Weekly Marketing Skinny • June 28, 2014

Weekly Marketing Skinny • June 28, 2014

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Don’t have the time to read all the marketing news, blog posts, announcements, and other content related to SEO/social media/online marketing published each week?

I’ve got you covered.

I sift through trillions (well, hundreds) of online publications to stay on top of marketing news that might affect your online business.

In the marketing spotlight this week:

♨  Search Engine Traffic Declines Across the Board;
♨ Google Authorship Photos No Longer in Search;
♨ Worried about negative SEO?
♨ More Tweets in Bing search results;
♨ Happy Birthday, Google+!
♨ Larry Page on What’s going on with Google Plus?
♨ Big Updates Coming to YouTube This Year;
♨ New Multi-Product Ads Arrive On Facebook;
♨ Buffer Launches Content Discovery & Sharing App For iOS;
♨ What Google Announced at I/O 2014;
♨ Google Drive Just Announced Big Updates;
♨ Amazon is giving 30 Android apps away for free;
♨ Google is now in the domain registrar business;
♨ Working from home: expectations vs reality…
♨ …and much, MUCH more.

Let’s start with the news from Traffic Generation Café.

At TrafficGenerationCafe.com

How To Drive Traffic with Your Outdated Content [CHECKLIST]how to drive traffic with outdated content

Updating an older, but relevant and valuable post could bring you more blog traffic, establish more credibility, and build more loyal readership faster than writing a new one – at a fraction of time and resources.

That’s why, when you are short on time, consider updating a post from your archives instead of spending hours writing a new one.

Plus, here’s what Google says about updating your site:

google on why you should update content

Source: Google Webmaster Guidelines – Optimize Your Website [PDF]

To make your (and mine) life easier, I came up with a handy checklist on what you need to do to update your content efficiently and maximize web traffic potential:

How To Drive Traffic with Your Outdated Content [CHECKLIST]


Search Engine Traffic Declines Across the Board

Google Authorship Photos No Longer in Search

Google Drops Search Queries From Google My Business

Google’s Knowledge Graph Is Showing Step By Step Instructions

Google’s Panda Forces PR Newswire To Remove Press Release Spam

Worried about negative SEO?

How Does Bing Choose The Title For Web Page?

More Tweets in Bing search results

Social Media

Happy Birthday, Google+!

Larry Page on What’s going on with Google Plus?

Google+ At 3 Years Old: A Social Referral Graveyard?

Big Updates Coming to YouTube This Year

YouTube Rolls Out A Bigger Video Player

YouTube Update: The Inbox is out

New Multi-Product Ads Arrive On Facebook

Facebook News Feed FYI: Showing Better Videos

Facebook now offers 70 gender options to the U.K.

Buffer Launches Content Discovery & Sharing App For iOS

Pinterest lovers will love this new add-on for Android devices

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Make Money

How to Sell Digital Products Online with Google Drive and PayPal

Marketing This & That

What Google Announced at I/O 2014

The ‘OK Google’ voice command from any screen

Google Drive Just Announced Big Updates

Google starts ‘forgetting’ search results in Europe

Amazon is giving 30 Android apps away for free

Android Wear Smartwatches Compared


Google is now in the domain registrar business

Marketing Tools of Note

In-Page Analytics Chrome Extension (by Google)

Working from Home Fun

Working from home: expectations vs reality…

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14 Comments (click here to leave a comment)

  1. Philip

    I just googled ‘Traffic Generation” .. and what can I say :)

    Well, what can I say! I though I knew one thing or two about traffic generation but you just made me feel like a newbie! :) so… I feel kind of depressed for that but also invigorated and excited to begin exploring and putting into practice what I have learn in this SUPER article.

    I am no someone to comment on posts at all, but I had to in this occasion. Needless to say,
    Truly impressed, How on earth did you learn that much? I knew some of the resources, but the way you organized them in the article and how you clearly explained them, made realise (or remind me) to start using these tactics.

    Thank you and kind regards

  2. I also have a new client that was concerned about negative SEO. It is amazing how many awful automated links can be created. I agree that trying to check them manually is truly a monumental task.

  3. Rene Rodriguez

    With the overload of information to take in, somedays it seems like its all too much for someone who is new to marketing online. Is there any place in particular you direct someone to if their trying to get a grasp, on the full scope and/or where to begin, Ana?

    • Ana Hoffman

      You’ll have to decide what your priorities are, Rene. What do you want to learn first? How to start a website? What to write about? How to promote it? – etc.

      Once you narrow down your focus, you can start reading blogs/finding course on the subject.

      There’s really no “one source is the answer to all your marketing questions” out there.

      • Rene Rodriguez

        Thanks for replying Ana! I suppose my main concern is really in the realm of software, email and best hosting sites to use. I love the fact that when you replied to my comment I got a nicely formatted email saying “Look at that: I just responded to your comment.” I like little touches like that but am clueless where to look to find that connection between blog, email and human interaction.

  4. These are always a great selection of articles, Ana. But, this week, wow, a lot going on. Thank you for being my internet filter this week. :)

  5. “Look at them all manually and disavow the links you do not want.”

    Yeah, right.

    For less than $100, anyone can get a half-million spammy backlinks to any site they want to target, in 24 hours or less. Look at them all manually? YGTBSM!

    I got a call from a potential client who was under exactly that sort of attack. I told him the same thing I say on my blog — SEO is a fool’s game unless you can afford to play it at a very high level. There are sources of traffic that are better-targeted, and way cheaper than “free” SEO traffic from Google.

    • Ana Hoffman

      I certainly agree, Howard – there are better, bigger, and more sustainable traffic sources than Google. Yet they make SEO so challenging, it’s almost a shame not to try. lol