How to Tweet Adder Your Way into Powerful Twitter Traffic (Plus Coupon Discount Code)

How to Tweet Adder Your Way into Powerful Twitter Traffic (Plus Coupon Discount Code)

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Review of: Tweet Adder
Tweet Adder

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On February 5, 2013
Last modified:June 13, 2015


Tweet Adder is still the driving force behind my Twitter traffic. When used properly, TweetAdder can do wonders for your Twitter followers as well.

BIG FAT NOTE: TweetAdder Services are no longer available. Twitter has permanently banned their API.

The Twitter strategy I described below still works – minus the time-saving piece: automation.

Unfortunately, automatically following/unfollowing people is no longer something Twitter wants to see in any shape or form.

You know others are doing it.

People seem to flock to them like bees to honey.

Their stuff gets shared like wild fire.

It’s their top referral traffic source.

They even make money from that traffic.

They’ve got it made.

They’ve cracked the tough nut called Twitter.

Yet every time you log into your account, you just don’t get it.

You see a bunch of useless updates in your timeline.

The second you tweet something, it gets lost in the sea of other tweets.

How are you supposed to stand out, let alone use Twitter to generate healthy traffic back to your site?

And who has the time to do what it takes anyway?

My Accidental Twitter Discovery

Back when I started Traffic Generation Café in 2010, I knew no one and I was no one.

Naturally, I needed to come up with ways to quickly generate traffic to my brand new blog.

After all, it wasn’t called Traffic Generation Café for nothing, right?

Since everyone seemed to be singing the Twitter note, I decided to start there.

Little I knew that a little research and a dash of creativity would soar my Twitter traffic generation to the heights I never thought possible.

I, a newbie to blogging and online marketing, accidentally came up with a winning Twitter traffic formula that got me all of the following:

  • Twitter followers;
  • tremendous amount of social proof;
  • thousands (by my second month in business) of visitors to my brand new blog;
  • quality visitors, most of which still read TGC to this day.

Yes, Twitter was the one traffic source that initially put Traffic Generation Café on the map of blogs to reckon with.

This is a Google Analytics screenshot from my second month in business:

generate traffic with tweet adder

How Did I Do It?

Here are the precise steps I took to make Twitter work for me.

Rule #1: Automation

In the beginning, I tried to do everything by hand:

  • following all the right people,
  • spending hours sifting through Twitter streams,
  • finding more people to follow,
  • connecting,
  • interacting,
  • mingling,
  • tearing my hair out because I didn’t have the time to do things that actually made a difference to my business…

You know, all the stuff they teach you in a typical Twitter 101 course.

It wasn’t working very well.

  • it took too long;
  • the results were dismal;
  • I still wasn’t “getting it”.

So I did some more research and found a tool called Tweet Adder.

It was the one thing that radically changed my whole outlook on Twitter traffic generation.

Rule #2: The Right Bait

Call it what you want: enticement, bribe, bait – the principal behind it is the same.

It comes down to the basic human psychology.


If you want someone to take an action (like to follow you from Twitter back to your site), you need to give them a good reason to do so.

Come visit my great blog because it’s… great” won’t do the trick, as you may have already learned from experience.

I offered my new Twitter followers a chance to promote their blogs at Traffic Generation Café.

And it worked.

Still does actually.

What’s in it for YOUR readers?

I don’t mind if you copy my bait idea.

However, there were many people who copied me before you.

If you ask me, the Twitterverse is getting a bit crowded with all the “Come to promote your business at my site!” calls to action.


Find what works for YOUR followers.

  • Giveaway?
  • Free bonus?
  • A hug?

Rule #3: The Right Foundation

Another important piece to my Twitter success was my blog itself.

Even though Traffic Generation Café was barely a couple of weeks old, it looked like an authority blog.

  • I published several cornerstone posts from start, so my new visitors had some great content to sink their teeth into;
  • I bought and installed Thesis theme that allowed me to have a premium blog design at a democratic price;
  • I took care of social proof (my posts had comments and shares) by creating my own commenting tribe.

</My Magic Twitter Traffic Formula>

And there you have it – my simply genius, if I may say so myself, Twitter traffic generation formula.

That’s it, folks, it’s a wrap; off you go to generate thousands of Twitter fans for yourself…

…Not so fast.

What about:

“Twitter should be all about quality, not quantity.”

“Would you rather have 10K followers that get you 10 RTs or 1,000 followers who love your stuff and get you 100+ RTs on every post you write?”

We may have to agree to disagree on some of these points, but here’s my personal Twitter philosophy:

Bring quantities of Twitter followers back to your blog
and turn them into quality readers.

Twitter is a third-party platform.

The last thing you want to do for your business is to build an engaged fan club somewhere other than your own site.

Thus, I’d love to teach you how to do just that using Tweet Adder.

How to Make Tweet Adder Work for You

Tweet Adder is an automated Twitter marketing software.

With Tweet Adder, you can do everything you should be doing on Twitter at a fraction of the time:

  • find targeted Twitter followers specific to your niche;
  • follow/unfollow (semi) automatically – you set the rules;
  • automatically greet your new followers with a custom Direct Message;
  • manage your tweets: retweet RSS feeds, send @replies, shortened URLs, random time delays, etc.
  • keep track of Twitter trends;
  • research anything your heart desires.

Now take all of the above and multiply it x5, x10, or xUnlimited – depending on what plan you choose.

That’s right, you can run multiple accounts with Tweet Adder: a nearly impossible feat when done manually.

I personally have the 5 profile version.

Here are some important aspects to pay attention to when using TweetAdder.

Tweet Adder Tip #1: You Need More Than 1 Twitter Account

To maximize your Twitter traffic generation, you definitely want to create more than one Twitter account.

TweetAdder offers multiple Twitter account management – my version allows me to run 5 accounts at the same time.

One of the questions I get a lot is this:

“How do you “theme” those accounts? Are they all for different businesses?”

The answer is no – they are all for my Traffic Generation Cafe.

Here’s how I set up mine and recommend you figure out how to do the same with yours:

1. Come up with different interests you personally have or different facets of your business.

For instance, for Traffic Generation Café I’d create a specific account for

  • SEO traffic;
  • social media traffic;
  • relationship marketing traffic;
  • marketing news;
  • etc.

2. Create an account for each different interest.

3. Most of the information you’ll tweet through those accounts will be about those specific interests (i.e. if your account is set up with work at home moms in mind, then tweet info that they might find pertinent and interesting.)

4. DON’T tweet the same info across all your accounts all the time – your followers won’t like it, and neither will Twitter.

Of course, if you have different sites, then it makes your job of setting up accounts even easier – just set up an account for each niche you write about.

Obviously, having 5 accounts over just 1 means that I can get…

  • five times more followers,
  • those followers share similar interests with me,
  • which makes them even more targeted.

Tweet Adder Tip #2: How to Target Your Followers

Yet another question that comes up a lot:

“How do you make sure your followers are targeted?”

Easy with Tweet Adder.

Here’s a quick video to show you what I mean:

You can get much trickier with your searches than what I’ve shown you.

Example searches include (combine to form more complex searches):

  • containing a word: twitter
  • Containing multiple words:  twitter marketing
  • Negation:  twitter -marketing
  • Exact phrase:  “twitter marketing”
  • OR:  twitter OR tweets
  • Containing a hash tag:  #twitter
  • Not From a user:  -from:username
  • To a user:  to:username
  • Mentioning a user:  @username

Tweet Adder Tip #3: Automated Following/Unfollowing Features

Tweet Adder can definitely be one of those “set it and (almost) forget it” tools in your internet marketing tools arsenal – my favorite kind.

It has two different kinds of automation levels:

1. True “set it and forget it”.

With this feature, you just need to turn on your automatic feature, and TweetAdder will search for new users/follow/unfollow COMPLETELY on autopilot, as long as your computer is running.

WORD OF CAUTION: I don’t recommend you use this feature. It actually doesn’t yield great results and leaves a huge footprint behind – the kind of footprint that can get your accounts easily banned.

2. Semi-automatic way.

This is the one I prefer to use.

You still do some things manually, like research your targeted audience, set how many people you’d like to follow or unfollow, but you have to start TweetAdder by hand each time a task is over.

However, it still takes minimal amount of time and work.

NOTE ON UNFOLLOWING PEOPLE: this is another sore point for those who are against social media automation.

Doesn’t it seem unfair to unfollow someone after you just started following them?

Well, that’s not how Tweet Adder works.

With Tweet Adder, you only unfollow those folks who are NOT following you because they are clearly not interested in what you have to say.

They are not your targeted audience.

On occasion, it will happen that you unfollow someone who’s actually following you, but no system is perfect!

Tweet Adder Automated Following Features

  • Never follow the same person twice
  • Special BlackList to block following to specific people
  • Auto Follow Twitter Users – Fully Control Twitter following with Follower Ratio, Max # of follows per day
  • Auto Follow Stop Feature – Automatically stops when Twitter follow limits are reached
  • Random Time Delay Settings- You choose what time intervals between follows, unfollows, tweets, and direct messages

Tweet Adder Automated UnFollowing Features

  • Ability to unfollow ALL except your personal WHITELIST
  • Auto Unfollow Twitter Users: Unfollow by #, follower to follow ratios, users who do not follow back with time frames
  • Safe White List: Create a list of twitter users to never unfollow

Tweet Adder Tip #4: How NOT to Get Banned by Twitter

But Ana, you say, won’t Twitter ban me for following too many people at once?

And don’t they have limits as to how many people you can follow?

Yes and yes – if you don’t know what you are doing or get too aggressive.

How Many People Can You Follow?

It all comes down to the ratio between your followers and people you follow.

You can follow as many people as you want – just about, until you hit 2,000. (source)

After that, you have to wait until the number of your followers reaches 2,000 as well.

After that happens, you can start following 10% more than the number of your followers.

So if 2,000 people are following you, you can follow 2,200 (10% more), etc.

Additional reading:

Let’s go back to our magic number of 2,000 followers.

How do you get 2,000 people to follow you and jump over that hurdle?

You have to unfollow those who are not following you back.


Tweet Adder Tip #5: Use Proxies

What is a proxy?

A proxy is another computer your computer connects to, and then, so to speak, uses that computer to surf the web.

The result is the internet sees the second computer–the one you’re connect to the internet through–and not you, the actual user.

Why use proxies with Tweet Adder?

You and I know that we are using Tweet Adder to ultimate add value to our new Twitter followers, not to spam them.

Twitter doesn’t know it.

So if they catch too many following/unfollowing requests from the same IP address (yours), they might ban you first and ask questions later.

How many is too many?

Anyone’s guess.

I’ve been able to follow thousands of folks per day without getting into trouble, and then some of my readers got banned after following 50 people by hand. 

So now I use proxies just to be on the safe side.

Where to get proxies

There are many proxy companies you can get proxies from.

If you are looking for free ones, check out (disclaimer: I’ve never personally used them).

Word of caution: when using free proxies, you’ll most likely get what you paid for.

After doing some research, I ended up going with the one Tweet Adder folks recommended:

They seamlessly integrate with Tweet Adder and have a good reputation.

If you decide to use a proxy buffer between you and Twitter, I’d love it if you went through my affiliate link to purchase your proxies:


Additional Resources:

How many proxies do you need?

I recommend using a proxy/Twitter account ratio of 1/1.

So for 5 twitter accounts, I suggest you get 5 private proxies and set one proxy for every account.

By using one different IP address for every Twitter account, the accounts will have their own identity and Twitter will actually think every account is operated by an individual person.

IMPORTANT: Tweet Adder 4.0 Update

Twitter has recently restricted use of its API significantly, causing several Twitter tools to follow/unfollow users to shut down.

My favorite Twitter tool, Tweet Adder, which I’ve been using and recommending for the past two years, had also gone through a major overhaul, removing most automation features that made it a social media traffic generation dream come true.

Do I still use and recommend it? In short, yes.

Learn more in this post: Best Twitter Tools to Get More Twitter Followers [Tweet Adder Alternatives]

Marketing Takeaway

Twitter is a time dump.

Yet, if that’s where your target audience hangs out, you need to be there.

My entire Twitter traffic generation philosophy boils down to this:

Go for the quantity of Twitter followers, bring them back to your blog, and turn them into quality loyal readers.

True in-depth engagement needs to happen on your site, not elsewhere.

Tweet Adder is the perfect tool for the job.

If you are considering making Tweet Adder the driving force behind your Twitter traffic, you can get a 20% discount by using the following code:

Happy Twitter hacking!

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  1. Yann

    Thanks Ana for those tips !

    I’ve been using tweetadder for 4 days now and i got more followers in 4 days than in the past 6 months !

    But i just saw recently tweetadder release the version 4 of there software to make it compliant with twitter rules.
    So there is no more automation for follow and unfollow users… not even batch system… we will have to do it by hand.

    This is the message on TweetAdder website :
    “All current TweetAdder users will be required to upgrade to the new version of TweetAdder 4.0 by May 24, 2013. As a reminder, TweetAdder users must comply with Twitter’s Terms of Service.”

    So… did you know it ? And what do you plan of doing about it ? :)


    • Ana Hoffman

      I know they came out with a new version, Yann, but I don’t think any of us were able to download it yet. Thus I can’t really comment on the new features since I haven’t seen them yet.

      • Yann

        Well i could downalod it a few days back and you can’t follow/unfollow automatically now. It’s all manual so i’m thinking seems to be a better choice !

        And past the end of march, you will HAVE to switch to the version 4 so… not a good choice anymore :/

        • Ana Hoffman

          Sounds like now it defeats the purpose… I wonder why they are having a problem upgrading people…

  2. Thanks a lot Ana for your efforts. You always come up with uncommon knowledge and actionable advice. I have just purchased through your link and used your AH20 discount code, so thanks a lot for the advice and the discount code.

  3. Hello Ana

    Yesterday I discovered your blog and I’ve stuck four hours non-stop reading. Definitely give me your valuable content, do not mind sharing.

    I want to buy Tweet Adder and I’ll buy through your link.

    Sorry for writing does not speak good English.

    Greetings from Spain.

  4. Thanks for this article: a really useful mix of text and video. I’ve used TweetAdder for three months and after a few scary Twitter suspensions have finally found the right balance for various accounts I run. I try to supplement the automation with as much manual, authentic tweeting as possible, plus some timed tweets using Buffer and Twitterfeed. I’ve not tried the proxy servers yet but will experiment in the next few weeks.

    Your posts are endlessly helpful. Thank you.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Glad to hear you found your sweet spot, Jake; sounds like you and I are on the same page with TweetAdder. Thanks for coming by!

  5. Hi Ana,

    This is a great article! Thank you so much. I’ve been on the fence about using TweetAdder for awhile now and you just pushed me over the edge!
    Trying to do it all manually is just taking way too much time and proving ineffective.

    I appreciate all the tips you provided here – you’ve really saved me time from figuring it all out.

    Thanks again and congrats on your success!

    • Ana Hoffman

      I was in the same boat when I first started, Lisa, but then the question was “do I want to work in my business or on my business?”

      Tweet Adder is great.

  6. Hi Ana,

    This is the longest, best, honest and thorough review I’ve ever read about Tweetadder.

    Thanks for the tips, especially about having multiple Twitter accounts for one blog and using proxies your account safety.

    I’ve few questions though, I hope you don’t mind answering.

    I want to buy the proxies. From the webpage, I can see there are two options, private and shared. Which one do you personally use?

    Secondly, when I hit the Buy button, I can see the price table. That makes me wonder, how much do spend per month (approx) just for proxies? From the front page, it says the price for private cost $1.49 per month. When I click the Buy button, the $1.49 is for Price Per Proxy, and the monthly price is $1490. That makes me confused. Is that mean the proxies is shared with 1000 other users, so each of the user only need to pay $1.49?


    • Ana Hoffman

      No problem at all, Rudd.

      I didn’t know anything about proxies until I started doing the research for my Tweet Adder needs, so I completely understand your confusion.

      I use private proxies, and I have their 5 private proxies per month plan for $12.15 per month.

      If you navigate to their private proxy pricing, the plan I use is called MPP-5.

      Since I have a 5-account Tweet Adder license, I have one private proxy per each account. That way Twitter thinks that each of my accounts is run by a completely different person.

  7. Hey Ana!

    Here we go again with that whole leverage thing…. :-)

    I need to seriously put some effort into cleaning up and improving my social media presence. I need to significantly grow my Twitter account, dig into Pinterest, and improve my presence on LinkedIn.

    At least I’ve moved into the early 2000s and built a Facebook fan page. :-)

    Seriously, though, once again you hit the nail on the head. Traffic from most of these sources isn’t quality traffic by any stretch of the imagination.

    But you can make up for that lack of quality through quantity. Then, as you mentioned, once they’re here you turn them into loyal readers through your content.

    It really is just a numbers game. Regardless of how bad your conversion rate is, you can still achieve the numbers you hope for.

    It’s simply a matter of getting enough people in the front door so that you get the numbers you want walking out the back door. From there if you can improve your conversion ratio, then it’s bonus time.

    And with Twitter traffic being as scattered as it is, the only way to get enough traffic in the front door is to automate the process. Which means I’ve got more work ahead of me in the near future. :-)

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen information for TweetAdder around, I just hadn’t looked into it much more.

    I hope you have an awesome end to the week!


    • Ana Hoffman

      One bite at a time, Barry – start with Twitter; it takes the least amount of time and the quality is certainly there.

  8. Hey Ana,

    This is one of the better posts I’ve read about Tweet Adder and it’s cool to see that you are still using it like you should. I have it and used it in the beginning but I didn’t have the full jest of how to use it properly I guess so I quit.

    I don’t have a whole lot of follower, only over 6,000 but Twitter is my #1 referral traffic source as well so I do get quality traffic to my blog from it. I guess the “junk” followers was what I had a hard time with and I clean my Twitter account up every single month to get rid of those not following me back and the non users.

    I never considered doing multiple accounts but I don’t have the numbers you probably do either. But I might consider checking this out again to see if I can get my numbers up more with quality followers of course.

    Thanks for sharing this and putting a spark under me. It’s an area I know I need to work on but I’ve just been so darn busy with other things. Don’t fix what’s not broke right, but it can always be improved. 😉

    Thanks again,


    • Ana Hoffman

      You are such an excellent networker, Adrienne; no wonder Twitter traffic loves you.

      However, many things that you do manually could be done with Tweet Adder in half the time.

      I’m coming to understand just how precious my time is and how much more I can do if I find ways to eliminate some of the manual tasks. I am sure you are in the same boat. I am all for leverage and TA gives me that edge.

      And thanks for the compliment on my review as well as the compliment of stopping by.

  9. *scrubbing hands over face*

    I’ve been going back and forth on whether to get this for awhile, and what license to get, and I finally decided to just go for it and see what I could do. I got the 5-profile licence (through your link, Ana – I do try to help) and am still working on setting one profile up completely.

    And my brain is FRIED.

    LOL! I’m not saying that’s a bad thing – it’s late and I’m learning, so all my gray matter just feels over-easy at this point.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this does for me, since Twitter does seem to always give me traffic and some sales when I promote products on there. Now I’m going to try driving traffic to podcasts and reviews on my blog, and I needed a larger follower base to do that.

    Once I went through the tutorial videos and the manual, I caught onto everything really quickly. I’m pleased at how easy the software is to use. I’ll probably be nabbing my proxy membership tomorrow and going from there.

    So once again, thanks for pointing out something that looks like it’s going to be absolutely awesome, and once again thanks for frying by brain . . . O_o

    • Ana Hoffman

      I know, Lindsey – setting everything up is a pain, but once it’s done, it’s smooth sailing.

      I am going through the process of setting some accounts up as well, so I feel your pain.

      And your support is MUCH appreciated.

  10. I like this software and I’ve tried only a demo version. Unfortunately, the followers that you are getting by this method are not staying to long and somehow you are depending on this tool to maintain a certain amount of followers.

    • Ana Hoffman

      And that’s why my strategy is focused on bringing my new Twitter followers back to my blog as quickly as possible. It’s not about maintaining followers on Twitter, but getting traffic to your blog.

  11. I’ve had more success with Stumble than twitter. I always submit new posts manually to several sites including those two and Stumblers are a lot more inclined to share posts than Tweeters do, sometimes on a 60:1 ratio.

    Having said that getting more people to tweet my post would be nice so I’ll certainly take your points into consideration.

  12. Wow, I just saw the first video on YouTube and thought that was super valuable…

    …then I come over here to find a wealth of information on how to make this software work nicely! I keep forgetting Twitter isn’t a stickler on multiple accounts when done properly. I could always open another account or 5 and use that to drive people back to my site for different sub-topics of my blog.

    I use Twitter for business and personal use and have found a nice balance of driving traffic and remaining human. Twitter is number 2 only behind BizSugar for referral traffic and I have absolutely zero automation 😉

    Then again, this is just for my blog where only a fraction of my traffic goes. I’m all about those squeeze page funnels!

    Anyways… this is a killer guide for TweetAdder which I will likely be referring back to in the near future!

    Thanks a bunch,

    • Ana Hoffman

      BizSugar, huh? I’ve never taken my time with it; maybe it’s time I change that.

      Thanks for the thumbs up on the YT video, Gabe!

      • I’m a YouTube fanatic lol so I’ll likely see all content there first.

        And yes! Get on BizSugar for some bonus traffic. I don’t get a lot of conversions, but a lot of my videos and articles get voted up and featured which brings in a ton of new people.

        I know for a fact what you have here will greatly benefit their users. Also, Ti is a major contributor and advocate of the site. She really knows how to make it work best.

        They allow 3 submissions per day, so I’d suggest you even go back and put your older content in there to bring new life to it if you haven’t already! :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      Not very responsive?

      It’s very common for Twitter; so many people talk and so few listen.

      Just get the ones who do listen and bring them to your blog.

  13. WOOW! This is a really extensive description of how to take advantage of the tweety bird for SEO. Surely I have seen many people take the route and gain significant traffic from Twitter. I like the part where you explain the right bait. Nice article and thanks for putting it through.

  14. Shalini Chauhan

    Can tweet adder really generate that much of visits per day as shown in the picture above.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Those were not visits per day, actually; and I don’t think you can bring in that much daily traffic from Twitter no matter what you do. Unless you are Justin Bieber possibly… :)

  15. “They’ve cracked the tough nut called Twitter. Yet every time you log into your account, you just don’t get it.” – Heh, I can certainly relate to this! I used to dislike the idea of automation but when done right, it’s actually a great tool. Tweet Adder seems to offer great results, I’m very intrigued. Never done anything like this before and ‘m scared I might put people off.

    • Ana Hoffman

      There will always be the few who won’t like what you do, Lexi – whatever it might be.

      Don’t be scared to loose those few to gain hundreds more.

  16. Anna,

    Great tips and I have in fact ‘run across’ this software in the past but simply disregarded it!

    Honestly the thought of having multiple Twitter accounts makes me feel like I need to ‘commit’ full-time to social networking!

    Your discussion about how this software saves you time and ‘flooded’ your blog makes me seriously reconsider!

    If I do ‘pull the trigger’ on this product it will be here at your cafe!

    Thank you for sharing your story, the trials involved and the sweet success you experienced in a relatively short period of time!

    Thanks again,

    TJ :-)

    • Ana Hoffman

      I can see how this may sound daunted at first, TJ, but the most time-consuming task is actually setting up the accounts; the rest take a couple of minutes per day – literally.

      I think it’s the time and money well invested.

  17. Hello Ana, If you would have published this article last week, I’d have bought it from your affiliate link!
    I bought Tweetadder last week and it’s working good. Not yet on the 2,000 followers, but already 500.

    Automation is something I really hate when done wrong, but when done right, it normally works great. A good example of this would be auto responders on mail lists.

    Additionally, I’d recommend installing it on a server, so you don’t have your computer powered on 24/7.

    • Hello Ana, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now, with each posts I’ve been able to get more knowledge and idea about the social media benefits. I havn’t used any automation stuffs on my twitter yet but i’m looking forward to use them on my twitter accounts. This post has proven to be a great insight provider for me as I was yet unaware of the pros and cons of automation in twitter.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Ahhhh, just my luck… :) Thanks for thinking of me, Servando.

      Love your comparison to autoresponders; you are so right, it’s the same difference.

      And installing it on your server? It never even occurred to me. How would you do it? Wouldn’t it be too resource consuming?

      • Hello Ana.
        It wouldn’t be installed on your website’s server. As you say, that’s a bad idea.

        But if you really want to enable automation without doing anything manually on Tweetadder, I think getting a server and installing on it so it runs 24/7 without you needing to check your computer or leaving it on would be the best.

        Then you just connect remotely and check its status whenever you want.

        I know you can get a cheap server for that for a few bucks per month. As long as the ROI is good for you it should work. For beginners, using it on your own computer might be a must.

    • I don’t know how to set it up on a server and until I am guaranteed to make up the cost every month, I am going to have to continue running it myself from my own computer, which is taxing to my computer. Lately, have been cutting back to just a few hours a day. There is still time involved to maintain it, you always want fresh content, so it looks genuine. Also, don’t forget, do not post the same links or content across multiple accounts, you can get shut down. Keep the themes and content on each account separated. And I 100% agree with you Ana, thank-you. Twitter is always good for a few eyeballs.

      • Ana Hoffman

        A few hours a day? I run my TA just to follow/unfollow, and it takes about 20 minutes per day at best.

        The rest of the time it just runs in the background to send out “thank you” tweets to those who RT my content. I barely notice it.