Record Twitter Account Suspension: 53 minutes, 16 tweets, 10 following

Record Twitter Account Suspension: 53 minutes, 16 tweets, 10 following

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why my Twitter account was suspendedDear Twitter:

You are out of your mind.

Today I created a new Twitter account.

As you are well aware of, having multiple Twitter accounts is within your Terms of Service.

Just to refresh your memory (I know you are very busy and very important and might not remember such trivial things):

multiple accounts twitter tos

I created this account (@SheBizCafe) to post things that are specific to women business owners and work at home moms.

shebizcafe on Twitter

Naturally, I decided to tweet some valuable information before I started to promote the account.

So I looked up some of my favorite blogs run by other women and retweeted some of their posts.

After all, Twitter IS all about value, isn’t it?

Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I see a white death screen of account suspension:

Twitter account suspended

I am sorry, did you just say “multiple unsolicited mentions“?

As in actually giving credit when sharing other people’s blog posts?

Like this?

share other people's stuff

I am speechless, which doesn’t happen a lot when it comes down to writing blog posts; most of them are 2,000+ in length.

I think I am just going to leave it at that…

Oh, by the way, THANK YOU.

Thank you for being kind enough to actually give me a chance to tick two boxes verifying that I indeed will stop “abusing” the mention and reply feature and get my account back.

Unlike you did multiple times in the past, where my accounts were permanently suspended.

Of course, this time I didn’t even have a chance to start using Tweet Adder to grow my Twitter followers in a very unspammy way.

I am off to fire up my Tweet Adder now.

If you want to suspend me again, at least this time you might have somewhat of an excuse to do it…

Best (through my teeth) regards,

traffic generation cafe

PS  Dear reader:

Using third-party platforms, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., for increasing traffic to your site should definitely be a part of your overall traffic generation strategy.

However, please remember that your ultimate goal is to bring those people back to your site as quickly as possible.

That’s exactly what I do on Twitter.

Just published my new Slideshare presentation; if you don’t know much about Tweet Adder, watch it:

On the second thought, watch it anyway; pay attention to how I transition from giving value to offering a discount and linking directly to Tweet Adder.

Did you know you can have live clickable links with your Slideshare presentation?

traffic generation cafe comment below

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  1. So I thought I’d go see the hubbub and got the notice that your new account was suspended (again? Or still?) I just started a new account since I’m doing more professional tweeting and filling my poor Twitter feed up with all the fun … it hasn’t gotten suspended yet though I did a little aggressive following to start with. 😀

    Do you have a list of all the accounts you have there? :-)

    • Ana Hoffman

      I lost track at this point, Katrina… lol

      I am only active on my primary account @AnaTrafficCafe at the moment and haven’t checked on the others for a while.

  2. Zoe

    How do you use Tweetadder then if you don’t automate it?

    Do you manually follow X number of followers and unfollows a day?

    How many do you follow and unfollow a day?

    Thanks – and great site

    • Ana Hoffman

      I manually fired up my Tweet Adder to follow/unfollow instead of using their fully automated feature.

      I stick with 100 – 150 for a newer account and about 250 per day for a more established one.

  3. This hasn’t happened to me just yet, I have been using Tweetadder for a while but came to your site today to get the link to the proxy service.

    I have noticed though on one of my Twitter accounts @TheLVTweetup I don’t show up in searches which is really frustrating when I am at a live event trying to win a prize or just participate in the convo with the hashtag for the event..

    Happy to see you where able to keep the account I love the username.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I never really cared to show up in searches, so it’s never been a problem for me.

      And thanks for coming by to get the link, Eleanor; always much appreciated.

  4. Seriously?
    When Algorithms rule the web, we all suffer.
    One comment stood out – and made the hairs on my neck stand out –
    Chris made a tongue-in-cheek remark about a watch list:

    “Of course, I’m assuming she wasn’t on some sort of Twitter ‘watch list’ because of her dodgy track record with Twitter, and promoting TweetAdder”

    Considering that unique email addresses have to be used, it’s chilling to think what methods might be employed to flag someone from a “watch list” …
    At best, this is Algorithms Gone Amok.
    At worst, it’s Big Brother With the All-Seeing Eye.

    I’m glad you have the right attitude about it, Ana. Use the service to mine for blog readers!



  5. Didn’t realise that Twitter was suspending accounts. This is the first time I have heard of this before. Looks like we need to be careful about using Twitter now. I can’t believe that they did this to you.

  6. I have similar experience. I have two accounts in twitter and my personal account was banned because I followed 60 people and they said that it’s an “aggressive following behavior.” But now I got my account back, damaged account I think because I can’t follow other people and nobody’s following me back. The feeds are a day late. What the hell is wrong with them?

  7. Makes no sense to me, especially as they don’t seem to be able to find the time to suspend some of the accounts that are actually spamming everyone’s feeds.
    A little common sense wouldn’t go amiss Twitter!

  8. I would be willing to bet that 53 minutes isn’t the record for being suspended or getting a warning screen like this. Although, 16 tweets with 10 followers seems fairly low. Besides being a new account the only thing that comes to mind is maybe 16 tweets in 53 minutes is a little to often for a new account. That would be 1 new tweet in a little over 3 minutes on average.

    I think of Twitter as text messaging, and I know people blast out tons of text messages. I am sure there are a lot of people that do more than 16 in about an hour. We are all at the mercy of the sites we belong to like Twitter. If they decide they want to flip the switch we could be in trouble.

  9. Its really confusing how these sites use to work at times,
    Often time, they will be operating as if they don’t even know there right from their left.

    But its theirs and we just have to keep on trying our best anyway.

    Thanks Ana.

    BTW: I don’t know why your blog always see me as spam whenever i want to comment.

  10. Geez, I wondered why you had another account too Ana. I love the gravatar on it.
    I can’t believe they won’t let you tweet in the beginning. How many tweets did you tweet?
    I started a new one a few months ago and only tweet a few times a day since I only have 100 followers there. I have re-tweeted too. I knew if I did too many the followers I had may stop following.
    So is Twitter suspension the same as Twitter jail? (I think it is)
    Very odd, hope you are out of it soon Ana :)

  11. It’s a shame to know that twitter acts that way. I can not believe they suspended your account for that. All my appreciation and support for you Ana, you’re the best and you know it.


  12. That’s not good at all Ana. That got me thinking of Triberr, and I am using them a lot to retweet high quality blog posts. Hopefully that won’t get my account suspended, but I am retweeting a lot :)

    • Ana Hoffman

      Could you add me to your lot of a lot of retweets, Jens – pretty please? 😉

      You can’t predict Twitter; might as well do what’s best for your business.

  13. Jon Wade

    I have dabbled with Twiter and never managed to drive any significant traffic to a website. Maybe I should try this Tweet Adder – make or break time. A trickle is pointless, maybe the risk of being banned to make it a proper stream is worthwhile!

  14. Ana Hoffman

    That doesn’t make much sense, Peter; you mean I need to grow my account before I tweet anything?

    • @Peter – if I’m understanding you correctly, you are saying that a Twitter account has to gain followers before the user does several tweets?

      That doesn’t make any sense, and it’s not a policy of Twitter’s that I’ve ever heard of before. Where have Twitter stated that?

      There are two things I always avoid on Twitter, anyone who is using the default ‘egg’ avatar, and anyone who follows me and hasn’t even done a single tweet. Both those things just say ‘spammer’ to me.

      I suspect it might be the speed at which Ana was banging out those tweets with the mentions in that might have caused the problem. It could look to Twitter like the sort of thing someone on Fiverr might do to promote people!

      Of course, I’m assuming she wasn’t on some sort of Twitter ‘watch list’ because of her dodgy track record with Twitter, and promoting TweetAdder 😉

      • Ana Hoffman

        lol, Chris – you might be right: Twitter militia has their eye on me.

        Of course, it only makes sense to have content to share with your new followers; otherwise, why on earth would anyone follow you?

  15. Wow Ana, that sucks!

    It seems like you’re in a pretty bad cycle with Twitter. Sorry. :-(

    Of course, the marketing takeaway (it is YOUR blog, of course :-) ) is that, although the social media platforms are a necessary evil for the blogging community, they must be used with the right mindset.

    You hit on it right at the end, Ana, when you said that we should look to transition people away from the social media sites and to our blogs, or whatever else we’re sharing, quickly.

    They all can be fickle as hell. We all need to remember that they may be a great traffic source today, but that faucet may be shut off literally overnight. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I think many bloggers fail to understand just how finicky traffic sources in general can be.

    Heck, every time Google does an update you can find hundreds of blog posts about how the update killed their traffic. They’re ALL a pain in the rear truth be told.

    Anyways, I’m sorry you’re going through this yet again, Ana. Hopefully it all gets worked out.


    • Ana Hoffman

      I don’t expect much when using Twitter, Barry, so when they do something like this, they simply meet my expectations.

      By the way, meant to tell you – your comments definitely leave a mark. I get a lot of comments on a regular basis, but yours always stand out no matter how much noise surrounds them. Great job!

      • Aww, shucks, Ana. Thanks!

        That really means a lot!

        I guess I paid attention when I kept reading that it was good etiquette when commenting to take the time to leave a quality comment that adds value to the conversation.

        Your kind and generous feedback let’s me know that I’m doing okay in that arena.

        Thank you for the compliment!


  16. This seems to be the new Twitter trend…Tweet too much and you’re a Twit! Re-Tweets are meant to be a figure of endorsement but maybe they thought you’re account was operating like a ‘bot’?

  17. Gibson Goff

    I feel your pain, Ana. Sad part is that your comments to them probably fell on the deaf-ist of deaf ears. There are far more mouth breathing, Pavlovian Dog twitter users that think the service walks on water, and see no problem with it.

    I think they should start a new service with Facebook, where all the aforementioned nurds could congregate – and call it “TWITFACE”!

    Pretty catchy, huh?!

    • Ana Hoffman

      What a pleasure to see you in my neck of the woods, Gib!

      Quick, let’s see if is available before someone else get is. 😉

  18. Hiya Anna,

    Hate it for you and everybody else (self included of course) when this happens! Not only is it very frustrating, let alone confusing, when these online ‘entities’ pull stunts like that, but you have little recourse other than to ‘abide’ by their wishes … even when they make NO sense!

    Sometimes I feel these ‘suspensions’ are purely arbitrary simply to keep users honest!

    Admire your resilience!

    Thanks for sharing your recent battle scars :-)


  19. Hello Ana,
    Account suspension? that could really be frustrating. but may be the account is too early to start sharing others stuffs. Love the presentation though. thanks

  20. This is unbelievable Ana. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I remember the first time this happened to you but it’s mind boggling to me that it would happen so quickly to a new account. We all need to have a plan B in case this happens to us. Thanks for the reminder. I truly feel badly for this happening to you yet again.

  21. Wow – being suspended for being social and promoting others. I could see if you were promoting YOUR stuff shamelessly, but promoting others – really, Twitter?

    • Ana Hoffman

      And now I am promoting yours too, Stacy; added your feel to my new account. Watch out for the spammer! lol

  22. It’s probably an automated thing to cut back on people who are actually trying to abuse the system.

    To be honest, I’ve noticed a dramatically lower number of random spam tweets which has been great! I am a Twitter addict and I am all for anything they can do to make my personal use much more enjoyable.

    I’ve even been able to mention my iPhone in a tweet without getting a CPA offer link reply for the iPhone 14 (lol)

    Anyways, good to see that your account is reinstated!


    • Ana Hoffman

      You know I was just thinking how smart it is for you to leave your “promote yourself” post as a CL link, Gabe… If any CL link gets clicked, it would definitely be something like that.

  23. Well, leave it to social media to try and punish us for being social. 😉

    I’m all for having some boundaries in place to try and cut down on spammers, but it really seems like: 1. You’re never going to get rid of ALL the spammers, and trying to just hurts everyone. 2. They need to be more specific about what they will not tolerate.

    To an extent I understand them wanting to have a lot of control, but sometimes it seems like someone (starting with their computer) has a bad hair day and starts taking it out on people.

    And are you seriously telling me that non-marketers don’t open accounts and immediately start retweeting everything in sight? How does Twitter keep any accounts open? O_o

    • Ana Hoffman

      I have no idea what the logic behind this was, Lindsey; all I can do is laugh and remember why I use Twitter the way I do, i.e. not build relationships there, but rather bring my followers back to my blog.

  24. Ti Roberts

    Hmmm, I find the suspension incredibly stupid.

    I mean, how do they expect you to increase your Twitter following and engagement WITHOUT using the @mentions and replies?

    Yeah, ok.

    When I first saw @shebizcafe in my mentions feed, I figured that was you and I didn’t in the least bit feel “spammed”.

    *shaking my head*

    Twitter needs to reel it back in a few yards.


      • Ana Hoffman

        I’ve seen so many people following the suite and starting their own cafes of all sorts: content cafe, search engine cafe, even a spin on traffic cafe… No originality.

    • Ana Hoffman

      Personally, I love all retweets, no matter who they come from, Ti.

      If they are from spammers, it gives me social proof anyway; if they are from legit followers, I love them all the more.

      Of course, I am always for giving credit where credit is due, as in actually mentioning the names of bloggers whose stuff I share. Don’t we all?

  25. Wait what?
    So make sure the content you share has a lovely “please share” line at the bottom because the Tweet button just won’t do it.

    They didn’t put that Tweet button so that you could share it. It’s a trap!