Tumblr: How to Get Free PR7 Links Within Minutes

Tumblr: How to Get Free PR7 Links Within Minutes

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Update on building links from Tumblr: many things have changed on Tumblr since I wrote the post below.

Most of my link building suggestions that worked back then, no longer work.

And you know what? Considering all the latest Google algorithm changes, even if Tumblr strategy did still work, I wouldn’t have recommended using it.

Easy links might very well land you in Google penalty box.

To learn more about what SEO strategies do work, visit my Search Engine Traffic 101 page that I keep continuously updated with posts that do work today.

Tell me you found an easy and quick link building technique, and you’ll have my full attention.

Tell me that technique will generate high PR links back to my blog for FREE, and I’ll get to work right there and then.

That’s pretty much what happened when I heard of this link building strategy using Tumblr.

But first things first.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a free micro-blogging platform that allows you to post video or audio files and images in addition to text.

how to set up tumblr

If it’s too long to tweet, but too short to write a substantial blog post about, it’s perfect for Tumblr.com.

It’s similar to Posterous, but simpler to use. Some might say it’s even more powerful than Posterous.

So what?

Great, you say, yet another thing to add to my to-do list, Ana.

Allow me to explain what makes Tumblr such a good addition to your link building strategy.

Tumblr Is…

1.  PR8 website.

Which means that it has a lot of authority to pass to your blog and other web properties.

2.   Dofollow.

Update 11/12: from everything I see, it seems like Tumblr added a nofollow tag to most of the links, including the ones I talk about in this post.

Doesn’t mean you can’t use this strategy to acquire links; they are just not as good as they used to be.

All the links you post to Tumblr are Dofollow.

If you are not sure what Dofollow means, take a look at this post.

3.   Self-publishing platform.

You can pretty much publish whatever you want to Tumblr, as long as you don’t violate their Terms of Service, of course.

Let’s compare that to any article directory, say EzineArticles.com.

With EzineArticles, you submit an article, then wait and hope that it passes the moderator’s “inspection”. Additionally, they have strict backlinking rules that limit you as to where to add your links, how many, how many keywords in your anchor text you can use, etc.

No such problem with Tumblr.

So you can pretty much treat it as your personal article directory that gives you just as much, if not more, link juice as any traditional article directory – without the hassle.

4.   SEO-friendly.

I’ve seen many Tumblr blogs rank very highly on Google for some very competitive keywords.

How I Use Tumblr for Link Building

These are some very simple, effective, and quick techniques I can implement within minutes.

1.   Publish summaries of my blog posts.

Just a few sentences will do with a keyword-rich link or two back to my post.

2.   Use OnlyWire.com or Ping.fm

Both of these free services allow you to bookmark your posts to several social media/micro-blogging platforms at the same time.

Tumblr is one of them.

3.   Import your RSS feeds.

Tumblr used to have an import RSS function, which allowed you to connect your Tumblr blog with your WP blog, Twitter account, etc.

A couple of months ago they quietly did away with that feature.

However, where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

There are some WP plugins you can use to connect Tumblr with your WordPress blog, but most of them are not very well suited for the job. For instance, Tumblrize will cross-publish your entire posts, which will create duplicate content issues and render your backlinks worthless.

The best solution I found is TumblRSSApp.com.

It allows you to add several RSS feeds and is entirely free.

tumblr rss settings image

Notice the last drop-down box in the image above that says “select post type“.

You’ll have 2 choices here: text or link. I suggest you choose “link” for your blog RSS feed and “text” for your Twitter link. I had to experiment to learn this essential piece of information.

How to Get High PR Dofollow Backlinks from Tumblr

Of course, I saved the best for last.

In this video, I’ll show you how to get dofollow links from high PR pages on Tumblr within minutes and with minimal effort.

Brief video summary:

  1. Create an account at Tumblr.com
  2. In URL field enter your main keywords with dashes between them.
  3. Confirm your email address.
  4. Click on “Untitled” ==> “Customize Appearance”. Choose a free theme.
  5. Go under “Settings”.
  6. Check “Use custom domain box”. Add your domain name without http  or “/”.
  7. Enable SEOQuake. Do a Google search with this command site:tumblr.com “liked this”
  8. Find high PR pages. Click on them one by one.
  9. Once on a page, click on “Reblog” in the upper right corner.
  10. Refresh the page to make sure your keywords show up as the last name in “Notes”.

Originally, I learned this tactic from SEO Experts Academy – the best course on how to generate a flood of SEO traffic I’ve ever seen.

Marketing Takeaway

Easy, breezy, beautiful – Tumblr link building.

Love it or hate it? Comment to show me that you’re alive!


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