You can add as many RSS feeds as you want under your account settings (screenshot below), but assign only one RSS feed per tribe.

triberr rss

Go under Account Settings => My blogs => Add Blog.

As you can see, I added my YouTube channel as one of the “blogs”.

Once you add your RSS feeds, under Add Blog, you need to assign each blog to a tribe.

Click on Assign Tribes and pick what you’d like to share with each tribe.

triberr assign tribes

If you are a member of several tribes, it’s nice to share different content you publish on other third-party websites and not just your own blog – as long as that content is of high quality and matches the tribe interests, of course.

You can take this a step further: create tribes that share only YouTube videos or Slideshare presentations.

You can assign a different blog to a tribe every 30 days.


Yes, Triberr has had its ups and downs.

Here’s the other side of the coin:

Is Triberr Divisive? by Jack Steiner

The evolution of  Triberr has changed so that the average member doesn’t receive the “automagical” sharing of their posts that we once did and consequently people spend more time looking at reciprocity.

In simple terms that means that they don’t want to share your posts unless you are sharing theirs. In concept it sounds simple but in practice it reminds me of my children screaming “play fair.”

Utter Triberr Failin this post, Katrina Joyner writes:

[Triberr] it’s a wonderful premise. In a world less centered around teaching our kids not to share hairbrushes, car rides, the air we breathe it would work out great. Lately, however, not so much for me and triberr. I’ve noticed a marked lack of reciprocal sharing. I share others’ posts. They don’t share mine. Week after week, nothing changes. I share. They don’t. To be quite frank, I’ve been feeling a little used.

A Triberr Confessional –  Amy McCloskey Tobin at

Before I quit using Triberr, I decided to take some responsibility regarding how I was choosing to use it. I stopped sharing all of my tribemates’ posts, and took the retribution from some choosing not to share mine anymore either. I began to see Triberr as a curation tool. I did have a lot of great bloggers in my tribes, so instead of blaming Triberr for how I used it, I started to regard it as a safe keeping spot for blogs I intended to read.

Bottom line: YOU create your Triberr experience.

You want to be respected for sharing only quality content on Twitter – via Triberr or any other means? You can do that.

You want to create a cream of the crop tribe in your niche? You can do that.

You want to pollute your Twitter followers’ stream with mediocre posts just for the sake of sharing? You can do that too.

My Best Triberr Traffic Generation Advice

Triberr is not about traffic generation; it’s about influence.

Influence can’t be measured in Google Analytics, and that’s why so many bloggers give up on Triberr so quickly. They don’t see enough of tangible ROI (i.e. traffic), so they decide Triberr is not worth their time.

I get a lot of traffic from them [Triberr], it can be hard to tell exactly how much, since a lot of the traffic is derived from twitter or wherever others are sharing your content.

With my personal growth blog, my #1 referrer of traffic is twitter and #3 is Triberr itself. Twitter is the #2 referrer for my author blog and most of my tweets are from Triberr.

~Stacy Claflin in her comment on my Facebook fan page

I am not saying Triberr works like a charm for every blogger in every niche. But I do hope you’ll give it a fair shake.

Here’s how:

1. Give Triberr time

Just like everything in business, building influence with Triberr takes time. Us wishing it wasn’t so is not going to speed up the process.

2. Use Triberr instead of Twitter

It’s much easier to cut through the noise on Triberr than it is on Twitter.

It’s easier to network, get noticed, create a following.

Twitter influence will be a result of your Triberr influence.

3. Don’t Get Caught in Numbers

Numbers are always tempting, even when we know they are a bunch of hot air. It’s just human nature.

And so it is with Triberr. It’s very tempting to be a member of dozens of tribes with millions of Twitter followers.

However, let me put it into a prospective for you:

  • Ana Hoffman has just over 3,500 Twitter followers (not much by some bloggers’ standards, BUT these are all organically grown followers – people who actually want to hear from her, read her tweets, and actively share them).
  • A blogger you’ve never heard of with a mediocre site has over 100,000 followers (many of them have egg-shaped profile pics and constantly tweet about getting thousands of new Twitter followers in a day or two).

Which one would you rather share your post?

I love this word of warning from Nicole Cook.

WARNING: Do not get caught up in a numbers game.

At the beginning, I had a reach of over 700,000 people amongst the tribes I was in. I felt like I was on top of the world.

I was terrified when I decided to leave a few tribes that my stats would fall. But that actually didn’t happen. Guess what? They rose.

Because now I am in Tribes that match my niche, their followers are engaged which is truly the most important part– (it’s hard to be engaged with users when you have thousands of people you’re following and you’re not actually “talking” to them, but just spurting out tweets all day to posts you haven’t read.)

I wound up with hundreds of new followers, tons of new readers that actively visit daily or near daily and engagement – actually getting to know other bloggers. That was my goal and I was successful.

Originally, I was not getting near the number of hits I have gotten in the past several months after removing myself from those huge tribes with no specific niche.

I will stress it again, use Triberr wisely – it’s not as much about the reach as you think if you’re not in the right tribes. So while your reach may decrease by leaving a tribe that doesn’t fit, if you join up in another tribe that is more your niche, even with smaller numbers – you’ll watch your stats climb.

Well said, Nicole, and that quote brings me to my next point:

4. Create Your Own Tribe

Yes, people are fed up with tribe invites. There are way too many tribes out there as it is.

But listen: creating your own tribe with a few highly targeted bloggers that create great content in your niche is the single best (and quickest) way for you (and them) to be well on your way to increasing your Twitter influence and website traffic.

This would be akin to another traffic generation strategy I used to put Traffic Generation Café on the map of internet marketing blogs to reckon with: building your own commenting tribe. Triberr is the perfect platform to give that traffic strategy a face lift.

Building a great tribe will take time. You’ll have to go through a few deadbeats who just won’t share no matter how hard you try. Or they’ll be full of excitement when they first start, share a few posts, but then realize they have to work for it after all, and simply stop showing up.

It’ll happen.

Cut them loose and move on.

Keep looking for people who want the same thing you do: to share quality content with their followers, gain new followers and readers, and building a long-term authority for themselves and their sites.

5. Make Triberr a Habit

Triberr will only work for you if you show up. Regularly.

So make it a habit to stop by once a day. Or every other day.

Just like you make it a habit to visit Twitter or Facebook. Or check your email. Or respond to comments.

Engagement doesn’t happen automatically.

6. Start an Atomic (Automatic) Tribe

Do you use Twitterfeed, Hootsuite, MarketMeStuite, or any other sharing platform to automatically tweet the latest blog posts from your favorite blogs?

I hope you do; it’s a great way to provide valuable content to your followers and avoid blowing your own trumpet all the time.

That’s exactly what automatic Triberr tribes are about – they allow your fans to automatically share your blog posts with their Twitter followers.

It’s good for the tribe members and their followers – they don’t have to remember to share your posts; and it’s good for you – you get retweets without having to beg for them.

It does take true super-fans to build an automatic tribe though. Your content has to be top-notch, but what’s the point of having a blog if your content sucks to begin with, right?

There’s one catch with automatic tribes though: you have to be a Prime member to start one (it was $40/month last time I checked).

Paging Traffic Generation Café super-fans!

My Other People’s Influence (OPI) tribe needs you!

If you love what you read at Traffic Generation Café and want to share quality content with your Twitter followers (I dare you to say no to that!), then you should join my tribe.

My current membership is small, but powerful:

my triberr tribeYour turn to join us (just click on the image – the tribe page will open in a new window):

join triberr Traffic Generation Café

Triberr Marketing Takeaway

Triberr is definitely a powerful tool to launch or expand your online influence and reach.

It simply works.

Whether you figure out how to put it to work for YOU is entirely up to… you guessed it – YOU.


Have fun storming Triberr!

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  1. Hi Ana,
    Triberr is really awesome but it is difficult to get exposure when compared to Justretweet. Thank you so much for sharing insightful views.

  2. Dhiraj Das

    Just started using Triberr, a lot to understand for maximum use, your post is a great hep to me for clearing some doubt about the platform. let see how it works out

  3. Ana, I was just told about Triberr recently by a blogger in my LinkedIn group. I had no idea what it was. When I got the email update about the weekly marketing skinny today, I ended up reading this. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Ana. You are awesome. I loved your Slideshare presentation, too. You ROCK, girl!

  4. Ana Hoffman

    It’s not exactly an alternative to Twitter, Mike; rather a way to manage Twitter a lot better and more effectively.

    And you are welcome!

  5. Love this review! I know Triberr has changed a lot since I last used it.

    BTW, I was going to write some other stuff about the review, but then I got distracted by that comment (I’m sure you know which). Did I miss how that ties into the post? :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      Yes, I know, Kristi – that comment was quite a surprise.

      How does it tie in with the post about Triberr? It doesn’t…

  6. Hi Anna,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog post on What is Triberr and How I Increased My Traffic In 30 Days. I so appreciate you sharing. Your post is awesome taking people step by step. I keep hearing people say it’s difficult to get started so you’ve made it extremely easy.
    Great info. Thanks so much again for sharing.

  7. Great post on Triberr, Ana! I just signed up for Triberr and it’s all your fault 😉

    I have a problem though. I tried to copy and embed the SlideShare presentation on my blog. All I get is this code gobbledegook instead of the nifty-looking slide show.

    I’m not a coder. When you mentioned I should add sharing buttons to my site, I worked at it until I (finally) stumbled onto the solution. Those sharing buttons are now up. But I’m tearing my hair out trying to get your SlideShare pres to work on my site!

    I know you’re not my web designer. But if ya know a good one… or if you or anyone reading (hello, anybody home?) can help me with this silly problem… I’m all ears!

    Thanks again for this post Ana. I connected with Dino Dogan on Twitter, seems he does martial arts too. But I wasn’t interested in Triberr until I saw what you wrote here. Thanks.

    Keep Stepping,


  8. Hi Anna,

    1. I’m green of envy because you did what I always wanted to do but I lacked the courage. That’s because I was taught this way by some internet marketers.
    I always thought a good article must be somewhere between 500 – 1000 words. Most bloggers and internet marketers I know write within this range. However, you have written a novel here. Why?
    I can write an ebook a day and publish it on my blog as a post but … this idea never crossed my mind. Until now! :)
    I always thought you have to write short, concise articles so as not to induce boring in the mind of reader. Now I found somebody with a very different mindset. That’s probably because you can afford to do this without the fear of losing visitors. You are the first one who doesn’t like the words “medium” and “mediocre.” Maybe you like to play big. This type of person is rare.

    2. I always respected and loved women but each and every time I smiled at them, a little bit like a father or a bigger brother. I met many women in high positions and I smile at them with a little bit of compassion. There was always a feeling of weakness around them like an aura. Not a trace of this feeling here … .
    Yeah, I was never impressed by a woman. At least, not until now. You seem like a woman of power and that makes you interesting. The first woman of power… . How to deal with this kind of woman?

    3. I will acknowledge that you are good and highly trained and know a lot of things. However, I will not bow in front of you. I respect you for everything you are and do but I know I’m better than you. I cannot prove, of course, now, but I will. You are high now and I am at a lower lever. However, you were like me and I will be like you. I will not pay you lip service hoping to take advantage from you in some way.
    True. I will follow you and learn from you. In time I will know as much as you know and do as much as you can do. Then, I will become better than you. This is not a kind of declaration of war but a way to express respect for a person who has real value.
    I like people like you and always want to connect with them and create friendships. Difficult to do because I am a latino guy. I am like fire. I burn things, including myself. However, I would like to have a friend like you despite the fact that you are thousands and thousands of miles away in a totally different culture.
    When I want to make a friend I usually offer him or her something. I have nothing to offer you because you have everything. The only thing I can do, for now, is to invite you to check my blog and tell me what do you think.
    It’s a small and simple blog but I like it very much and want to develop it. If you like it, then consider that small pleasure as a gift from me.

    Maybe I was not polite telling you all these. I don’t know much about Western or American customs or habits. If I said something inappropriate, I apologize.

    Have a nice day

    • Ana Hoffman

      1. I couldn’t write a 500 word post even if I tried, Silviu.

      I’ve learned a long time ago that we need to test everything as opposed to listening to what some “gurus” might think is best for our businesses.

      I used to write short posts. Didn’t work very well. I started writing posts like this one, and my traffic doubled, then tripled.

      2. Interesting you said that. My husband and I had a discussion about this recently. Our conclusion: women are not like men and neither they should try to be. Our power is in being different and accomplishing things differently.

      Men and women are meant to compliment each other, not compete. It’s hard to respect a woman who’s trying to be both.

      Now I’ve opened a Pandora’s box… :)

      3. I have everything because I am not alone. I have God. I am willing to be what He wants me to be. And I bet it’s true for you as well. Both in business and in life.

      I do hope you realize everything you are meant to be and can be.

      And look forward to seeing you around Traffic Generation Café.

  9. Maisha

    WOW!!!! This has got to be one of the best online reviews I’ve ever read. You are super dupper dope.

    Thank you

  10. Ana thanks for the great guide. I found triberr confusing to set up and I was uncertain how to effectively use it. After filling like I was wasting my time I kind of drifted away from it after a couple of days.

    I am excited to try it again. I will buy the ebook and after studying it, will attempt to master triberr!

  11. Hello Ana,
    The First time i joined Triberr, i was just so confuse because i don’t know how to use it until i read a post by Adrienne Smith and i did some other search and i decide to give triberr another shot. Since then, i have no issue with them and i love them now because i have met wonderful people through triberr.
    Your tips/tutorial you put up is sure useful and provide more insight. thanks :)

  12. I’ll have to take a look since a lot of people in my group talk about this. Thx for the good explanation on the system.

  13. wow….thats all I can say. Wow.

    You’ve covered all the major features of Triberr so amazingly, Ana. I’m just speechless right now.

    You ROCK! #ThatIsAll :-)

    Founder of Triberr

  14. Hi Ana,

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Even though I’m already receiving great results (thanks for quoting me!) there is more that I can do for even more reach.

    I love your point about it replacing a reader – I haven’t used one in a long time. As I scroll through my feed looking for posts to approve, I always find a lot of posts. It’s also a great way to meet others in your niche.


  15. Awesome post, Ana.

    As you said, Triberr is a great place for content curation – I’ve also met some of the nicest people via Triberr. Thanks for the book mention – see you on Triberr :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      You are very welcome, Caimin; thanks for giving me great resources to suggest to my readers.

      By the way, are there any particular tribes you’ve been especially successful with?

      • Some good tribes I’m part of include:

        Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, & Web Design
        Inbound Marketing
        Online Marketing

        There are also a lot of tribes now on more diverse subjects like writing, design, travel, etc. which are good for bloggers in those areas.

        I’ve found that most active tribes of 20 or more members that suit your own site niche are usually a good fit.

  16. This is such a very long and detailed post as usual Ana,
    I’ve heard a lot about Triberr, I even created an account there some time ago but to be honest, I never understood what was going on there until now so, I’ve never visited it again after I registered.

    But, you’ve just made it very comprehensible and I like it. I’m going to join your own tribe to test the water so, I will know if its something I can do.

    Thanks a lot for sharing Ana and do have a fabulous day :).

    • Ana Hoffman

      I know what you mean, Theodore – I’ve heard it from many other bloggers that they’ve had hard time figuring out their way around Triberr. That’s precisely why I wrote the post.