Tweet Adder: How to Get More Followers on Twitter Fast

Tweet Adder: How to Get More Followers on Twitter Fast

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Tweet Adder

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On December 19, 2011
Last modified:June 13, 2015


In my humble opinion, properly leveraging social media for traffic generation and SEO purposes is largely about AUTOMATION. Disagree? Allow me to tell you how Tweet Adder can change all that.

***Update: you can find my more up-to-date Tweet Adder review at this link:

How to Tweet Adder Your Way into Powerful Twitter Traffic (Plus Coupon Discount Code)***

Why would you want to get more followers on Twitter?

Whether you like Twitter or not, there’s no denying that it remains one of the social media power houses and the traffic generation source to reckon with.

If Twitter is where your audience is (and chances are they are), that’s where you need to be and pretend that you like it too.

It’s only logical to assume that if your target audience spends a lot of time on Twitter, then the more of them follow you there, the vaster your social media reach is, the more retweets, clicks, traffic, and eventually sales you will potentially generate.

4 Reasons You WANT More Followers on Twitter

1.   SEO

Yes, Twitter still plays a huge role in your Google search engine rankings placement.

In short, if your post is RTed by a Twitter hotshot, Google ranking just might be yours to loose.

Two examples:

1.twitter influences search engine rankings

The more followers you have, the better the chances are that your tweets will get in front of the right people.

2.  I was doing some research on one of my competitors (who is currently firmly sitting on page one for the keyword I was interested in) with Market Samurai the other day, and stumbled upon this quite remarkable link building pattern.

how to build links with twitter

(Click on image to enlarge)

As you can see, MOST of their link value comes from being RTed by many power Twitter users.

2.   More eyes = more exposure = more clicks

Obvious one, right?

3.   Social proof

When you come to my blog and see 100+ retweets on almost every post, doesn’t that give you an impression that my blog is popular and you’d better pay attention to me?

Now, let’s say your blog is fairly new and you get 100+ RTs on each post you write. Wouldn’t your visitors be inclined to pay more attention to you too? It probably won’t even occur to them that you might be only a couple of months into your blogging career.

4.   Reach your followers’ followers

One of the greatest assets of social media is the fact that your influence is not limited by your own followers.

You can easily borrow your followers’ followers and get your content in front of their eyes… and possibly in front of your followers’ followers’ followers’ eyes.

The possibilities are truly endless – that’s the very viral nature of social media.

TweetAdder: How I Gained over 100K+ Followers on Twitter

Note: this post and my TweetAdder recommendation might come as a surprise to you, considering most of you know that Twitter shut down most of my accounts a couple of weeks ago. HOWEVER, I still strongly feel that the strategy of getting more Twitter followers is a good one and it’s all about HOW you use it.

In my humble opinion, properly leveraging social media for traffic generation and SEO purposes is largely about AUTOMATION.

I know some of my readers are not strong opponents of automation (to say the least), because they think it sounds spammy right off the bat.

Dear readers, I love you very much, but let me ask you this:

-how much targeted traffic are you bringing to your blog after spending hours tweeting, responding, following by hand, etc?

Anything close to this?

twitter traffic source


Notice that these stats are over a year old – my blog was barely 2 months old back then.

And here are some more up-to-date stats for the past month:

twitter traffic referral source is Twitter custom shortner, in case you are wondering.

So as you can see, even a year later Twitter remains my best referral traffic source.

TweetAdder Review

If you want to get numbers like these, there’s no way you can do it by hand.

One of the best pieces of software I found to get more followers on Twitter is TweetAdder.

Here are some important aspects to pay attention to when using TweetAdder.

Tweet Adder Tip #1: You Need More Than 1 Twitter Account

To maximize your Twitter traffic generation, you definitely want to create more than one Twitter account.

TweetAdder offers multiple Twitter account management – my version allows me to run 5 accounts at the same time.

One of the questions I get a lot is this:

“How do you “theme” those accounts? Are they all for different businesses?”

The answer is no – they are all for my Traffic Generation Cafe.

Here’s how I set up mine and recommend you figure out how to do the same with yours:

1. Come up with different interests you personally have.

2. Create an account for each different interest.

3. Most of the information you’ll tweet through those accounts will be about those specific interests (i.e. if your account is set up with work at home moms in mind, then tweet info that they might find pertinent and interesting.)

4. DON’T tweet the same info across all your accounts all the time – your followers won’t like it, and neither will Twitter.

Of course, if you have different sites, then it makes your job of setting up accounts even easier – just set up an account for each niche you write about.

Obviously, having 5 accounts over just 1 means that I can get five times more followers than I can with one, plus those followers share similar interests with me, which makes them even more targeted.


Tweet Adder Tip #2: How to Target Your Followers

Yet another question that comes up a lot:

“How do you make sure your followers are targeted?”

Easy with TweetAdder.

Here’s a quick video to show you what I mean:

You can get much trickier with your searches than what I’ve shown you.

Example searches include (combine to form more complex searches):

  • containing a word: twitter
  • Containing multiple words:  twitter marketing
  • Negation:  twitter -marketing
  • Exact phrase:  “twitter marketing”
  • OR:  twitter OR tweets
  • Containing a hash tag:  #twitter
  • Not From a user:  -from:username
  • To a user:  to:username
  • Mentioning a user:  @username

Tweet Adder Tip #3: Automated Following/Unfollowing Features

TweetAdder can definitely be one of those “set it and (almost) forget it” tools in your internet marketing tools arsenal – my favorite kind.

It has two different kinds of automation levels:

1. True “set it and forget it”.

With this feature, you just need to turn on your automatic feature, and TweetAdder will search for new users/follow/unfollow COMPLETELY on autopilot, as long as your computer is running.

WORD OF CAUTION: I don’t recommend you use this feature. It actually doesn’t yield great results and leaves a huge footprint behind – the kind of footprint that can get your accounts easily banned.

2. Semi-automatic way.

This is the one I prefer to use.

You still do some things manually, like research your targeted audience, set how many people you’d like to follow or unfollow, but you have to start TweetAdder by hand each time a task is over.

However, it still takes minimal amount of time and work.

NOTE ON UNFOLLOWING PEOPLE: this is another sore point for my readers who are against social media automation. Doesn’t it seem unfair to unfollow someone after you just started following them?

Well, that’s not how TweetAdder works. With TweetAdder, you only unfollow those folks who are not following you because they are clearly not interested in what you have to say, i.e. they are not your targeted audience.

Occasionally, it did happen that I unfollowed some people who DID follow me, but that was a glitch in the system and not because I didn’t want to stay in touch with them. No system is perfect!

TweetAdder Automated Following Features

  • Never follow the same person twice
  • Special BlackList to block following to specific people
  • Auto Follow Twitter Users – Fully Control Twitter following with Follower Ratio, Max # of follows per day
  • Auto Follow Stop Feature – Automatically stops when Twitter follow limits are reached
  • Random Time Delay Settings- You choose what time intervals between follows, unfollows, tweets, and direct messages

TweetAdder Automated UnFollowing Features

  • Ability to unfollow ALL except your personal WHITELIST
  • Auto Unfollow Twitter Users: Unfollow by #, follower to follow ratios, users who do not follow back with time frames
  • Safe White List: Create a list of twitter users to never unfollow


Tweet Adder In Post

==> Download Your Copy of TweetAdder Here

Tweet Adder Tip #4: How NOT to Get Banned by Twitter

But Ana, you say, won’t Twitter ban me for following too many people at once? And don’t they have limits as to how many people you can follow?

Yes and yes – if you don’t know what you are doing or get too aggressive. It all comes down to the ratio between your followers and people you follow.

You can follow as many people as you want – just about, until you hit 2000.

After that, you have to wait until the number of your followers will reach that number as well. After that happens, you can start following 10% more than the number of your followers.

So if 2000 people are following you, you can follow 2200 (10% more), etc.

Let’s go back to our magic number of 2000 followers.

How do you get 2000 people to follow you and jump over that hurdle?

You have to unfollow those who are not following you back. You HAVE TO.

Tweet Adder Bonus Tip: My Follow/Unfollow Schedule

Let me show you my exact map for getting thousands of targeted followers in no time.

FYI, the first number is what I call “peaceful” takeover, the second number is “hostile” takeover, meaning you’ll be pushing the envelope with that one; do it at your own risk. LOL

So here it is:

My Follow / Un-Follow Pattern

Week 1 & Week 2

Mon ADD 315-385
Tue ADD 315-385
Wed ADD 315-385
Thurs ADD 315-385
Fri ADD 315-385
Sat Remove those who don’t follow you back
Sun ADD 405-495
(people are more likely to follow you back on Sun than any other day of the week – don’t ask me why)

Week 3 & Beyond

(you still follow the same number of people)


Once again, the first way is peaceful (less aggressive); the second way is more aggressive.

I always followed the hostile way, but that’s just me. You have to decide for yourself what you are comfortable with.

TweetAdder Marketing Takeaway

No way around it: if you want to get more followers on Twitter and turn it into traffic goldmine, like I do, you need to
Tweet Adder In Post

==> Download Your Copy of TweetAdder Here

IMPORTANT: Tweet Adder 4.0 Update

Twitter has recently restricted use of its API significantly, causing several Twitter tools to follow/unfollow users to shut down.

My favorite Twitter tool, Tweet Adder, which I’ve been using and recommending for the past two years, had also gone through a major overhaul, removing most automation features that made it a social media traffic generation dream come true.

Do I still use and recommend it? In short, yes.

Learn more in this post: Best Twitter Tools to Get More Twitter Followers [Tweet Adder Alternatives]


And now you know how I REALLY do it.

Hey, I thought it might be a great idea for you to add Traffic Generation Cafe RSS feed ( to your automated Twitter feeder; what do you say?

And do remember to add my Twitter handle @AnaTrafficCafe to your RTs so that I can thank you for doing it.

Much appreciated!


Growing my Twitter following,

traffic generation cafe

traffic generation cafe comment below

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  1. Hi Ana, very nice site you have there and was very informative as Ive been considering TA for a long time. I notice you had 2000 referrals from in a month. How many links on Twitter did you post during that month? I.e. what was your clickthrough rates for the links?


    • Ana Hoffman

      I barely do anything on Twitter, Andy; thus, I don’t track the stats that closely. Most of the traffic comes from networking with other bloggers and them retweeting my content.

  2. Lori Meyer

    It’s great to see a detailed review on TweetAdder. I’ve been using it for quite some time and I LOVE it! I tweet all day because it’s automated and does the work for me. That’s great because it leaves me free to work on other things. I would TOTALLY recommend it. It’s one of the best tools in my IM arsenal and has gotten me almost 7,000 followers on my blog. All the best, Lori

  3. Nathan Frazier

    Hi Ana! I have a fairly new blog and I can see how tweet adder could really be a help to me. It’s seems like a really good product and I think that I will give a try! Thanks for the post.

  4. Aram Cordinsky

    I love tweet-adder but I stopped using it when Twitter filed their lawsuit against them. I guess I just thought it would be too dangerous. Am I wrong ? I would love to be using it, the software is awesome.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Twitter has the power to hunt down whoever they want to, Aram – lawsuit or no lawsuit. They appear to be quite arbitrary as to which accounts they choose to ban; and many times it has nothing to do with TweetAdder.

      My point is you might get slapped whether you use an automated software or not; with Tweet Adder, you’ll at least see some results a lot sooner.

      With that said, full disclosure: I’ve been so overwhelmed lately that haven’t had a chance to get back to running TA.

  5. Tweetadder looks like a great product. I see they are still online but have some serious issues with Twitter trying to shut them down. Sad. Looks like I have to manually find niche Twitter people to follow.

  6. Hello Ana,

    venkata here again..

    i have a quick question..i see that the screen shots you mentioned here are from 2010, but is twitter still your #1 source of traffic? and is it becuase of tweet adder that you are getting all the traffic? if that is the case, we’d love to buy it for us and also for our clients…please let me know



    • Ana Hoffman

      Yes, Twitter is still my #1 referral traffic source, and no, I haven’t used Tweet Adder for a while – just don’t have the time to set up my new accounts.

      However, I do attribute my Twitter success to the kind of presence I was able to build with Tweet Adder.

      Hope that helps.

  7. Wow! And you don’t have any problems at those intervals? That’s great to know. I appreciate you sharing the actual settings you use! Thank you very much Ana!

      • Hey Venkata,

        Yes I have started using Tweet Adder. Although, I don’t use the same following patterns that Ana showed above due to the aggressive nature of them.

        I have found it better to follow 50 to 100 per day (never more than 100) because I had an account get suspended.

        Some people might think, “well, I can do that on my own without tweet adder”. Maybe they can. However, I can do this over multiple accounts without logging in and out of every account with just a few minutes a day.

        Not to mention that the people who I am following are targeted people who have an interest in the niches I am promoting (this is a feature of tweet adder).

        Hope this helps!

  8. Ana,

    First, let me say how refreshing your post was! Every other blog I have read about TA has been “Here are the features…Now buy it through my affiliate link”. I know you went into the features somewhat, but it was exactly what I was looking for.

    Now that Twitter is “tightening their belt”, so to speak, on automation software, do you still use the same follow numbers found in the post? I mean:
    “Mon ADD 315-385
    Tue ADD 315-385
    Wed ADD 315-385
    Thurs ADD 315-385
    Fri ADD 315-385
    Sat Remove those who don’t follow you back
    Sun ADD 405-495″

    From what I understand you are following 315 other twitter users per day?! Is this still the case?

    I assume you are using the “Send Follows Now” & “Send Unfollows Now” features. And, if that is the case, what kind of time delay do you use between follows? How about the delay between unfollows?

    Also, do you put your URL in your twitter account bios or do you just automate tweets through each account with a clickable link to your blog?

    Thanks for the fantastic post!

    Oh, I also add your feed to my RSS Feeds in TA.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Thank you, Matt.

      Since Twitter hasn’t changed the limits on followers, I don’t see why I’d change these numbers. Of course, you can always go slower if you choose to, but truth is if Twitter wants to shut you down, they will no matter what kind of following schedule you are using.

      And yes, those are the follow and unfollow TA functions that I use.

  9. Mary Ann


    Why did only 1800 names come up for this search when she has something like 25,000 followers? And when you say you follow about 500 people per day, didn’t you just add 1800 here? (I’m so nervous about going over the 2,000 number!)

    Thank you!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Are you referring to my @AnaTrafficCafe account, Mary Ann?

      That’s my main account and I don’t use TweetAdder on it; it’s grown organically.

  10. Hi Anna.

    FYI, in regards to my comment (and one others) about the TA stats saying one thing and Twitter saying something else, it’s because TA is down. Just saw this on their support forum. They have no idea what it is but are working on it.


  11. Hey Ana,

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I’ve been avoiding my Twitter account for some time because I really haven’t seen much activity with it. I’m guessing that could be mostly to the fact that I’m not utilizing it as I should. So, reading this post on TA really made me dig into it and see what kind of potential this could have in my blogging niche. Funny thing is, I’m not one to just ‘look it up’, but more the one to ‘look up everything about it and implement right away’. So, yes, within a few minutes of using it I saw some real potential here and purchased the 5-Profile account. Time to rock and roll.

    As one of the other posters mentioned, the TA shows a number that is almost double what my Twitter account shows. I’ll be shutting down tonite and checking it in the AM.

    Thanks for another fantastic post. Keep up the good work!

    • Ana Hoffman

      Hi, Tony – glad to see you coming out of the shadows!

      Every once in a while, I do see a discrepancy between my Twitter account and TA numbers, but it usually helps to close the software down and restart it.

      Sorry for the late response!

  12. David

    Okay, I’ll ask this again since my last comment was blocked by Akismet (I really hate that plugin). Do you use proxies when using Tweet Adder to hide your IP and in order to cover footprints?

  13. David

    One question Ana,

    Do you use proxies with Tweet Adder to hide your IP and cover footprints (and avoid possible banning)? I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere in the article.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Good point, David – no, I never bothered with proxies in the past, since I never had a problem with using TweetAdder in the past.

      However, now that Twitter gave me a spanking, I need to start doing it.

      • That’s awesome, I used the demo last night and bought the 5 account this morning. I couldn’t resist, when I saw how easy it is! I’ve been having my own little twitter party this morning…lol

    • Ana Hoffman

      You have to use different addresses for each account, Kathy; Twitter won’t let you do it any other way.

      I just created a bunch of Gmail accounts for this purpose.

  14. Hi Ana,

    on Your recomandation I ordered TA. But got some problems running it on my computer (win 7). I wrote to the support team at TA. But they couldn´t help me and paid without any problems my money back.

    Have You heard about that before?

    Again thanks for a great blog.


    • Ana Hoffman

      Some of my readers (including me, actually) had some problems, Jorgen.

      The reason was that Twitter recently implemented HTTPS only use (the checkbox for this is founds under settings) and they turned on this feature for some of the accounts (but not all for whatever reason) and THAT prevented TweetAdder from communicating with your Twitter account.

      Once I turned off “Always use HTTPS”, I had no problems.

      Not saying this was your problem, but very possible.

  15. consider i make lots of follower by tweet adder but how much chances my followers follow up my tweets and visit my website at last a real follower only care about my tweets and only he or she will visit my website i don’t think tweet adder is much helpful.

  16. It’s very interesting that Twitter somehow thinks that adding lots of people is a bad thing. If I follow lots of people in my industry it helps me to not have to sift through all the garbage stuff I don’t want to see when doing a search for things I want to know about. I mean, I think everyone’s had that moment of thinking, how the heck do I manage all that’s being said?! TweetDeck was my first insight into the answer to that question. Putting people into groups really helps. I add people because I want to know what’s being said. It’s not like they’re forced to follow me back. If they were, I could see why Twitter would have such an issue with those who aggressively follow. I don’t follow everyone back that follows me. I’m intelligent enough to determine who’s real and who’s a spammer. It’s almost like they’ve set up the popularity police to determine who really deserves to have people follow them and who doesn’t. Ah well, like you said, their playing field, their rules. It’s probably a user experience thing, they are probably trying to protect the culture so there’s not a bunch of stupid Twitterers using it for garbage. Probably similar to how Google has to fend off Adsense sites with crappy content that’s been spun and posted to 1000 different sites.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I certainly share your thoughts on this one, Ryan.

      Despite Twitter shutting down legit accounts, spammers seem to flourish – go figure.

      • I see the same thing in the SERPs. My feeling has always been that it’s only a matter of time. I know many friends that get short term gains, but long term losses. I guess you have to weigh the risk vs reward. I have to admit though, I’ve always been fairly cautious. Probably because I’ve been dealing with client websites. It’s one thing to gamble with your own site, it’s another thing to gamble with someone else’s, ya know?

  17. Hi Ana, what do you recommend to use for adding Share buttons to your Blog posts? Do you recommend a service like ShareThis? Or other solution? I like to have links to share content on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Thanks!

    • Ana Hoffman

      I prefer to limit the number of buttons on my blog, Carl; I think Twitter, FB, and G+ are great choices.

      I’d suggest to use ShareBar plugin to add the buttons to the left or right of your content, like I have on this blog.

  18. Yay! I got my first day of TweetAdder behind my back! So excited! LOL; a bit aggressive some “guru’s” might say as I followed 395 for the day lol!

    But it’s the way I like it, doing everything as best as I can, and when I don’t get it right the first time, we try again.

    One thing I am a little unsure of, is that the overview of my profile in TweetAdder shows the number I’ve added today, but my actual Twitter acount doesn’t reflect nearly the same. I hope this is just a delay in updating my Twitter account and not something that went wrong.

  19. Ana,

    I got to know tweet adder a year ago but didn’t bother to use it because back then I wasn’t so sure about this type of programs, worried that it might be one of those scams. So the whole thing went on for about a year until I’ve totally forgot about it and now I’m fortunate enough to read this post of yours and seems that this product is really helping. I guess I should give it a try.


  20. Hey Ana,

    thanks for sharing this tool as well as some of your experiences. I haven’t heard of them. Gonna give it a try and see how it is! Was looking for a good one since few of the ones I’ve used it the past no longer work.

  21. I finally took the plunge and purchased TweetAdder just a few days ago (I put you in as the referrer – hopefully you will get credit *grin*)

    What I found interesting was some of the additional features on Tweeting @replies based on those who @’ed you … have you used this feature? I was playing with it a little – as I am ALWAYS behind on thanking folks for their mentions! *I’m a very bad girl!*

    In any case – so happy to see you back and posting – and excited to see what else you have to offer us soon!

    • Yay, welcome to the “club” of those who laugh in the face of Twitter ban danger, Katrina! lol

      Wow, now you taught me something new.

      I haven’t been using TA for anything but following/unfollowing and completely missed out on this new feature; sounds like I could really use it!

      • Oh man, Ana – it’s so fun to play with it … you spoiled me by converting me to this program! A friend is sold on a similar program but so far I am VERY happy with this.

        And yes, of course I laugh in the face of Twitter … *laughs evilly before coughing* That’s me … Katrina the bad girl *grin*

  22. Interesting points. Since Google’s deal has expired with Twitter we have noticed a significant drop in the correlation between the strength twitter plays in Google SEO.

    What about you, have you noticed any change in the strength of Twitter?

    Ohh and Ana, how do you get that “Look how easy I made it for you to RT:” box? Super smart stuff there!

    • You know, Charlie – I go back and forth on whether Twitter and Facebook for that matter really affect the rankings. This is also something that is widely debated in SEO community, as you can imagine.

      I think the overall “fire hose” principle still does work. The more your blog is talked about in social media, the stronger the indicator that you produce the kind of content that is liked by readers.

      As far as the Twitter message is concerned, it’s a plugin called “Twitter @ Anywhere”.

  23. These Twitter marketing tips are really great. I read your blog for the first time. you have elucidated your content with practical examples and some real-time stats. I would like to follow your blog for further updates from your side.
    Thanks again!

  24. Great Tweetadder Ana! I also appreciate the tips on how to make the most of Tweetadder that you have shared in this article. Many believe that automation is not healthy for SEO. But I think it is only bad if you will rely on it and will not work manually.

  25. Hi Ana,

    I have been using TweetAdder for a while, and I absolutely agree with everything youv’ve said. And I believe the price is good, it’s cheap and a one time fee.

    I’m currently testing Tweepi, it seems to be a little easier for newbies and it doesn’t need to be running in the background. But so far, TweetAdder is the most advanced twitter automation tool I’ve used.

    • Took a look at Tweepi, Jens – right away don’t like the fact that it’s subscription-based and can be used for one account only.

      However, would be interested to know what your final conclusion is on the tool.

      • Yes, I understand. I don’t like that either, but so far it’s very easy to use, and I’m doing a video tutorial on some of the features. I’ll publish it in a day or two.

        I still just have one Twitter account, and I’m thinking of creating a few more, but I’m thinking of the strategy behind it. What’s your thought on this? Do I need to publish completely different things, or can it be similar (all about marketing, but not the same content)? Or should one be about social media traffic, another be about building trust, a third about blogging etc.. ?

        Thanks a lot for all your advice Ana.

        • Yes, Jens; I’d set up each account with a different angle and provide different content to each with some exceptions of course, like your own posts.

  26. Great review Ana as always, TweetAdder sounds like a very powerful twitter marketing tool. I will definitey be checking it out in the new year. I’ve always wondered what the was in my analytics report which I’ve been seeing more of lately so now I know. Thanks again and happy holidays :)

  27. Thanks a lot Ana. I’ve had the software for sometime now but never tried it. I guess I didn’t know how to.
    I’ve tried different ways to add more followers but your post has made things a lot easier.

  28. Hi Ana,

    Nice points, I agree…. if you’re a business owner or blogger and you know that you targeted audience like to spend time on particular social media site then you have to pretend that you too like and enjoy it. That’s the first step you should take to create your relationship.

    Though I’ve heard about many twitter applications that promises you to build your loyal followers list and I’m still very much confused to choose any one of them.

    • There sure are lots of choices, Shalyn.

      The reason I chose TweetAdder originally was because it worked on Mac, but now I would choose it because it’s great.

  29. This tool is incredible. I use it personally and its so easy to
    use. I love the tool where it scrapes some peoples lists. Very
    easy to get huundreds if not thousands of targeted followers


  30. Hey Ana!
    Tweetadder is one of the best Twitter followers adding tool, really. Thanks for recommending this tool to me way back. It’s helped me LOTS. And yeah, Twitter also brings me the most traffic when it comes to referrals to date.

  31. Good stuff Ana,

    Your post remind me to get back to follow/unfollow schedule with TweetAdder. I have stopped using it for some time but your stat encourage me to start using it again :)


  32. Quite complicated for me because I’m still a bit of a tech phobe. Perhaps this is one I’ll save for later when I’m more confident. Great, detailed tutorial. I’m sure it’ll do great on twitter! :-)

  33. Hi Ana,

    While we’re on the subject of Twitter, I thought I’d share this great Twitter tool I came across today called “MentionMapp”.

    You can see visually how a Twitter account is connected through its recent mentions and hashtags. It lets you discover which users interact the most and what they’re talking about. It’s also a great way to find relevant people to follow.

    For example, if I enter “AnaTrafficCafe” in the MentionMapp search box, I can see that you interact the most with “MavisNong”, “2createawebsite”, “GrowMap”, and “quickblogtips”. And if you click on their profiles, you’ll discover THEIR most recent/frequent interactions.

  34. Hey Ana,

    Simply lovely!

    I do have a few twitter accounts because I was thinking of targeting another niche and another language as well but never did anything with them.

    This might be a good moment to remember that Tweet Adder is recommended by many internet marketing training companies out there and even though I don’t do any automation on my accounts, I wouldn’t mind to get that traffic.

    Cheers and thanks for all the insights!


  35. Hey Ana.

    Good breakdown.

    How sure are you that Tweet Adder didn’t play a big part in you getting banned?

    Also, how do you know that Tweet Adder isn’t unfollowing and following the same people?


    • I am pretty sure it did play a role… LOL

      However, my traffic from it was great, and I am planning on getting back to it.

      Following/unfollowing – I am sure there will be some overlaps, but it’s OK. If someone didn’t follow you the first time around, they might do so the second time; and if not, I’ll just unfollow them again.

      Since I am not doing it by hand, it’s not much of a concern.

  36. I’ve used TwitterAdder long ago, actually it is pretty nice and easy to use software, but actually I prefer to get followers naturally in the old way. Definitely prefer that there will be interaction between me and my followers and with software usually just add too many contacts with I barely can handle.

    • I understand where you come from, Kal; however, my point is what’s your goal of being on social media?

      If it’s to bring more traffic to your site and eventually make money, then the old-fashioned way is not a great way to go.

  37. Ana,

    You may have me convinced this time to grab Tweet Adder. I know you have touted the awesomeness of Tweet Adder before and I was not in a financial position to buy it at the time. But this time I may have to say “Merry Christmas to me”. LOL.


  38. Your stats are an eye opener Ana, and the fact that people are more likely to follow you back on Sun is such a useful tip. Great review on TweetAdder.

  39. You are so awesome Ana. You have already the same numbers of followers that I do and I have been using about 8-9 months to get there and you have just created your new account a couple of weeks ago.
    The traffic you get from Twitter is amazing. I think I will have to take a look on some of those tools you are recommending. If they can work for you maybe the can work out for me as well. I think I will share this post with my followers in a minute 😉

    • I was an absolute newbie to internet marketing, Thomas, when I started using this strategy, which only proves that you don’t need any authority to make this work.

  40. Ana, those Twitter traffic stats are amazing! I couldn’t wait to share this with my followers on Twitter. So many people tell me Twitter doesn’t bring traffic and it’s a waste. You have proven that if you work the system, it can work for you. Great post! Like Harleena, I think I need to read this AGAIN… and AGAIN. lol

  41. Hi Ana,

    My twitter strategy is really some where in the middle, a little of automation and a little of manual. I’ve heard so much about tweetadder before but your review is really killing! The video is revealing and I must say your strategy is one that is really useful any day.

    You mentioned some of your accounts were banned. Was it anything to do with using this automation strategy?

  42. Hello Ana,
    Great review about Tweetadder though I have heard about this service before but didn’t have the time to check it out but I will go straight away to check them out :)

    Another Twitter service I like too is because it does not automated like other twitter applications but other users will keep on tweeting any of your post once there is a credit(point) on your system. their services is new but worth trying it out!.



  43. Ana,

    As always an absolutely fantastic review… I’m still hesitant though as I’ve accumulated over 5,700 followers completely organic. I guess I would be devastated if I were to lose that following by getting an account banned.

    If I only rock one account but use Tweetadder am I at less of a risk of getting kicked out of Twitter?

    Thanks again,

    Ryan H.

    • Hard to tell, Ryan; I’ve never had any trouble with TweetAdder until I decide to finally try out their full automation feature. That’s what started my downfall.

      Let me ask you: just having followers is not that big of a deal of course. Are they active? Do they share your stuff? Are you getting traffic from it?

      If the answer is no, then I think you need to rethink your goals and strategy.

      • I don’t have a number to say this % of my followers are “active” (if you know of tool that tracks that, I think there is an opportunity for another great review) but it feels like they are pretty active.

        I’m diligent in blocking bots and spammers in a hope to not have an inflated number of followers…

        If I want to take the game to the next level though a tool like Tweetadder might be the answer.


  44. Hey Ana,
    Awesome post. Loved the video! Very effective method! I agree with the fact making Likes on your twitter followers has became a very huge domain and being successful with it.If i have more twitter follower than is it my website ranking will go high ?

    • No, Bhupendra, having more Twitter followers doesn’t increase Google rankings on its own.

      What might affect them is how many times your followers RT your posts. The more the better; shows Google that you are liked by people.

  45. Fantastic, Tweetadder review, Ana. I’m glad I purchased it on your recommendation last year. I’m happy with the features, considering that I was following/unfollowing people manually when I started using Twitter.

    Thanks for sharing.


  46. Awesome post Ana!

    I had to re-read it twice and have bookmarked it for future reference, when I finally have my blogs done up and plan to get tweetadder!

    I had heard a great deal about it, but it was only after going through your post that I realized its true worth- it seems wonderful!

    I can understand the lessons you learnt that you have shared in the post, and the words of caution, which are a great learning experience for anyone reading this post. Also, thanks so much for sharing your follow and unfollow schedule- that sure was interesting :)

    Thanks once again for an awesome post Ana- it is indeed wonderful to visit your blog and learn something new each time. :)